De Big Market paper want know de boss man business

Mar 15, 2019 Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists, Kaieteur News, https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...e-boss-man-business/

People got a way of asking odda people dem business. Sometimes a man walking pon de road and he looking down; then somebody gon ask him if he lose something.

A woman seeing some odda woman crying and she gon ask de woman if she crying and wha she crying for. Dis is because people like know odda people business. And dem boys know is rude fuh ask people dem business.

Dem can understand if Popeye’s or KFC or Church’s announce dat dem opening outlet somewhere. Dem want de publicity suh dem gon talk bout wha dem doing. And dem reporters who looking fuh easy news gon run and report pon wha dem companies doing.

However, de Waterfalls boss man is not Church’s nor KFC nor Popeye’s.

He doing he own thing. Dem boys she, he was minding he own business when a reporter from de Big Market paper call to find out wha he doing pon Regent Street.

Dis man got he own newspaper and if he want publicity all he got to do is send a reporter fuh tek a photograph and he would provide de interview. De Waterfalls paper never carry a line bout whatever de boss man doing pon Regent Street.

De Big Market paper coulda tek a hint but yesterday it had to be short of news or somebody just inquisitive. A reporter call de Waterfalls boss man and ask him wha he building on Regent Street. Dem boys can’t print de offer.

Wha dem know is dat no reporter gon ever call de boss man again to ask him about his private business. De man start by explaining dat what he doing is he private business and he is not advertising.

De reporter continue. Dat was when de reporter get a lesson in sex and pregnancy. And dat was de end of any questioning.

Dem boys seh de lesson is to keep yuh nose out of people private business.

Talk half and don’t push yuh nose in people’s business.

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