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How a Long-Lost Indian Disco Record Won Over Crate Diggers and Cracked the YouTube Algorithm

Engineered at Calgary's Living Room in 1982, "Disco Jazz" was the only release Rupa put out, working with a crack team of Canadian disco muscle and Indian studio talent to create the perfect fusion dish. East meets West, guitar meets sarod, soul meets funk and psych meets disco as Rupa and her crew groove their way through four far out moments of dance floor brilliance.
A1Moja Bhari Moja
A2East West Shuffle
A3Aaj Shanibar
B1 Ayee Morshume Be-Reham Duniya
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Baseman posted:
cain posted:

Never heard of this, but can't say I enjoyed it much. Never cared for jazz nor disco so that would keep it in a cartoon as I have done with a few others such as another group Cymande. (Showed up on the list while I was listening to his)

So, you enjoy Jim Reeves?

Yes, I certainly do as I also like Heavy metal, rock, progressive rock, some country but not disco nor jazz. 

Disco has the same pounding beat throughout the song and jazz seems to me to be a group of people playing anything they wish and it doesn't have to be the same song. Watch Disco Jazzy Daddyo D2 try to give me shit for this.

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