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Bandit flees after ‘victim’ relieves him of gun

A would-be bandit found himself on the receiving end at around 15:45 hrs yesterday, after the businessman he attacked and two civilians relieved him of his firearm.
The 46-year-old businessman had just dropped off someone at a city bank and was about to enter a South Road store when the gunman confronted him and demanded his money.
The two men began to struggle for possession of the gun. Two civilians came to the businessman’s aid and they wrested the weapon from the bandit.
The would-be bandit then escaped with an accomplice on a motorcycle.
The firearm, a 9mm Ruger pistol with 12 rounds, was handed over to the police.

Berbice businessman critical after attempted execution

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Businessman Rajindra Prasad

POPULAR Rose Hall Town businessman, Rajindra Prasad called “Bobby” of Bobby’s Boutique, located obliquely opposite the Rose Hall Town Market was shot twice
around 15:00 hrs on Saturday.

According to eyewitnesses, the business was about to reopen after closing for lunch when two persons, one dressed as a female and another wearing a full face helmet, both armed with handguns, stormed the entity, demanding that everyone lie on the floor.
The robbers then approached the businessman in the cashier’s booth and opened fire on him and fled the scene.

Eyewitnesses said they heard three gunshots. The businessman was shot twice and was rushed to the Anamayah Hospital before being transferred to the New Amsterdam Hospital where doctors are battling to save his life.

A vendor who operates a confectionery stall nearby recalled hearing
the gunshots, but at first thought they were explosives.

“When I see people running, then I left my stand and run too,” the vendor said.

While details of the shooting are sketchy, Guyana Chronicle was informed
that the businessman who operates the clothing and footwear store, was shot in the region of the abdomen and neck.
At the scene, residents and family members gathered while police were seen busy combing the Rose Hall backlands for the suspects who fled in that direction.

Police in March had arrested Cordell Fraser, 24, with a .38 revolver with four matching rounds and during interrogation he revealed that he was allegedly hired by a Jamaican to execute Prasad over unpaid debts.
The plan, according to Fraser, was to execute the businessman and make the hit appear to be a robbery.

Man admits to robbing Brazilian, taxi driver

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FOUR suspects are in police custody after a Brazilian woman and the driver of a car she hired were robbed on Friday at Oleander Gardens, Bel Air Park, Georgetown, as they were about to disembark the vehicle.

The suspects were all arrested in a house at Circle Front, East Ruimveldt, Georgetown.

Police recovered most of the stolen items and one of the suspects has since admitted to committing the robbery.

Police said the victims positively identified the suspect, who later admitted guilt. The other three found in the house are being questioned.

Bandits hijack taxi

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THE car of a 46-year-old taxi driver was hijacked Saturday after two females lured him to a location in Mocha Road, D’Urban Back Lands, where he was pounced upon by a waiting gunman.

According to a police release, the victim was forced out of his car by the gunman who took possession of the vehicle. As the victim was in the process of fleeing, the male suspect discharged several rounds in his direction.

The taxi driver was struck once in the upper right thigh and was admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he had to undergo surgery to remove the bullet.

His condition is said to be stable. Police have launched a search for the stolen vehicle and the robbery suspects.

The stolen vehicle is a silver grey Premio bearing registration number HC 6296.

The pnc news crew should be commenting on why crime so high. The jackasses only now seeking "solutions". 

iNews reporter robbed during pre-wedding photo shoot


A pre-wedding photo shoot ended on a sour note after bandits broke into the car of the soon-to-be wed couple on Saturday afternoon and carted off hundreds of thousands of dollars in valuables.
Left counting their losses are iNews reporter Ramona Luthi and her fiancé as well as the photographer, all of whom are members of the media.

iNews reporter Ramona Luthi

Based on information received, the trio had parked the car on Battery Road, Kingston, Georgetown about 15:45h after which they ventured into the compound of the Georgetown Marriott Hotel, a short distance away, to conduct the shoot.
A mere 30 minutes later, they returned to the vehicle, only to discover that their possessions were missing. It was then that an investigation was launched, during which they realised a section of the back left side window of the car was shattered, presumably to gain the robbers entry.

A section of the back-left window of the car was shattered, to gain entry

According to Luthi, the thieves managed to escape with a brand new Asus laptop computer, valued approximately $300,000 along with two camera lenses, a battery pack and several storage devices.They also carted off the handbag of the iNews reporter which at the time contained several important documents as well as a quantity of cash. The brazen robbers even took a set of clothing which was left in the car.
Meanwhile, Guyana Times understands that the trio had noticed a woman dressed in red joined by two cyclists within close proximity of the car, but failed to pay much heed. Given what had transpired, they are now of the opinion that the suspicious individuals may very well have been the perpetrators of the crime.
Shortly after the robbery was discovered, a report was made to the Police. The car was taken to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), where it was dusted for fingerprints and several were lifted.
As such, the media operatives are calling for the assistance of anyone with information that can lead to the recovery of their possessions and ultimately, the apprehension of the criminals.

Looks like drug smuggling under pnc in full swing. 

Suspected cocaine-trafficking semi-submersible seized; Guyanese, Venezuelan arrested


Guyanese authorities seized a semi-submersible vessel believed to be used in the smuggling of large quantities of South American cocaine to other countries.

The Guyana Police Force said a 40-year old Venezuelan man and a 40-year old Guyanese who was conducting welding repairs at the time they were found have been arrested. “The vessel is about 25 meters long ,2.7 meters in width and 2.8 meters in depth,and at the time the Guyanese national who is a welder , was effecting repairs on it, on the bank of the creek where it had been brought up,” the law enforcement agency said in a statement.

The vessel was discovered Saturday at a creek at Annbisi River,Port Kaituma ,North West District as a result of information received, the Guyana Police Force said.

The submersible vessel is currently under guard.

A team of Investigators from Criminal Investigations Department’s Headquarters,  with assistance from the Guyana Defence Force Coast Guards will be deployed to the location early Monday morning to continue investigations.

Guyana has in the past located and seized a semi-submersible in that same North West Region. That illegal vessel had been sent to the United States for further analysis by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

A DEA office, with assistance from polygraphed Guyanese law enforcement agents, has been working to go after drug barons.

Neighbour sneaks into home, shoots sleeping grandma, five-year-old girl



– accused occupant of ‘interfering’ with his wife

A gun-toting neighbour shot a sleeping 52-year-old woman and her granddaughter, after clambering up a ladder and sneaking into the victims’ Number 72 Village home at around 03:30 hrs yesterday.
Savitri Hassan, aka ‘Sita’ and her granddaughter Renuka Hassan, sustained shotgun pellet injuries, and were treated at the Skeldon Hospital, but were not admitted.
Police said 13 shotgun pellets were removed from the child’s left leg, while her grandmother was shot in the lower abdomen.
Mrs. Hassan told Kaieteur News that they were fast asleep at around 3:30 hrs Sunday morning when the intruder, whose name was given as Suraj Singh, also called ‘Akash,’ entered their home.
“This guy living at the back, he set a ladder at the back of my house and climb and pass through the zinc at the top and he come in. My daughter was here sleeping with her baby and me and meh husband and granddaughter was sleeping on the bed on the ground when all meh hear is gunshot and then meh feel burning at the bottom ah meh belly”, the woman said.
According to the woman, she got up and began to scream for help.

The injured five-year-old

Hassan’s husband showing how the ladder was placed and left by the intruder

“Meh get up and meh start holla because meh want know where this bullet come from, meh son binna sleep hay to and meh open the front door and start holla fuh neighbours. I go and check me granddaughter and meh son tek she off the bed but she couldn’t walk. The whole bed had blood and then when meh turn around, meh see the bai run through the back door”.
The woman believes that the shooting stemmed from an issue where the intruder accused her husband of ‘interfering’ with his girlfriend.
“He does stand up pon he veranda and cuss all kinda nasty things, we went to Springlands Police and give a statement, they seh they gon come, dem never show up. We go back again two days after and dem send two neighbourhood police and dem go to he, but he start cuss up and had cutlass and dem police frighten and go away”, the woman divulged.

Injured grandmother,
Savitri Hassan

Hassan also disclosed that last Thursday, the individual had attempted to chop her husband at a nearby shop but her husband used his bicycle to ward off the attack. That matter was also reported.
“Dem seh when dem see the man, dem go come”, Hassan said.
Police are on the hunt for the suspect.

Contractor robbed at Success koker

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TWO armed bandits on Saturday robbed a 45-year-old contractor while he was at the Good Success koker, East Bank Demerara (EBD).

Reports are that the contractor, who hails from Cornelia Ida, West Coast Demerara, was at the koker to pay his workmen, when he was accosted by the bandits.
They relieved him of two cell-phones, one silver cricket band, his ID and GBTI bank cards, and $300,000 in cash.

Before making their getaway in a silver-coloured Toyota 212 motorcar, the bandits discharged two shots in the air so as to discourage anyone from pursuing them.

Police were, however, unable to find any spent shells at the scene of the crime as investigations continue.

Imagine that, hard times under the PNC, people stabbing each other over a lemonade. 

Two critical over $60 lemonade


Two Albouystown, Georgetown residents are in critical conditions at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) after attacking each other over a bottle of lemonade worth $60. The lemonade was taken on credit

The shop where the stabbing occurred.

on Sunday.
Shop owner, Lester DeYoung was stabbed to the chest and right thigh with an ice-pick while Terrence Bastiani was stabbed to the left back, neck and both legs. Both men underwent surgery yesterday afternoon.
A third individual, Bastiani’s younger sibling, Colin is on the run. The stabbing occurred shortly after 09:30 hrs yesterday at DeYoung’s shop located at the junction of Hunter Street and Independence Boulevard, Albouystown.
According to information received, on Sunday night, Colin Bastiani went to DeYoung’s shop and took a bottle of lemonade on credit. He promised to pay the following day (yesterday).
Kaieteur News was told that yesterday, Colin Bastiani returned to the shop with $200 to purchase a bottle of small soda.
“Lester tell he (Colin) that he gon take out the $60 that he owed him but Colin grabbed back the money and tell him that he ain’t owe nobody any money and then he run away,” an eyewitness explained yesterday.
The eyewitness further added that after Colin Bastiani ran away, the shop owner ran behind him and started pelting bottles at him.
“Like Colin went home and tell his brother that Lester run he and pelt him with bottles without telling his brother what he had done,” the eyewitness said. He added that shortly after the young Bastiani ran away, he returned with a cutlass and started firing chops at persons who were at the shop.
“He didn’t chop anyone but he was just firing chops like a mad man and Lester come out and start pelt he down again with bottles and then Terrence come with bottles, an ice pick and a knife and started firing stabs at Lester,” the eyewitness indicated.
According to information, the shop owner managed to overpower Terrence Bastiani and stabbed him a number of times. Colin Bastiani, upon seeing this, ran away—leaving his brother behind him.
Persons in the area were allegedly scared to come between the two men since one person claimed that they seemed determined to kill each other. Reports are that when the stabbing became too much, Terrence Bastiani attempted to run away but collapsed near the scene.
The shop owner himself collapsed. They were both taken to the hospital in the same vehicle. Investigation is ongoing.

More slackness under the PNC. They said they would stomp out human trafficking but the beat goes on unabated. 

Teen girls kidnapped, trafficked in Berbice River


-abused, starved and sexually assaulted at camp

Two teenage girls who were reportedly kidnapped by a female New Amsterdam market vendor in the vicinity of the New Amsterdam Market, have finally engaged the attention of the Ministry of Social Protection after five months.
The girls, age 12 and 13 were taken to a “ganja farm” up the Berbice River by a woman and her two adult sons.
One of the teens who was rescued by police in ‘B’ Division a month after she went missing, relayed the harrowing details of torture and ill-treatment that she and her 12-year-old friend endured at the hands of the two brothers and their mother.
She disclosed that on June 16, 2017 she accompanied her father, a vendor, to the New Amsterdam Market to uplift some vegetables.
“I go with me father to the market and it was raining so he told me stand up and he go in the market and this lady come up to me and ask me if I get the perfume and vaseline fuh my mother so I tell she my mother don’t collect ting from anybody only clothes.
“Then she tell me go with her to Stanleytown to collect money for my father and I go”, the teenager said.
She recounted that the car took her and the woman to a lonely spot at Kordbradt Village, East Bank Berbice and stopped. “It had a motorbike waiting with a boy on it and he had a gun.
“She start to slap me up and tell me jump on pon the bike and I go because I was frighten.” The teenager said that herself, the woman and her son travelled further up the East Bank to the Mara Foreshore when she saw her friend lying on the ground bound by the hands and feet.
She had on a short dress. Dem carry the two ah we in the boat to a camp and the lady other son meet we and dem start beat we fuh come out the boat because both ah dem had gun. Me school friend was crying”.
She stated that they were kept at the camp by the brothers and were sexually abused, beaten and even starved while the mother of the boys visited on Sunday’s to ensure that her sons were doing well.
Attempts were made to escape she said but were unsuccessful. “We use to try to get away with the boat dem does got deh when dem sleeping but the other girl couldn’t paddle.
“Dem ain’t use to feed we till afternoon. When dem do give we food is tennis roll till in the afternoon, no breakfast and lunch”.
The tortured 13-year-old told this publication that it was weeks after that police rescued her but failed to rescue her friend. “Dem come and rescue me but dem ain’t get she because the boy grab she and run and go in the bush”.
Meanwhile, mother of the teenage girl still in captivity by her alleged kidnappers relayed that her daughter left to make a purchase at a nearby shop in her area on June 16, 2017, the said day the other teen was nabbed.
“She seh she goin and buy icicle at the shop so I tell she go by her grandmother when she finish”, the mother said.
She said that it was not until the teen’s grandmother contacted her later that evening telling her to send the teen home, that she realised her daughter was missing.
According to her, with the help of friends, family and neighbours, flyers and posters were printed and circulated across Berbice with her daughter’s picture in the hope of someone with information comes forward about her whereabouts.
She stated that she reported the matter to the police. It was during one of their searches that someone told her that another teen who is friends with her daughter went missing the said day.
She was given directions to the teens’ home. By that time, the teen was already rescued and told her where her daughter was being kept. The woman told this publication that they were back and forth with the police and were not seeing any progress in locating her daughter. Desperate for her daughter’s safe return, she is pleading with the relevant authorities to intervene.
Persons expressed their concern that even after five months brandishing the teen’s face across Berbice, the matter had not engaged the Ministry or social workers within the region.

Bikers hold woman at gunpoint, steal car by Russian Embassy



Carjackers struck again last night, making off with a woman’s Toyota Allion after holding her at gunpoint in Pere Street, Kitty, in the vicinity of the Russian Embassy.
Kaieteur News understands that the woman, who was accompanied by a friend, had just stopped in the area, at around 20:00 hrs, when two men on a CG motorcycle rode up, pointed guns at them, and ordered the occupants out of the vehicle.
One of the men then entered the car and drove off, while his accomplice fled on the motorcycle.
The stolen vehicle is a white Toyota Allion, PVV 4879.
Meanwhile, police are still trying to track down a carjacking gang which includes two women, who shot taxi driver Phillip King, and stole his car on Saturday.
The 46-year-old King, of North Ruimveldt, was parked outside Demico House when two women asked him to take them to D’Urban Backlands. They then told King to pick up a male friend in the area.
But when King approached the area, the ‘friend’ drew a handgun and ordered him out of his vehicle, a silver-grey Premio, HC 6296.
As King was fleeing, the gunman discharged several rounds in his direction. One of the bullets struck the driver in his upper right thigh.
King was admitted to the GPHC where he underwent surgery.

More and more trafficking in humans under the PNC

Girl, 12, missing after abduction

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…other recalls horror of being kept a sex slave

SEVERELY beaten, raped, and starved near to death, the last person she expected seeing was her father, accompanied by a policeman, coming through the door of the East Bank Berbice house where she’d been left while her captors went about their business.

And while she did not elaborate on how the rescue unfolded, she clearly recounted how, surviving on just bare tennis rolls and tea, she was held captive for about a month on what in her young 13-year-old mind appears to be a ‘ganja farm’ somewhere up the Berbice River, where she befriended a 12-year-old, who, like her, was made to do domestic chores by day, and play the wife to their captors at night.

As she speaks, there’s no mistaking the haunted look in her eyes at the mention of her young friend, who she feels is still being held against her will.
The whole sordid affair all came to light recently when the mother of the still missing 12-year-old paid a visit to the office of the Prime Minister in Region 6, seeking their assistance in finding her after making several reports to the police to no avail.

The child reportedly left home on June 16 to run an errand at a nearby shop. It would be the last her parents and siblings would ever see or hear of her.

Her mother told the Guyana Chronicle that besides filing a missing person’s report with the police in Berbice, family members had also distributed flyers all across the County, in the hope that someone would recognise the child and come forward with information as to her wheresabout.

She said that about a month after her daughter had gone missing, the 13-year-old reached out to her, and what she had to tell her not only gave her goose bumps but moved her to tears.

“She ask if I know where my daughter at. I said, ‘No, I am looking for her.’ She then tell me where she is, and that she is being beaten; forced to do things against her will,” the clearly distraught woman said, adding:

“It’s been six months already; I never gave up on her. I am calling on the President, the Police, and all organisations who can help me find my daughter.
“I praying to get her home alive; I run to the police here almost every day for an update, but no help.”

Picking up the story from there, the 13-year-old told how she came to be kidnapped. She said that it was while she was at the New Amsterdam Market that she was approached by this strange woman, asking after her mother.

And while her story is a bit hazy, as far as the Guyana Chronicle could gather, the woman was somehow able to coerce her into accompanying her, by vehicle, to an unnamed village some distance away so she could get the $200 she ostensibly owed her father and give it to her. She even promised the child that she would take her safely back to the marketplace where she’d picked her up from.

The child said she began to panic when the journey seemed to be taking longer than anticipated. She would become even more suspicious when they did finally arrive at their destination, there was a youngster, who had what appeared to a gun in his waist, waiting there on a motorcycle.

Things would get even more dicey, she said, when she asked what they were up to, as both parties immediately set upon her, slapping her around. She would later learn that the boy was the woman’s son.

After being forced to take a short ride on the motorcycle, the child said they finally stopped at a house with several other male occupants. And possibly to prevent her from trying to escape, someone had the presence of mind to bound her, hands and feet.

But that was just the beginning, as the horrifying journey would continue late into the night with a long boat ride upriver. And when they did finally reach their destination, she was taken to a camp, where she saw the missing 12-year-old tied to a post. A closer look would reveal she had marks of violence about her body.

That night, she said, she lost her innocence, as both she and the 12-year-old were beaten into submission. She said they tried on many occasions to escape, but never succeeded.

Former Guyana’s “most wanted” gunned down


…while sleeping in hammock at Better Hope

Roger Bunbury, also called “Don Dick”, whose name had been inscribed on the list of Guyana’s most wanted criminals in 2002, was gunned down on Friday morning as he slept in a hammock in the verandah of his home at Lot 724 Good Hope, East Coast Demerara.
The now dead 57-year-old had been named in a list of 42 most wanted men for whom the Guyana Police Force had issued bulletins 15 years ago. Others on the list had been the infamous five from the February 23, 2002 jail break: Dale Moore, Troy Dick, Shawn Brown, Andrew Douglas and Mark Fraser.

Dead: Roger “Don Dick” Bunbury

The most wanted list had also included names such as Premkumar Sukraj, also known as ‘Inspector Gadget’; Christopher Belle, Romel Reman and Dillon Ackra, among others.
Bunbury had been wanted for questioning in connection with a series of robberies under arms, and had been named in the kidnapping and subsequent murder of taxi driver Vivekanand Nandalall in October 2003.
Bunbury had been recaptured in November 2007 in Sophia, but had been released without charges being instituted against him.
On Friday at about 00:45h, the self-employed man was shot in the verandah of his home, and he ran towards the kitchen, where he collapsed and died. His relatives converged at his home on Friday morning, and were evidently in mourning as they make preparation for a wake. His reputed wife, with whom he had shared the flat concrete house, was being grilled by detectives; but his sister, Clair Bunbury, explained that she received a telephone call informing her that her brother was shot and killed.
The aggrieved sister recounted that at about 1:15h, she and other relatives rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where she saw the doctor attending to her brother, but from all indications, the news was devastating. After some time, the doctor informed them that her brother was dead. She was, however, asked to identify her brother’s body.
“He was lying on the bed and I recognise a bullet wound to his right side jaw, and that might have been the fatal wound,” she stated.
The sister said she subsequently spoke with the dead man’s wife, who explained that prior to the shooting incident, she had heard someone calling several times for Bunbury, who was asleep in the hammock.
“She told me that after a few minutes she heard a commotion, and then three gunshots. She said she was afraid to come out, but after the place went silent, she went to check…” It was then that the wife saw a trail of blood leading from the verandah to the kitchen.
As she looked closer, she saw her husband lying in a pool of blood. Without hesitation, he was picked up and rushed to the hospital.
Further asked if the shooting might have stemmed from a pending court case wherein her brother had been charged for unlawfully wounding another man, the sister said the family thought about it but was not sure, and as such would leave the Police to conduct their investigations.

The mourning sister explained that her brother had had previous brushes with the law, but she believes that since that incident he had been a changed man. The now dead man had operated a business at home.
Meanwhile, one of the man’s step daughters told Guyana Times that after the shooting incident, a man was seen scaling the fence. The man, she explained, was wearing dark clothing and a tope covered his head.
The man was subsequently spotted by another resident riding towards the backdam in a state of panic. This bit of information was passed on to the Police as they launched an investigation into the execution-style killing.
Police have confirmed that three spent shells along with a warhead were found at the scene. At the time of the shooting incident, several persons were at home, including the man’s 11- and 13-year-old children.
His body is at the Georgetown Public Hospital Mortuary awaiting a post mortem examination slated for Monday.
The police are continuing their investigations.


Police man helps themselves to spare parts, life in Guyana under the PNC who claimed they were the party of change.

Impounded vehicles, motorcycles stripped at police stations


These are some motorcycles which would have been seized over the years

It seems as if traffic officers throughout the country are having serious issues when it comes to preventing theft of parts from motorcycles, cars, buses and even bicycles that were impounded in their respective stations compounds.

From batteries, lights, windscreen wipers and decks, to mirrors, gear sticks, bicycle chains and even windscreens have disappeared from these vehicles.

Some of the affected persons have refused to make reports because of the slow pace of the investigations and the amount of time that is wasted.

Kaieteur News has been informed that the majority of reported cases are from the Brickdam, Ruimveldt, Grove and the Sparendaam Police Stations.

Countless incidents have also reportedly occurred at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID)’s Headquarters, Eve Leary.

When vehicles are involved in any illegal activities, they are impounded as exhibits in a station compound, closest to the scene of the crime until the matter is resolved in the courts.

Because these court matters take time, some ranks allegedly “treat” themselves. Toyota Allions, Premios, and 212 cars, and motorcycles are the most targeted.

A police rank told this newspaper yesterday that when vehicles are impounded, some of his colleagues start putting their names on parts the same day.

“So what happens is if a car is involved in a robbery? They (ranks) know it will be at the station for a long time so what they do is start indicating what they need.

“I remember one time a rank examined a 212 and said he needed the deck for his car since his was stolen,” the rank said.

Kaieteur News has been informed that very senior ranks in the Guyana Police Force have taken parts from impounded vehicles.

“If one of them was involved in a li’l jam up, they does come around and see which vehicle deh long and then they gon ask for the light and when you have such a senior person asking for something, what can the junior people do?” the rank stated.

In a recent case, a motorcycle was impounded at the Grove Police Station. The following day, traffic ranks noticed it had disappeared. It later turned out that a junior rank had taken the cycle, claiming that he had borrowed it.

Kaieteur News has had a similar experience at the Brickdam Police Station.

One of its motorcyclists was involved in a minor traffic offence early this year. Although the matter was settled, the company had a difficult time getting back its motorcycle because it was purchased from a private individual and had not been transferred as yet.

As a result of this, it took some four months for the company to get back the motorbike. On the day it was returned, the rider couldn’t even recognise the motorcycle, since the headlight, trafficator box and battery were missing. Nothing came out of that matter.

Yesterday, a senior officer at the Brickdam Police Station said when drivers notice parts are missing from their impounded vehicles; they need to make a report to the Criminal Investigation Department and finger prints will be taken.

While he admitted there have been reports of stolen vehicle parts from the station compound, he stated that there were no recent cases. Additionally, he said that traffic ranks hardly impound vehicles now for the same reason

Bandits hijack car after robbery

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TWO bandits robbed a man of his black Toyota Premio motorcar PVV1678 on Lamaha Street Kitty, Georgetown, on Tuesday.

Reports indicate that the 30-year-old labourer of Triumph, East Coast Demerara parked his vehicle on the western corner on Lamaha Street and was sitting inside it in the vicinity of ‘Rams Bar’ when the robbery occurred.

He was in the company of two females–a gold miner who was standing outside the vehicle and another who was sitting in the back seat of the car, but who later exited, leaving her purse containing cash, ID card and a cell phone.

The woman went into the bar to make a purchase while two men–one armed with a handgun–approached the car from a southern direction on foot.
One of the robbers approached the female gold miner and pointed a gun at her while grabbing her bag. She resisted but was gun-butted in the head.

The robbers then ordered the man out of the vehicle and made good their escape in it.
Police said no shot was fired and statements were taken as investigations continue.


Bandits pounce on Ruimveldt residents

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A 55-year-old telephone technician of the Ministry of the Presidency was robbed by two armed bandits at his Soufriere St, North Ruimveldt, Georgetown home in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.

Reports indicate that the victim resides with his family in a two-flat wooden and concrete structure which is secured in a fenced yard.
About 03:00hrs Tuesday morning, he was awakened by a strange noise. Upon checking he saw a man entering through the eastern window of his bedroom.
The robber held him at gunpoint but he resisted and was gun-butted in the face. The other robber came through the same window and commanded the technician and his family to sit.

The two bandits then collected the valuables that were in the bedroom and escaped through the western door.
The armed bandits then mounted a motorcycle and fled the scene. They escaped with laptop computers, video cameras, cell phones, gold jewellery and other values.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, two armed bandits with handguns and riding a pedal cycle robbed an 18-year-old on Front Road, West Ruimveldt, Georgetown.
Reports indicate the youth, who lives in East Ruimveldt Housing Scheme, was walking on the front road when he was approached by the two men.

One of the men brandished a handgun and demanded his valuables. The youth, frozen with fear, did not comply and was searched by the bandits who relieved him of his cell phone and $40,000. The robbers then made good their escape.


CG bandits blitz cambio dealer

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A South Ruimveldt cambio dealer was robbed of almost half a million dollars in local and foreign currencies when two masked men, one of whom was armed with a handgun, robbed him on America Street on Sunday.

Reports indicate that the cambio dealer was standing on America Street when the two bandits who were on a red CG motor cycle, rode up to him.

The pillion rider who was armed with a firearm, then pointed it at him and demanded that he hand over the money. The cambio dealer complied and the CG bandits escaped west on America Street then north into Water Street. The matter was reported to the Brickdam Police Station. Police are reviewing CCTV cameras in the area.


Burglary at Eccles business… Cops nab tattooed, nine-fingered bandit seen on security camera


Captured bandit: Steve Singh

A Ruimveldt resident with a string of criminal charges to his name will have to prove that he’s not the tattooed, nine-fingered burglar caught on video camera raiding the office of Sueria Manufacturing in Eccles, East Bank Demerara last week Thursday.
Steve Singh, 24, of Yarrow Dam, Ruimveldt, was arrested at around 14:00 hrs yesterday in the vicinity of Riverview, Ruimveldt. At the time of his arrest, Singh was driving a white Toyota Allion. While he reportedly said that the car belonged to him and an aunt, neither the suspect nor the aunt have a driver’s licence, insurance or other documents for the vehicle.
Confronted by detectives, Singh, who has a tattoo on his right arm, and a missing finger on his right hand, reportedly denied any knowledge of the burglary at the Industrial Site premises last Thursday.
But he reportedly became silent when investigators showed him photographs of a man with a tattoo like his, and with a missing finger, picking up cash and cheques in the same building.
The suspect was also questioned about a spate of other breakages at other business places. At around 01:00 hrs two Thursdays ago, three men, who were all barefooted, broke into Sueria Manufacturing and carted off an undisclosed sum of cash and a safe. The bandits spent about five minutes ransacking an office. In a video provided to Kaieteur News, three men are seen at a desk, which is located in one of the offices.
While one of the bandits searched through drawers and took money out of several envelopes, an accomplice placed the cash into a black plastic bag while the third held a flashlight.
One of the intruders has a distinct tattoo on his right shoulder. According to information, this is the fourth time that robbers have targeted the business in the past two years. On October 7, last, three armed men escaped with an undisclosed amount of cash and cheques after storming Sueria Manufacturing and holding the employees at gunpoint.
The gunmen entered at around 08:15 hrs, ordered workers to lie on the floor, then began searching for valuables. While the business has surveillance cameras, the bandits escaped with the DVR (digital video recorder). No one was ever detained.
Proprietor of Sueria Manufacturing, Frank Sanichara, has offered a substantial reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspects in both incidents.
Anyone with information can contact Sanichara on telephone number 604-6108. They can also call 624-6456, or the Providence Police Station. All information will be kept confidential.
In September 2015, the now detained Steve Singh was charged for allegedly stealing a boat valued $200,000 and trying to sell it. He was remanded to prison by City Magistrate Faith McGusty on a simple larceny charge. He denied that between August 19 and September 2, 2015 at Riverview, he stole the boat from R&S Fishing Enterprise.
During his address to the court, Singh begged the Magistrate to show leniency. He claimed that he was offering prayers at the riverside, when an unknown man asked him to help bring in a boat ashore. He claimed he was helping the man when he was arrested. In March, 2016, Steve Singh and four others were charged with attempting to break into the MP Insurance and Brokerage Company in Brickdam. They were released on bail.


Cuban robbed, wife raped in Kitty
By admin - December 8, 2017 04547
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A CUBAN businessman was robbed and his wife raped in their Kitty, Georgetown home in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

Seven armed men with masks forced their way into the property through a bedroom window. Reports indicate that the 49-year-old businessman and 34-year-old wife were robbed of electronic devices and US$8,000 and GYD $60,000 and four cell phones.

According to a police source, the couple lived at the bottom flat of a two-storey wooden and concrete building in Kitty.

The two-bedroom apartment was accessed by the bandits through the husband’s bedroom while he was asleep. Upon hearing a noise, the businessman was confronted at gunpoint as the other suspects entered and ransacked the apartment.

His wife who occupied the next room was also held at gunpoint by one of the bandits. She was then raped. The seven bandits all armed with handguns left through the front door. The businessman’s wife was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where she was treated and sent away.

Gunman opens fire in Herstelling

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A 39-YEAR-OLD employee of the Ministry of Business and his 36-year-old wife who is an assistant clerk at Parliament Office were the victims of a drive-by shooting in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

The couple of Block ‘V’ Herstelling Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara live in a two-storeyed concrete structure, which is monitored by CCTV cameras.

Reports are that the couple was asleep when they were awakened by the sound of gunshots. Peering through their window, they reportedly saw a silver motor car driving away. Police responded promptly and the couple’s white Toyota Axio motor car PWW 496 rear glass was shattered. Police recovered five .32 spent shells at the scene.


Four arrested

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The compressed ‘ganja’ found Thursday in Alberttown

–in Alberttown ‘ganja’ bust

RANKS of the Guyana Police Force’s Major Crimes Investigation Unit on Wednesday unearthed a whopping 125 pounds of compressed cannabis in an Alberttown house during a “sting operation”.

During the operation, which was conducted around 10:30hrs, four males who were in the Third and Albert Streets, Alberttown house at the time were taken into custody.


Detectives charged with stealing $500k from gold miner



Two Detective Constables attached to the Bartica Police Station were yesterday charged and taken before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts for allegedly stealing $500,000 from a gold miner.
Delon Sobers, 24, of Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara, and Tevon Headley, 23, of Lot 39 Republic Avenue, Mackenzie Linden, were not required to plead to the charge which alleged that on October 11, last, at Bartica, in the Essequibo Magisterial District, stole $500,000 from Rayad Atkinson.
Neil Yaris, the third detective who is accused of stealing the money did not show up in court for the charge to be read to him.
The Magistrate after inquiring from the arresting rank why the number one accused was not present in court, he replied that all three of the accused men were on an open arrest and Yaris failed to show up at the Tactical Service Units (TSU).
The accused men were represented by Attorney-at-Law Mark Conway. The lawyer told the court that his clients have been in the Guyana Police Force for several years.

Charged Tevon Headley

Charged Delon Sobers

He added that the money was not found in any of his client’s possession, and since the incident occurred his clients were still conducting duty.
Police Prosecutor Neville Jeffers made no objection to bail being granted to the accused men but asked that condition be attached.
The Chief Magistrate, in return, ordered the men to post $70,000 bail each. Condition of the bail is that they are required to report to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters, Eve Leary every Friday until the completion of the trial.
They were instructed to make their next court appearance on December 15, next, at the Bartica Magistrate’s Courts.
According to reports, the victim who is the Operation Manager of his father’s gold mining business which is located in Karrau, Region Seven, was arrested by the three accused after his father made a report to the station stating that he stole his money. The victim at the time of his arrest was in a shop purchasing a phone when the three accused approached him and arrested him.
The accused at the time of his arrest had a total of $1.2 M in his possession, money which he obtained from selling gold to his father. It was while he was being escorted to the Bartica Police Station that the trio conducted a search on him and found the money. He handed it over to them.
While at the station it was observed that $500,000 was missing from the $1.2 M.

Puran Bros. staffer robbed at gunpoint



– suspect held, car impounded

Police have impounded a car and detained a suspect following a heist that was carried out last Wednesday on two Puran Brothers employees who were relieved of money and cheques while heading to a bank.
According to reports, the two employees were driving in the vicinity of Bella Dam, Poudroyen, West Bank Demerara around 10.00 hours, when a car blocked their path.
Two men exited, held the driver and his colleague at gunpoint, and relieved them of an undisclosed sum of money and cheques. The robbers then escaped.
“We interviewed a number of staff members and made an arrest and impounded a car which fitted the description (of the one the robbers used),” a senior official said yesterday.
The suspect is in his thirties and is from La Grange, West Bank Demerara.
Meanwhile, police in ‘G’ Division are investigating a similar robbery which occurred at Goed Fortuin, West Coast Demerara.
The two victims were driving a Canter truck in the vicinity of Cuthbert Street, Goed Fortuin, around 04.30 hrs yesterday when a car blocked their path. Three men who were armed with cutlasses and a gun then exited, relieved the occupants of $200,000 and the keys for the Canter truck, then escaped.
No arrests have been made.


Elderly taxi driver held at gunpoint, carjacked in Eccles

As incidents of carjacking continue to increase in and around Georgetown, another taxi driver has fallen victim.
The latest incident has left Police searching for one male and one female suspect who, on Friday last, lured 65-year-old Albert Hunte into Eccles, East Bank Demerara, and made off with his white Toyota Fielder Wagon, HC 6999, as well as a quantity of cash.
Based on information received, on the day in question, Hunte was stationed at the Stabroek Market car park when he received a call from an unknown number around 22:45h, requesting a pick-up at Regent Street and Orange Walk, Bourda, Georgetown.
At the location, the taxi driver received two passengers – a male who sat in the front passenger’s seat as well as a female who sat in the back. The duo then indicated that they were heading to Flamboyant Street in Eccles.
When they arrived at the location, the male passenger exited the vehicle and proceeded to the driver’s side. It was then that the suspect pulled out a gun and demanded that the driver abandon his car.
In fear of losing his life, the taxi driver complied and surrendered to the gunman, who immediately took control of the vehicle and escaped with his accomplice northerly.
In addition to the vehicle, the bandits also managed to cart off a cellular phone, along with approximately $12,000 in cash.
Hunte is now left counting his losses, which were beyond the value of that which was stolen, given that the vehicle was his source of income.
Police investigations are ongoing.


Mutilated Qualfon teen found in cemetery

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Dead: Raynelle Benfield

FIVE persons are being questioned following the brutal murder of 18-year-old Raynelle Benfield whose body with her face mutilated was discovered in the Muslim Cemetery along Beterverwagting main road on Monday morning.

Police said she was last seen alive by her colleagues at 18:00hrs on Saturday.

Detectives are of the opinion that she was the victim of a heinous crime in which she knew her attacker(s) and was probably held at gunpoint or knifepoint and taken forcefully into the cemetery where she was beaten to the point where her head was smashed in.

The body was found with her hands resting on her stomach near one of the many tombs in the burial ground.

The Muslim Cemetery in which the body of Raynelle Benfield was found on Monday morning

Sleuths said a handbag which relatives said belong to the teen was retrieved near the body but her cell phone was not among the items in it.

Police are optimistic that they will soon crack the case since her relatives are assisting with the investigations. The body was found shortly after 08:00hrs on Monday when a passer-by decided to check after experiencing a strong stench emanating from the cemetery.

After that individual made the discovery the police were summoned and they cordoned off the scene and the body was removed.

As news of the young woman’s homicide began to spread in Beterverwagting, East Coast Demerara, residents were thrown into a state of grief and shock.

The Qualfon employee of Lot 66 Republic Drive, Beterverwagting was last seen alive when she left home for work on Saturday morning by her relatives, who told police that it was unlike her to stay away from home.

When she failed to return home Saturday night they launched a search for her and began making enquiries.

The home of Raynelle Benfield

However, they were of the opinion that their loved one was working an extra shift and she would eventually show up.

Family members only learnt of her murder when the police showed up at their home after which the elder Benfield upon hearing the dreaded news of his daughter’s demise collapsed.

He was taken to the Beterverwagting Health Centre where he received medical attention and was later escorted to the nearby police station where he gave a statement

Bandits hijack businessman’s car

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–right under his nose

A BUSINESSMAN who got out of his car to open the gate of his Block X, Westminster, West Bank Demerara (WBD) home on Sunday, got the shock of his life when he was accosted by two bandits, one of whom had a gun.
Their mission was to relieve him of his Toyota Allion motorcar, PVV 8590.

Reports are that the one with the “shiny handgun” held him at bay, before entering the car and driving off. According to the police, no shots were fired.
Meanwhile, last Friday a 65-year-old taxi driver of Goed Intent, West Bank Demerara (WBD)was robbed of his Toyota Fielder Wagon bearing registration number HC 6999. The incident reportedly occurred at Flamboyant Avenue, Eccles, East Bank Demerara (EBD).

Reports are that the taxi driver was plying his trade at the Stabroek Market car park when he received a call via his cellphone from an unknown number.
On the other end of the line was a female requesting to be picked up at Regent Street and Orange Walk, Bourda, Georgetown.
Upon arrival at the location, the taxi driver collected two persons: A man, who sat in the front seat, and a woman who sat in the back seat of the vehicle. They both requested to be dropped off at the said Flamboyant Street where the hijacking occurred.

On arrival at the destination, the man exited the vehicle, walked over to the driver’s side of it, took out a handgun from his pants waist and ordered the driver out.
Fearing for his life, the pensioner complied. The robber then jumped into the car and made good his escape.


Venezuelan boat captain killed during fight at Eteringbang

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AN argument between two friends resulted in the death of a Venezuelan boat captain on Friday at Eteringbang Landing, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni).

Dead is Owen John, of San Martin, Caracas, Venezuela. Police have arrested a 37-year-old suspect of Kuru Kuru, Linden/Soesdyke Highway. Police visited the scene on Monday and statements were taken. Reports indicate that John and his friend were consuming alcohol at a shop when an argument ensued over a request for a loan. It is said that John refused to loan his friend some money and he was allegedly cuffed in the face, resulting in him bleeding through the nose.

John then fell onto the ground and the suspect stomped him several times and kicked him to the head until he became motionless. The body was left lying on the ground with blood gushing out his ear and nostrils. Persons in the area reported the matter to the police.
The body is to be transported to Georgetown.


Man shot by bandit remanded for illegal gun and ammo possession


Remanded to prison: Paul Chow

A businessman who tried to defend himself against a bandit who tried to rob him of his jewellery, was yesterday remanded to prison for having in his possession an unlicensed firearm and matching rounds.

Paul Chow, 33, of Lot 10 Railway Line, Kitty, Georgetown, appeared before Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.

It is alleged that on November 9, last, at Avocado Square, East Ruimveldt, Georgetown, he had in his possession 13 live rounds of .32 ammunition.

It was further alleged that on the same day in question at the same location he had a .32 Pistol when he was not a licensed firearm holder.

The defendant denied both charges after they were read to him. The defendant was represented by Attorney-at-law Glen Hanoman.

The lawyer asked that bail be granted to his client since on the day in question he was shot by a bandit who attempted to rob him.

The lawyer added this is the second time for the year that his client has been shot and need medical treatment.

Hanoman stressed that his client was at the hospital when he was arrested by the police.  He noted that his client was shot and the firearm was found on the floor next to him.

Police Prosecutor Gordon Mansfield objected to bail being granted to the defendant citing the serious nature of the offence and the penalty the charge attracts.

Facts presented by the Prosecutor stated that on the day in question about 13:35 hrs Chow was at a salon in East Ruimveldt when a male armed with a handgun tried to rob him of his jewellery.

The court heard that the defendant pulled out a firearm from his waist but the gun fell to the ground. The bandit shot him in his abdomen and made good his escape.

The defendant was then taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

Further investigations revealed that the businessman’s gun was unlicensed. He was then told of offence and arrested.

The father of three was instructed to make his next court appearance on December 18.


Armed bandits rob male sex workers


Ranks on patrol duty Tuesday night arrested a suspect after he was found in possession of a motorcycle that was minutes before stolen from two male sex workers.
Guyana Times understands that the sex workers were seated on the motorcycle at the corner of Croal Street and Orange Walk, Georgetown when they were suddenly pounced upon by four armed males, who pulled up in a motor car.
The bandits relieved the victims of their valuables, including the motorcycle and their cellphones. However, during their escape bid, one of the bandits was disarmed by the two sex workers of a .32 pistol, which was loaded with five live rounds.
The incident was reported and patrol ranks who were in the vicinity of the Bourda Market, responded swiftly and pursued the 24-year-old suspect, who was eventually arrested on Camp Street with the victims’ motorcycle.
He was positively identified by the sex workers and is cooperating with investigators. Meanwhile, the weapon that was taken away from the bandits was also handed over to the Police by the victims.


Trio nabbed in Agricola house


…after robbing bus driver, passengers

Diligent work by ranks of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) has resulted in the arrest of three males who were found at a house in Agricola, Greater Georgetown, shortly after robbing a minibus driver and several passengers on Wednesday

The illegal firearm that was found in possession of one of the suspects

According to reports, the three suspects boarded the Route 42 minibus, which left the bus park at Stabroek Market around 10:00h. The trio subsequently requested to be put off at Middle Street, McDoom, Greater Georgetown and after disembarking the vehicle, one of the suspects pulled out a handgun.
The men subsequently held up the occupants of the bus, relieving the driver of $4000 and three passengers of two cellular phones and their handbags, containing items of little monetary value, before escaping into the street.
A passing Police patrol, commanded by a corporal, was informed of what transpired minutes before and pursued the suspects, who were soon after arrested in the house in the neighbouring community of Agricola.
It was reported that at the time of arrest, one of the suspects was found comfortably covered with a sheet pretending to be sleeping. He was found in possession of a firearm that is believed to have been used in the commission of

The Police patrol that arrested the three suspects

the crime.
Meanwhile, the two other suspects, in whose possession the stolen items were found, were relaxing as if nothing had happened when the Police confronted them. Among the stolen items that were recovered were the two shoulder bags and two purses.
Additionally, the unlicensed revolver that was recovered had four live matching rounds in its chambers. It has since been lodged as evidence.
The three suspects remain in custody and are assisting with the investigation. According to the Police, one of the men has already been implicated in a similar robbery that occurred recently.


McDoom robbers remanded to prison


Remanded: Anthony Damon, Eion Trotman and Kevin Abraham

Three men who were caught in a house at Agricola, East Bank Demerara, covered in sheets and pretending to be asleep, were yesterday remanded to prison after they allegedly robbed three passengers at Middle Street, McDoom, East Bank Demerara.

Anthony Damon, 21, a fisherman of Lot 2 Agricola, East Bank Demerara; Eion Trotman, 27, a labourer of B Field Sophia; and Kevin Abraham, 26 of Lot 192 Queenstown, Georgetown, all appeared in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court before Senior Magistrate Leron Daly to answer to three armed robbery charges.

The first charge alleged that on December 13, last, at McDoom Public Road, East Bank Demerara, the three while being armed with guns robbed Ryan Thomas of $4,000 cash.

It was further alleged that on the same day the three men while being at the same location, robbed Seyedia Azeez of a quantity of articles valued $43,000.

The last charge alleged that on the same day, again at McDoom Public Road, East Bank Demerara, the trio while being in company of each other and armed with guns robbed Luthi Persaud of a quantity of articles valued $ 55,000.

The unrepresented trio denied all three charges after they were read to them by the Magistrate.

Meanwhile a charge of larceny from persons was read to Trotman. It is alleged that on December 13 at McDoom Public Road, East Bank Demerara, he stole from the person of Oslyn Dey a shoulder bag, a cellular phone and a quantity of cash totaling $187,000.

The Magistrate also read a charge of illegal gun and ammunition possession to Damon. It is alleged that on December 13 at Agricola, East Bank Demerara, he had in his possession a .38 pistol and four live rounds when he was not a licensed firearm holder.

According to information on the day in question, the accused men entered a minibus at the Stabroek Market square around 10:00 hrs. When the vehicle stopped at McDoom, the three men requested to disembark at Middle Street.

It was reported that after the three accused men exited the vehicle, one of them drew a handgun from his waist and relieved the driver of $4,000 cash and robbed the other passengers of their valuables before making good their escape.

A patrol commander who was passing at the time gave chase behind the trio. They were all arrested in a house at Second Street, Agricola, East Bank Demerara.  It was reported that on entering the home, one of the accused men was covered in a sheet, pretending to be asleep and the other two were found relaxing in the living room.   The stolen items were also recovered at the house.

They were all arrested and taken to the station.

The magistrate remanded the trio to prison and they were all instructed to make their next court appearance on January 26.

‘Wanted’ carjacker recaptured at roadblock



Car thief: Leon Allister

A 24-year-old carjacker, who was wanted by the police, was nabbed around midnight on Thursday in the vicinity of the Demerara Harbour Bridge, two months after he escaped from police custody at the Leonora Police Station.

Leon Allister, of Lot 2494 Tuschen Housing Scheme, East Bank Essequibo (EBE) was arrested at a roadblock.

At the time of his escape, he was being questioned for larceny of two motor cars. The police said that Allister escaped due to criminal negligence of a rank.

Kaieteur News was told that the rate at which cars are being hijacked is alarming. Only Thursday, Crime Chief Paul Williams said that 25 vehicles were hijacked in a matter of seven months. The vehicles were taken between January and July.

He said that Toyota Allion and Premio were the most targeted vehicles and urged the drivers of these vehicles to be on the alert.

The Crime Chief said that in most of the cases, the drivers were either trailed to their home or the perpetrator(s) was already at the victims’ home, waiting on them.

”You find that the suspects are already at their home and when they come out of their car to open their gate, the perpetrator sticks them up right there and take away their vehicles,” Williams said.

He continued, “When persons are going home, they should have someone looking out for them so that the person can see whether there is anyone suspicious there.”

As of last July, bandits made off with five Toyota Allion and 12 Toyota Premio motorcars. In most of these cases, the drivers were held at gunpoint. In total, 25 vehicles were hijacked, including three Carina 212 and one Toyota Spacio car.

On September 15, last, a Guyana Defence Force Lance Corporal, Pernell Gordon, was robbed of his Toyota Premio motorcar by two men while on his way home at Mocha, East Bank Demerara.

Taxi driver, Phillip King, of North Ruimveldt was shot and robbed of his Toyota Premio motorcar on November 26, last when two female passengers hired his car and lured him to their male accomplice at D’Urban Backlands. He was shot to the abdomen.

Additionally, Jeanine Odel, 41, a hairdresser of West Half Paradise, East Coast Demerara was robbed of her car, a new model white Raum, PNN 3855, valued at $2.6 million on June 20, last at the Ogle seawall.

On November 28, last two gunmen apprehended Nadine Luthers-Williams, a former journalist outside the Night Cap restaurant in Pere Street, Kitty and escaped with her Toyota Allion motorcar.

Gunmen snatch cash at Soesdyke Post Office


-postmistress ordered to lie on floor

Two gunmen escaped in a car with $200,000 after terrorising the postmistress of the Soesdyke Post Office around 14.00 hrs yesterday.
Police said that postmistress, Grace Gibson, 52, was sitting alone in the building when a man dressed in camouflage pants and hooded top entered.
When she got up to serve him, the man drew a handgun and, shouting expletives, pointed it at her. Another man, who was also armed, then entered. The robbers then searched a drawer and removed a quantity of money. Rather than leaving, they then ordered the terrified postmistress to open a concrete vault, from which they removed $135,000.
Ordering her to lie of the floor, the robbers relieved Mrs. Gibson of her phone, exited the building, and escaped in a waiting blue car.
They are still at large.

One of Granger's angel does as we expected.

Man pardoned by President jailed on rape charge

…to serve 20 years


An ex-convict, who was pardoned by President David Granger two years ago, has been jailed again, this time for raping a 48-year-old woman.
Justice Jo-Ann Barlow handed down the 20-year sentence to Raymond Gouveia, called “Ryan”, 22, of West Coast Berbice, for raping the middle-aged woman shortly after he was released from prison.
Initially, Gouveia had pleaded not guilty to the indictment, which stated that on September 14, 2015, he sexually penetrated the woman without her consent.
The Judge told Gouveia that the victim was old enough to be his mother.
“She was going about her own business when you attacked and violated her. She sustained injuries and you thereafter threatened her. The sentence of this court is 24 years,” the Judge said in handing down her sentencing.
Justice Barlow further told the convicted rapist the crime carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. However, the court was being lenient by imposing the 24-year jail term.
In addition to that, two years were deducted for the mitigation by Defence Attorney Sasha Roberts and also his age.
The Judge also took into account that Gouveia was remanded for almost two years and as such, deducted another two years from the sentence.
Roberts, in mitigating for leniency, said Gouveia is the eldest of five children and was forced to drop out of school at the primary level. After dropping out, he started to work as a coconut peeler to supplement his family’s income.
When asked if he had anything to say, the young man remained silent.
In 2015, Gouveia was sentenced for sexually assaulting a young lady, who also lived on the West Coast of Berbice. Gouveia who was reportedly friends with the young woman who lived in a nearby village, attempted to rape her, but she fought him off. He was subsequently charged and jailed for that matter but was released sometime after.
Residents in his village had revealed that he is out of jail because he was pardoned.
“I de get a two-and-a-half year and I come out May 23,” the man had told Guyana Times shortly after he was charged for raping the 48-year-old woman.
As a child, he allegedly raped two girls and was sent to the New Opportunity Corp (NOC) and while there, he also raped a boy.
The 48-year-old victim, in relating the incident, stated that Gouveia attacked her while she was coming from the backdam.
“While I was walking, he was walking to go down to the backdam and when I coming out I saw the boy coming to go the backdam. I kept my eyes on him… he just run from behind me and grab on me and lick me down to the ground. Then he was holding me down, pressing me down with one hand and strip me out and he raped me.”


Four hospitalised after gambling fracas


Four persons are hospitalized in serious conditions at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation after one was chopped and the others were struck down due to the deliberate,reckless and wanton driving of a 54-year old minibus driver who is an ex-policeman of Stewartville, West Coast Demerara, the Guyana Police Force said.

He is in custody and assisting with the investigation.

The victim, who was wounded, is Premnauth Basdeo,20 whilst the others have been identified as Amit Roy Jairam,44; Randy Melville,22 and Mohamed Ahamad,43.

The victims all reside at Meten -Meer-Zorg, West Coast Demerara. The incident occurred at Tarla Dam ,Meten-Meer-Zorg about 9:30 Saturday night.

“Initial enquiries revealed that the incident occurred as a result of a misunderstanding over a ‘game of chance ‘ at an entertainment activity,when the suspect went to his vehicle (minibus BTT5707) ,returned with a cutlass ,inflicted a wound to Basdeo’s head; he then returned to the vehicle and drove into a crowd that was attending to Basdeo and in the process Jairam was struck down,” police said.

Apparently not satisfied,the suspect returned in his vehicle at a very fast rate and struck down the other two victims who were among other persons attending to the injured, police said.

The victims,all unconscious ,were rushed to the West Demerara Hospital where they were treated and transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.

Investigation in progress, police.

Female lures taxi driver into trap

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A FEMALE passenger reportedly lured 29-year-old Delon Dundar to Princes Street where he was robbed of his vehicle and cash on Friday evening.
According to the police, Dundar, of Mocha, East Bank Demerara (EBD), was working his white Toyota Raum ‘special hire’ at Regent and Camp Streets when a lone female approached him to take her to Princes Street.

On arrival at the location, in the vicinity of the Shikhan Hotel, the woman, who was still in the car, asked Dundar to wait a few minutes while she go and get the money to pay him.
Police say that while both parties were waiting in the vehicle, a male armed with a handgun, approached from behind and dealt Dunbar several blows to the head with the weapon, before ordering him out.

The suspect then got into the car and speedily drove off with his female accomplice, east along Princes Street, while discharging a few rounds into the air for good measure.
Dundar has reportedly put his losses at well over $G1M, as the car alone is worth more than that. He also had $20,000 in cash and other documents in the vehicle.

According to the police, persons were questioned but they have so far received no useful information. There were also CCTV cameras in the area that are yet to be viewed.
No spent shells were discovered either, but the investigation is still in progress.

Peacemaker killed over “chic chic” game


…3 others injured as ex-cop goes berserk


By Ashraf Dabie

A game of “chic-chic” — a game of chance – being played at a Bar-B-Que event held at Tarla Dam, Meten-Meer-Zorg, WCD ended fatally when a misunderstanding occurred and a former Police Officer went berserk, killing a carpenter and wounding three others, two of whom remain hospitalized in serious condition.

Dead, Amit Roy Jairam also known as “Rocky”

Information received detail that at about 21:30hrs on Saturday, a misunderstanding arose as the chic-chic game was in progress at a social gathering. One of the men playing the game had reportedly lost his wager but was demanding refund of the money he had wagered. A fight eventually broke out and, enraged, the 54-year-old former Police Officer delved into his minibus, emerging with a cutlass. Using this weapon, the ex-cop inflicted injuries on 22-year-old Randy Melville, 23-year-old Premnauth Basdeo, and 43-year-old Mohamed Ahamad.
A crowd immediately rushed to render assistance to the injured; and while they were preoccupied in rendering assistance to Ahamad, who had sustained a chop wound to his head, the ex-cop returned to his vehicle and maliciously drove it right into the crowd.
Amit Roy Jairam, also known as “Rocky,” a 44-year-old carpenter of the village, who was initially attempting to part the brawl, was struck down by the minibus and sustained several injuries to his head and about the body. He succumbed to the injuries he received while receiving treatment at the Georgetown Public Hospital hours after the incident.
His wrath still not appeased, the berserk former GPF rank reversed his vehicle and sped into the crowd again at an even faster rate, this time striking down two other victims who were also among the persons attending to the injured. As a result of the collision, they were all rendered unconscious.
The four victims were picked up and rushed to the West Demerara Regional Hospital, where they were treated and transferred to the Georgetown medical institution in light of the severity of their injuries.
However, it was while receiving medical attention at the GPHC that Jairam took his last breath, early Sunday morning. Doctors tended to Ahamad’s laceration and he was later sent home. However, the two younger men remain hospitalised and are not yet out of the proverbial woods.
According to a relative of Basdeo, the 23-year-old, who is a bus driver, is left nursing a broken left arm, for which he is expected to undergo surgery. The woman also pointed out that Melville has been transferred to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and is said to be in a critical state.
The wife of 43-year-old Ahamad sought to explain the relationship shared between the group of men. She told his newspaper that her husband was employed with the now dead carpenter; they all reside in the same area, and are believed to be friends. However no connections were made, linking the victims to the former Policeman.
Both families echoed similar sentiments regarding the deceased, stating that “Rocky” was a “good and peaceful” man who was always willing to help out within the community.
In light of what had occurred, the ex-officer, a resident of Stewartville, WCD, was taken into custody and is currently assisting with investigations. This is as Police probes into the incident are in full swing

Gunmen trailed, robbed woman


…at West Coast salon
By Ashraf Dabie

A mother of one was on Sunday afternoon trailed and eventually attacked by a pair of armed and unmasked bandits while conducting business on the West Coast of Demerara (WCD).
Bhavana Samtani is now left counting her losses which add up to approximately $900,000.

The bandits caught on camera while entering the salon

According to information reaching Guyana Times, Samtani, accompanied by her son, had just cashed a cheque at a bank in Parika, and while going about her business within the area, she was being tracked by the robbers.
Shortly after the woman boarded a bus destined for a salon in Meten-Meer-Zorg, WCD; upon arriving at her destination, Samtani was pounced upon by the armed men.
While speaking to this publication, the still shaken mother relayed that she had just made her way into the H&S Beauty Salon and while enquiring how long she may have to wait, the two men barged into the business establishment.
She told this newspaper that one of the men got down at her feet and started fumbling with her handbag.
“At first, I thought it was a prank,” explained the woman, but after glimpsing the man’s face, she quickly realised that she was being robbed.
Samtani went on to say that, “One of them was tugging on my bag and I wasn’t going to let loose. It wasn’t until he pulled out the gun that I let go.”
After being held at gunpoint by both of the men, fear for the lives of her son and others present in the salon at the time led the woman to surrender her handbag carrying about $800,000 cash, a Samsung Galaxy cellular phone, her Passport and other important documents as well as other valued possessions.
Clutching the stolen prize, the unmasked bandits then made good their escape in a dark grey Toyota Premio, heading in the direction of Georgetown.
The terrifying incident occurred around 13:30h and lasted for about five to seven minutes.
Samtani, in an attempt to recover her valuable documents, chased after the escaping robbers, but lost track of their vehicle a short distance away from the salon.
However, it was after launching a personal investigation that she realised she was being trailed all the way from Parika.
CCTV footage from a few stops along the way revealed the duo was tracing the woman’s every move following her transaction at the bank that afternoon. They were even seen stopping moderate distances away from the bus to enquire whether she and her son had disembarked the minibus.
However, while revisiting the market square at Parika, the woman was informed by vendors that the men were seen chasing after her. One vendor even relayed that when she asked what they were shopping, one of the men responded, “We are shopping guns.”
The CCTV footage managed to capture a clear shot of the two men while their car was also seen in the distance.
The suspects were described as both of African descent and were believed to be in their late 20s.
The CCTV footage, along with a detailed report of what had transpired, was handed over to the Police and as such, investigations are ongoing. However, ranks have not yet zoomed in on the suspects and as such, an arrest is yet to be made.


Armed bandit caught with booty


…after robbing supermarket in Berbice
Two persons are now in custody after armed bandits stormed a Corentyne supermarket around 20:00h on Saturday.
One of the gunmen was caught after he was chased by victims of the robbery and he was revealed to be someone living next door to the supermarket at Number 68 Village. He was reportedly found with the businessman’s cellular phone in his pocket, as well as a bag containing the stolen cash.

The robbers caught on camera

Up to press time, the gunman was said to be hospitalised in Berbice under Police guard after he reportedly broke his leg while trying to escape.
The father of the detained suspect is also in custody after several pieces of camouflage clothing, similar to those worn by the bandits, were found in his house.
At the time of the robbery, four persons were in the supermarket. According to the proprietor of the supermarket, Akash Persaud, about 20:00h on Saturday night, his school friend – who is now a police officer – was leaving the supermarket when five men appeared from the southern side of the building and one of them began firing shots in the air while ordering everyone to go into the building.
Persaud said his Police friend, who was in plain clothes at the time, was hit by one of the gunmen. Persaud said he counted five bandits, all of whom were masked and armed with handguns.
According to him, when he was taken inside, he realised that his mother had already vacated the cashier area and had exited the lower flat where the supermarket is. He further related that one of the bandits jumped into the cashier area and cut the cable leading to the Digital Video Recorder (DVR). “After that, we had no recording of anything.”
He said one of the men fired a shot at the door leading to the upper flat where his mother, wife and six-month-old baby were.
The 35-year-old businessman said his family secured themselves in the third bedroom in the upper flat of the building. Meanwhile, two of the intruders broke the door, went into the upper flat and broke into the first bedroom and opened a wardrobe.
“They took out a bag and emptied the bag, but there was nothing (of value) in the bag.”
He said the one who had gone to the cashier area took out the money from the register, along with a box containing change customers would leave behind that is used for charity. He then shouted to his accomplices upstairs. “‘We get enough! we get enough!’ after which they immediately ran downstairs and left. I keep peeping at them from a distance because, I wanted to see exactly how many of them were in the building. I counted five and after they left, I ran out immediately because I wanted to see which direction they were going to.”
A cellular phone was also stolen from one of the customers and the Policeman was relieved of a gold chain and ring. The bandit who went into the cashier area took the businessman’s cellular phone.
After the bandits fled the scene on foot, the businessman and the off-duty Police Officer left in the Policeman’s car in pursuit of the criminals who were seen entering the backlands. He said they went after them even though several gunshots were fired in their direction.
“We had to turn around, because none of us were armed. But we were able to shine the light and see the last one; he tried to jump the drain to get to the ball field and his foot got stuck in the mud and broke. He started to say it wasn’t me that he heard gunshots and just ran. Well, my wife rang my phone because she wanted to know where I was and my phone rang in his pocket. I took the bag from him and it consists of all the cash which he took from the shop,” the businessman said.
Guyana Times understands that it was close to $300,000 that the man had taken from the shop. The bandit was handed over to the Springlands Police before being taken to the Skeldon Hospital, where he was treated before being transferred to the New Amsterdam Hospital, where he underwent immediate surgery.
The bandit who was apprehended lives two houses away from the supermarket. According to Persaud, the suspected bandit who has a one-month-old baby had approached him a few weeks ago for baby food. “I told him to go and take what he wants, and whenever he get the money, he could pay me…,” the businessman said.
He added that he counted about 16 gunshots that were fired in and around his supermarket. These are in addition to those that were fired at them next to the playground.
This publication understands that in addition to the five persons who entered the building, there were two others who stayed a short distance away.
Persaud has been operating the business for the past two years at that location. 

Bandits cut into Christmas profits at Mc Doom Filling Station



– after frequent robberies, owners forced to abort 24-hour service

By: Davina Ramdass

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas for many businesses, and it’s perhaps also the most wonderful time of the year for those looking to turn a profit.
But that’s not exactly the case at the Shell Gas Station located in Mc Doom, East Bank of Demerara.
That’s because bandits have struck so often there recently that the owners have been forced to abort their 24-hour service.
A supervisor revealed that robbers struck at the Mc Doom facility three times in two months.
The robberies he said occurred in the month of October and November.
But bandits have been taking a liking to this filling station, located in a crime-prone area, even before then.
In April 2016, three gunmen invaded the filling Station (then known as Shell Gas Station) at around 03:00 hrs. They then engaged in a gunfight with police ranks who responded.
Video footage had shown the three bandits coming through a nearby street and walking into the gas station. One of the bandits stood guard outside while two others broke into the outlet and held the three employees at gunpoint.
They then robbed the staffers, and took about $10,000 from the cash register. Three suspects were subsequently held and a firearm and ammunition recovered.
There was also a scary incident in the vicinity of the filling station last January, when one of two motorcycle bandits was shot dead during an attempted robbery on a businessman he and an accomplice had trailed.
The incident occurred on the western carriageway along the East Bank.
The supervisor told Kaieteur News that he is thankful that no one was hurt during these recent attacks.
He was keen to note that the Gas Station, before being stormed, operated for 24 hours daily.
Now, they close at 22.00 hrs.

The Shell, Mc Doom Gas Station that was robbed

He would like to see the Gas Station, which is managed by Sol, open as regular as it used to, given the fact that it has affected the revenue intake especially at the busiest season of the year.
For the safety of customers and employees, he noted that the management took the decision to reduce the business hours. Other locations that are also managed by Sol still function for 24 hours.
This has prompted the management, according to him, to implement more security measures which should be in place for the New Year.
Meanwhile, other businesses in the city have extended their opening hours for the festive season.
Several stores in Georgetown are opened on Sundays to accommodate late shoppers. 
The City of Georgetown remains flooded with shoppers for this special time of the year, given the fact that Christmas is the time that women in particular find it necessary for new curtains, rugs and even appliances and furniture.
Regent, Camp and Water Streets, Georgetown are just a few of the streets that are packed with customers, who enjoy their shopping with Christmas music blaring from little push carts and the Masquerade dancers prancing on the streets.
A few street vendors said that sales this year are slower but appear to be picking up as the days to Christmas draw nearer.
Meanwhile, stores like Décor and Gift Gallery have seen fewer customers purchasing decorations.
The National Hardware, Water Street location, has been crowded for quite some time, and saw customers mainly shopping for decorations.
The popular home furnishing store, Courts, which is located in the heart of the City has been attracting massive shoppers as well.


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