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D_G, while you may quote rules of the forum, Ray simply asks that while you stick to the letter of the rules, you make a mess of the spirit of the rules. All he asks is not that you do not make esoteric, peripheral posts, but that you do so in a manner that they do not drown out the others. Lump it in some summary news feed form - but then again that would be clearly inimical to the aims of the forum.


Cobra, if I start a stupid thread then it will die a natural death. No one will view or respond to keep it alive. That's exactly what happened to my thread about D_G's inane posts. I admit that I got what I deserve. But take this as the natural self-censoring of the Board. So don't get worked up over what people post, except....and that's the segue to Nehru.


Nehru, cuss and name-call to your heart's content; but at least make some contribution to advance a dialog. All the "JACKASS, STUPID, and DUMB", etc. that you employ can be continued if it serves therapeutically value for you. But at least make your posts count. It's like thief and thief, but show progress for the rest -a lesson the previous stewards of the government chose to ignore.

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Originally Posted by Ramakant-P:

D_G has a right to post any article that he thinks warrant a discussion based on it's merit.

Do you ever go into his threads and discuss anything with him?...noooo.


How about others, do they converse in his threads? Majority of the time...noooo, he posts and discusses by playing with himself so to speak.

It is obvious he posts items no one is interested in.

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