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Where did Granger  get so much money so fast to build such an expensive house? I don't think it came from his GDF pension nor his presidential salary. This is a clear example of people getting access to power and abusing it at the expense of the Guyanese people.  This is the disease of corruption that has become more deep and rampant since David Granger took the reigns of power in Guyana.  We see him stripping the AFC of its rights and entitlements in the coalition government.  What next to come???

Naked dribble n masturbate propaganda . . . athwart SIMPLE FACTS

"Dave" please pull up the panty round your ankles . . . it will help mitigate your stench

ONLY PPP people engage in this kind of brazen lying

it's a Stalinist thing they adopted from Josef Goebbels after the communist conquest of Eastern Europe post-WWII

the barely literate 'me toos' on this thread are Stepford and without shame

ask gilbakka . . . he was in the belly of the PPP beast back in the day and can testify to the profit (on demand) practice of RAISING THE UNDEAD BIG LIE by Freedom House

no matter how many stakes to their EVIL heart administered by TRUTH


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ksazma posted:
Gilbakka posted:

FACT: Neither President Jagan nor President Burnham built a personal mansion from inheritance or from scratch. 

Another fact. Jagan never ended up β€˜owning’ any private citizen’s property like Burnham did.

Burnham, never owned  none of the private citizens property.The properties taken ,was paid for at reduced prices and owned by the State. There was a discussion on this forum about the properties taken under Burnham era. Too much re-writing of  the history of Guyana .Some folks believed the fairy tales.

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