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Teenage bandit nabbed, thrashed after attempting to slit granny’s throat



  • Burglary charge dismissed against him the day before

The teenage bandit, Ronaldo Parris

A teenage bandit, who has several break and enter charges pending in court, received a sound thrashing early yesterday morning, after he and two of his accomplices broke into the home of a 53-year-old woman and attempted to slit her throat when she started screaming for help.

Hyacinth LaCruz of Lot 627 ‘C’ Field Sophia was asleep when the men broke into her home and entered her bedroom around 02:30 hrs. The victim sells sweets and other snacks in a shop at the front of her home to upkeep herself.

The suspect identified as 18-year-old Ronaldo Parris was nabbed after he fell into a drain while attempting to escape with his accomplices who he claimed goes by the names “Seon” and “Daniel.” They are all from Sophia.

The police in a release applauded the residents for their bravery in confronting and apprehending the suspect.

Only Wednesday, Parris got a burglary charge dismissed for want of prosecution, after the victim refused to give evidence.

Upon dismissing the case, the Magistrate advised the suspect to be of good behaviour, since he had other pending matters. The police further stated that the teen was caught in the same clothes he wore to attend court.

According to information, the three bandits entered the house by breaking the lock on a door. The victim reportedly woke up as they were about to enter her bedroom and started screaming for her five adult children who were in the house, and neighbours.

Police sources said that when the woman started screaming, Parris rushed towards her with a knife—aiming for her neck, but she managed to push him away, with the lower part of her right thumb being sliced in the process.

Kaieteur News was informed that after the victim pushed away the teenage bandit, one of his accomplices held her from behind and rubbed a knife on her neck and threatened to kill her if she did not stop screaming, and demanded that she handed over her valuables. By that time there were responses from relatives and neighbours causing   the men to flee. Parris was nabbed after he fell through a hole in a wooden bridge.

Yesterday, the woman said that she was sleeping when she heard a strange sound and got out of her bed. “When I go to my bedroom door, I see the lock moving like somebody outside trying to open it with some object, so I started screaming.”

“After I start screaming, they kicked open the door and run in pon me. The one that get beat (Parris), run up to me with the knife to my neck, but I held unto the knife with all my strength and pushed him away, and the other one see this and he come behind me and put a knife on my neck,” the woman recounted.

She said that just after the men asked for her valuables, her children woke up and neighbours started coming out. “When they realize people started coming out, they panicked and run. This one that get catch fall in a hole on the bridge.”

He was thrashed by residents in the area before being handed over to the police. In a video recording seen by this newspaper, the suspect said that it was his accomplice, Daniel, who broke into LaCruz’s home and encouraged him to enter.

The suspect claimed that the robbery was not planned. He stated that they ran away from a police patrol and came across LaCruz’s home. “Listen to me…Listen to me. We pass hay and dem man say look hay and I say no.”

Meanwhile, a resident in the area identified the teenage bandit as one of three men who recently robbed her of her motorcycle. She believed it was the same motorcycle that was used as a getaway bike—based on the description.

Sleeping mom, 73, dies after drunken son sets her bed alight


A 43-year-old man has confessed to killing his 73-year-old mother by setting her bed alight on Christmas Day as she slept.

Mengree Dahri called ‘Gladys’, of 143 Gale Street, Annandale, East Coast Demerara, succumbed around 06.30 hrs yesterday from severe burns she had sustained.

Police said that Dahri and her son, who is said to be an alcoholic, lived at the same property.

At around 10:00 hours on Christmas Day, a resident observed smoke emanating from the bottom flat of the two-storey house.

On checking, the resident found the elderly woman on a bed which was engulfed in flames.

“With the assistance of public-spirited persons she was evacuated and the fire extinguished,” a release stated.

Police said that the son, who is in custody and is said to be an alcoholic has admitted to setting the fire.

A post mortem is expected to be done today.

Gunmen break through vent block wall, rob Malaysian gold miners


The concrete wall the bandits ripped through to enter into the victim’s home

Four armed bandits early yesterday ripped through a concrete wall to gain entry into heavily grilled two-storey building at Lot 129 Lindley Avenue, Republic Park, and robbed three Malaysian miners of their phones and more than $2M in local and foreign currency.

The robbery occurred just about 04:00 hrs. It is suspected that the gunmen broke the wall at the back of the property some time around 03:00 hrs during the heavy shower.

The victims have been identified as 68-year-old Peter Ten, Jacky Kwok, 37 and Kuan Jian Yong, 56, all of Lot 129 Lindy Avenue, Republic Park. The victims operate a mining and logging company in Guyana called, Only in Guyana Incorporated.

According to information received, the suspects climbed over a fence at the back of the yard and used a sledge hammer to break the vent blocks from the washroom area in the bottom flat. It is suspected that the masked men spent hours in the yard, patiently waiting on the heavy rain to break through the concrete.

They then entered the house through the hole they made. “Like every time the rain fall hard, they break the wall and when it stopped, they stop because neighbours and the victims would have heard so these men had to spend more than an hour in the yard,” a police source said.

Kaieteur News was informed that once inside the house, the suspects knocked on each victim’s bedroom door and when they opened, they were held at gunpoint for more than an hour as the masked men ransacked the house.

Peter Ten, in an interview explained that he and his colleagues secured their home and retired to bed. About 04:00 hrs, he heard someone knocking on his bedroom door and opened—he never thought it would have been robbers in his home.

“I open the door and the men rushed in and started harassing me for money. They put us to sit and they (ransacked) the house for more than an hour,” the Malaysian miner said. He added that the bandits were mainly questioning him since his colleagues cannot speak English.

He added, “I don’t know how we didn’t hear anything. We didn’t even hear the dog bark,” Ten said while adding that yesterday’s robbery was the second time he had been attacked by robbers since he is in Guyana for the past three years.

Last August, two gunmen trailed Ten from a city bank to a café on Church Street, Georgetown and robbed him of $1M in cash. No one was held for that robbery.

Robbed and killed.

Missing father found dead behind Public Buildings


— PM reveals victim died from suffocation

Deceased: Derick Rampersaud

Investigators are probing the death of 31-year-old Derick Rampersaud, whose body was found aback of Public Buildings on Christmas morning, a day after he went missing.

Rampersaud, a father of three of Eccles, East Bank Demerara (EBD) was imbibing at the Timehri bus park the night before he disappeared.

According to the dead man’s wife, police ranks handed some items to her and informed her that they were found in her husband’s possession. She claimed that his cellular phone is missing and she suspects that someone might have robbed and killed him.

A Post Mortem examination performed yesterday by Dr.Nehaul Singh revealed that the victim died as a result of suffocation. The report found that Rampersaud was under the influence of alcohol and he fell into the sand and suffocated.

Investigators on the other hand, claimed that they will be checking surveillance camera in the area to determine whether there was any foul play in the death of the father of three, who his wife claimed is an alcoholic.

Recalling what happened; Mrs. Rampersaud said that on Christmas Eve, her husband left home and when he did not return on Boxing Day, she went to the Providence Police Station to make a report. On Thursday, she received a call from ranks at the Brickdam Police station that her husband’s body was found at the back of Parliament building.

The body is currently at the Lykens Funeral Parlour.

The man who was a sanitation worker was described by his family as a quiet individual.

Fisherman accused of slitting throat of Friendship man


Accused: Suresh Persaud

A 24-year-old fisherman was yesterday remanded to prison for the murder of Anand Sookram called ‘Radesh’ of Friendship Village, Corentyne, Berbice.

Suresh Persaud commonly called ‘Saltfish’ also of Friendship Village appeared before Magistrate Rabindranauth Singh at the Springlands Magistrate Court.

The charge stated that the accused between Saturday December 23 and Sunday December 24, 2017 at Friendship Village, murdered Anand Sookram at his home.

He was not required to plead to the indictable charge and bail was refused.

He will make his next court appearance on January 8, 2018 at the Whim Magistrate Court.

According to the facts of the case, the body of Anand Sookram aka Radesh, 47; a labourer of 50 Friendship Village, Corentyne, Berbice was discovered in a pool of blood on his bed with his throat slashed.

The gruesome discovery was made by the deceased 17-year-old son who lives in the said village and went to pay a visit.

Diligent work by investigators resulted in the arrest of the prime suspect who confessed to the crime

Gunmen rob lab technician


A GEORGETOWN Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) lab technician was Thursday attacked and robbed of her valuables by two armed bandits on Main Street, Georgetown.

The victim was identified as Tamara Gibbs, 40, of Lamaha Springs, Joint Services Housing Scheme.

Reports indicate that the lab technician was walking south along Main Street, heading to the Guyana Power and Light (GPL) to pay her bills when she was confronted by the two men as she was about to enter GPL’s compound.

One of the men pointed a gun at her and demanded that she hand over her handbag, with which she complied. Her handbag reportedly contained documents, her cellphone and cash.

The men escaped on a black and grey motorcycle on Main Street before turning into New Market Street. The matter was reported and the police have launched an investigation.

Bandits rob Black Bush Polder family

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THREE armed masked bandits robbed rice farmer, Rohit Harrinarain, who lives a stone’s throw away from the Mibicuri Police Station, some $2.5 million in cash and jewellery in the wee hours of Saturday morning

The bandits invaded the Lot 30 Mibicuri South, Black Bush Polder, home of Harrinarain around 00:30 hrs, reports say. The farmer and his wife, Lilawattie Harrinarain called “Siloje”, a market vendor, were not at home at the time.

They had hours earlier left for the Port Mourant Market to ply their trade of retailing and had to rush back home after they received the news.

At the time of the robbery, two of the couple’s younger children were at home.

According to reports, the bandits gained access to the heavily secured premises by scaling the fence and using a crow bar and shears to open the side door on the lower flat of the two-storey building.

Once inside, the men ransacked the lower flat and took whatever valuables they could find before making their way to the upper-flat where the couple’s children, ages 12 and 13, were sleeping.

Sabitree Harrinarain, an elder daughter who lives nearby, related that she received calls from her brother and sister who informed her that bandits invaded their home.

Sabitree said from what she was told, her siblings were sleeping at the time when the bandits pounced on them. The robbers also threatened to kill them if they do not hand over the valuables in the home.

“Them wake up them children and tied up the boy and threatened to kill them if them nah hand over the money. Me sister say she nah know where the money deh but after them insist and threaten them, me brother carry them to the money,” Sabitree told Guyana Chronicle.

She also noted that the robbers were brave enough to carry out the robbery at the home, which is in close proximity of the Mibicuri Police Station.

Her two younger siblings are traumatised by the incident.

A report was made to the police but by the time they arrived, the bandits had already made good their escape with their loot by scaling the high fence.

SWAT commander busted with smuggled Johnny Walker

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— 39 cases in all; said they were for police’s Old Year’s Night party

LESS than three months after being given the responsibility to head the SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) unit, Deputy Superintendent of Police Motie Dookie could find himself being asked to ‘walk’ from the Guyana Police Force after he was on Saturday busted with 30 cases of smuggled Johnny Walker Whiskey.

Up to last evening, he was being held at the Whim Police Station where ranks were preparing to hand him over to Customs enforcement officers.
The bust took place at a road block which was set up along the Corentyne Coast in the vicinity of the Whim Police Station and which was headed by a police Lance Corporal whose name was given as “William”.

The Guyana Chronicle was informed that the officer was driving motor van GPP 7399 when he encountered the roadblock.
Dookie reportedly told his juniors that the alcohol was “for police to drink at the old Year’s Night Ball” which is slated for this evening at Eve Leary.
Knowing the prevalence of smuggled items being ferried along the Corentyne coast, the ranks asked their superior to produce documentation for the items which he had in his vehicle, but he failed to do so.

A check also confirmed that the alcohol was not the property of the Guyana Police Force. The senior officer was invited into the station where he was promptly detained and senior officers informed of the development.
Dookie was assigned the top job at the SWAT unit in October of this year after the then head of the unit was robbed of a force- issued weapon and several other items during a carjacking. He and a female companion were “breezing out” on the Georgetown seawall at the time.

Shortly after Dookie was given the opportunity to head the unit, the SWAT unit in an operation which hinged on intelligence- gathering, successfully apprehended prison escapee Royden Williams in West Coast Berbice.

A few years ago, Dookie, who was then a cadet officer, was stripped of his rank after he stopped an associate of a senior government functionary. He was however reinstated to his original rank after challenging in the High Court, the decision to demote him. The court had found that his demotion was unlawful.

nmate busted trying to smuggle narcotics into Timehri prison

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The illegal narcotics the prisoner was trying to smuggle into the Timehri prison compound.

A prisoner was on Saturday apprehended as he attempted to smuggle narcotics  into the Timehri Prison.

Superintendent Mahendra Singh and ranks of the Timehri Police Station made the bust.The prisoner was identified as 36-year old Ramanand Latchman.

According to reports, the inmate who was working in the prison garden ,was seen behaving in a suspicious manner and when confronted by authorities it was discovered that he had the narcotic in his possession.

Meanwhile, on Saturday a team of policemen from the Timehri Police Station acting on intelligence ,arrested two 16 -year -old boys and a 21 year old man of Hyde Park Timehri with 1500 grammes of cannabis stuffed in a haversack.
The men were busted in Cemetery Road Hyde Park Timehri. They are expected to be changed soon.

Drugb posted:

SWAT commander busted with smuggled Johnny Walker

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— 39 cases in all; said they were for police’s Old Year’s Night party

LESS than three months after being given the responsibility to head the SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) unit, Deputy Superintendent of Police Motie Dookie could find himself being asked to ‘walk’ from the Guyana Police Force after he was on Saturday busted with 30 cases of smuggled Johnny Walker Whiskey.

A few years ago, Dookie, who was then a cadet officer, was stripped of his rank after he stopped an associate of a senior government functionary. He was however reinstated to his original rank after challenging in the High Court, the decision to demote him. The court had found that his demotion was unlawful.

And so they demonstrate proudly under the PNCR/AFC.

Businesswoman trailed from bank, robbed

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A 53-year-old businesswoman of New Hope, East Bank Demerara (EBD) was robbed of her valuables on Saturday in Cummings Street, Georgetown, by armed CG bandits.

Reports indicate that after visiting a bank on the East Bank Demerara where she withdrew a large sum of cash, the businesswoman drove to a salon on Cummings Street, Georgetown.

Upon arrival there, the robbers stopped behind her car and one of the suspects dismounted the motorcycle with a gun and approached her.
He pointed the gun at her and demanded she hands over her brown shoulder bag that contained cash, valuables and ID and Bank cards.
Fearful for her life, the woman surrendered her bag to the robber, who then returned to the motorcycle and escaped.
Police are investigating the robbery.

Photographer robbed

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Well-known photographer, Paul Kandasammy, was on Friday relieved of $163,000 and a gold chain valued $600,000 by two robbers on a motorcycle on Friday.

The robbery occurred while the 37-year-old was walking alone along Mandela Avenue in the vicinity of the National Cultural Centre.

Reports indicate that one of the bandits dismounted the motorcycle and pointed a gun at Kandasammy who did not hesitate to hand over his valuables.
The photographer reportedly threw the cash on the ground and the gunmen picked it up. Not satisfied, the gunman ripped off his (Kandasammy) gold chain and calmly escaped on the motorcycle.

Bandits grab $600,000 in gold jewellery from Linden miner

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A 31-YEAR-OLD gold miner was attacked and robbed on Old Year’s Night of $600,000 worth in gold chains while standing outside the Mackenzie Market, Linden.

The miner was identified as Trava Campbell, of Dakama Circle Mckenzie, Linden. Reports indicate that the miner was standing on the market pavement with friends when three armed men walked up to him and one of the suspects said, “You owe me from the bush,” and pulled off the gold chains.

In the process, one of the robbers gun-butted him to the head and calmly walked away and entered a waiting silver grey Toyota Allion which drove off east on Pine Street, Mackenzie, Linden. The robbery was reported to the police as investigations continue.

CG bandits waylay, rob schoolteacher outside her home

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A 50-YEAR-OLD teacher of Alberttown, Georgetown was robbed of $1.2M by gun-toting bandits on a CG motorcycle outside her home, after making a withdrawal from a city bank on Tuesday morning.

Reports are that the woman left home in a taxi, and upon reaching the bank, asked the driver to wait on her while she finalised her transaction.
When she was done, she put the money she’d taken off her account into her handbag in which she also had some other cash, her National Identification Card and house keys and rejoined the taxi.

But upon exiting the car on reaching home, she saw one of the two perpetrators, who were apparently waiting for her, get off the motorcycle, gun in hand, and demand that she pass him the handbag.

Obviously afraid, she did as told, and the robber, who was the pillion rider, hopped back onto the motorcycle and he and his accomplice made good their escape.

Big cocaine bust in Waini River

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…10 arrested, large amount of foreign currency seized

THE Joint Services have seized a large shipment of cocaine and arrested close to a dozen persons including foreigners during a major drug bust in the Waini River, top sources in the security have confirmed to this newspaper.

The Guyana Chronicle was told that the operation was launched during the weekend and intensified on Monday. So far reports suggest that thousands of dollars in foreign currency was seized and 10 persons were arrested among them Guyanese, Venezuelans and persons of other nationalities.

The M.V. Tamakay, a floating police station, is now permanently stationed at the mouth of the Waini River. It was in the Waini River some years ago when a suspected cocaine semi-submersible vessel was uncovered. This latest bust comes on the heels of disclosures that through their combined efforts the law enforcement agencies seized over $11B worth of cocaine for last year. Since coming into office the APNU+AFC government has strengthened inter-agency collaboration and has made significant gains in combatting narcotics.

Government also established the National Anti-Narcotics Agency (NANA), headed by Major General (ret’d) Michael Atherly who also heads the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU).

In its 2017 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report, the United States said the Government of Guyana cooperates closely with it but is limited by resource constraints and high levels of corruption in the country. The current administration elected in May 2015 has expressed a strong willingness to cooperate with the United States on drug control, extradition, and mutual legal assistance, and other international crime issues.

The report also states that the United States would welcome increased levels of cooperation with the Government of Guyana, to advance mutual interests against the threat of international drug trafficking. Guyana has shown strong interest in furthering collaboration under CBSI.

The United States looks forward to tangible progress on investigations, prosecutions, extraditions, security sector capacity enhancement, the engagement of at-risk communities, and enforcement of laws against money laundering and financial crimes.

Bandits blitz America St vendor

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BANDITS in a Toyota Premio motorcar robbed a vendor of his jewellery and cash on America and Longden streets, Stabroek, Georgetown on New Year’s Day.

Reports indicate that the 27-year-old vendor of Two Friends Housing Scheme, Ann’s Grove, East Coast Demerara (ECD) who sells clothing, phones, accessories and costume jewellery was robbed by two men one of whom was armed with a handgun.

At the time of the robbery he was packing his stocks into his car which was parked on America Street when he observed a silver-grey Premio motor car heading East on America Street, which is a one way.

The car then drove past him and turned around stopping parallel to his vehicle.

One of the robbers then exited from the back seat with gun drawn, pointing it at the businessman. Another perpetrator then exited from the back left side passenger seat and rushed to the businessman commanding him to lie on the ground where he was relieved of his valuables.

The armed perpetrator discharged a round in the air before rejoining the getaway car with his accomplice and fleeing the scene. Police visited the scene and questioned several persons who claimed they heard a loud explosion but thought it was fireworks.

Robbed of his valuables on New Year’s Day

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AN unsuspecting East Ruimveldt resident was robbed at gunpoint of his valuables on the evening of New Year’s Day.

The victim, Ray Jaundoo, 23, was reportedly walking along the roadway in Phase Two, East Ruimveldt, at about 22:14 hrs when he noticed a silver grey Premio motorcar following him.

The car passed him but stopped a short distance away and two men exited and pointed a gun at him. They ordered Jaundoo to be quiet while they took away two gold chains he was wearing valued at $220,000, along with an iPhone worth $186,000. They then made their escape in the same Premio motorcar.

The victim subsequently raised an alarm but by then the robbers had already been whisked away from the scene

Battered body of fisherman found at Crabwood Creek

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Sahadeo Sankar

One person is in police custody following the discovery of the battered body of a fisherman at Crabwood Creek on the Corentyne on Wednesday morning.

Dead is 40-year old Sahadeo Sankar who lived in  a car along Burn Sawmill Road , Grant 1802 , Crabwood Creek.The man’s body was discovered by villagers around 0630hrs on Wednesday.

A surveillance video which captured the man being beaten outside a business place, led to the arrest of the prime suspect.

Police investigations into the man’s death are ongoing.

Female soldier held for possession of illegal gun, ammo

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A 34-YEAR-OLD female member of the Guyana Defence Force has been arrested for possession of an unlicensed pistol with seven matching rounds.

According to a police release, ranks of the Force’s Narcotics Branch on Tuesday afternoon conducted an intelligence-led operation at Latchmie Street, Better Hope, East Coast Demerara. Police said the operation led to the discovery of an unlicensed 9mm pistol with seven (7) matching in a house and a matching 9mm spent shell in the yard. The GDF rank and her 32-year-old husband, who is a taxi driver were arrested as the police investigation, continues.

Woman alleges beating at hands of ex-husband

An East Bank Demerara (EBD) woman was over the weekend allegedly severely beaten by her ex-husband and his common-law wife when she turned up at their home to collect their children. 
Following the allegation, a report was made to the Police and the couple, along with the ex-wife, appeared at the Providence Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, all charged with assault. They were each released on $10,000 bail.
Reports are 32-year-old Sally Khan went to pick up her children aged 5 and 11 from their father at his Peters Hall, EBD home.
After the mother of two arrived, an argument ensued which resulted in a scuffle between herself and her ex-husband.
She alleged that the man tied her to a chair and he, along with his common-law wife, beat her.
The case is expected to continue on January 17.

Woman flees in car, leaving armed bandits behind


With gun pointing at her, windscreen smashed in

– in dramatic attempted robbery

By Ramona Luthi

Quick thinking by 42-year-old businesswoman Chandrawattie Juman of East Coast Demerara resulted in her evading a robbery attempt and possible injury while in her vehicle parked on Quamina Street, Georgetown, near the Watercrest Hotel on Thursday afternoon.
According to information received, at around 15:30hrs, the woman was seated in the front passenger seat of motor vehicle GWW1904, waiting for her husband who had left to transact business at the Guyana Revenue Authority.
Police reports indicate that two unmasked and armed men — one holding a hammer while the other held a handgun — approached the vehicle from an unknown direction and began knocking at the back windscreen.
Upon turning around, the woman reportedly heard the men instructing her to open the vehicle door and hand over her handbag.
When the woman refused to obey this instruction, the perpetrator armed with the gun reportedly began to pound the firearm on the front seat passenger window where she sat. At almost the same time, the other man, who was armed with the hammer and was still at the rear of the vehicle, hit the glass once, causing the entire windscreen to shatter.
The woman panicked, but quickly made her way over to the driver’s seat and drove off the vehicle in an easterly direction.
The perpetrators then fled the scene, but Police were contacted and an investigation has been launched.

Colombians,Venezuelans among persons detained in four-day drug operation

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drugs, cash , speed boats among items seized

Ten persons , including Colombian and Venezuelan nationals , are among several persons who were detained by the anti-narcotic agencies during a four day operation earlier this week.

According to a release from the National Anti-Narcotics Agency (NANA) , the joint law enforcement, counter-narcotics operation which was conducted between January 1-4, led to the arrest of the ten persons . They include one female and nine males ; four of whom are Colombians, one Venezuelan and five Guyanese.

The items seized include more than 11 kilogrammes of cocaine , three speed boats with engines,a Toyota Axio Motor Car,fifteen mobile phones and a quantity of foreign and local currency.

The currency includes US$87,134, Bs.F$1,081,605 , COL$201,000 ,REAL$7,362 and GUY$82,820.

During the operation , the anti-narcotic agencies raided a residence at 288, Barrow Avenue Republic Park , East Bank Demerara , a residence in the Pomeroon River and a camp located a short distance north east of the Moruca River mouth near the Atantic seas.

The Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) , the Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) participated in the operation.

The Guyana Chronicle reported earlier this week on the operation and it was noted that a sum of  G$285, 205, 817 worth of cocaine as well as G$11.7B worth of cocaine was seized by the authorities in 2017.

Sources close to NANA revealed that for the same period , heroin valued at G$4, 806, 000 was also confiscated.

Foreign exotic dancers held in hotel raid

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A police officer stands outside the hotel during the operation on Friday morning.

More than 20 women , who are suspected to be of Colombian and Brazilian nationalities,  were arrested in an early morning raid on Friday during a police operation at the Diamond Hotel on George Street in the city.

The women are suspected to be “strippers” who operate at city nightclubs which serve as  hot spots for human trafficking and illegal immigrants.

Following the raid , the women were taken from the hotel , which is located on George Street between Norton and Princess Street in Georgetown , to the Brickdam Police Station .

They are said to be above the age of 18 but had no form of legal documentation such as passports.

Cocaine, millions$$ seized in multi-region drug operation

  • foreigner among 10 arrested

The early morning raid at the Republic Park property earlier this week.

It appears that the authorities have dismantled a major drug smuggling ring.

A four-day operation involving several security agencies has resulted in the arrests of 10 persons, and the seizure of cocaine, cash and a car.

The operations spanned three different regions which saw arrests of not only Guyanese, but Colombians and a Venezuelan.

According to the National Anti-Narcotics Agency (NANA), the joint law enforcement counter-narcotics operation involved the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU), GDF Coast Guard and Guyana Police Force. It was conducted between January 1 and 4, 2018.

NANA said that the three locations raided included a residence at Barrow Avenue, Republic Park; a residence in the Pomeroon River and a camp located a short distance north-east of the Moruca River mouth.

Four of the persons were Colombians; one from Venezuela and five were Guyanese. A female was among those detained.

Among the items seized were a Toyota Axio car; three speed boats with engines; 15 cell phones, 11 kilos of coke and a large amount of cash.

The cash included US$87,134 ($17.8M); over 1M Venezuelan Bolivar; Colombian peso totaling $201,000; 7,362 in Brazilian Real along with $82,820 in local currency.

According to NANA, the operation commenced at 05:45hours on January 1st 2018 and concluded at 19:00 hours on Thursday.

NANA said that the 10 persons arrested remain in custody.

“Investigations of the narcotic operations conducted at all three locations raided are continuing.”

Businessman, staff trailed from bank, robbed

…gunmen escape with over $400,000

A businessman and two of his employees were trailed from the branch of a bank at Diamond, East Bank Demerara (EBD) and robbed by gunmen on the Bel Air Village main road, Greater Georgetown on Saturday at about 11:30h.
The victims: contractor Ravindranauth Bhim, 43, of Lot 2 Bel Air Village, Greater Georgetown and his employees, 38-year-old Mark Henson of Lot 457 La Parfaite Harmonie and 37-year-old Basil Puran of Narine Street, Better Hope, East Coast Demerara (ECD), are now left counting their losses, though grateful their lives were not snuffed out.
According to reports, Bhim had just changed a cheque for $300,000, and was headed to Bel Air, where his employees were supposed to be paid. He, however, stopped at a shop, and the two bandits rode up and stopped alongside his vehicle.
One of the bandits pulled out a gun with which he broke the window of the Premio motor car and held the men at gunpoint.
Bhim was pulled out of the driver’s seat and placed to lie on the road, where he was searched and the $300,000 in his pants pocket were confiscated. The other bandit then dismounted the motorcycle and searched the other two victims, making off with their phones, cash and other valuables.
The matter was reported to the Police, and investigations are ongoing, including Police examining CCTV footage from buildings in vicinity of the robbery.

Gunman invades South Ruimveldt home


…robs family, sexually assaults woman


A customer service representative is now in a distraught state after she was forced to perform oral sex when a lone gunman invaded her South Ruimveldt, Georgetown home.
The 22-year-old victim was attacked at about midnight as she was opening the door for her reputed husband.
Guyana Times understands that the young woman was called by her husband, who was being held at gunpoint to open the door. Unaware of what was happening, she opened the door and was attacked by the lone gunman.
After entering the house, her reputed husband was ordered to lie on the ground after which he was dealt several cuffs and kicks.
He was then picked up and escorted into his bedroom. The gunman then ransacked the room in his bid for valuables and found a gold ring, earrings and two cellphones.
The man then ordered the woman’s reputed husband to go under the bed and the young woman was escorted into the living room where she was instructed by the bandit to perform oral sex on him or he would shoot her daughter.
The scared woman complied and was later instructed to unplug her television, which the lone bandit took with him.
The man then made good his escape through a western door in the house. The matter was reported and the Police are investigating.

Bandit attempted to rape businesswoman

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POLICE are looking for a suspect who attempted to rape a 60-year-old businesswoman of Rosignol Village, West Bank Berbice, after robbing her of cash and jewellery.
The robber fled the scene of the crime after the businesswoman’s daughter walked into the house and caught the perpetrator, who is known, trying to commit the act.

Reports indicate that the businesswoman was awaiting her daughter’s return from Georgetown when she was attacked in the lower-flat of her home.
The robber entered the woman’s house unknowing to her, crept up behind her, grabbed her neck and choked her.
“I get my eyes on you long now,” the robber reportedly told the businesswoman while choking her.

The bandit, whose face was slightly covered, then escorted the woman into her business flat and retrieved cash from her shop drawer. He then took her upstairs where he took off his underwear and attempted to rape the businesswoman.

However, before the act was committed, the woman’s daughter entered the home and called out to the perpetrator whom she recognised. Scared, he grabbed his pants and ran out the house; making good his escape.

The matter was reported to the police who have since launched an investigation.

Gunmen invade Hadfield Street home

…escape with owner’s gun, cash, jewellery

Masked bandits invaded the Hadfield Street, Lodge, Georgetown home of a customs broker and made off with his weapon, ammunition, cash and other valuables.
Reports are customs broker Watson Gray, 65, of Lot 26 Hadfield Street, Lodge, was at home with his wife, Veronica Griffith, 61, when the incident occurred.
Guyana Times understands that about 23:00h on Friday, the couple were asleep with their veranda door open when Gray was awakened by a slap to his face.
When Gray opened his eyes, he was confronted by two masked men, one of whom shouted, “We come fuh kill, where is the gun!”
The other perpetrator reportedly used a knife to pry open the wardrobe in the bedroom from where he retrieved Gray’s .32 pistol, along with 100 live rounds of ammunition.
Gray was then beaten to his head while his wife was robbed of over $1.1 million in cash and other valuables.
The men then quickly made good their escape. A report was made to the Police, who are investigating.

Lone gunman robs restaurant cashier

A cashier attached to the Kamboat Restaurant, Herstelling location was attacked in the wee hours of Sunday and robbed by a lone gunman.
The cashier, Marcia Adams, 34, of Lot 70 School Street, Peters Hall, East Bank Demerara (EBD), was attacked while making her way home about 00:15h.
According to reports, the woman left her place of work and boarded a minibus which she disembarked at School Street and Peters Hall Public Road where her reputed husband, Arif Cornelius, was waiting for her.
The two then proceeded west along the School Street, and were confronted by a gunman, who rode up on a motorcycle.
The bandit stopped, whipped out his pistol, and pointed it at the victims after which he relieved Adams of cash and valuables amounting to over $55,000 along with documents.
He then mounted his motorcycle and made good his escape east along School Street.
The matter was reported to the Police, and an investigation was launched.

Bar manager found dead with gunshot wound to head


Police in Georgetown are probing the circumstances surrounding the death of Korner Kick Bar and Restaurant Manager Tevin Parris, who was found with a gunshot wound to the head on Monday morning.
His demise has left his family with many unanswered questions after Parris’s lifeless body was discovered in his bed at his Garnett Street, Newtown, Georgetown home.

Dead: Tevin Parris

Guyana Times understands that investigators have retrieved a gun, which was reportedly in his hand when the man was found in the bedroom of the upper flat of the house. Upon learning the news of his demise, his mother broke down in tears and had to be consoled by other relatives who were still coming to grips with the shocking death.
The young man’s uncle, David Parris, made the gruesome discovery just after 07:30h on Monday. He relayed that his nephew was found in a sleeping position.
“I saw blood on sheet and I saw the body and went back out right away. He was found in a sleeping position in the normal way – in his boxers, shirtless,” the uncle said.
Investigators are trying to discover if any money was taken from the Garnett Street home as well as trying to clear up the reported discrepancies over the trajectory of the wound to determine whether Parris’s death was a homicide or self-inflicted.
As Police await the post-mortem examination, which is expected to be conducted later this week, this publication was told that the now dead man was not the holder of a firearm licence.

What a wonderful record of the pnc.

A woman was murdered every month in 2017



A 73-year-old woman is set alight by her own son. A teenage girl is battered to death with a rock in a cemetery.
A farmer’s wife is strangled and buried near a row of freshly-planted crops.
A drug-addicted intruder buried an 18-month-old girl alive after ripping out her earrings and throwing her through a window.
They were among several females that were slain by boyfriends, husbands, relatives and acquaintances, during practically every month of last year.
Some of the killers were captured, a few chose to take their own lives, and, in one case, the killer(s) are still unknown.
In late March, police dug up the decomposed body of 39-year-old Lilwantie Balack, from the backyard of the Lot 117 Mibicuri North, Black Bush Polder home where she had lived with her husband.
Police believe that Balack was strangled on September 6, 2016. Her husband, Sunil Datt Balack, had allegedly given the couple’s three children conflicting reports about her whereabouts, including claiming she had run off with a man to the United States.
The woman’s horrible fate only came to light on Wednesday after her daughters, who had become increasingly suspicious, contacted the police.
Police eventually charged her husband, allegedly after obtaining a confession.
The gruesome killings continued in June, with a jealous reputed husband chopping and battering his spouse to death at their Sheet Anchor, East Canje, Berbice home.
Mintie Karamchand, 40, sustained slashed wrists and ankles and was clobbered with a piece of wood on her head until she inhaled her last breath.
Her reputed husband, Goldburn Oswald December, fled the scene, but on July 18, police found his decomposed body hanging from a tree near the Canje River.
December and Karamchand had lived together for 24 years and separated some eight years ago.
December, who was unemployed, migrated to neighbouring Suriname leaving the woman to provide and take care of their five children. He was reportedly deported back to Guyana just over a month prior to the killing, and was staying at the Sheet Anchor residence with Karamchand.

Mintie Karamchand and daughter, Drucilla December

Goldburn Oswald December

Murdered: Indrawattie Totaram

However according to their daughter, Drucilla, they were not romantically involved since her mother had moved on. This sparked jealousy, and arguments were frequent within the home.
On July 29, Ryan Singh, 25, allegedly slit the throat of his 17-year-old common-law wife, Rosanna Lakhpal, at her Number Two Village, East Canje home.
The suspect was allegedly evicted from the home two days prior to the killing. The couple was said to be involved in frequent fights and arguments over the 25-year-old’s drug habit and unemployment.
Ryan Singh was eventually captured and charged.
On October 3, residents in the vicinity of Albert Street and South Road, Bourda, awoke to the shocking news that two elderly, church-going women had been murdered in their home.
Constance Fraser, 89, and 77-year-old Phyllis Caesar, were bound, gagged and slain in their Lot 243 Albert Street and South Road residence.
The women were members of the South Road Full Gospel Assembly, located a few doors from their home.
The home was also ransacked.
Mrs. Caesar acted as caretaker for the church, and had the code for the church alarm. She also kept the keys for a nearby school in Regent Street.
On October 11, Imran Khan, called Christopher Khan, 25, of Independence Boulevard, Albouystown; Steven Andrews, 26, of 86 Hunter Street, Albouystown and Phillip Suffrien, 23 of 66 Hunter Street, Albouystown, were charged and remanded for the double murder.

Dead: Rosanna Lakhpal

Rosanna Lakhpal’s alleged killer: Ryan Singh

Murdered: Constance Fraser, 89

Murdered: Phyllis Caesar, 77

Khan’s girlfriend, Seeta Khan, 36, of Lot 142 Cooper Street, Albouystown, was charged for possession of stolen property.
On August 11, depressed over his failing business, 47-year-old Rudolph Blair called ‘Rudy’, stabbed his wife Rhonda Blair to death, before shooting and killing himself at Cumberland Village, East Canje Berbice.
Rhonda Blair’s body, with multiple stab wounds, was found lying in a pool of blood in her yard.
Rudolph Blair fled to the back of a neighbour’s yard. He refused to surrender, despite pleas from relatives and police ranks. He was later found dead with gunshot wounds to the chest and lower left ear.
Police retrieved his licenced .32 Taurus revolver near the corpse.
The couple had owned a string of Stretch ‘D’ Dollar stores, and had originally lived together at Cumberland. But after the husband became abusive, his wife left their matrimonial home and sought refuge at a friend Jonelle Dover’s house, in Ithaca Village, West Coast Berbice.
There were reports that Mr. Blair had always been threatening to kill himself.
He reportedly confided in the source that he was desirous of selling his Pitt Street business to pay off his outstanding loans that were burdensome to his family. However his wife was not in support of this, she wanted him to keep the business going, even with them being buried in debt. They were reportedly going bankrupt.
He had reportedly told the source, with his licensed revolver in hand, that, “I get a mind fuh kick Rhonda from the step to the gate and kill mehself”.

Dead: Rhonda Blair and businessman Rudolph Blair

Police Sergeant Kenish Sheriff-Fraser

September1, 2017 began with an even more heinous case.
A drug addicted man sneaked into a relative’s house at Lot 98 North Sophia, Georgetown. He then snatched an 18-month-old girl from her bedroom, flung her out of a window, then buried alive to hide his tracks.
Before killing the child, the suspect, 20-year-old Sherwyn Roberts, who was recently released from prison, allegedly ripped a pair of gold earrings from the victim’s ears. He was arrested at his ‘B’ Field Sophia home shortly after, and has since been charged.
On October 5, 2017, intoxicated and out of work pork-knocker Clayton Anthony, also called “Woody,” butchered his lover, Police Sergeant 19467 Kenisha Sheriff-Fraser, in her Number 30 Village, West Coast Berbice home.
He then hanged himself.
The body of 39-year-old Sheriff-Fraser, with her chest and stomach sliced open, and chop wounds to the forehead, left temple and limbs, was found on her bedroom floor in her West Coast Berbice home.
A bloodstained cutlass was found near the body.
Her 42-year-old lover, Clayton Anthony, who lived in the bottom flat, was later found hanging from a tree in the Village.

On November 5, in a case somehow reminiscent of the 1993 Monica Reece slaying, Kescia Branche, a 22-year-old teacher, was found battered an unconscious on the roadside at Louisa Row.
She died a few days later. With then Crime Chief Paul Williams pleading for patience and vowing that the case would be solved, detectives detained several suspects, including three police ranks who were with Branche some hours before she was found injured.

Murder accused Matthew Munroe and slain teacher Kescia Branche

Dead: Marissa Fraser

Ranella Benfield

In early December, they eventually arrested and charged 47-year-old taxi driver Mathew Munroe, after he returned from overseas. Investigators have also impounded his car.

The quiet Sunday of December 3, 2017, afternoon ended on a gruesome note 36-year-old GuySuCo labourer, Krishna Latchman, stabbed his reputed wife, Indrawattie Totaram, 40, to death before hanging himself in the couple’s one bedroom home at Lot 26 Third Street, Williamsburgh, Corentyne, Berbice.
Totaram was found at around 18:00 hrs with multiple stab wounds on a blood soaked mattress, while Latchman, clad in his underwear, was found hanging from a rope tied to a beam.
Totaram, the victim, had allegedly left Latchman and eloped with a young man, but returned home some two days ago. It is believed that this may have set the tone for the grisly crime.
After his spouse had eloped, Latchman had reportedly told a relative: “You na worry, nah tek stress, I gon deal with she, I gon bore she up”.
And after Totaram returned home, she confided in another relative that she believed Latchman was planning to kill her.
But no one apparently took her spouse’s threats seriously, since he was portrayed as a ‘quiet man’ by many residents and neighbours. Relatives said that he was a heavy drinker and would leave their home when he imbibed.,
The following day, the body of a 22-year-old part-time waitress Marissa Fraser was found in a trench at No. 5 Village, West Coast Berbice.
The victim, of Lot 24 No. 4 Village, Public Road, West Coast Berbice, had been stabbed about her face and body.
Fraser was last seen imbibing with a group of “village boys” after she left her No. 4 Village residence.
The next day, police detained Odit Thom, a 38-year-old security guard for the barbaric killing.
Thom, who has been charged, allegedly told police that he saw the waitress walking alone along the No.5 Public Road when he approached her and made sexual advances. It was her rejecting his advances that ‘ticked him off’ he told ranks.
A scuffle between him and Fraser ensued and he pulled out the scissors he had on his person and stabbed her 11 times about her body. He then dumped her body in the trench located in a street, near to a burial ground.
A post mortem examination conducted on Fraser’s body revealed that she died as a result of asphyxia and drowning compounded by multiple incise wounds.
Magistrate Rhondel Weaver ordered a psychiatric evaluation for the accused.
On December 12, the body of 18-year-old receptionist Ranella Benfield was found in a cemetery at Triumph, East Coast Demerara. Someone had bashed in her face with a rock.
The gruesome discovery was made around 07:00 hrs, just two days after she was reported missing.
Her murder remains unsolved.
On Christmas Day, the son of 73-year-old Mengree Dahri called ‘Gladys’, allegedly set her alight as she slept in her Lot 143 Gale Street, Annandale, East Coast Demerara residence.
The old woman died three days later and her 43-year-old son, Dewan Dahri, has since been remanded.

Gunmen open fire on Diamond House  

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GUNMEN opened fire on a section ‘A’ Block X Diamond, East Bank Demerara house on Monday terrorising its occupants at minutes to midnight.

Reports indicate that the two-storeyed concrete building with persons living upstairs and the lower flat being used as a bond, was shot at leaving several holes on the eastern window.
The house was occupied by a 57-year-old woman and two of her six sons at the time of the shooting. Enquiries revealed that the family heard a loud explosion minutes to midnight and upon looking outside they saw several holes on the window.

The police were called in and spent shells from a handgun were found inside the house. Eyewitnesses in the area said the motorcar which drove slowly through the street at the time of the shooting was seen coming from the northern side of the road. The registration and model were not detected.

Female dental surgeon, pensioner trailed, robbed after leaving commercial banks


Gunmen targeting commercial bank customers struck twice in the space of three hours yesterday, robbing a female dental surgeon at Eccles, East Bank Demerara, and a pensioner at Mittelholzer Street, Festival City.
Police said that Debra Skeete, a 49-year-old dental surgeon, was held at gunpoint outside her Eccles, East Bank Demerara home. She had just left the Republic Bank branch, located on the public road at Diamond, East Bank Demerara.
The gunmen, who were on a motorcycle, robbed her of 60 Pounds Sterling, $25,000 in local currency, which were in a shoulder bag containing an iPhone, a Samsung galaxy phone, Republic Bank and GBTI cards, and national identification and NIS cards.
Police said that Dr. Skeete went to the Republic Bank at around 10:45 hrs, she deposited $25,000 in the ATM, then drove to Bounty Supermarket, located on the public road at Grove, East Bank Demerara.
Dr. Skeete then drove to her home located on the East Bank. She had just parked when two men on a motorcycle rode up to her. One of the men then went to the driver’s side and ordered the dental surgeon to hand over her bag.
When she hesitated, the robber drew a handgun, opened the car door and snatched the bag. He then escaped on the motorcycle with his accomplice.
Then, at around 13.45 hrs, a gunman on a motorbike struck in similar fashion at Mittelholzer Street, Festival City, robbing Whitfield Wright, 74, of $527,000 in his yard.
Police said that Wright had withdrawn the cash from a Scotiabank branch. He then drove to his Festival City home, and had entered his yard when a man, who was riding a motorcycle, held him at gunpoint and relieved him of an envelope containing the money. The attacker then escaped.
The bandits in both attacks are still at large.


6 robbed by gunmen in separate attacks


A lone gunman is now being pursued by the Police after he reportedly attacked an accountant and taxi driver, robbing them of their valuables on Tuesday.
The accountant, Lauren Thomas, 29, of Providence, East Bank Demerara (EBD) left the Regent Street bank where she worked in a taxi which was being driven by the second victim, 43-year-old Mark Hogobin of Kitty, Georgetown.
According to reports, Hogobin arrived at Providence, at around 20:20h when suddenly he was stopped by a male on a motorcycle who stopped in front of his taxi.
After Hogobin was forced to stop the vehicle, the perpetrator came off his motorcycle and walked to the driver’s side of the car, drew a gun and struck thedriver to his head.
He then relieved both Hogobin and Thomas of their valuables amounting to over $90,000. The perpetrator then made good his escape in a northern direction. The matter was reported and the Police are investigating.
In the meanwhile, 21-year-old Dominique Garraway was attacked at around 20:00h on Tuesday and robbed of over $50,000 worth of valuables including a gold band.
The incident occurred at Crown and New Garden Streets, Georgetown, as Garraway and friends were leaving Churches Chicken.
They were stopped by two men, one of whom was armed and Garraway was robbed while his friends ran away.
Also, Boodram Hemraj, 61, and Ramdin (only name given) both of Independence Street, West Bank Demerara (WBD) were robbed of one weeding machine by gunmen.
The incident occurred at around 05:30h at Church Street in the vicinity of the Lodge building.
Enquiries revealed the victims had stopped at Church Street to begin working when the gunmen rode up on a motorcycle and showed the men a gun before escaping with the weeding machine.
That matter was reported and the Police are investigating.
And finally, Shafeek Azeez, a 51-year-old supervisor at Pretty Paul Singh Investment and of CC Eccles, EBD was robbed of his bird and birdcage along with cash by two men; one of whom attempted to spray him with pepper spray.
The incident occurred at Providence, EBD at round 06:45h on Wednesday.
That matter was reported and is also being investigated. (Kizzy Coleman

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