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Originally Posted by VVP:

He should be curtailed with his nonsense.  I do appreciate some of his relevant threads but he is dumping a lot of shit on this site.

..and unfortunately the threads with active discussions are moved  to the 2nd page while pakistani party shit with enticing PPP headlines are left at the top. Bizarre behavior.

Originally Posted by RiffRaff:

The Pakistani PPP stories are an infantile attempt to be funny...ok, the first few times it's ha yuh, but it's become kinda stale


Again and as usual immaterial to the issues.


If articles are to be published solely on Guyana, then GNI's statement about Guyana and the World needs to be adjusted.


GNI statement ....


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Originally Posted by RiffRaff:


Tired of seeing Indiana Jones and PPP every time I sign on

My people inside the PPP tell me that DG is being paid to push important threads away from the front page so that they do not embarrass the PPP. I think that you should now take action on this. It is obvious that the info I received is credible, based on the "in your face" evidence.

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