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Bandits rob gas station employees


Gas station employees Prakash Seenarine, 32, and Darren Reddy, 21, attacked and robbed while on duty at their place of employment at Main and King Streets in New Amsterdam, Berbice on Saturday evening, are now in a traumatised state, especially after their lives had been threatened if they failed to comply with the bandits’ instructions.
Based on reports received, the two employees were pounced on by two armed men while another accomplice was seen “keeping watch” on King Street. The incident occurred at about 20:15hrs.
Guyana Times was informed that the bandits had placed both victims to lie on the ground before relieving them of some $86,000 belonging to the company in an ordeal that lasted for mere minutes; and fled the scene on foot in an easterly direction along King Street, in company of their waiting accomplice.
Police are in the process of reviewing the CCTV footage attached to the gas station as investigations continue.


Sports executive beaten, robbed during home invasion


The President of the Athletics Association of Guyana (AAG) was on Sunday morning beaten and robbed when three gunmen broke into his Goedverwagting, East Coast Demerara home.

The injured Aubrey Hutson.

One of the gunmen gained entry into Aubrey Hutson’s Lot 24 Middle Street home via a window in the upper flat of the two storey building and once in, he opened a window in the lower flat of the property for his two accomplices.
At the end of the half-hour ordeal, the men escaped with Hutson’s jewellery, passport, cell phone, television and laptop, and even treated themselves to cookies.
They entered the man’s home around 03:30 hrs and left after tying his hands behind his back and putting him to lie on his stomach. His feet were also tied and he was gagged.
Hutson, who is the owner of Office Machines Electronics Laboratory (OMEL), said that he got home a little earlier and fell asleep while looking at the television in the lower flat of his home.
The businessman, who was alone in the building, said that he was subsequently awakened by a “cracking sound” from the stairs and when he looked, he saw a man coming down his stairway with a gun and instructing him not to move.
According to Hutson, the gunman approached him and demanded that he open the door, but before he could have done so, the (gunman) told him to open the window instead.
“I thought that he was leaving and then he tell me to move away and he whistle and two other men came in and tied me,” Hutson noted, while adding that he was gun-butted during this process.
He explained that the men were asking for money and a gun—which they thought he owned.
“I tell them nothing in the house and he tell me that if he find a gun, he gone shoot me with it.”
The businessman said that as he lay on the floor, the men were constantly hitting him and asking him questions while hunting for valuables.
“When I realized that the place was silent, I got in a sitting position and untied myself and went by a neighbour.
Kaieteur News was informed that when the Hutson’s neighbour telephoned ranks at the Sparendaam Police Station, a rank informed the individual that the victim had to visit the station to make a report.
“They don’t know if my skull crack or anything serious happened to me, but they want me to go to the station…I went and make the report and then I went to the Georgetown Public Hospital for treatment.”
Hutson further explained that he got to the hospital at five o’clock in the morning and only received assistance after nine o’clock. “There were only four persons in the Accident and Emergency Unit and it took over four hours for me to see a doctor.”
The devastated sports executive said that he is happy that his wife and children were not in the country.
“I am in Guyana because I love my country and I want to make it better, but after this, I don’t know what will happen,” Hutson reflected.
Investigators visited the scene of the crime and took fingerprints.


Region 1 woman allegedly stabs spouse to death


POLICE are investigating the murder of a labourer who succumbed to a stab wound allegedly inflicted by his common-law wife at Dredge Creek, on the Upper Pomeroon River on Monday.

Reports are that Alfro Adams, called “Fro”, of Moruca, North West District, was involved in a fight with his common-law wife at the woman’s aunt’s home in Dredge Creek on Monday.
The two have been together for the past six years and have an 18-month-old child together.
According to the police, investigations revealed that Adams regularly consumes alcohol and would abuse his wife, so the woman decided to leave their Moruca home and head for the Pomeroon River to stay with an aunt.
It was at the said aunt’s home, the police say, that an argument between the two ensued, and Adams assaulted her.
The woman, in turn, allegedly picked up a pair of scissors she was earlier using to make handicraft and stabbed Adams to the right of his chest.
She subsequently ran away, while her relatives took Adams to the Charity Hospital to seek medical attention, but he died around 17:00hrs.
The suspect remains on the run.

Bandits strike at West Canje; 2 homes broken into


By Andrew Carmichael

Two homes in West Canje, Berbice, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) were burglarised on Sunday night and more than $1 million in valuables stolen. At the time of the separate break and enter incidents, no one was in either of the houses located in the same yard.

The two houses that were robbed

The family was out for the weekend when the intruders hit. When they returned on Monday morning, it was discovered that their Lot 40 Mount Sinai homes were broken into. Mount Sinai is one of the suburbs of New Amsterdam and is frequently referred to as Angoy’s Avenue.
The homes are situated in the same yard, where three houses are occupied by siblings. Devi Kowlessar told Guyana Times that she along with her husband, children and her other relatives left for a trip to the Corentyne at about 17:00h on Saturday; securing both homes before they left.
At about 9:00h on Monday, a neighbour telephoned her saying that the doors on two of the houses were opened. She said she contacted a brother who confirmed that the houses were broken into. According to Kowlessar, when they returned, they found both homes in disarray.
She explained that the bandits made off with an unused grass slashing machine valued $146,000, in excess of $400,000 worth gold jewellery, a laptop computer and a quantity of US currency from her home.
Meanwhile, her sister, Rookmin Dindyal told this publication that her daughter’s diamond wedding ring worth US$1600, along with local and foreign currency, were taken from her home.
According to Dindyal, at the time her home was broken into, she was keeping $200,000 which belongs to her church. That money, she said, was not found by the intruders.
The Police were summoned and have since dusted for fingerprints as they continue their investigations.

Essequibo businessman slapped with narco trafficking charge


Chicken pen drug bust

Businessman Devon Fordyce of Lot 45 Dartmouth Village, Essequibo Coast was

Remanded: Devon Fordyce

on Monday arraigned before Charity Magistrate Esther Sam on a narcotics trafficking charge alleging that on August 19th, at about 17:30h, ranks swooped down on his premises to conduct a search, and unearthed 1539 grams of cannabis and 32 grams of cocaine in various sections of the house and in a chicken pen in the yard.
Unrepresented by legal counsel, the 40-year-old defendant denied the charge, but was remanded to September 3rd, when next the case will be called. (Indra Nathram)

Man robbed at traffic light

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AN East Bank Demerara man sustained a gunshot wound on Monday during a daring mid-afternoon robbery at the corner Vlissengen Road and Lamaha Street in the city.

Roshan Rampersaud was driving a Toyota pick-up along the busy roadway and was awaiting the traffic light to change to green when he was pounced on by two men.

Closed circuit television (CCTV) footage showed the man being attacked by two men who hauled him out of his vehicle even as the traffic began to move. The men were seen frisking Rampersaud as he stood haplessly. Motorists drove by nonchalantly.

Reports are that the men had trailed their victim, who undertook a business transaction prior to the robbery.

The man sustained a gunshot wound to his leg and was briefly hospitalised during the afternoon on Monday.

The police are investigating the incident.

Bandits grab $80,000 from pump attendant


AN employee of Ali’s Gas Station escaped unhurt last Saturday night when one of two bandits walked up to him with a gun and relieved him of the night’s sales and fled.

Commander ‘B’ Division, Paul Williams, told the Guyana Chronicle that at about 19:30hrs on Saturday night a pump attendant was on duty at the service station located on Main and Coburg Streets, New Amsterdam when the robbers pounced on him.

He related that one gunman walked up to the pump attendant and snatched the money out of his hands, which amounted to about $80,000 and fled with his accomplice, who was keeping watch nearby.

Williams added that so far, no arrest has been made but an investigation is under way. The robbery was captured on close circuit television (CCTV) cameras.

Thieves strip dead man of fake ‘bling’

The vandalised tomb of 26-year-old prisoner, Winston Hinds

THE tomb of 26-year-old Winston Hinds, the prisoner who was shot dead at the Timehri prison on August 4, was on Tuesday night vandalised and Hinds stripped of the fake jewellery he was buried with.

The discovery was made on Wednesday by family members, who were informed of what happened.

When they turned up at the Christianburg Cemetery, the newly constructed tomb was broken open, while Hind’s body remained in the casket. The fake gold chain and ring that he was buried in were gone.

Mother of the deceased, Vanessa Bess, told Guyana Chronicle that her son was buried with the jewellery but it was not real. The family just wanted to send him off the way he used to dress. The thieves, however, forgot the proverb, “All the glitters is not gold” and will soon find that out upon trying to sell the jewellery.

Bess said what is more heart-breaking is the Linden Mayor and Town Council (LMTC) requested $40, 000 from her to have the tomb redone.

“Sweet heart, I don’t have a cent, I don’t know where I will get $40, 000 from. I am a poor woman, I just bury my son,” the frustrated Bess explained.

Fortunately, however, upon visiting the LMTC after such a request was made, to make her plight known, a decision was made by the Council to drop the monetary request.

In addition, Bess is refuting claims made in some sections of the media that she received compensation from the Guyana Prison Authority after the death of her son.

She said that no compensation was given to her but she did receive assistance with the burial of her son. Bess is also calling for a thorough investigation to be done into the death of her son, claiming that the post-mortem findings contrtadict the explanation given by the prison authorities.

The grieving mother said she witnessed the post-mortem of her son and the findings show that he was shot to the abdomen, while the prison authorities are saying that he was shot while trying to escape.

Director of Prisons Gladwin Samuels had noted that the murder accused had repeatedly ignored all warnings issued by prison officers. Samuels said several prisoners, who were armed with improvised weapons, were involved in ‘a serious physical altercation.

Hinds was remanded to prison on January 2016, for the February 2015 killing of Richard Remington at Cholmondeley Hill, Wismar. Remington’s decomposing remains were found in a clump of bushes along a track in the vicinity of Matthew’s Lane at Christianburg, February 12 last year.

Bess, however, is professing her son’s innocence in the matter, since she claims he was not even in Linden at the time.

Businessman charged for shooting bandit


Linden businessman Lloyd Thomas, accused of discharging a loaded firearm at Anthony Rogers with intent to maim, disfigure, disable, or cause him actual bodily harm, was on Wednesday arraigned before Georgetown Magistrate Annette Singh, charged with the offence.

Lloyd Thomas

Unrepresented by legal counsel, the 43-year-old defendant denied the charge, allegedly committed on August 17, 2017 at Sand Hills on the Linden-Soesdyke Highway, and explained to the court that he was on the road when he was attacked by a bandit who attempted to snatch a gold chain that he was wearing at the time. Thomas said he put up a fight, during which he was able to disarm the bandit of his gun, and he used it to shoot the bandit.
Because the Police Prosecutor did not object to the defendant being placed on bail, Thomas was placed on $50,000 bail, and was ordered to report to the police station nearest to his home until the conclusion of this matter. The case will continue on September 11.

Farmer jailed, fined for narco-trafficking


Thirty-five-year-old Fernanda Laita of the Region 9 community of Aishalton, South Rupununi was on Wednesday arraigned before Georgetown Magistrate Judy Latchman on a charge detailing that, on August 17, at Aishalton Village, South Rupununi, Region Nine, he was found with 96 grams of cannabis in his possession for the purpose of trafficking.
Unrepresented by legal counsel, the father of two minors admitted to the charge, and in a plea of mitigation, told the magistrate that the drugs were for the use of his mother and grandmother, who are both ill.
“If it wasn’t for my mother and grandmother who are ill, I would have never had it,” the farmer explained.
But Police Prosecutor Shawn Gonsalves told the court that the illicit substance was found in a multi-coloured bag hanging from a tree close to where the defendant was found. He said that when the bag was searched by police ranks, leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be cannabis were discovered. The bag and the defendant were taken into Police custody, where the defendant told ranks, “I was just doing a lil hustle”.
Accordingly, Magistrate Latchman sentenced Laita to three years’ imprisonment, and fined him $30,000.

Pirates attack four fishing vessels in one week


– escape with engines, fuel and boat

The four captains yesterday

Pirates have attacked four fishing vessels in the Waini River, Region One, in the space of one week.
The masked gunmen even escaped with one of the vessels named “Priya 2” after dumping its workers onto another vessel that was in the area and which they had also raided.
Around 02:00 hrs two Sundays ago, three armed men attacked a vessel in the Waini River area and escaped with the engine and fish.
Deochand, the captain for the vessel named “Priya” said that a small boat pulled up alongside his boat and three men, who were all armed, came over to his boat and demanded that the workers remove the engine and threatened to return to kill the crew if they informed the police.
That same day, the same three men attacked another vessel named “Arawak” and escaped with ration, engine and fuel.
The captain of that vessel, Abdul John, said that the men came in a small boat and fired shots towards his boat.
Both matters have been reported.
Last Thursday, Samad John, a captain for over 40 years, was working on a vessel named “Arawak 2” when a small boat with six armed men came up to him and his four workers and demanded that they lie on the bow of the boat.
John said that they were just about to cook when the gunmen, using toques and jerseys to conceal their faces, chopped their anchor and caused their boat to drift away.
“They tell we leh we lie on the boat bow and they went harassing we for money.
They drive we boat to another boat (Priya 2) and empty out stocks into it and then they put “Priya 2” workers in our boat and drive away,” John said.
“Priya 2” captain, Doonaught Deochand said that he had just commenced fishing when he saw two boats heading in his direction.
Deochand said that he pulled up his seine and started his engine but the gunmen in the smaller vessel pursued and fired several shots in his direction.
“They come and tell we if we want live, we have to do as they say.
They tied we up and emptied stocks from “Arawak 2” and put it in our boat, and throw we over to the boat and they left.” The men were left in the boat until last Sunday when they were rescued.
“Arawak” and “Arawak 2” are owned by Carol Persaud, while “Priya” and “Priya 2” are owned by Totaram Bishu. Bishu and Persaud are related.
Yesterday, Persaud, Bishu and the captains for these vessels met with the Crime Chief, Wendell Blanhum.
Mrs. Persaud said that it is unfair for persons to be investing money in their vessels when the pirates are escaping with the benefits. She pointed out that her vessels were attacked many times and the culprits were never charged.
Bishu said that two months ago, pirates escaped with “Priya 2”, after removing the engine.
He estimated his losses to be around $10M.

Beharry staff robbed at gunpoint


–just doors from Queenstown home


CHARISSA Rampersaud, Training Manager at Beharry Restaurant Holdings Inc., was on Tuesday night robbed at gunpoint on Anira Street, Queenstown, a few doors from her home.

According to Commander of ‘A’ Division, the 36-year-old had just parked her vehicle and was walking towards her home after work at about 19:15hrs when a white motorcar PSS 8175 drove up alongside her and a man emerged with a gun and grabbed her handbag.

Chapman said that Rampersaud had in her handbag at the time some personal documents, a pair of sunglasses, her Samsung Galaxy cell-phone, cash and an iPod.

Except for a few bruises and scrapes when she fell onto the roadway as the assailant snatched her handbag, the woman was otherwise unharmed.

The Commander confirmed that the matter was reported to the police, and that it is being investigated, as the occupants of the car are persons of interest.

The incident has reportedly left Rampersaud tramautised.

Taxi driver robbed of his car at gunpoint – in Durban Backlands


At sometime after 16:00hrs on Wednesday last, hire car operator Walter Sanmoogan of Lot 157 Section ‘B’ Non Pareil, East Coast Demerara departed the Lotto Office on Upper Robb Street, Georgetown in silver-coloured Toyota Premio HC 3247, taking an unidentified young female passenger to a destination in Durban Backlands, Georgetown.
But upon arrival at the destination, he reportedly was confronted by a man bearing a gun, and was left with no choice but to surrender his belongings, allowing himself to be stripped of his possessions and being forced to abandon his car.
Speaking with Guyana Times on Thursday, a heavily traumatised Sanmoogan recalled the shocking incident which has rendered him jobless. He said, “The guy told me to sit, and don’t move. He pat down my pockets, take out my money and cellphone, then he tell me, ‘Come out the car and run up the road’.”
The 60-year-old continued, “When I look back, the young lady and the guy jumped in the car and drive away; and that’s the last I saw of my car.”
In counting his losses, the taxi driver highlighted that his 4-year-old Toyota Premio is worth about $2.5M. Adding to that, he indicated that the hijackers also copped his Samsung Galaxy cellular phone and cash worth approximately $20,000.
Sanmoogan presented a faint description of the hijackers, stating that they were both of African descent, but the man was more of mixed race ancestry. He was, however, unable to properly identify the individuals, noting that his main focus was walking away alive.
“At that moment, all I was thinking about is my life being spared. I complied with whatever the guy say. When he told me to run, I run; because I know a lot of drivers who resist and are no longer here to talk about it. So I complied and I run,” the terrified taxi driver expressed.
Sanmoogan has filed a report at the East La Penitence Police Station, and is awaiting the outcome of investigations. However, given that his car is his only source of income, the man is calling on the public to report any sighting of his vehicle. Reports can be made to the taxi driver on telephone number 616-4816, or by contacting the nearest police station

Bandits rob security guard, shop owner


A SECURITY guard was on Friday robbed of all his valuables by four men on cycles, including one armed with handgun, as he was walking on a street in Nigg Settlement, Corentyne, Berbice.

Reports indicate that the victim was robbed of one haversack, cell phone and cash when the suspects, who were on bicycles approached him from the opposite direction.

He was held at gunpoint and relieved of the articles. The bandits on cycles then made good their escape.

Meanwhile, in Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara (ECD), a husband and wife operating an off-license liquor restaurant and grocery were having a drink with a friend at their business place when three gunmen pounced on them.

Reports indicate that the three armed bandits had initially approached the victims requesting a cigarette when they were told no one had any. The suspects then walked away and later turned back, one pulling a gun from the waist.

The robbers then braced the victims onto the side of the shop and relieved them of over $400,000 in valuables, including cash and cell phones.

Police are investigating these incidents.

Motorcycle bandits rob fisherman, two women


TWO ARMED gunmen robbed a fisherman of his motorcycle and
$200,000 cash in the wee hours of Saturday morning while he was in the Albouystown area. The victim was earlier at a popular fish shop. The police are now looking for the bike bearing the number CG 3738 and the brazen bandits.

Reports indicate that the fisherman and his employer were together at the fish shop when the employer gave him some cash to deliver to the ‘ boss’ home, when he was accosted by the gunmen.

“If you move I will shoot you, don’t turn around,” one of the gunmen reportedly told the fisherman, before his pockets were searched and the cash and valuables, the motorcycle keys among them, were taken.
The bandits then escaped on the same motorcycle without firing any shots.

Meanwhile in a separate incident two women were reportedly robbed by two armed bandits in Bella Dam, Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara (WBD), after making withdrawals from more than one bank on the West Coast Demerara (WCD).

One of the women who resides in Bella Dam, was robbed of $500,000 in cash along with a cell phone and personal documents. The other woman who resides at Providence, East Bank Demerara (EBD) was relieved of her cell phone and $120,000 cash.

Reports indicate that the robbers were on a red and white motorcycle following the car. It was while the vehicle was being parked in a yard that the two bandits entered the premises, pointed a gun at the women and snatched their handbags.
No shots were fired. The police meanwhile are reviewing footage from CCTV devices in the vicinity.


Bandit shot dead, accomplice turns up at hospital with gunshot wounds

…as businesswoman’s security escort opens fire during botched robbery
A security escort came in for a lot of praise yesterday when he shot and killed a bandit and wounded one of his two accomplices, when they tried to rob the woman he was escorting to Georgetown on the Liliendaal Railway

Embankment Road, Greater Georgetown.
The man was accompanying the 42-year-old businesswoman, who is a supervisor for Interior Flight Services, around 09:45 hrs.
The woman had uplifted several packages, containing cash and gold from the Eugene F. Correia International Airport and was driving to the city with the bodyguard in the passenger’s seat of her motorcar, when they were confronted by two gunmen.
After being previously robbed, the company took extra precaution and sent an escort with the 42-year-old woman.
Kaieteur News was informed that the bandits confronted the duo in the vehicle and as they were fleeing with the valuables, the security opened fire, killing one of them.
The dead bandit has been identified as 24-year-old ex-prison officer, Trydon Munroe of Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam.
Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum confirmed that Munroe was dismissed from the Guyana Prison Service in March last for breaching the agency’s regulations.
Munroe’s alleged accomplice, 23-year-old Mark Griffith of Sheet Anchor, East Canje, Berbice, managed to escape from the scene on foot, but turned up at the Georgetown Public Hospital an hour later with a gunshot wound to the chest. The driver of a getaway car managed to escape.
Investigators found a .32 pistol with three live matching rounds next to Munroe’s lifeless body.
The police said that the investigation revealed that the woman and her armed escort went to Ogle, East Coast Demerara (ECD) and collected several parcels.
As they were returning to Georgetown on the Railway Embankment, a dark-coloured motorcar drove past their vehicle and began driving slowly in front of them before it came to a stop, preventing the businesswoman from proceeding forward.
Munroe and Griffith then exited from the backseat of the vehicle and approached the woman’s car, demanding that she hand over the bags containing cash and gold— this was as Munroe “cranked” his weapon as if he was going to shoot.
Kaieteur News understands that the bags containing the valuables were handed over to the two men and as they were making their way back to their waiting motorcar, the security man came out of the car and opened fire on the men.
Reports are that the two bandits dropped the stolen bags and attempted to run towards their vehicle but the driver sped away, leaving them behind.
This newspaper was informed that Munroe attempted to return fire but instead, collapsed on the roadway where he was later confirmed dead.
His accomplice managed to escape, but made it easy for the lawmen by walking into the hospital.
The police confirmed that he is nursing his injuries under police guard at the hospital, while attempts are being made to locate the getaway driver.
The businesswoman was at the Sparendaam Police Station yesterday but she refused to speak to the media.

On Social Media, Munroe had posted several photographs of guns, ammunition and large piles of cash, including $1000 and $5000 bills, confirming that yesterday’s robbery attempt might not have been his first.
In one of the pictures, a bottle of Hennessy can be seen on a bed with a high-powered rifle—looking like an AK-47 and two live rounds.
A photograph of a pile of cash was posted with the caption, “Young money little boss for life make money all the time.”
Munroe’s friends commented on the photographs—some asking where he got the cash from and others asking if they could have some.
In one of the photos he posted with a gun, a friend asked what he was going to do, to which he responded, “I no u no.”

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Rice shipment from Guyana busted with cocaine in Jamaica

The five bags in which the cocaine was found in a container with a shipment of rice at the Kingston Container Terminal

THE Narcotics Police made another major drug bust on Monday when cocaine valued at just over $100 million was found among a shipment of rice at the Kingston Container Terminal (KCT).

According to law-enforcement sources, the rice was destined for a local distributor, whom detectives were trying to locate up to late Monday. It is the third major drug seizure by

Cocaine was found in a rice shipment from Guyana

detectives from the Narcotics Division in the past six weeks.
In July, 77 kilogrammes of cocaine, valued at $92.8 million, was allegedly seized in a house in Portmore, St Catherine. Earlier this month, the Narcotics Police, with assistance from the military, seized just over 1,700 pounds of ganja, valued at $68 million, during a 10-hour operation in St Mary.

In the latest incident, law-enforcement sources said the police, accompanied by members of the Customs Contraband Enforcement Team, conducted a snap operation at KCT and immediately trained their focus on cargo from specific containers. “Examination of a 40-foot container revealed a total of five leather bags hidden among the shipment,” one source revealed.

According to the source, the bags had a total of 78 parcels, each containing a white powdery substance resembling cocaine. Sources say initial investigation has indicated that the container travelled from Guyana, through Santo Domingo and The Dominican Republic before arriving in Jamaica.

(Jamaica Gleaner)

Bandits creating havoc in Berbice


… break into Mosque, Mandir, Church at Gay Park


Bandits over the past few weeks have forcefully made their way into three religious buildings at Gay Park, East Bank Berbice, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) and took away valuable pieces of electronic devices, among other items.
The most recent incident occurred between Sunday night and Monday evening, at a Mosque at Gay Park. During that burglary, entry was made through an unsecured door. The perpetrator(s) climbed into the main part of the building which housed most of the valuable items belonging to the Mosque.
Imam of the Mosque, Boyie Mohammed, told Guyana Times that members would normally visit the building during the evening period, and on Monday afternoon when they did, they noticed something amiss.
“Things were not in place as we would have left them the previous night and when we looked for the amplifier that we would use to call the Azam with, it was gone. We started to look around and then we realised that there were other things missing. The prayer mats, speaker boxes which we bought recently at very exorbitant prices for the benefit of the Masjid; even that was gone.”
The amplifier was secured in a grill cage and bolted onto the wall. The bolts were unscrewed and the amplifier taken.
According to the Imam of the Providence/Gay Park Mosque, it is not the first time thieves broke into the building and stole items. Back in 2002, a generator valued at close to $1 million was stolen along with cooking utensils which were used for religious functions along with kitchen wear.
A man who resides a few houses away was arrested and placed before the courts for the crime but the case was subsequently dismissed for want of evidence.
“One time we would have bought material to do work on the Mosque and when we went back the next day all of the material gone. The surprising thing is that nobody knows anything; nobody sees anything. Nobody is willing to cooperate and this also happened at the Mandir that is close by and also with the Christian Church that is there… when you can go into a house of worship and steal, it means you have no fear of this world or fear of what will happen to you,” Muhammad added.
Meanwhile, President of the Gay Park Mosque Feroz Jaffarally is appealing to the person/s who stole from the Mosque to return the items. He related to this publication that all of the items stolen are used by worshipers on a daily basis.


Corentyne man claims he was raped during robbery


By Andrew Carmichael

The Police in Berbice are hunting a male suspect, who broke and entered the dwelling house of a Corentyne man on Tuesday, before robbing and allegedly raping him.
The 22-year-old victim, who migrated from the United Kingdom to Guyana, told Guyana Times that he was up at 04:30h on Tuesday morning and was having a telephone conversation with a close relative in Europe.
The man had been living alone for the past several months.
He said he heard a strange sound and soon after noticed a window being pushed open. At first, he thought it was ‘something evil’ and was advised by the person on the phone to close the window.
After he did there was a voice demanding that he opens the door and shortly after one of the bedroom windows was smashed.
The traumatised young man said at about 05:00h, he telephoned the Number 51 Village Police Station and told them that someone was attempting to break into his home.
According to the man, a male wearing a short pair of trousers allegedly climbed through the bedroom window and he gave the man all the money he had and the man who used his shirt to form a mask over his face, also picked up his cellular phone and then said that is not what he was there for.
“He told me that he was here to have sex with me,” the young man said.
The man related that a chopper was allegedly held to his neck and he was told that he will be killed if he did not cooperate. The robbery victim said he was then sodomised.
“I had to cooperate because the chopper was at my neck,” he blurted out.
Speaking of the attack, the victim referred to his attacker as having a smell which led him to believe that the man had been living in the bushes.
According to the victim, the man remained in the house until daylight and at almost 07:00h, the Police arrived. He said had the Police responded promptly, they could have prevented the incident from occurring and even if they were not prompt but had responded in a timely manner, the attacker could have been caught.
The Police were called in and they visited the scene and escorted the victim to the Skeldon Public Hospital where he was examined by a doctor, who confirmed that he was indeed sodomised.
According to the man, the attacker as he was about to leave said he was going to return the cellular phone.
Meanwhile, Police Divisional Commander (Assistant Commissioner) Paul Williams said the information he received differed slightly from what was told to this newspaper.
He said the report the Police received was that the intruder entered through a door and not a window. He added that when he first heard of the alleged incident, there were no issue as it related to the Police’s response time.
“What I learnt is that the person who visited the gentleman (victim), they know each other. The person appealed to him to open the door because he wanted to have sex with him and he refused to open the door. The person then decided to force his way into the house.”
The Police Commander is questioning why from the time the person entered the building and was there for something, had the householder not notified the Police, since he claimed the intruder’s presence was unwanted. He said the Police were told that it was after the person entered the house and would have completed the alleged sex act then the Police were called.
“I don’t know what time he would have called, but what I was made to understand is that when they would have received the report was when the act was already committed. Our information is that when the person was there and telling him that he wanted to come in, he never called,” Williams explained. The Police are continuing their investigation.

BREAKING: Prison escapee Uree Varswyck killed in Linden


…two others fled the scene

Police have confirmed that Camp Street prison escapee Uree Varswyck a/k Malcolm Gordon, one of the remaining four on the run, was killed during an armed confrontation on Thursday night, in Linden.

This was during an intelligence-led operation after reports of Varswyck and Mark Royden Durant a/k Royden Williams (Smallie) and another prison escapee, were seen in the Central Amelia’s Ward Area.

Dead: Uree Varswyck a/k Malcolm Gordon

Still at large is Williams, Cobena Stephens and Paul Goriah, following the July 9 Camp Street Prison unrest and the subsequent prison break at the Lusignan holding facility.

Details will follow in the September 2, 2017 edition of the Guyana Times.


The PNC bais busy busy sabotaging the media.

Sabotage suspected as TV station tower crashes down


A television station is now off-air after its tower came crashing down yesterday.

The damage in the compound yesterday.

The management and staffers of MTV Channel 14/Cable 65 believe that the incident is sabotage, with the police now investigating.
According to Raymond Singh, General Manager of the privately-owned channel, a nipper was found attached to one of the three guide lines that anchor the tower down.
The incident occurred in broad daylight along the Eccles dumpsite road, East Bank Demerara.
Singh said that all stops would be pulled out to ensure that the station restarts its broadcasts again as early as Monday, although capacity would not be full.
This is until repairs can be carried out and the tower anchored back into position.
Singh said that approximately, 00:10hrs, he received a call that the antenna had come crashing down. He arrived to see pieces of the tower on the guard hut and a shed in the neighbouring compound that houses a printery. There was damage to the roof of the studio.
The officials said that it appeared that the guide wire was deliberately cut.

Some of the station’s staffers at the location.

“They were pulling the wire and it was stuck, and on investigating, found that a nipper was attached.”
The GM said he and other officials immediately made a report to the Providence Police Station.
“The police are doing investigations. We are asking persons to bear with us, as we work to start broadcasting again.”
Singh declined to name anyone that he suspect could be involved.
“It is too early. The police are doing their investigations.”
According to Paul ‘DJ Stress’ Bonar, he was in the Eccles studio, and had just finished a show when the incident occurred.
“We were watching CPL replay from Thursday night and the screen went blue and there was a loud noise. I knew that something happened.”
Bonar said that on rushing outside, they saw parts of the tower lying in the compound.
The tower, with one of its anchoring cables cut, was ripped from its base.

An investigator taking away the nipper.

Police were on the scene yesterday, taking away the nipper and taking photos.
The station itself in a statement said, in confirming the incident, that the collapse caused severe damage to its broadcast equipment and building. Parts of the tower also caused extensive damage to a dish in the compound.
“The circumstances surrounding this collapse are currently under investigation. However, sabotage is not ruled out. Our team is working assiduously to restore all operations.”
The station said that it is badly affected.
“Unfortunately, all programmes, advertisements and great entertainment including MTV’s News Update and Death Announcements etc. will not be aired until further notice. We humbly ask our advertisers, producers and viewers to remain steadfast, as we seek to address this issue.”
MTV was previously controlled by former Natural Resources Minister, Robert Persaud and his wife, Kamini. They have since parted company with the station.
The shareholders, including a number of businessmen, are now managing the station which first came on air in the 1990s. The station has 25 staffers.
Yesterday, station officials said that they are offering a $1M reward for information leading to perpetrators of the act.
They said that calls, which will be treated with confidence, can be made to mobile number 6918299 or to the Providence police station, 265-7388.

Ramjattan missing in action, back in PPP time the man mek nuff nuff money off of police brutality. Now cockeye in office he quiet quiet.

Teen allegedly brutalised by businessman

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Marks on the body of Deon Antone following the beating he received Wednesday last

— police reportedly paid to cover up matter

THE parents of a 16-year-old Aishalton teenager plans to leave no stone unturned following the savage “torture” of their son which they allege was done by a Lethem businessman and his employees last Wednesday at the Marudi Mountains backdam.
Reports are that the boy was beaten into an unconscious state by the businessman and two associates last Wednesday morning in the Marudi Mountains mining fields in the Rupununi, after the men accused the former Richard Ishmael Secondary School student of theft.
According to the young man’s stepfather, Stanly Young, his son works in the backdam where the family has a mining claim.
He said on Tuesday night of last week, his stepson along with friends went and partied at a popular spot in the area which he noted is next door to the businessman’s shop.
Young, a former police sergeant, said his stepson went to the businessman’s shop while under the influence of alcohol and asked for some food during the night as he partied with his friends.

Reports from the area are that the young man left the shop and slept the night in a truck, which was parked some 100 metres from the shop.
According to a resident of Aishalton, on Wednesday morning, the businessman and two employees went to the truck, pulled the sleeping teenager out of the vehicle and accused him of stealing from his shop.
Reports are that the businessman, who is well-connected in the Rupununi , placed his boot on the teenager’s throat as he inflicted a sound thrashing with a piece of hose which is used in mining pits.

According to an eyewitness, as two men held the lad, the businessman asked for a piece of metal and when provided with the instrument, he continued to beat the teen, breaking two of his teeth in the process.
The teen was left lying on the roadway following the ordeal as he groaned in pain.
Young said that while he is not defending his stepson for the accusation of theft levelled against him, he is upset at the manner in which the incident was treated by police ranks who went to investigate it.
He said he was told about the incident several hours after it had occurred, noting that his stepson was taken to the Romanex Mining operations in the Marudi area where a medex tended to the injured lad.

“They said he was in and out of consciousness,” the concerned man noted.
Young said when he arrived at the medical centre at the mining operations, he was told that his stepson’s condition was dire, and as such, he was rushed out from the area on an all-terrain vehicle to Aishalton, some 30 miles away.
Young said as he prepared to leave the mining fields for Aishalton, he encountered two young police ranks and he alleged that the officers informed him that there was nothing they could have done, since the businessman had offered to “settle the matter.”
He said he grew angry at the ranks’ statement, noting that as a former policeman, he understands that no one “can take the law into his own hands and get away with it.”
He said when he visited his stepson at the Aishalton Hospital on Thursday, the young man refused to say anything, since he was offered a sum of $300,000 by the businessman to remain quiet.
He said later in the day, his stepson discharged himself from the hospital and managed to travel back into the backdam to the family’s mining operations.

The stepfather said that when he enquired of his wife about his stepson’s condition, she told him that the teen was fearful of two police ranks whom he alleged were after their “cut” of the $300,000 bribe which the businessman had offered.
Young said he visited the police station at Aishalton and an officer told him that they had no transportation, and as such, they could not arrest the businessman.
“How can they have no transportation to arrest this man, yet two of them were in the backdam the day of the incident speaking with the same businessman?” Young asked.
He said that he will me making a formal report on the matter to the Lethem Police Station today, since he had no trust in the ranks at the Aishalton Police Station, whom he believes are attempting to cover up the matter.
He said the businessman’s actions amounts to torture and he plans to ensure that the matter is not swept under the carpet.
Repeated calls by this publication to the number of the businessman for a comment on Sunday night proved futile.

Botched drug smuggling lands artist in jail


– 61-yr-old attempted to smuggle ganja into Camp St prison

Craftsman Ishwar Persaud of Leopold Street, Georgetown was on Monday arraigned before Georgetown Magistrate Judy Latchman on a charge alleging that, on August 31, 2017, he attempted to smuggle into the Camp Street Penitentiary 20 grams of marijuana reportedly concealed in the soles of a pair of boots.
Unrepresented by legal counsel, the 61-year-old pleaded not guilty to the offence of trafficking in narcotics, and explained that his neighbour had asked him to take the footwear to a remand prisoner named Ralph Franklin.
Police allege that on the day of the incident, the elderly man had visited the prison, and searches conducted on his person revealed the narcotics hidden in the said footwear. He was thereafter escorted to the Alberttown Police Station (Georgetown), where the leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be marijuana were weighed in his presence. He was subsequently charged with the present offence.
Persaud was not placed on bail, and will remain incarcerated until September 18, 2017, when the matter will be called again at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts for a pre-emptory hearing. (Paula Gomes

Police hunting 5 bandits after Sophia robbery


Police are now hunting five men who reportedly broke into a Sophia, Greater Georgetown home Wednesday morning and stole a quantity of valuables, including money, mobile phones and laptops.
Based on information received from Police C Division (East Coast) Commander Calvin Brutus, the incident occurred around 00:15h on Wednesday.
This newspaper was told that the victims, a 32-year-old man and his wife, were sound asleep, but they were awakened by the sounds of people kicking on the door to the A Field Sophia home.
By then, the male victim noted, it was too late for him to stop the unwanted entry as the five men, armed with cutlasses managed to kick in the door completely.
The perpetrators ordered that the couple remain silent and turn over all of their valuables, and as such, the now traumatised victims complied.
After the less-than-five minutes ordeal, the five bandits fled the scene. Investigations are ongoing

House blaze leads fire-fighters to man’s burnt body in living room


– Cousin arrested as cops probe possible robbery/murder 
Fire-fighters early yesterday morning stumbled upon the body of a Golden Grove, East Coast Demerara man just minutes after they were called to his home to investigate a fire that had broken out in one of the bedrooms. 
The victim has been identified as 39-year-old Sean Prince, of 67 Sideline Dam, Golden Grove. He was managing his father’s shipping company—Prince’s Shipping—located in Muneshwers Building on Main Street, Georgetown.
The man’s burnt body was found among the debris in the living room of his home around 01:30 hrs.
A cousin who lives in the bottom flat of the two-storey property has been taken into custody as police probe a possible robbery/murder. The house in which the duo was residing is owned by Prince’s father, who resides in the United States of America.
Fire Chief Marlon Gentle when contacted yesterday said that when his ranks responded to the scene, they had established that it was not a normal fire, based on the physical evidence present at the scene. He indicated that they are awaiting a Post Mortem examination to determine the cause of the businessman’s death.
Kaieteur News was informed that residents claimed that they heard what sounded like gunshots in the village just before they noticed Prince’s home was engulfed in fire. A detective confirmed that they have received this information.
Prince was last seen imbibing with persons in the village and watching cricket late Wednesday night at a shop in Golden Grove. After the game, he reportedly left in the company of a woman, who is said to be a stranger to villagers.
It was the cousin, who has been detained, that raised an alarm. He managed to save some of his belongings.
A relative of the deceased, who asked that her name be withheld, said that by the time she arrived at the location, the blaze had almost engulfed most of the building. “When they (firemen) put out the fire, they found the body.”
The woman is convinced that something suspicious took place. One resident was heard saying, “You tell me a big strong man like that can’t scream or get out of a burning house? Something surely wrong there.”
A neighbour said, “Everyone de watching de cricket, and as soon as it finished we went to bed and shortly after, we hear about the fire.” He added that residents assumed that the man was not at home.
Kaieteur News was informed that most of the man’s relatives are residing in the US and they are currently making arrangements to come.

Bandit who shot miner near Stabroek Market turns self in


Diligent police investigations have led to the arrest of a South Cummings Lodge, East Coast Demerara man, who allegedly shot and robbed a minibus passenger near the Stabroek Market earlier this month.

The booty and a gun which one of the gunmen had left in a parked car.

Police said that the suspect turned himself over to ranks at the Brickdam Police Station on Wednesday in company of an Attorney.
“The 33 year old suspect has since admitted to the commission of the crime and also to the ownership of an unlicensed firearm with five live rounds, which along with part of the stolen jewellery, were found in a motor car, in close proximity of the crime scene,” a police statement said.
Investigations revealed that about 15:00hrs on September 2, the 44-year-old victim, who is a miner and resides at Middle Walk, Buxton, East Coast Demerara, was in a bus with other passengers at the East Coast Bus Park, Hinck Street, Georgetown, when two suspects, one armed with a handgun, relieved him of his gold and diamond chain valued $950,000.
They fled in the direction of the Stabroek Market. But the miner pursued one of the robbers, who drew his firearm and discharged several rounds, hitting the victim on his left hand and buttock.
Police said that the gunman ran to a parked car, where he concealed something before fleeing on foot, while leaving the car locked.
The vehicle was towed to the Brickdam Police Station and later searched in the presence of its owner, who provided a key to the vehicle, after claiming to have rented it to a Kitty resident since last July.
The victim who was taken to the GPHC was treated and later discharged.
Efforts are being made to have the other suspect arrested.