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Manager trailed from bank to Atlantic Gardens home, shot, robbed


A 59-year-old deputy program manager of Atlantic Gardens, East Coast Demerara (ECD) was around 14:30hrs on Thursday shot and robbed of a sum of cash in front of his home.

According to the police, the victim went to a bank on the ECD and made a withdrawal after which he proceeded to his home in his vehicle.

When he arrived in front of his home a vehicle approached from a northern direction and blocked his path.

A male then immediately exited the rear of the vehicle with a handgun brandished, approached the victim from the driver’s side and relieved him of a bag containing the cash he withdrew.

The police noted that the armed bandit shot the victim in the upper right foot before rejoining the vehicle, which escaped.

The manager was rushed to a Government Medical Institution by a policeman. He is presently admitted in a stable condition.

According to the police, investigators retrieved a spent shell at the scene and are currently making stringent efforts to trace the vehicle and apprehend the suspects.

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