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Gruesome killing rocks Better Hope…Man hacks off uncle’s head over land dispute

Allegedly upset with the court cases involving his aunt over a plot of land at Lot 125 South Better Hope, East Coast Demerara, a 27-year-old man beheaded his uncle before surrendering to police yesterday morning.
The suspect, identified as Dwayne Tappin a former Guyana Defence Force (GDF) rank, turned himself in to ranks at the Sparendaam Police Station, some hours after killing his uncle, Randolph Seenauth, 51.
Seenauth’s headless body was found in the wooden cottage where he resided.
Commander of Police ‘C’ Division Calvin Brutus, who was at the scene, said that Seenauth and his nephew lived in separate apartments on the plot of land.
He said that at around 04:30hrs neighbours heard a loud commotion coming from one of the apartments but there was silence for a few minutes which led them to suspect something was amiss.
Neighbours called out for Seenauth but got no response and later contacted the Sparendaam Police Station, the Commander disclosed. Police ranks arrived shortly after and upon pushing the front door to Seenauth’s apartment, found his head lying in a passageway between the living room and kitchen. Further checks were made in the apartment and the rest of the man’s body was discovered on a mattress in the bedroom. Brutus stated the murder weapon was not recovered despite searches on both apartments.
Indra Kowlessar, a sister of the slain man, said that Tappin, who is her nephew, was always in the habit of beating her brother. According to the woman, her family is involved in a dispute over the land which her mother died and left for her. She disclosed that the dispute is engaging the attention of the High Court. She said that her sister, who is Tappin’s mother, lived on the land for several years before building her home at Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara.
After her sister moved out, Kowlessar said the woman’s daughter lived there with her partner who also was in the habit of beating Seenauth, an epileptic. She said that the situation became overbearing and she served her niece with a lawyer’s letter and she eventually moved out.


“They does beat he (Seenauth). You know how much time I make report to the station. They beat he a time and tear off his clothes and I took him at the station. They burst his head all…”
“But still they does come here. The mother does come here. So I take them to the High Court for this property. They are not supposed to come here. Every time I fence this yard and put on lock on the gate (Tappin) would come and jump the fence and go in the yard and beat by brother.”
She disclosed that her nephew sleeps in the house at nights.
Kowlessar recounted that relatives dealt her brother a sound thrashing at a shop just opposite his home. She said that a relative of Tappin’s had told her, “people does pay $20,000 to kill yuh and that he gon’ pay $20,000 to kill me so that I cannot have this property.”
The woman stated that she has made numerous reports to the police about the death threats.
Kowlessar stated that in an effort to avoid problems with her relatives she avoids going near the disputed land. She added that she provided her brother with food and money and would beg persons in the village to keep an eye on him.
She said that up to last Friday her sister visited the premises with her daughter.
“They break the door and go in the house.”
Kowlessar revealed that her nephew was picked up by police in relation to reports of rape committed on a child. She said that her sister had accused her brother of calling the police.
Meanwhile, another sister of Seenauth is refuting claims that Tappin killed him.
She said that their sister is trying to frame Tappin for the murder.
When questioned as to who chopped off Seenauth’s head, the woman said, “Nobody ain’t know. Anybody see? They got nuff enemies around here. It cannot be him (Tappin).”

Pregnant woman, husband, 4-yr-old son escape through window during home invasion


–    five in custody; shotgun, ganja seized

A nine-month pregnant 26-year-old is nursing minor scratches about her body after herself, husband and their four-year-old son jumped their bedroom window during an armed home invasion and robbery by bandits.

The home that was under attack at Number 69 Village, Upper Corentyne, Berbice.

Their home, a two-storey wooden edifice at Lot 100 Number 69 Village, Upper Corentyne, was reportedly stormed by armed men with guns and a wallaba post sometime around 23:00 hrs Saturday.

According to reports reaching this publication Vidya Gopaul 26, her husband Satesh Ramrattan, 27, and their young son had retired to bed around 22:30 hrs. The woman shortly after heard a loud noise and voices, and awoke her husband. The husband jumped off their bed and switched on the lights, it was then that they realized bandits had entered their home. The pregnant woman bolted the bedroom door.

The men began banging on the door when Ramrattan, his wife and son jumped from their bedroom window and landed on a neighbour’s shed. By then some of the men had managed to enter the room and fired two shots as the trio ran to safety. They managed to run to Gopaul’s mother’s house, located two lots away from theirs and immediately contacted the police.

The men reportedly ransacked the family’s home in their absence, in search of valuables, and ate and drank during the time spent at the house. They managed to escape with an estimated $1.2 Million in jewellery, US $1000 in cash, a tablet and a cellphone.

Gopaul was taken to the Skeldon Public Hospital for a medical examination and according to reliable sources, herself and unborn child are out of harm’s way and in good health. The couple’s four year sustained minor scratches but is also said to be doing well along with his father. Relatives complained that the police patrol arrived some two hours after the invasion, but according to a police source, the patrol was dispatched immediately after they received the call. While on their way to the village the ranks heard gunshots and decided to exit the vehicle and cordon off the area on foot. Residents in the area reported seeing the police in tactical positions within and around the perimeter of the house. There were reportedly seven perpetrators, all armed.

Meanwhile, police in ‘B’ Division have since made headway into the robbery.

Five suspects are in custody, including a 33-year-old, driver of No. 72 Village, Corentyne, who was found in his vehicle within close proximity of the crime scene. At the time of his arrest, he was found in possession of a small quantity of cannabis and a search of his premises unearthed an unlicensed shotgun, two spent and one live cartridge.

Investigations are ongoing.

Teens arrested after coke found stashed in gas cylinder


The cooking gas cylinder and the nine cocaine bricks that were in it

The Customs Anti Narcotics Unit (CANU) yesterday said that almost 20 pounds of coke was seized from a Campbellville home. Two teens are also in custody following the raid on Sunday.

According to CANU, its ranks descended on the property at 25 Delph Avenue, Campbellville, on Sunday where during a search they found a cooking gas cylinder that had several suspicious packages in it.

The cylinder seemed to have been adjusted to look normal.

The nine rectangular-shaped objects weighed over nine kilograms (about 20 pounds) and were subsequently tested and confirmed to be cocaine.

CANU said that two 17-year-old who were at the home at the time were arrested and are currently assisting with investigations.

Photographer robbed at gunpoint


Dwayne Hackett

The police are investigating an armed robbery committed on a photographer Sunday morning just off Vlissengen Road, Georgetown.
Dwayne Hackett, a University of Guyana student, was returning home from his routine morning walk when a lone gunman, on a bicycle, robbed him of $2,200.
Speaking with Kaieteur News yesterday, Hackett said that as he was walking, he noticed a man on bicycle coming in the opposite direction and then stopped.
At first glance, the photographer thought that the man had stopped to urinate based on his posture but as he continued walking, he found it strange that someone would want to urinate on a parked car—that too in public.
Little did he know, it was a gun that the cyclist was pulling out from his pocket. Just as Hackett was about to pass the man, he said that the individual turned to him and pointed the weapon at him as he demanded his valuables.
“I heard when he cocked the gun,” the victim said. He then added that he went into his pocket and took out his cash and handed it over to the gunman. The victim had walked with the money to purchase coffee and several other items on his way home.
The gunman collected the cash and according to Hackett, he (Hackett) quickly walked away and did not turn back to see which direction the perpetrator went.
He further noted that when he reached a couple of miles from where he had been robbed, he saw a policeman and approached him for some assistance but was informed that he needed to visit the police station since the rank was there for the presidential entourage heading for the Botanical Gardens.
Hackett said that he continued on his way home, attended church and subsequently made a police report in the afternoon.
Kaieteur News was informed that there are surveillance cameras in the area where Hackett was robbed and the police will be reviewing the footage. Reports also surfaced that the suspect has robbed other persons before in that same area.

Thieves caught on surveillance after robbing boutique

Two men, believed to be in their fifties, were captured on surveillance camera just after robbing a Boutique at Saffon and Sussex Streets, Charlestown, Georgetown around 08:00 hrs on Sunday.
The men made off with more than $130,000 in boots and clothing from Lady B’s Fashion owned by Barbara Nedd.
On the footage, they were seen stopping traffic to cross over to Sussex Street and continued walking east towards Lombard Street—this was two minutes after each other. The stolen items were packed in big bags.
One of the thieves has dreadlocks, gray beard, wore a camouflage hat, and faded blue pants and orange jersey with white lining. He had a one strap bag across his back with a large black bag in his left hand.
His accomplice, the one who first left the boutique, wore a pair of blue long pants, grey and white hat, blue pants and jersey. He had one bag slung across his back and another one in his hand as he was seen hurriedly stopping a car to cross the busy road.
Recalling what transpired, Nedd said that she was in her boutique, arranging stocks when the two men entered and immediately fell in love with a few boots she had for sale.
“They ask how much and I say $10,000 and they were like ‘so cheap?’ and the one with the gray beard asked me if I gon give he a discount if he buys all,” Nedd related.
She said that she looked at the “gray beard man” and asked if he could afford to purchase all the boots to which he answered in the affirmative.

The “gray beard bandit” walking away with Nedd’s stocks

The first thief who left the scene

“He said, ‘Lady, I is somebody that got business in Bartica, and Bartica is not like town, is sheer gold people there, and is plenty more things I come to buy once I like it’ so right away I start taking down clothes to show him,” Nedd related.
The woman said that at no point did she think she was falling into a trap, since the men were “old” and she thought that there was no way they were going to rob her.
According to Nedd, the “gray beard” bandit was “supposedly” the businessman, while his accomplice was his worker.
She said that while she was inside the boutique attending to the “gray beard” bandit, his accomplice was outside, packing her stocks into bags.

“The one inside made me think he buying big, so I taking down all the brand name clothes I got and writing down on paper and I giving he bags to pack the things in,” said the woman, who has been operating at that location for more than nine years.
When the clothes became too much to be loaded into bags, the older man asked for a suitcase.
While Nedd was attending to the man, other customers entered the boutique, but she paid little attention to them since she thought, “the Bartica businessman was lottery.”


Barbara Nedd in front of her Boutique yesterday

“When I checked, it came up to $126,000 and he tell me to bring more, that he got more money,” Nedd said, without hesitation, she brought out all her brand name clothes and showed it to the man.
As she was searching for clothing, the woman said that the elderly man went to the front of the boutique and shouted, “Don’t forget the dried shrimp, we got to get it.” She is convinced this was his signal to tell his accomplice to leave.
“He come in back and ask me if I got short pants, because Bartica got regatta, so I tell he I ain’t know about that and he said yes, that I should get the pants because dem ladies gon want look sexy.”
While Nedd was searching for the pants, the suspect escaped with the items. She said that he was packing some stocks in a large bag and some in suitcases—he left the suitcase behind and made off with the bag.
When she noticed the men had escaped with her stocks, she ran to the market but failed to locate them. She subsequently made a report to the Ruimveldt Police Station.


China Harbour engineers robbed at gunpoint

Three engineers attached to China Harbour Engineering Company Limited were robbed at gunpoint around 16:00 hrs on Monday at Massy Supermarket’s parking lot located at Red Road, Providence, East Bank Demerara.
The men were attacked by three bandits, two of whom were armed with handguns. The gunmen made off with three cellular phones and approximately $1.3M in cash.
The victims have been identified as Fang Chu Ling, 38; Jhao Po, 28 and Gi Peng, 26, all Chinese nationals who reside at their company’s location at Lot ‘D’ Timehri, East Bank Demerara.
According to information received, around 09:00 hrs on Monday, Peng collected $1.3M from Chen Wong Xin, the general manager of China Harbour to purchase materials for the company.
Kaieteur News was informed that the three engineers went to a city bank to withdraw additional cash—but in US currency. Reports are that the bank did not have enough foreign currency, so the engineers left and went to New Thriving Restaurant in Massy Supermarket compound to first purchase food, and hours later, groceries from the supermarket. They parked on the western side of the compound. When the men returned to their vehicle, the bandits exited a while Toyota Fielder Wagon and guns were pointed at their victims.
The men retrieved the engineers of their personal valuables and took a yellow envelope with the cash from the passenger seat then made good their escape. They drove away via the East Bank Public Road. Police ranks visited the scene and they will be reviewing surveillance cameras at both the restaurant and supermarket in an effort to identify the suspects.


Cops nab robbery suspect with unlicensed gun


An intelligence-led operation by ranks of the Guyana Police Force has resulted in the arrest of a couple in a car with an unlicensed 9mm pistol and seven live matching rounds.
The vehicle, a white Toyota Premio, was parked in front of their Daisy Street, South Ruimveldt residence.
Police sources said that the man is 25 and is a suspect in several recent armed robberies. The woman is 22. The vehicle is registered to a Beterverwagting, East Cost Demerara resident.
The suspects are being processed for court.

Live grenades found in Linden house

The two grenades that were retrieved by police in an abandoned house in Linden

RANKS of E’ Division on Wednesday night recovered two live grenades in an abandoned house at West Watooka Hill Top, Linden.
The lawmen, as part of ‘Operation Clean Sweep’, made the bust after acting on information received. According to Commander of the Division, Fazil Karimbaskh, after conducting a search inside of the house, two live grenades were found, concealed in the ceiling of the house. The grenades were diffused and kept in police custody. No one has been arrested as police continue their investigations
`Operation Clean Sweep’ was launched following the escape of 13 prisoners from the Lusignan Prisons on July 24th. Twelve of the 13 prisoners have since been recaptured. Out of the 12, one, Kendall Skeete was recaptured at his resident’s home in Wisroc, Linden.
Commander Karimbaskh confirmed that patrols have been increased in light of the new development. On Wednesday, the Guyana Police Force (GPF) announced a $10 M reward for information leading to the recapturing of the four remaining prisoners at large.

Grandma takes rap for coke in gas cylinder

The 17-year-old cricketer and his grandmother, Naomi Persaud at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.

…gets four years, $21M fine

THE grandmother of a National Under-19 cricketer was sentenced to jail on Wednesday after she pleaded guilty when the duo appeared in court on a joint charge of drug trafficking following a gas cylinder cocaine bust at the family’s Campbellville house.

Joshua Persaud and his 51-year-old grandmother Naomi Persaud had been jointly charged with drug trafficking after the discovery of over 20 pounds of cocaine in a cooking gas cylinder at the family’s home.

However, the cricketer’s grandmother pleaded guilty to the charge and was sentenced to four years imprisonment along with a $21M fine by City Magistrate Fabayo Azore.

National Under-19 cricketer, Joshua Persaud

The charge against Joshua Persaud, 17, was withdrawn since his grandmother took the rap and stated that the teen had no knowledge of the narcotics being in the house.

The matter was heard in camera (legal proceeding in private) despite the teen being the legal age for arraignment in open court. The Persauds were represented by attorney Glenn Hanoman.

According to particulars of the charge, on August 06, 2017 at Delph Avenue, Campbellville the duo had over 20 pounds of cocaine in their possession for the purpose of trafficking.
Reports stated that on August 06, 2017 ranks from the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit swooped down at the Delph Avenue, Campbellville home where Under-19 cricketer Joshua Persaud and his 17-year-old girlfriend were alone.

The home was searched and the CANU ranks seized nine rectangular-shaped objects, weighing over nine kilograms, with cocaine from inside a cooking gas cylinder which had a false bottom. The 17-year-old girlfriend was released.


Shortly after the Persauds were arraigned, a wanted bulletin was issued by CANU for businessman and former murder accused, Andre Gomes, aka “Zipper”. The wanted man reportedly rented the home where the drugs were found and is said to be in a relationship with Naomi Persaud.
Two years ago Andre Gomes was charged with the murder of 49-year-old Nigel Isaacs, who was shot to his head outside the Palm Court nightclub.
However, the case against him was withdrawn, after the Director of Public Prosecutions advised that there was not enough evidence against the man to move ahead with the murder charge. 

Gunmen flee with constable’s firearm, customer’s cash at GPL outlet


– fail to breach cashier area

Gunmen snatched a special constable’s revolver and $37,000 from a customer during a brazen

The security guard with the empty holster. (Safraz Nawaz photo)

robbery yesterday afternoon, at a Guyana Power and Light (GPL) customer service centre at Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara.
But they were forced to abort an attempt to breach the cashier area after alert passersby raised an alarm.
The robbers tied up the special constable and a customer, and fired shots while escaping, but no one was hurt.
The robbers struck at around 14:15 hrs when the GPL service centre was open for business.
Two of the robbers entered and joined the line with other customers.
They seemed unfazed at the fact by the presence of an armed special constable who was on duty at the premises.
Kaieteur News understands that one of the men then requested to use the washroom.
At the same time, his accomplice drew a handgun from his haversack, pressed the weapon to the Special Constable’s head and relieved the rank of his revolver.
The gunman then ordered the constable and customers to lie on the floor.
A third man then entered with plastic cuffs and tied up the constable and a customer Ravindra Singh, a 40-year-old clothes vendor. The men relieved Singh of $37,000.
The bandits then attempted to break into the cashier area, but passersby who saw the commotion raised an alarm.
This caused the robbers to flee the building, while discharging two rounds in the air. The bandits then entered a silver-grey Toyota Allion, with licence plates, HC 6216.
Kaieteur News understands that while the customer service centre has no security cameras, CCTV cameras on other nearby buildings recorded the drama.
A GPL release stated that just after 14:00 hrs, three bandits “stormed our ‘Mon Repos Customer Service Centre in an attempt to rob the Centre.
“The Guyana Police Force (GPF) responded swiftly and foiled the attempted robbery. Customers’ personal belongings that were forcibly handed over were left behind as the bandits fled the scene,” the release stated.
There were no injuries to staffers nor customers.”
According to the statement, Executive Management expressed concern over the threat to the lives of staff and customers.
“Consequently, this centre will be closed tomorrow (today), Friday, August 11, 2017 and Saturday, August 12, 2017.
This Service Centre will be re-opened on Monday, August 14, 2017 for business as usual. GPL regrets the inconvenience caused.
However, the lives of our Staffers and Customers are paramount.”

Bound body of Chinese restaurant owner found in Tuschen premises


The body of a male Chinese restaurateur was found at a house in the Tuschen Housing Scheme, East Bank Essequibo, late last evening. The man reportedly operates the Paradise Chinese Restaurant in the bottom flat of the two-storey building.
His body was reportedly found lying at the back of the establishment in the washroom. According to reports reaching Kaieteur News, the body was found with the hands bound behind the back and mouth gagged. The discovery was reportedly made around 22:00hrs. The remains were taken to the Ezekiel Funeral Home.
More details in a subsequent edition.


“Troubled” businessman stabs wife to death, commits suicide


Stabbed to death: Rhonda Blair and dead businessman: Rudolph Blair

Residents of Cumberland Village, East Canje Berbice, were awoken to the shocking news of the murder of their fellow villager and popular businesswoman, Rhonda Blair.

As the news spread like wildfire across Berbice, many were still trying to come to grips with the tragic reports of the woman’s demise.

The 42-year-old retired teacher and mother of two, was stabbed to death by her 47-year-old husband Rudolph Blair called ‘Rudy’, who, after committing the act, ran to the back of a neighbour’s yard and shot himself. He is said to have also ingested a poisonous substance after fatally stabbing his wife.

The couple who owned a string of Stretch ‘D’ Dollar stores, lived at Lot 91 Coburg Street, Cumberland, East Canje. Police sources have revealed that sometime around 23:00 hrs on Thursday and 00:05 hrs on Friday at the aforementioned address, Rudolph Blair, in a fit of rage and frustration, stabbed his wife multiple times about her body.

He was believed to have been drinking prior to the incident as there were several Stag beer bottles found at the home.

The couple had originally lived together at Cumberland, but after the husband became abusive, his wife left their matrimonial home and sought refuge at a friend Jonelle Dover’s house, in Ithaca Village, West Coast Berbice.

It was between 21:00 hrs and 23:00 hrs on Thursday,  that the businesswoman’s friend, with whom she stayed, spoke with her via cellphone. She had indicated that she was at her place of business, located at Pitt Street, New Amsterdam, and that her husband, Rudolph, requested that she uplift groceries for him.

After some time had elapsed, Dover made calls to her friend’s phone that went unanswered, Dover sensed something was amiss and immediately left her Ithaca home in search of her friend. She made a check at the Rosignol Branch of the Blairs’ business and while on her way, collected the couple’s son, Anthony Blair, and proceeded to the Cumberland property.

Upon arrival at the house, they called out for the woman and her husband but got no response. They then decided to lodge a missing person report at the Reliance Police Station around 23:30 hrs.

Two policemen accompanied Dover and the Blairs’ son back to the couple’s residence. During a search of the premises, Rhonda Blair was found lying on her back in a pool of blood in the yard. She was attired in a green long-sleeved blouse and a floral skirt.

Divisional Commander, Assistant Commissioner, Paul Williams who was at the scene of the crime, disclosed that it was a joint effort with authorities and relatives of Rudolph Blair in negotiating with him to surrender to police.

“We joined together and negotiated in terms of accessing the area. So I appealed to him; likewise his sisters and his nephew decided that they were going to go ahead and try to convince him to surrender. While going, they discovered his body motionless,” Williams said.

The commander stated that they were pleading with him to come out, but he responded in the negative, “when the relatives were going to go for him, he told them, ‘don’t come, I am okay’. He kept talking for a while until his voice faded and eventually stopped,” the Commander disclosed.

Rudolph Blair was hiding in a neighbour’s yard between some bush, while the area was cordoned off by police. Residents on the scene expressed their shock at the events as they unfolded. Some persons shouted “they always had money problems” and “he shouldn’t ah do this”.

Two shots were reportedly discharged by the businessman, a gunshot wound to his lower left ear and his chest were discovered, with a licensed .32 Taurus revolver lying beside his body.

Meanwhile, a reliable source told Kaieteur News that the businessman had always been threatening to kill himself, with the most recent threat being on Sunday last.

He reportedly confided in the source that he was desirous of selling his Pitt Street business to pay off his outstanding loans that were burdensome to his family. However his wife was not in support of this, she wanted him to keep the business going, even with them being buried in debt. They were reportedly going bankrupt.

He had reportedly told the source, with his licensed revolver in hand, that, “I get a mind fuh kick Rhonda from the step to the gate and kill mehself”.

The source stated that he tried to convince the troubled man that this was not the way to go. He said that Blair seemed normal throughout the week.

Meanwhile, both bodies are currently at the New Amsterdam Hospital Mortuary. A post mortem examination was conducted on Rhonda Blair’s body by government pathologist Vivekanand Bridgmohan, and it was revealed that she died of shock and hemorrhage due to multiple stab wounds about the body. In 2013, the Blairs, after moving from “rags to riches,” opened a $83M Supermarket at Pitt Street New Amsterdam. However, sometime in February 2014, hints of financial problems began to surface.

With a dwindling business, rumours circulated then, that Rudolph Blair had attempted suicide, but he quickly shut down that story, stating that he found solace with his God and would never resort to such.


Cops believe restaurant owner was strangled


Dead: Lian Jiang

The bound body of a Chinese national that was discovered in the bathroom area of the Paradise Chinese Restaurant at Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo, on Thursday night, has been identified as 44-year-old Lian Jiang, a father of two.
Jiang’s body was found in the lower flat of the building where he operated a restaurant. He resided in the upper flat.
Investigators suspect that Jiang, who had been running the restaurant by himself, was killed sometime Wednesday night or in the wee hours of Thursday. His remains were only found around 22:00 hrs on Thursday. His mouth was gagged, his hands were tied behind his back with a phone charger and his feet were also tied.
No blood was found at the scene, but there were marks of violence on the victim’s body. His right cheek was swollen. The entire house was ransacked.
Kaieteur News was informed that the bandits gained entry into the restaurant by removing louvre panes from a bathroom window and then breaking the grill.
It is suspected that the men left through the same window, since a chair was found nearby, indicating that they used it to climb out. While the main door to the restaurant was found ajar, the cops believe that the victim might have been selling late.
“If they had escaped through that door then someone might have seen them, so we believe that they went just as they came (entered) because neighbours cannot see that section,” a police rank said yesterday, while adding that they have not determined what the men escaped with as yet.
This newspaper was informed that the restaurant does not have cameras, but an adjacent premises has a surveillance system. “We are hoping that we get something because the way the camera is positioned, it might be a little challenging,” the rank said.
The victim’s wife, who runs another restaurant at Soesdyke, told the police that she last spoke with her husband around 22:00 hrs on Wednesday. When she did not hear from him on Thursday, she called his phone but it went to voicemail.
The woman then asked a male friend in the area to check on him. When the individual went, he called several times but did not get a response. Upon entering the building, the young man noticed the restaurant door was partly open and immediately went to the Tuschen Outpost, from where he was accompanied by ranks.
When they entered the building, the cops noticed the place was ransacked and shortly after, they found the body. No one has been arrested as yet.


Man arrested for allegedly raping teen


POLICE are investigating the alleged rape committed on a 15-year-old girl on the Corentyne Coast, East Berbice.

According to information, on August 10, 2017 at approximately 20:30hrs the teen was making her way to a relative’s home when she was called into the suspect’s yard after which he lured her into his house, where he forced himself on her. At the time of the incident the man reportedly covered the victim’s mouth so that she could not scream.

Shortly after, the unemployed 21-year-old suspect fled the area, while the teen ran to her parents’ home, which is located a short distance away and reported what transpired. She was immediately taken to the Police Station, where the matter was reported and police recommended that the teen be examined by a doctor. Meantime, after investigating the police were able to apprehend the suspect, who is currently in custody assisting with investigations.

50 lbs ganja tossed out of moving car


A Toyota Primo motorcar from which 50 pounds of compressed marijuana was

The cannabis that was tossed out of the moving car

tossed was on Thursday found abandoned in a street in a community on the West Coast of Berbice

Reports are that the car, registered to a couple living in Laluni Street Queenstown, Georgetown, made an about-turn upon seeing a Police operation in the vicinity of the Weldaad Police Station.

Police accordingly gave chase, during which two well wrapped parcels were tossed out of the vehicle. Police retrieved the parcels, and an inspection revealed that they contained cannabis.

The car was found parked among some bushes some distance away. It was

The abandon car along West Coast Berbice

subsequently towed and impounded. Police are continuing their investigations.

Meanwhile, a 33-year-old miner of Carabise Hill, Bartica, Region Seven was arrested by Police at Itaballi Police Check Point with 589 grams of cannabis. He is being processed for court.

Pastor, husband carjacked outside home


A pastor and her husband were held at gunpoint and forced to hand over their car at around 21:00 hrs on Friday after three armed men confronted the couple and their 11-year-old daughter outside their Industry, East Coast Demerara home.
Edward Skinner, 59, and his wife, Savitri, who is a pastor, were attacked by the men, who had arrived in a white Toyota Allion.
The robbers, and their driver, escaped with the couple’s silver-grey Toyota Premio, PRR 2124, as well as Pastor Skinner’s handbag and cash, which included some of the church offerings. The car also contained some items that the couple had bought at Stabroek Market before heading home.
Mr. Skinner said he was unable to identify the attackers, who wore dark clothing and had toques partially concealing their faces. He confirmed that the family were heading home from the East Bank of Demerara, but had stopped briefly at the Stabroek Market. They then headed to Industry, while travelling along the railway embankment. His wife was driving, but none of them recalled seeing anyone following them.
However, just as they turned into their driveway, the occupants of a white Toyota Allion also stopped a short distance away.
The couple’s daughter came out of the vehicle to open the gate and it was then that three men exited the parked car and held a gun to Mrs. Skinner’s head.
The men then ordered their victims to go into their yard. After they complied, the carjackers entered the vehicle and drove off in both cars in the direction of Georgetown.
While admitting that the family was “shaken” by the incident, Mr. Skinner said that it would not deter them from “doing the work of the Lord,” and they plan to attend a crusade today.

Thieves rob ECD pensioner


Detailing how her home had been broken into and her belongings stolen, distraught pensioner Angelica Rodriguez of “M29” Chateau Margot, East Coast Demerara said the incident occurred at some time between 07:00hrs and 14:00hrs on Thursday.
The 67-year-old who lives alone had left her home at around 06:30hrs that Thursday to attend to a sick relative, but was later contacted by her son, who asked if she had left a door open.
Responding in the negative, the woman rushed home to find a ladder braced at the back of her house, and a window and the door wide open. Guyana Times was told that the perpetrator had used a ladder to climb onto a shed in the elderly woman’s yard, before breaking a window and entering the home.

The woman and her son entered the home to find it completely ransacked, and a number of her belongings, including two cell phones, a weeding machine and an undisclosed sum of cash, missing.
This newspaper was told that another resident of the area was recently robbed, and the alleged perpetrator — from Martyrs’Ville, Mon Repos, ECD — was caught and charged with the offence. But following the fire that demolished the Camp Street Prison, the man was released from prison on bail, and has reportedly been seen lurking in the area. This was reported to the Police, who have now launched an investigation into the matter.
Only recently, 72-year-old Mohamed Subhan and his 83-year-old bedridden wife Khairool Subhan — of Craig, East Bank Demerara (EBD) — were attacked by a group of bandits. In that incident, the husband was awoken by noises coming from the door which leads to a room in the upper flat of the house that he and his wife reside in alone.
Upon inspecting, he noticed a crowbar stuck by his bedroom door, as a robber was making efforts to extract the bolts and gain entry into the room.
Subhan immediately called for assistance from his neighbours, and telephoned his son, television personality Neaz Subhan, who resides in Diamond, East Bank Demerara.
This publication understands that when the elder Subhan made calls for his neighbours, the bandit who was attempting to break in his bedroom fled the scene.
Prior to that incident, a 54-year-old woman and her 81-year-old mother of Golden Grove, East Bank Demerara (EBD) were robbed of more than $100,000 in cash, along with gold jewelry, in a daring daylight attack.

Thief beaten, handed over to Police


A resident of Liverpool village on the Corentyne Coast in East Berbice is now in Police custody, having received a sound thrashing from the villagers of Alness — some distance from his home village — when he was caught at the foreshore in his failed attempt to escape apprehension after allegedly burglarizing a market vendor’s home.

The Lot 108 Alness Village house

The man, who gave Police his age as 35, had allegedly broken into the home of Port Mourant marker vendor Desire Kendall, a 37-year-old mother of four, who sells ground provision and fruits. She was not at home when the incident occurred.
According to Kendall, she was in the market selling when she received telephone calls from neighbours.

The hammer and cutlass used to open one of two üepiggy banksüf

“They call and tell me that somebody jump in the verandah and dea inside the house. Right away ah leff the market…”
She said she rushed to her Lot 108 Alness Village, Corentyne home to find the thief surrounded by irate villagers.
The woman explained that when she went into the house, she discovered the entire house ransacked. Clothing was scattered on the floor and bed, while a wardrobe was broken open and its contents were thrown out. A clothes horse was also broken, while suitcases were upturned.

Desire Kendall, was not home when her house was entered

“He take out all the clothes from the closet, and move the chairs to see what under the chairs,” she explained. A cabinet with dinner wear was also disarranged.
Kendall showed this publication a hammer and cutlass which she said were found in a chair along with other house breaking implements. Lying next to them were two broken ‘piggy banks’.
“All the money from them gone, and I only get back some. I don’t know how much I had inside, but I know I had some $5000 bills, and none of them they find on him,” she said. Several pieces of gold jewellery were also missing.
Kendall added that the man gained entry into the house by climbing into the verandah, and then prising open a glass slide-door. When leaving, the man removed four louvre panes from the window situated at the back of the building to create a space to crawl through. He then made a hole in the fence and ran, but villagers were alerted and went after him.
Kendall said she was told that neighbours were alerted by the constant barking of her dogs and the sound of hammering inside the house.
Police took the man into custody and returned to the vendor the items found on the suspect.

Teen stabbed in scuffle on Norton Street


A teenager was on Sunday afternoon rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital after being stabbed in a brawl at Norton Street, Worthmanville, Georgetown.
Seventeen-year-old Cordell Whyte, of John and Durban Streets, Georgetown, is now left nursing several wounds following the incident.
According to reports reaching Guyana Times, Whyte along with his friends were at the time sitting on the step of his Norton Street residence when the suspect approached with a knife and dealt him three blows about the body. The teenager was stabbed once to his back, abdomen and then to his shoulder.
This publication understands that the incident stemmed from the suspect being denied the use of a bicycle which belongs to the now injured teen.
Meanwhile, the suspect has been identified as 21-year-old Akeemo Franklin of Lot 9 Norton Street, Wortmanville, Georgetown.
Whyte, a former student of the St Johns College, remains hospitalised and has been listed as stable while Franklin is said to be on the run.
However, an investigation has been launched

Miner killed after drunken argument


– reportedly beaten with a spade


A 53-year-old father of one is now dead after he was beaten with a spade at the Potaro Backdam, Region Eight (Potaro-Siparuni), following a drunken argument. The 35-year-old suspect is in custody assisting the Police with their investigation.
According to reports, Mohabeer Gangadeen Kooblall of GAC Old Road, Timehri, East Bank Demerara, was imbibing at Potaro Backdam with his coworker when an argument ensued. F Division (Interior locations) Commander, Senior Superintendent Ravindranauth Budhram told this publication that during the argument, the suspect picked up a spade and dealt h Kooblall several blows in his head and about his body.
The incident occurred on Saturday between 17:30h and 18:00h and Kooblall died immediately. Budhram said the Police responded promptly after receiving the call and the suspect was apprehended and taken into custody.
The dead man’s mother, Ramdasie Ramlall, said her son called her at around 12:30h telling her that he needed to come home since he was in the area for over four months. She said that her son is a miner and a cook and that the dredge he was working on was closed for a few weeks but his employer, Alvin Rambarran, allegedly refused to transport him out of the area.
“Them leff he inside to watchman (guard) this dredge and when me ask he who and he deh pon the drudge, he tell me he and a next man and me must call the boss man (since) he want come out from the bush. He nah want stay deh no more pon the water top,” the grieving 71-year-old said.
She related that later that evening, she received a call that her daughter took but they refused to divulge any information pertaining to the call.
“I hear that me son get murder. That is all and until now me hear nothing from the boss man and me nah hear nothing about me son life and they come and say that they want he brother to go and one of me grandson to bring back he body,” Ramlall lamented.
The grieving woman said her son has been working in the mining industry for over 20 years and have been working with the Rambarran’s for over 15 years.
Kooblall was the sole breadwinner and took care of his mother. His body is being transported to Georgetown for a post-mortem examination, while Police investigations are ongoing. (Lakhram Baghirat

Amral posted:

The other day at Canje nice 16 year-old girl got killed by her 25 year old husband. Jeez wtf 16 years old and married already. I just cannot grasp the mentality of the new Guyanese society now

Guyana has become very promiscuous. They are active much younger and the young females are very brazen.

Peacemaker fatally stabbed at BBQ


A 50-year-old electrician was killed early yesterday when he intervened in an argument between two men during a barbeque at the Number 42 Village Community Centre ground, West Coast Berbice.

The area where Sylvan Stoll was stabbed.

The incident happened around 00:40 hrs.

The deceased has been identified as Sylvan Stoll of Plot B Herstelling, East Bank Demerara. He was stabbed to the left side of his neck and was later pronounced dead at the Mahaicony Cottage Hospital.

The 32-year-old suspect, who has been identified as an Onderneeming, West Bank Demerara resident, has been arrested.

According to information received, the suspect and Stoll along with a group of friends travelled to Number 42 Village in a mini bus to attend the barbeque.

Reports are that the suspect and one of the men who travelled to the location with them had an argument during which he picked up a knife and threatened the individual. Stoll reportedly intervened and he was stabbed. The suspect was arrested at the scene. Prior to the men attending the barbeque, they were at a horse racing event.

Investigations are ongoing.

Taxi driver allegedly found with shotgun, ganja near robbery scene remanded


The taxi driver who was reportedly held in the vicinity of a robbery committed on a Corentyne couple at Number 73 village Corentyne last Saturday has been remanded to jail on three charges.

The seized shotgun.

Rabindra Kumar, 27, a taxi driver of Number 72 village, Corentyne, appeared yesterday before Magistrate Rabindranauth Singh in the Springlands Magistrate’s Court.

The court heard that on Saturday 5th August at his 72 Village, home, Corentyne, he had in his possession one 12 gauge pump action shot gun and two live rounds. He is also charged with being in possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking – 15 grams of cannabis was allegedly found at his home, and possession of narcotics -11 grams which was found on his person when he was nabbed in his car.

According to information, Vidya Gopaul, 26, her husband Satesh Ramrattan, 27, and their four year old  son had retired to bed around 22:30 hrs. The woman shortly after heard a loud noise and voices, and awoke her husband. The husband jumped off their bed and switched on the lights, it was then that they realized bandits had entered their home. The pregnant woman bolted the bedroom door.

The men began banging on the door when Ramrattan, his wife and son jumped from their bedroom window and landed on a neighbour’s shed. By then some of the men had managed to enter the room and fired two shots as the trio ran to safety. They managed to run to Gopaul’s mother’s house, located two lots away from theirs and immediately contacted the police.

The men reportedly ransacked the family’s home in their absence, in search of valuables, and ate and drank during the time spent at the house. They managed to escape with an estimated $1.2 Million in jewellery, US $1000 in cash, a tablet and a cellphone.

Gopaul was taken to the Skeldon Public Hospital for a medical examination. The couple’s son sustained minor scratches.

The police had come upon a vehicle with the driver (Kumar) inside, which was parked within close proximity of the crime scene.

When questioned, he had told the cops that he was waiting to collect “tall man”. However, he could not give an account of where “Tall man” lives or a number for the man. He told investigators that he was called from a blocked number. When searched, the cops unearthed 11 grams of cannabis. The police had further conducted searches at his home and found the shot gun and the 15 grams of marijuana.

He was remanded to jail until August 27.  Five persons remain in custody as investigations continue.


erbice teen, female accomplice remanded on ganja trafficking charge


A male teenager and a young lady who were reportedly nabbed with 11 kilos of marijuana

The seized ganja.

were yesterday remanded to jail by Magistrate Charlyn Artiga when they appeared before her at the Whim Magistrate’s Court on a charge of possession for the purpose of trafficking.

The two are Roydell Williams, 18, and Rushanna Romalho, 23, both of No 51 Village, Corentyne, Berbice. According to reports, about 19:00 hrs on Saturday August 5th, a party of policemen went to Lot 100 # 51 Village where they saw two males – one fetching a bulky black plastic bag and the other, a green salt bag.  The men at the time were traversing the back of the yard, which is well fenced.

Upon seeing the police, the man who was fetching the black bulky plastic bag, loosed the bag and ran away. The police gave chase, but were unable to apprehend him. Williams was not that successful, as his efforts to escape were thwarted by the cops who pursued and arrested him.

The two bags were retrieved by the ranks and opened in his presence and several parcels wrapped in transparent plastic were found in both bags.

Romalho, who was in the vicinity, was arrested, and the two taken into custody.

At the station, the green salt bag which had 10 parcels was tested and weighed and the contents, confirmed to be marijuana, amounted to 6 kilograms. The black plastic bag which contained 12 parcels was also tested and weighed and the contents amounted to 5 kilograms – a total of 11 kilograms.

Bail was refused and the duo will have to return to the No 51 Magistrate’s Court on August 23.


Aircraft seized at another illegal airstrip in Rupununi


Almost two weeks after an illegal airstrip was discovered at Santa Fe North Rupununi, Region Nine (Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo); the Police on Sunday evening intercepted an illegal aircraft minutes after it landed.
Prior to the discovery of the aircraft, members of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) have been monitoring events after a foreign aircraft was seen frequenting the Santa Fe area.
However, on Sunday evening, Police ranks went to the area and conducted a search during which over a dozen 10-gallon jars were found hidden in the bushes.
The party also observed that a long strip of land measuring one mile in length and about 50 feet in width was cleared. In addition, as the team was leaving the area, it observed an aircraft circling and immediately went back to the location.
There, they saw three men running from the landed aircraft. While the men escaped, the aircraft was secured by the Police.
Sometime later, F Division (Interior locations) Commander, Ravindradat Budhram arrived at the location and a search was conducted on the aircraft. The search unearthed a quantity of dry ration, medical supplies, gents clothing and footwear, two hand-held radios, flashlights, cellular phones and an identification card amongst other items.
The Guyana Civil Aviation Authority has been notified and a team was deployed to the area to conduct further investigations. Just two weeks ago, an illegal airstrip was unearthed about five kilometres West of Santa Fe, Rupununi, Region Nine, by members of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) who were patrolling the area.
The ranks were conducting a reconnaissance mission when they stumbled upon the seeming newly built airstrip. Following a closer inspection of the perimeter of the airstrip, several dug out trenches were found. They were covered with black plastic and dried branches.
Upon removing the plastic and branches, several items were found concealed in the holes including a chainsaw and fuel drums. In addition, a ¼ drum of aviation fuel was also found at the site.
At least 12 abandoned camps were also found in close proximity of the airstrip. These camps were reportedly used by farmers over a period of time.
In September 2016, a Joint Services patrol discovered an illegal aircraft hidden just off of the Yupukari Airstrip, Rupununi with United States registration N-767-Z.
Subsequently, a team of investigators from the GDF, GPF, Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit and the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority was deployed from Georgetown to the area to conduct investigations and were able to determine that the registration number was bogus.
Moreover, investigators had discovered during interviews with nearby residents that the aircraft had been sighted circling the area on numerous occasions in the past.
Additionally, a number of residents shared information they deemed as “suspicious activity”, including the presence of motorcycles or ATVs frequenting the area at midnight.
It was reported that a leak was discovered in the fuel tank of the aircraft. This, investigators believe, may have caused the aircraft to land in Guyana.
However, it has been reported that one of the local law enforcement agencies was aware of the aircraft at least three weeks before the disclosure was made. It was reported that the security officials were monitoring the aircraft to see if anyone would return to salvage it.
Meanwhile, President David Granger has established a one-man Commission of Inquiry (CoI) to probe the discovery of the illegal aircraft and appointed retired Brigadier Edward Collins to investigate, examine, advice and report on all aspects under which the foreign aircraft had entered the country.
During the CoI, public meetings were held in several villages including Katoka, Kaicumbay, Yupukari and other villages. The CoI proved that the aircraft entered Guyana illegally.
The illegal twin-engine Cessna aircraft was subsequently flown from Yupukari to Lethem initially, before it was flown to the Cheddi Jagan International Airport where it remains to date. (Bhisham Mohamed)


12-yr-old raped by taxi driver in Linden


THE Linden police are continuing their search for a taxi driver who allegedly raped a 12-year-old girl on Saturday night.

The child was a passenger of the taxi driver. According to E’ Division Commander, Senior Superintendent, Fazil Karimbaksh, the incident allegedly took place at approximately 22:30 hrs at the Kara Kara ‘Back Road’, a few minutes after the victim and her three friends joined the car to be taken to Amelia’s Ward.

The teen was taken a police station and then to the Mackenzie Hospital where a medical examination was done which proved that she was raped. The alleged rapist, the commander said, has since been eluding the police who have been searching for him.
A relative of the girl told this newspaper that she had earlier attended a church function in Georgetown with her friends, and was at the time coming home when the driver, with whom she is familiar, refused to stop for her friends who told him where they were coming off.

After they realised something was amiss, the three friends forcefully exited the car but she was unlucky, since she was in the front seat and was strapped down with the seat beat. “After we hear what happen, we start searching all over the Ward for her, we even went back to the friends’ house because we thought she went hiding somewhere and while searching we see she walking coming up the hill in blood, could barely walk,” the relative said.

The girl then revealed to them that the driver had allegedly taken her back to Kara Kara, where he threw her in the back seat and raped her. “We took her to police station and a female police took her to the hospital and it show she was raped, all her underwear had blood, all she skin black and blue and bruise up,” the relative related.

They also alleged that the driver is a known serial rapist who had committed similar acts in the past. The teen continues to receive counselling. Relatives have commended the police for the work they have done so far and are encouraging young girls to be extra careful when travelling at nights in short-drop cars.

This is how jackass Granger protecting the indigenous people. Dummies like d2 et al cuss down ppp day and night regarding protecting the Amerindians, today these same dummies quietly acquiescing to PNC incompetency. 

Venezuelan soldiers rob Guyanese

Guyanese soldiers confront their Venezuelan counterparts at the Amacuro River border last Friday

…say had no food supplies in 45 days
…issue apology to Joint Services

RESIDENTS of White Water Village, an Indigenous community close to the Venezuela border, are calling on the authorities to establish a police outpost in the area following a robbery committed by a group of Spanish-speaking soldiers last week.

‘Gajah Landing’, an area within White Water Village in the North West District where traders congregate on Sundays (Photos by Alva Solomon)

The incident occurred during the day last Wednesday within the North West District village lands, located within two miles of the Amacuro River which separates Guyana from neighbouring Venezuela. Toshao of White Water, Cleveland De Souza, told the Guyana Chronicle that the incident occurred at the Kurasima Creek, a busy spot within the village where persons usually trade items. Kurasima Creek is a tributary of the Amacuro River.

Following the incident, a team of Joint Services ranks who are stationed at Mabaruma, Region One’s only town and administrative capital, travelled to the border and confronted the Venezuelans. The Spanish soldiers told their Guyana counterparts that they were hungry and that no food was supplied to them for 45 days. They then issued an apology to the Joint Services.

De Souza said that prior to Wednesday’s incident, he had received reports that the Venezuelan soldiers were at two locations along the border harassing Guyanese Indigenous Warraus. He explained that each Sunday, the Heart of Palm packaging company , AmCar, which is based in Region One (Barima-Waini) , would send an agent to White Water at an area called “Gajah Landing“ to purchase the palm product known as “cabbage” from the Warraus. He said that the Indigenous group would travel to the area and sell their products to the AmCar agent.

He noted that the village council had received reports that one Sunday in July, the Venezuelan soldiers had ventured up a creek inland to White Water and took away food stuff which the indigenous traders had bought with the proceeds of their Heart of Palm trade. “  ”They stopped the people and took away their things, while armed,” he said.
The armed soldiers repeated the act last Wednesday and De Souza said the police at the Mabaruma Police Station were notified.

The Officer-in-Charge, along with several police ranks and a team of soldiers from Camp Everad near Mabaruma , travelled into White Water on Friday, two days after the incident.

Accompanied by the villagers, the team ventured into the creek where the incident had occurred. Reports are that the team then headed farther to the Amacuro River and spoke with the Venezuelan military ranks stationed there.
“They made the excuse that they were hungry and had no food,” De Souza said, noting that the incident has left the village in fear. Following the incident, the Joint Services ranks camped out at White Water over the weekend and returned to Mabaruma on Monday.

A resident of the village noted that persons are fearful, especially at nights. She said that the border is within walking distance of the village and businessmen are concerned that elements from Venezuela would attack the village at any given moment. “They call them sindicatos (bandits) and we know how the situation is over in Venezuela,” De Souza said.
Reports are that two armed men were spotted in the village at a shop one night last week and residents quickly closed their doors.

The men in the village scoured the area for the men but came up empty –handed. In recent months, scores of persons who migrated to Venezuela in the past, have been returning to the North West District, some of whom have set up small businesses in the region. Venezuela’s economy has been in turmoil over the past three years. Tensions are high in Caracas as pro-government and opposition supporters of President Nicolas Maduro clash over the state of the Bolivarian Republic’s economy.

According to an Al Jazeera report published in May this year, Venezuela is experiencing the worst economic crisis in its history, with an inflation rate of over 400 percent and a volatile exchange rate. According to International Monetary Fund (IMF) figures, in 2016, the country had a negative growth rate of minus eight percent, an inflation rate of 481 per cent, and an unemployment rate of 17 percent that is expected to climb to 20 percent this year.

Over the past decade, it has been the region’s poorest performer in terms of growth of GDP per capita, even though the country sits on the world’s largest oil reserves. Oil prices have been falling since 2014, which has left the economic system unable to maintain the system of subsidies and price controls that functioned during the oil boom years.

Malaysian businessman trailed from bank, robbed in café  


Gunmen yesterday trailed a Malaysian businessman from a city bank to a café on Church Street, Georgetown where they robbed him of over one million Guyana dollars.

A detective (backing camera) taking a statement from the Malaysian businessman yesterday.

The unmasked men robbed about seven other customers who were in the Coffee
Bean restaurant when they pounced on the businessman and his driver at around 11:32 hrs.

According to information received, the businessman, accompanied by his driver, went to a city bank to make a withdrawal. They then went for lunch at the café.

Manager of the café, Narvini Dewnath said that the two customers entered the fast food outlet and shortly after, two gunmen stormed in. They were wearing baseball caps to conceal their identity.

Kaieteur News was informed that while one of the men “harassed” the businessman’s driver and kept asking where the money was, the second gunman collected the other customers’ valuables.

They then took the businessman and his driver to their vehicle that was parked in front of the restaurant where they collected the cash and made good their escape.

Dewnath said that the gunmen’s target was clearly the businessman, who is a regular customer at the café.

“We have an electronic door that opens from inside, but at the time of the robbery it wasn’t working… we have gotten that fixed,” the woman noted, while adding that her restaurant was not robbed.

When this publication visited the café yesterday, the businessman and his driver were giving their statements to investigators. The businessman objected to speak to the media.

He reportedly told the police that while on his way from the bank, he was very careful and did not notice anyone following him. No one was injured during the attack.

The robbery was recorded on surveillance cameras and the footage has been handed over to investigators.

More weapons, cell phones found in Camp St. Prison


Some of the items found in the prison

Less than a month after a number of inmates were transferred back to the Camp Street Prison, some of them have managed to get their hands on contraband.
Director of Prisons, Gladwin Samuel said that between 06:15 and 08:45 hrs yesterday, a joint operation was carried out on the entire brick building in the Camp Street compound where a small portion of cannabis, three cell phones with SIM cards, four lighters, 20 improvised weapons and three razor blazes were found.
Getting information on how the inmates have gotten their hands on the contrabands has always been a challenge for authorities, but it is suspected that rogue prison warders and the relatives of those in prison have smuggled them into the jail.
The search on the facility comes after the July 09, prison break which resulted in 90 percent of the jail being burnt to the ground.
Just around 17: 00hrs inmates set fires at several sections of the prison to distract the authorities as Lusignan killer, Mark Royden Durant, ex-cop Uree Varswyck, Stafrei Alexander Hopkinson and Desmond James escaped.
James and Hopkinson have since been nabbed.
Prison surveillance camera footage showed Durant; Varswyck; Alexander; James; another Bartica and Lusignan Massacre killer, Dennis Williams called “Anaconda” and Shawn Collins exiting the facility and making their way towards Bent Street, Georgetown while opening fire on the TSU ranks outside.
The inmates were armed with two guns and cutlasses. The CCTV footage subsequently showed Williams running back into the prison compound while looking out for the prison guards—it was later revealed that the escapees had already gotten into a car and left him behind.
Collins was captured a few hours later on Hadfield Street, Georgetown.
And on July 24, 13 prisoners crawled to freedom through a tunnel they had gun in a latrine in the Lusignan holding facility. The Lusignan Prison escapees went wild, with some of them visiting their homes and others expressing, via Facebook, their joy at being free. But for many, that freedom was short lived. Twelve of those inmates have since been captured.
The Guyana Police Force (GPF) recently offered a $10M reward for the arrest of those who are still at large. They include Durant, Varswyck, Paul Goriah and Cobena Stephens.

Mother of 5 found dead, reputed husband implicated


By Ashraf Dabie

The reputed husband of a mother of five was taken into Police custody following the death of the woman whose body was found on the East Coast of Demerara on Wednesday evening with numerous injuries about her body.
The dead woman has been identified as 38-year-old Janice Edwards, of lot 121, C Field, Sophia, Greater Georgetown, while her lover was named as King Gerrad.
According to reports reaching Guyana Times, the mother of five and her reputed husband were on Wednesday evening proceeding along the UG Access Road, on motorcycle CJ 1830, when the light of an oncoming vehicle forced the man to swerve further, resulting in the motorcycle collided with a pile of mud.
As a result of the impact, Edwards was flung off the cycle and sustained severe injuries about her body.
The woman was picked up with multiple injuries and taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.
This publication on Thursday visited the residence of the couple, during which her mother-in-law, Ann Garnette, relayed her understanding of Edward’s demise.
Outlining a partially conflicting report from that which was published by the Guyana Police Force, Garnette noted that, “Right through of UG road full of hard mud, and he going and I just hear a message that a car hit he, hit the back of the bike and pitch he off and the two of them lying down on the road.”
The mother-in-law further relayed, “Some pick-up (vehicle) then rush she to the hospital cause like he (husband) halla for help.”
Continuing on the accident, a family friend of the couple who identified himself as “Buck”, indicated that he was informed of the incident shortly after the duo had left home, early Wednesday evening.
Moreover, Buck pointed out what took place after he had rushed to the scene, but indicated that there were no signs of the reputed husband, King Gerrad, when he arrived at scene on the UG road.
“By time I left here to go on the scene, it was nothing; no bike, I didn’t see he, I didn’t see she. But I left to come home back and after we reach was made to understand she was at the hospital.”
The close acquaintance went on to say, “When we left and go to the hospital, the doctor tell me that there is nothing they could’ve done; before she reach the hospital she done dead already.”
Meanwhile, this publication understands that the reputed husband of the now dead woman had fled the scene of the accident and was only discovered after he showed up at the hospital on Thursday morning.
This was after Police had ransacked the house of the couple, in search of the then missing man. However, the family members are refuting all claims that foul play was involved.
“Because he move off from the scene, people got it looking like it’s a murder but I don’t want people feel it’s a murder,” one close relative declared.
The relative justified his statement by positing, “I just assuming based on what people told me and how I go and see the scene that after the accident, he attend to her and realise it was no life so he just panic and he move off the scene.”
With that, the relatives of the couple held out that the two had no ongoing disputes and are known to resolve their disputes in a civil manner.
Of the five children mothered by Edwards, the duo shared five-year-old twins, while the remaining three were prior to their relationship.
The couple had been residing at their Sophia home for about 9 years, at which they operate a vending establishment.
Despite the family’s efforts to erase any thought of murder, Gerrad has been implicated in the death of his longstanding lover and mother of his children.
As such he was taken into Police custody where he remains as investigations into the matter continue

Bandit shot during scuffle with Soesdyke businessman


– in robbery attempt


An alleged bandit was on Thursday afternoon shot to the abdomen during a scuffle with a Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara, businessman in an attempted robbery.
Based on reports received, the businessman, Lloyd Thomas, the owner of Blue Mountain Night Spot at Grant Sand Road, Soesdyke, EBD had just returned home and he was about to park his car when the armed man confronted him.
Thomas reportedly put up a fight during which a single gunshot was fired. Soon after, the alleged bandit started to bleed. The firearm was subsequently retrieved by the Police who were summoned to the scene.
The injured man was picked up and taken to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre where he was treated. His condition is unknown.
A source told Guyana Times that Thomas went to purchase some items to complete construction at his home and as such, the workers witnessed the shooting incident but remained tight lipped when the Police arrived at the scene.
Investigations are on-going.


Bartica miner shot by Soesdyke businessman during scuffle


A Bartica miner is currently hospitalised at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC), nursing a gunshot wound to his abdomen after he was shot during a scuffle with a Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara businessman.
The incident occurred sometime around 14:15h on Thursday. The injured man has been identified as Anthony Rogers, 26, of Bartica, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni).
Based on reports received, businessman Lloyd Thomas, the owner of Blue Mountain Night Spot at Grant Sand Road, Soesdyke, is claiming that he had just returned home and exited his vehicle to open the gate so that he could drive his vehicle into the yard, when an armed man confronted him.
Thomas told investigators that after he exited the car, a white 212 motor car with two female occupants pulled up and Rogers disembarked and confronted him.
At the time, the miner allegedly had a firearm in his pants waist and told the businessman, “is you I come for” as he withdrew the weapon. He reportedly then grabbed Thomas’ gold chain, valued some $620,000, from his neck resulting in a scuffle between the two.
The businessman further claimed that during the process of trying to disarm his alleged attacker, the firearm went off and Rogers was hit in the left region of his abdomen. On the contrary, however, Rogers’ fiancé told investigators that they had gone to Kuru Kururu to return his son to the child’s mother when the woman choked and stabbed her in the left arm. She added that Rogers went to her rescue and pulled his child’s mother out of the car before driving off to his cousin’s home at Grant Road, Soesdyke. Denise Ceres, the cousin, joined them as they headed to the hospital. However, on their way, they saw Thomas’ car parked on the road blocking their path.
Rogers reportedly exited the car to confront Thomas and they started arguing. The fiancé further claimed that a fight ensued during which Thomas pulled out a firearm from his pants waist which was wrapped in a black cloth and dealt Anthony a lash to his head before firing a shot at him.
The woman claimed that she rushed to Rogers and saw blood oozing from a wound to his abdomen. With the assistance of public spirited persons, the injured man was taken to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre then transferred to the GPHC, where he was admitted as a patient.
Investigators have since found one spent shell and two live rounds at the entrance of Thomas’ gate and lodged same at the Timehri Police Station.
Several persons have since been questioned as investigations continue.


18 inmates hurt during disturbance at Lusignan

An overhead shot of the Lusignan prison

ACCORDING to a release by the Department of Public Information, Director of Prisons, Gladwyn Samuels, confirmed that there was an incident at the Lusignan Prison where several prisoners in Holding Bay 2 scaled a fence and entered Holding Bay 1 with the stated intention of killing a fellow prisoner who they apparently considered to be an informant to prison authorities.
Shots were fired in the air by the prison authorities to restore order. No prisoner was injured by shots fired, however, a total of 18 prisoners were injured, mainly from razor wire. Five prisoners were sent to the Georgetown Public Hospital to be treated for serious but not life threatening injuries inflicted by the razor wire atop the fence separating the holding areas. The targeted prisoner was unharmed and has been placed in the main Lusignan Prison.
Those inmates injured and treated at Lusignan were: Calvin George, Saddash Singh, Nick Skeete, Suresh Ganesh, Omar Williams, Lendroy Stephens, Kevin Cumberbatch, Ajit Jittall, Ryan Gopaul, Anthony Persaud Ryan Banistes and Jayishwar Dhanai. Prisoners taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital for treatment were: Linden Lewis, Abdul Akeem, Anthony Joseph, Travis Sobers and Adrian Edwards.

AK-47, ammo found in Kingston

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POLICE on Friday evening found an AK-47 rifle and several rounds of various calibre of ammunition during a raid in Kingston, Georgetown.
In a release, the police said ranks acting on information, went to a bushy area in Kingston, Georgetown, about 18:30hrs on Friday and found in a haversack the following illegal items. An AK-47 rifle, an extended .380 magazine and one hundred and ninety -six (196) live rounds of 7.62by 39,. 40 and. 380 ammunition. No arrest has as yet been made. An investigation is in progress.

Bandits strike again at GPL branch


– flee with firearm, cash 
Bandits struck for the second time yesterday at a Guyana Power and Light (GPL) Customer Service Station, this time escaping with the days’ revenue, a firearm, and valuables from staff and customers at the entity’s Parika, Essequibo branch.
Kaieteur News understands that the robbers relieved a manager of some $750,000, a further $60,000 and a mobile phone. They escaped in a white car.
According to reports, the armed security guard was at the doorway and the manager and other GPL employees were in the cashier area at around 12:25 hrs, when one of the robbers suddenly pointed a handgun at the guard, while an accomplice disarmed their victim.
After ordering the guard to lie on the floor, the robbers kicked open the door to the cashier area, pointed guns at the staffers and ordered them to “hand over everything.”
After emptying two drawers of cash, and relieving the manager of her phone, the robbers then exited and escaped by car.
A brief release from the GPL’s public relations branch stated that the “brazen act of crime” occurred after 12:00hrs.
“Three armed bandits stormed our Parika Service Centre; robbing the location of all revenues received at that time, holding our staff and customers at gun point and disarming our security personnel of a gun.
“The Guyana Police Force has since been informed of this criminal occurrence and investigations are ongoing. Today’s robbery coupled with last week’s foiled attempt at our Mon Repos Customer Service Centre is of immense concern to our Company. A robust assessment of security provisions at our locations is underway, the release added.
Just eight days ago, gunmen snatched a special constable’s revolver and $37,000 from a customer during a brazen robbery at a GPL customer service centre at Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara.
But they were forced to abort an attempt to breach the cashier area after alert passersby raised an alarm.
The robbers tied up the special constable and a customer, and fired shots while escaping, but no one was hurt.

Gunmen instruct lecturer to lie on road as they escape with car


Two armed men on Thursday night walked up to a University of Guyana (UG) lecturer and demanded that he lie on the road as they escaped with his car, a sky blue Toyota Allion bearing registration number PNN 1871.

The stolen vehicle.

The man had just parked in front of his yard at Bel Air, Georgetown, and was about to open his gate when the two gunmen walked up to him from behind.
The victim, who asked for his name to be withheld, said that the incident occurred around 19:15 hrs. The men collected his car keys and cellular phone and demanded that he lie on the ground—in front of his yard, on the road. The men then jumped into his car and escaped. A report has been made to the police. The vehicle has two lotus logos on the front windscreen along with “Our Sweet Angel.”
The lecturer is offering a reward to anyone with information that would lead to the recovery of the vehicle. Those willing to assist can contact the victim on 643-6283 or call the nearest police station.

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