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U.N. Body Investigating Guyana’s Ex-President For Crimes Against Humanity

January 19, 2017 Online Editor Bharrat Jagdeo, Frantz Britton, Guyana, Human Rights, IACHR, International Criminal Court

By Ifa Kamau Cush

Seventeen years ago, an African Guyanese citizen, Frantz Britton, aka, Collie Wills, was kidnapped and presumed murdered by Guyana’s Black Clothes police death squad. The government of the recently elected president, Bharrat Jagdeo, covered up that crime. Now, the chickens have come home to roost. The Geneva-based United Nations Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances has opened an investigation of that crime, inserting an investigative lens into the decade-long reign of terror unleashed on Guyana’s African community by Bharrat Jagdeo’s People’s Progressive Party [PPP] government....................................................

The Jagdeo regime’s crimes didn’t go unnoticed. A 2001 Organization of American States, Inter-American Commission on Human Rights’ [IACHR] Report #80/01, Petition #12.264 named Jagdeo along with Ronald Gajraj, former Minister of Home Affairs, Laurie Lewis, the former Commissioner of the Guyana Police Force and Leon Fraser, a former superintendent of the Guyana Police Force and head of the dreaded Black Clothes death squad, as ‘responsible for Mr. Britton’s disappearance whilst in police custody.’ 

A spokesperson for the IACHR, Maria Rivero, explained that the Commission’s Merit Report #1/06, Case #12.264, holds the Jagdeo regime both “intellectually and materially responsible” for the disappearance and presumed murder of Frantz Britton. According to Ms. Rivero, the Commission’s report is still valid and will remain so in perpetuity until all complicit parties are held accountable…………………………………..

Starting in 1999, and, continuing until 2008, Guyanese citizens experienced an unprecedented reign of terror at the hands of his government. During that period, hundreds of African Guyanese were murdered, many under the color of law, by members of the Guyana Police Force which was used by the PPP government to enforce its criminal edacity.

Victims and the survivors of the PPP’s murderous criminality were offered no recourse from any of Guyana’s state agencies, including the courts………………

The IACHR concluded, subsequently, in its 2006 Merit Report #1/06, Case #12.264 that ‘agents of the State security forces abducted and/or detained Franz Britton and that during the following six years his whereabouts have not been identified, and that, as a result, Guyana has violated the rights of Franz Britton to life, liberty, personal liberty, judicial protection, arbitrary arrest and due process of law.’………………………….

The IACHR does not reach its conclusions frivolously. In the case of Franz Britton, the Commission conducted an exhaustive investigation into the merits of the case over a five- year period. During that time, it ‘received no information or observations from the State [of Guyana] with respect to the petitioner’s petition, despite repeated requests.’ Consequently, according to the IACHR, ‘the Commission presumes the facts alleged in the petition to be true, and is satisfied that there is no other evidence that could lead to any other conclusion.’

The evidence against Mr. Jagdeo and his cohorts is overwhelming, and damning in its specificity. Under Article 25(3)(a) of the Rome Statute, which governs the International Criminal Court,  Bharrat Jagdeo and Ronald Gajraj, Guyana’s ex-president and ex-minister of home affairs, respectively, can be charged, on the basis of their individual criminal responsibility, and as indirect co-perpetrators, for crimes against humanity, namely, murder – Article 7(1)(a); forcible transfer – Article 7(1)(d); and, torture – Article 7(1)(f).

Irma Wills lamented that for over 17 years “all my efforts here in Guyana to obtain information have been futile. Neither the police nor anyone in an official position would assist me.” At age 74, she hopes that the new Guyana government will cooperate with the United Nations Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances so that she can finally get closure and be afforded the dignity and human decency of burying her son.


CoCainE man this person related to you bringing in your supplies?

Toronto-bound Guyanese busted with cocaine

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A woman is now in the custody of the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) after she was intercepted at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), on Tuesday evening with a large quantity of cocaine in her possession.

According to reports, ranks of the narcotics branch stationed at the Airport arrested the woman who was on a flight headed to Toronto, Canada.

She was found with four parcels of what was suspected to be cocaine in her suitcase.

The parcels were confiscated and weighed, and amounted to 4178 grams, as such, she was arrested and taken into custody as ranks continue with their investigation.

Meanwhile, ranks of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) in Berbice conducted a number of raids in the Fort Ordinance Housing Scheme, East Canje, where a quantity of suspected cannabis was discovered concealed in a red washing tub.

The drugs were weighed and amounted to 7748 grams. Two suspects are said to be in custody assisting with the investigation.

Gunmen pounce on South Ruimveldt supermarket

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The Convenience Supermarket opened its doors less than a month ago

FOUR armed bandits attacked the newly opened Convenience Supermarket, located at Lot 49, Aubrey Barker Street, South Ruimveldt Gardens, on Wednesday morning.An employee of the supermarket, who prefers to have their identity withheld, told this newspaper that the gunmen pretended to be customers and waited until the supermarket was occupied only by staff, before carrying out the robbery. The incident occurred around 09:05hrs and lasted for approximately 25 minutes.

One of the gunmen seen inside the store, after closing the door. [Vanessa Braithwaite photos]
This newspaper was able to view the surveillance footage of the robbery and observed one of the men standing outside of the supermarket, while the other three pretended to shop inside. Once the scene was clear, the one outside closed the grill and entrance door after he pulled out his gun.

The other men, who were also armed with guns, ordered the staff comprising a sales girl and three Chinese nationals, who own the supermarket, to the upper flat of the building where they reside. They were ordered to bring out the cash which amounted to $700, 000. Upon hesitating to do so, one of the Chinese nationals was hit in his head with a gun.
The gunmen then returned downstairs where they ransacked the cashier’s section and also carted off phone cards and cellphones. The police were called to the scene and responded in less than five minutes; they subsequently obtained a copy of the surveillance footage.
One of the gunmen covered his face with a towel, while the others were not masked. Other staff members, who seemed to still be in a state of shock, were unable to comment. The supermarket opened its doors less than a month ago.

Thieves attack Crane family, escape with raw gold


A 24-year-old man and his mother were robbed around 20:20 hrs on Tuesday when four armed bandits barged into their Crane Housing Scheme, West Coast Demerara home.
The victims have been identified as Hanson Forde and 40-year-old Dawn Martin.
The bandits carted off gold jewellery, two ounces of raw gold, two cellular phones and $60,000 in cash.
Two suspects, both 19 years old, have been arrested and are assisting with the investigation.
The police in a release said investigations revealed that the victims were in the bottom flat of their two-storey home conversing, when the suspects pounced on them through an open door.
According to reports, one of the armed men discharged two rounds towards the ceiling, after which they relieved their victims of their valuables and fled.
Two .32 spent shells were retrieved at the scene.

Warlock drive-by shooting leaves one dead, 1 injured

Terror struck the community of Warlock, East Ruimveldt last evening when the occupants of a

Dead: Andrew Fraser aka “Zeggy”

heavily-tinted vehicle opened fire on two men resulting in one being killed and the other injured. According to eyewitnesses, the shooting occurred around 20:15 hrs in front of a food stand on Genip Lane, as the victims were buying porridge.
Dead is 30 year-old Andrew Fraser, a Water Street Arcade vendor of 565 East Ruimveldt. The other man, who was injured, has been identified as 26 year-old Junior Abrams.
According to one male resident, who lives a stone’s throw away from where the shooting took place, he was in his home tending to his son when he heard a cracking sound.
Initially, he believed it to be a ‘squib,’ but the volley of shots which followed confirmed to him that it was a shooting. The man said that he sought cover under his bed and only emerged after he heard police ranks shouting “Look a man lie down deh”.
The man said that from what he heard from other residents is that two suspicious vehicle – a Toyota AT 212 and a Toyota Allion – had passed by the shop and circled the area. He said that the two vehicles returned and the occupants opened fire as the cars drove by.
According to the man, a police patrol took away the injured Abrams in their vehicle and one rank pointed to a spot where the other victim was lying. According to him, after examining Fraser’s body it was difficult to say how many gunshots he received.
Fraser’s body was later taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital with a private car.

The small shop where the two men were shot.

He was pronounced dead on arrival.
Another resident said she was watching the evening news when she heard about 10 gunshots ringing out.
According to reports, Fraser was shot five times while Abrams was shot three times. Based on information received by this newspaper, Fraser might have been mistaken for a close relative who apparently has a questionable background.

These jackasses have their heads in the cloud. They lauding themselves for cleaning up crime while in reality crime continues unabated as people are robbed and killed almost daily.

Smoke out leftover gangs

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Commissioner of Police, Seelall Persaud

 —police charged to rid country of criminals

IN recalling the horrid past of “gruesome tortures and executions” in Guyana, Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo, who lauded the Guyana Police Force (GPF) for their good work in reducing crime, also called on them to “Smoke out left over gangs.”Nagamootoo was at the time referring to the crime spree during the period 2002-2006 but, with a 16 percent decrease in serious crimes and a 64 percent increase in the number of murder cases, which were cleared up in 2016, the GPF has indeed showed signs of smoking out gangs and earning its worth of being lauded for their good work, said Nagamootoo at the launch of the Police Officer’s Annual Conference held at Eve Leary.

Although officers have done exceptionally well over the past year, it was pointed out that there is much room for improvement, thus at this year’s conference 175 officers will deliberate on current challenges and issues facing the force and seek to derive new strategies which will help in their fight against crime.

Conducted under the theme: “Forging ahead with professionalism and intelligence-led policing in collaboration with stakeholders”, the two-and-a-half-days conference will seek to address major social issues such as gender-based violence and so on, which constitutes and contributes to crime in society, while also moving to enhance its investigation capacity and develop an information command center.

This was according to Commissioner of Police, Seelall Persaud, who indicated that with their sight set on new goals, it must be noted that in 2016, there was a break-even in reports of murder, with a clear up rate of 64 percent, a percentage decrease in robbery-under-arms where firearms were used, with a 15 percent clear-up rate.

Besides, he made mention of the fact that there was a 17 percent decrease in armed robberies, where other instruments were used by the perpetrators, with a clear-up rate of 23 percent, a 25 percent decrease in robbery-with-violence, with a 27 percent clear up rate and a 9 percent decrease in robbery-with-aggravation with a 32 percent clear-up rate.

It was also stated that the force was also able to crack 37 cases, which included 10 cold cases and were able to arrest 78 persons, who were wanted for committing serious crimes.

During that period the Police Commissioner pointed out that they developed new units in every division which assisted them in achieving their targets. Some of the units which were developed include the gender-based-violence and anti-narcotic units as well as a serial crime unit.

As such, with focus on capacity building and expansion, the force saw an increase of its manpower by 896 new recruits in 2016.

Recruits were given the opportunity to receive training both locally and abroad in all aspects of the force’s operations.

Granger want to take away gun license from the business community so that his angels don't end up dead. 

Bandit shot dead during attempted robbery

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One of two motorcycle bandits who attempted to rob a businessman on Friday afternoon, was shot dead in the vicinity of the Mc Doom Service Station, Greater Georgetown.

The dead man has been identified Gary Koster, 38, of Norton Street, Bagotstown, East Bank Demerara. The incident occurred at about 14:40h on the western

Dead: Gary Koster
Dead: Gary Koster

carriage way along the East Bank Road, opposite the Shell Gas Station in Mc Doom.

According to reports reaching Guyana Times, the suspect was reportedly shot twice as the licenced firearm holder discharged at least five shots in the direction of the bandits.

This newspaper was told that two men on a black and grey CG motorcycle, CH 2167, had trailed a 48-year-old businessman of Anna Catherina, West Coast Demerara, and were about to attack him, but he pulled out his licenced .32 Taurus revolver and fired shots at the bandits.

One of the bullets struck Koster to his left side temple and the other to the back of his neck, killing him almost instantly, while his accomplice fled the scene on foot, heading South along the Mc Doom Public Road before disappearing. Eyewitnesses, who asked to remain anonymous, related to this newspaper that the now dead bandit was fingered in several armed robberies in the area.

Meanwhile, the Police were summoned to the scene and transported the dead man to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre where he was pronounced dead on arrival. ‘A’ Division Commander (Georgetown/East Bank Demerara), Clifton Hicken, was at the scene and based on initial reports obtained by the Police, he told reporters there that the businessman, who owns a supermarket and bar in Annai, Region Nine (Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo), was about to conduct business at the Shell Gas Station.

On the other hand, Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum told this publication on Friday evening that further reports indicate that the businessman was in a canter truck, bearing registration number GTT 5907, that was being driven by another male, when they stopped in front the gas station, on the western carriage way, to allow vehicles coming out of Rome Access Road, called “Fishery Road”, to cross over to the eastern side.

At this point, the Crime Chief related that two suspects rode up alongside the truck and the pillion rider got off of the motorcycle and approached the businessman. The suspect, later identified as Koster, reportedly reached for a gun and dealt the businessman a cuff to his face before discharging a round at the occupants in the vehicle.

In retaliation, the businessman whipped out his licenced weapon and opened fire at the suspects, hitting the 38-year-old man to the back of his neck and on his back.

According to a Police release, one 9mm and three .32 spent shells were found at the scene by detectives. The truck was examined and a bullet hole was seen on the left side windscreen.

Meanwhile, the motorcycle was impounded by the Police as they hunt for the second suspect.

Was this collusion by the PNC and the bandits to steal the tax payers money? 

Bandits shoot mining official’s wife after trailing her from city bank


-flee with $2M payroll

Bandits shot the wife of a mining company official, Dr Grantley Walrond, and escaped with a $2M payroll, after trailing the victim from a city commercial bank to her Meadowbrook home.
The attack occurred around 14.00 hrs yesterday outside the woman’s Jamoon Drive, Meadowbrook residence.
Barbara Walrond was shot in the right arm by one of two bandits, who attacked just as she was about to drive into her yard.
Grantley Walrond, who is the Head of Roraima Mining Company SILICA Ltd, said, “My wife could have been dead.”
Her right arm heavily bandaged, Mrs. Waldron said that she had uplifted the payroll from the Republic Bank’s Camp Street branch.
She said that she turned into her driveway when a man exited a silver grey hire car, pointed a gun at her and ordered her to hand that over the payroll. He was reportedly joined by another gunman.
One of the men grabbed the bag with the payroll. He reportedly also snatched a bank card from the victim before shooting her.
Mrs. Walrond was treated at a private hospital, but was not admitted, since the bullet had passed through her arm.
An eyewitness to the attack recalled seeing Mrs. Walrond heading home along Jamoon Drive. He said he became suspicious when he saw a silver grey Toyota Premio apparently trailing Mrs. Walrond’s vehicle.
He said that as the woman approached her residence, the occupants in the car accelerated.
Watching from behind a fence, the man said that he heard Mrs. Waldron scream, then heard gunshots.
The robbers escaped in what an eyewitness described as a silver-grey Toyota Premio. The numbers 47 were reportedly the last digits on the getaway car’s number plate.
Shortly after the robbery, the occupants of the Toyota Premio reversed out of the street before driving away.
The eyewitness said that neighbours went to the wounded woman’s aid, bandaged her hand and took her to hospital.
Dr. Walrond revealed that a gunman had scaled his fence and robbed his wife and other guests about two years ago. Since then he installed razor wire around his premises after that attack.
Police have had to deal with a spate of attacks in recent years on individuals who were trailed from various commercial banks.
Police reportedly retrieved a bullet from the scene and checked at residences to ascertain of any security cameras had recorded the attack.
However, they are yet to apprehend any suspects.

Bandits drop gun and glove after robbing woman


Four armed bandits dropped a .32 revolver, a black toque and a yellow glove after robbing

The gun, glove and toque that were found by police in Middle Road robbery

a 25-year-old woman of $4,500 around 02:00 hrs yesterday.
The gunmen also escaped with a cell phone and a handbag containing documents belonging to the victim, who has been identified as Komattie Kissoon, of Middle Road, La Penitence, Georgetown.
According to reports, Kissoon was in the lower flat of the house, relaxing in a chair when the bandits pounced on her.
Kaieteur News was informed that the woman was held at gunpoint by one of the four bandits, who demanded cash and valuables.
As the bandits were making their way out of the woman’s home, the police responded and gave chase but failed to apprehend the suspects.
In the process, the men dropped a .32 revolver, a black toque and a yellow glove.
Meanwhile, in another case, a woman returned home to her Da Silva Street, Newtown, residence only to find it burglarized.
Sharmila Mohamed said that she went home around 01:30 hrs yesterday to put on her lights but found her door partially opened and her home ransacked.
While the woman’s home was being ransacked, she was at a shop, that she operates along with her husband, about three doors from where she resides.
According to Mohamed, she lost $3M in cash and $1M worth in jewellery along with other documents.
Both cases are being investigated.

Bandits escape with $6M after trailing woman from City bank


A Chateau Margot, East Coast Demerara (ECD), woman was robbed of $6M in cash after two gunmen trailed her from a City bank to her home around 11:00 hrs yesterday.

Indranie Budhu

The woman, Indranie Budhu, of Lot 31 Chateau Margot, and her husband, Moolchand Budhu, operate an upholstery business at their home.
After withdrawing the money from the bank, the woman called a taxi to take her home.
As she was entering her yard, one of two armed bandits rushed in behind her and grabbed the bag.
While the cops are questioning the taxi driver, Budhu said that she is convinced that he played no part in the robbery since she has been using him for a number of years.
In an interview, Budhu explained that they were going to purchase a plot of land so she went to the bank to withdraw the cash.
“My husband was supposed to come pick me up but after I couldn’t get onto him, I called the taxi and when it reached, I tell the driver to come in the bank and collect me because I got money on me,” the woman recalled.
She explained that once she got into the car, she locked the doors and looked around for suspicious movement as she was heading home in the car but noticed nothing unusual.
“I saw nothing suspicious. When the driver dropped me off, I walked in the yard and then this man approached me and tried to grab the bag but my husband was in the work shop and I throw the bag at him, but the gunmen run to him, hit him in the head and collect the bag,” Budhu said.
She explained that as she was running out of her yard, she saw the gunman running behind her with the bag and grabbed onto it.
“He hit me on my hand and he was going to take my bangles but I asked him if he wanted fake gold too and he collect the bag and runaway,” the devastated woman related.
She said the men escaped in a grey Toyota Allion bearing registration number HB 5059.
The gunmen also escaped with two passports, both with US visas belonging to Budhu and her husband.
A report was made and an investigation has been launched.

It is criminal that the PNC govt send the police out on death trap wooden boats that sink. Now it cost a life.

Police corporal fished out of Ekereku River after boat capsizes


A policeman was yesterday fished out of the Ekereku River, Region Seven, after the boat in

Dead: Belgrave Barthlowne

which he and his colleague were conducting patrol duties, accompanied by a captain, sank.
The dead rank has been identified as Belgrave Bartholomew, a police corporal. His colleague is constable Bess. The boat captain is 37-year-old Devon Williams, a miner of Lot 139 Annandale, East Coast Demerara (ECD).
According to reports, the lawmen were heading across the river from patrol duties when the vessel started taking in water at a fast rate and sank within minutes. Bess and Williams swam to shore but the police corporal did not make.
A source said that they were in a wooden boat propelled by a Yamaha engine.
Kaieteur News understands that upon reaching the middle of the river, the three men observed the boat taking in water. Soon after, the vessel and engine went down.
Reports are that the three men started to swim to shore but only constable Bess who had to let go of his fire arm due to difficulties while swimming and Devon Williams made it to shore.
Upon checking, they discovered Bartholomew was missing along with his firearm.
Several persons were informed and a search party comprising of police constable Rodney and about 20 persons made checks in the river but came up empty handed.
His body floated up yesterday morning.

rum shop story continues in Guyana.

Corentyne labourer stabbed in bar fight


A labourer of No.1 Village Corentyne, Berbice is currently a patient at the New Amsterdam Hospital in a serious condition after being stabbed several times about the body by a childhood friend at a local bar in the village.

Stabbed: Martin Ramsarack

The victim has been identified as Martin Ramsarack, 26, whilst the attacker was identified as Simon Palimgam, 25.
The wife of the injured man, Rohini Persaud, told this publication, “I was in my bed and somebody come and call say Martin get bore up”.
She stated that upon asking him what took place and what led to the incident he didn’t say much. She said that he told her that he ventured to the shop/bar to purchase something. “He and dem had an argument and (his assailant) just pull out a knife and start stab he”.
According to her he was not consuming alcohol with Palimgam.
Meanwhile, Palimgam’s mother, Wellai Sammy, related that her son told her a different story of the incident.
“He de talking with the shopkeeper when Martin come in and ask he who he talking to. He seh I aint talking to you. He start chuck up Simon and Simon pull out the knife. He seh Ramsarack try fuh tek the knife and bore he, and then dem two start scramble.”
She stated that her son told her that the shopkeeper ordered them out the shop but the scuffle did not end there as they continued on the public road where Ramsarack received more stab wounds to his body.
Sammy told this publication that she wants the matter settled and has already spoken to the victim’s relatives about it, but she has not received a response.
The suspect is still at large whilst Ramsarack remains in a serious but stable condition.
Investigations are ongoing.

Albouystown man robbed, shot dead

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Dead: Paul Anthony Daniels

A man was gunned down Thursday morning in Albouystown after two men on bicycle robbed him of his gold chain at Lot 252, Independence Boulevard, after he picked up his girlfriend from work.Dead is Paul Anthony Daniels, 32, called “Dundee” of the aforementioned address. He was shot in the chest and was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital by his fiancé where he was pronounced dead on arrival.
Police say based on their investigation, the bandits entered the dwelling of the couple who were watching television at the time and robbed them of cash, jewellery and other valuables.
Following the robbery, the men were making good their escape when Daniels tried to pursue them and was shot in the chest.
Residents who know Daniels as a footballer and carpenter called on the Guyana Police Force to take swift and condign action against the perpetrators.
At the scene of the shooting, residents expressed frustrations over the incident.

Irate Albouystown residents gathered where the shooting occurred to express their displeasure

The zinc gate that gave access to the home had over two dozen shotgun pellets piercings in one area.
There were blood stains on the ground as well as a pillow which was used to stop the bleeding of the wounded Daniels. Police have since taken statements from persons in the area, as well as the dead man’s girlfriend.
“He went and pick up his wife this (Thursday) morning from Beharry at 6:30am and they follow he for the two big chain he wearing on his neck and they come and shoot he for it; everybody know he as a football player and he don’t trouble nobody, they should have taken the chain and go away,” one resident lamented.
Father of the deceased Charles Daniels called for criminals to be dealt with condignly.
“These things happening over and over and the President needs to make some people examples, because from the minute they get a good lawyer they get off and gone back and do the same or worst crimes. Look at Desmond Hoyte who set the right example and crime instantly decreased. You can’t have people killing out the population and treat criminals like church boy. You have to hang them high!” the senior Daniels said.
He explained that now the family has lost a son in addition to being placed under financial burden to “keep wake” and bury their loved one.
Another resident called for more police in the “Ghettos” since bandits are “coming in your own house to kill you”.
“This boy is an innocent boy, he is a tradesman that worked hard for his money. He get engaged to marry and she is even pregnant for him. Now he dead and leave his innocent child. Who will look after the child? The Government?” she questioned.
Residents expressed fear at the killing, saying that when one person dies in the community, it affects everyone.

Police arrest ‘serial burglar’ in Rose Hall Town – retrieve stolen jewellery, other valuables

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AN alleged ‘serial burglar’ was on Thursday night arrested by police of the Rose Hall Outpost after carting off over $500,000 in jewellery and other items.The Guyana Chronicle understands that the alleged burglar, who has been identified, was caught at approximately 20:30hrs with the items while in Rose Hall Town, moments after raiding the home of Eddie Khan, 56, of 406 Street, Swamp Section, Rose Hall Town
According to 69-year- old Edward Mann, an overseas- based Guyanese who was staying at Khan’s home, he went out and returned home around 21:00hrs. He told the Guyana Chronicle that when he entered the house he noticed that the refrigerator door was open.
The overseas- based Guyanese said he didn’t think much of the opened refrigerator ,since a neighbour who was travelling soon had asked Khan to keep some items in the refrigerator. He believed at that time that the neighbour had collected the items, but forgot to close the door; this was not the case.
“So I start to look around and see the window open and when I go in the bedroom I discovered the DVD, creams and phone chargers missing among other stuff missing… when I went to the station [I] discovered more stuff was missing: a gold wristband, three gold rings, two married rings,” he recounted.
The overseas- based Guyanese said he immediately alerted the police who responded promptly and noted that some 15 minutes after leaving the house, he was notified of the recovery of the stolen items.
Meanwhile, Khan told the Guyana Chronicle that he was at work when he learnt his home was broken into, and said his neighbour had given him $5000 in fish eggs, seven pounds of pork,$3000 worth of sardines , two parcels of fish and two bags of crab to keep, all of which were stolen.
The Guyana Chronicle understands that the suspected thief was seen acting suspiciously while on the street and was stopped and searched. All items, except the frozen food, were found in his possession. He has since been arrested.
It has been reported that the suspect was recently released from prison for committing another robbery in the area and has been frequenting prison over the years.

Gunmen shoot store employee outside bank in foiled robbery


Gunmen shot a 60-year-old worker attached to a store but were forced to flee empty-handed following a robbery attempt on the victim’s employer outside the Citizen’s Bank on Mandela Avenue.
The victim, identified as Christopher Marks, was shot in the right arm, hip and right thigh during the attack, which occurred around 18.00 hrs yesterday.
But Marks, who was armed, returned fire, forcing the gunmen to flee in a silver-grey car. He was admitted to a private hospital and his condition is said to be stable.
Marks is employed by G and J Phone Card store, which provides various phone services and is located a few yards from the bank.
According to reports, Marks had accompanied his employer by car to the bank around 17.00 hrs to make a deposit. The businessman had just deposit the cash when a silver grey car, with three occupants, stopped outside the bank.
An eyewitness said that the men shot in Marks’s direction, and the employee, who had a handgun, returned fire. However, Marks was wounded during the exchange and had to take cover.
The robbers escaped along Mandela Avenue and entered Cross Street, Alexander Village.
Kaieteur News understands that this is the second such attack on the businessman.
Just over a week ago, bandits shot the wife of mining company official, Dr Grantley Walrond, and escaped with a $2M payroll, after trailing her from a city commercial bank to her Meadowbrook home.
Barbara Walrond was shot in the right arm just as she was about to drive into her yard.
She had uplifted a payroll from the Republic Bank’s Camp Street branch.

Businessman arrested for allegedly cutting parking boot on vehicle


Timothy Tucker was yesterday arrested by City Police for allegedly cutting free a boot placed on a vehicle driven by his daughter.
Tucker told Kaieteur News that his 21-year-old daughter had stopped in front of the

Timothy Tucker being taken into custody by City Police.

Outdoor Store on Church Street. He said that she then entered the store to enquire whether pre-paid parking meter cards were being sold.
During this time, her eight year-old brother stood on the bridge leading to the store keeping an eye on the vehicle. According to Tucker, since no parking receipt was on the vehicle, a warden placed a ‘boot’ on it.
His son then called out to his sister who returned and explained the situation. Tucker said he was out of town at the time and quickly returned after receiving a phone call from his daughter.
Upon arriving on the location, Tucker said that he exited his vehicle with a shears. He said that when walking towards his daughter’s car a city constable tapped him on his shoulder and said that he is under arrest.
According to Tucker he then asked the constable what was the charge since he did not cut anything. The man said he returned the shears to his vehicle after which the constable grabbed him.
Tucker said that he was then taken into custody and placed on bail. He is to appear in court of February 10, 2017. The man said that the behaviour of the Smart City Solutions employees and the Police was reprehensible since their bullying cause his children to feel threatened to the extent that his son was already in tears when he arrived on the scene.

Pensioners robbed during home invasions

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– residents call for frequent patrolling

Two pensioners living in Perseverance Village, on the Essequibo Coast, were robbed of cash and a quantity of groceries in two separate incidents. The robberies reportedly occurred on Thursday night while they were both asleep. Following the robberies, residents called on G Division (Essequibo Coast-Islands)

The hammer and torch light that thieves left behind
The hammer and torch light that thieves left behind

Commander Khalid Pareshram, to increase Police patrols in the area.

Eighty-six-year-old Rajkumarie Persaud of Lot K Perseverance related that she was asleep when the robbery occurred.

She explained that when she awoke around 04:00h Friday morning, she discovered that her drawers were open and her house ransacked.

The pensioner, who recently returned from the United States, related that she knew something was amiss and when she ventured downstairs, she discovered that a window was broken. At that moment, the woman said she realised that she had been robbed.

After making checks, Persaud realised that $10,000 along with a quantity of groceries were missing.

The woman also found a hammer and a flashlight, which she assumed were used by the thieves to break into her home. The pensioner said she has lived in the area for the past 62 years and was never robbed.

Meanwhile, another pensioner who lives a short distance from Persaud, also reported that her home was broken into.

Daris Persaud, 85, who lives alone, said thieves carted off with all her groceries and a quantity of cash. Daris said when she awoke on Friday morning, she also discovered that her house was ransacked; the thieves may have gained access from the front of the house.

Police were summoned and fingerprints were taken; however, no one has yet been taken into custody. Both pensioners went to Anna Regina on Thursday to uplift their pension money and they expressed concern that someone might be preying on unsuspecting pensioners.


UN Diplomat robbed in Campbellville

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The UN Resident Coordinator and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Resident Representative to Guyana, Mikiko Tanaka, was robbed on Thursday evening in Campbellville, Georgetown. Based on information reaching Guyana Times, the diplomat was relieved of her handbag containing important documents and an undisclosed sum of cash.

UN Resident Coordinator to Guyana, Mikiko Tanaka
UN Resident Coordinator to Guyana, Mikiko Tanaka

Reports are the robbery was executed by a lone bandit on a motorcycle who relieved the woman of her bag and rode away. After reaching a short distance, he reportedly fell off the motorcycle eager to escape; leaving the bike behind and escaping on foot.
The motorcycle was taken by Police as an investigation was launched. Attempts to contact Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum on the issue proved futile. Nevertheless, based on a description given to the Police by eyewitnesses, the Police are in pursuit of the suspect.
The Police, however, did not release an official statement on the robbery. It is unclear if the bandit was arrested or any of the woman’s belongings recovered.
The diplomat arrived in Guyana in August 2016 to take up the top UN position here after serving in a similar post in Yemen, Timor-Leste, Pakistan, China and New York.

Homeless man stabbed to death while foiling night club robbery


A homeless man who wrestled a bandit and prevented him and his accomplices from carrying out an early morning robbery at Blue Martini, is now dead after he was repeatedly stabbed about his body.
Dead is 42-year-old Sunil Singh (no fixed place of abode). The labourer succumbed to his injuries at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).
Also injured was Charlesdel Valenzuela, 21, of Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara, who works as a bartender at the night club.
The suspect is still on the run.
Around 2:45hrs yesterday, three men, one of whom is known to the police, visited the club; a while after a police patrol went to enforce the 02: A.M. curfew. Singh, after observing the men acting suspiciously outside the night club alerted Valenzuela, who refused the men access to the club by telling them it was closed.
An altercation ensued between the bartender and one of the men, who stabbed the bartender to his left arm. Singh intervened and was struck to the head.
An injured Singh then ran north into Owen Street, Kitty, a short distance away from the club and was pursued by the suspect, who caught up with him and stabbed him several times.
A resident of Owen Street, Kitty stated that Singh collapsed in front of a house in the area and was transported to the hospital by public spirited citizens.
However, when Kaieteur News visited the house, an occupant said that the injured man was not removed from in front of his residence.  The occupant stated that he only became aware of the incident yesterday morning from neighbours. He recalled being told that police were in the area conducting investigations.

Bandits cart off $$M after invading storeowner’s home

– four-year-old among victims bound and terrorized

Masked gunmen terrorized and tied up a Bagotstown, East Bank Demerara family, before escaping with millions in cash and jewellery, during a brazen attack last evening at around 20:00 hrs, at R. Gossai and Sons General Store.
The 63-year-old businessman, Rabindranauth Gossai, was gun-butted to the head during the approximately 25-minute ordeal. He had to seek medical treatment.
The store is located in the vicinity of the Demerara Harbour Bridge, but it appears that few persons realised that a robbery had occurred.
The business was closed at the time of the attack, but the gunmen scaled a concrete fence at the northern end after cutting through razor-wire at the top. They then hid in the yard.
At around 20.00 hrs, Joey Gossai, the businessman’s son, came outside and went to the back of the property. Three masked men with guns then pounced on him, and took him into the house.
The bandits were joined by three others, who ordered Joey Gossai, his mother, Phyllis Gossai, his dad and four-year-old son to lie face-down on the kitchen floor. They then began to ransack every area of the two-storey property.
Mrs. Gossai said that they also relieved her of a gold chain, and estimates that the robbers carted off about a million in jewellery along with a Digital Video Recorder.
Kaieteur News understands that the bandits also located a substantial sum of cash, but kept demanding more. Mrs. Gossai said they struck her husband in the head, while telling him to show them “the safe,” and “the gun”.
They eventually fled the scene, though the victims were unable to say what mode of transportation was used.
Mr. Gossai reportedly freed himself and then untied the other victims. He was taken to a hospital.
Police arrived about an hour later. There were no reports of any arrests.

Murder accused stabbed at city court


…after he and four others are committed to stand trial for Professor’s killing

Eighteen-year-old Timothy Paul Chance was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital just after

MURDERED: Professor Pairadeau Mars

noon yesterday, after he was stabbed to the abdomen as he was making his way to the Police Outpost at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.
The stabbing occurred minutes after Chance and four co-accused (two male and two female) – two of whom are juveniles – were committed to stand trial in the High Court for allegedly killing Professor Pairadeau Mars on May 12, 2016 at Prashad Nagar, Georgetown.
Chance was stabbed after he was reportedly accosted by the two male accused during which time, one of them dealt him a stab to the belly with an improvised ice pick.
Chance collapsed to the ground and had to be assisted by police ranks, who placed him to sit on a bench outside the police outpost. His attacker was placed on lockdown.
A Guyana Fire Service ambulance was summoned immediately.
A few minutes later, several armed policemen arrived at the court house.
According to reports, there has been an ongoing feud between Chance and the two co-accused.
A source said that the duo have been accusing Chance of leaking information to police, which led to their arrest. The two men have been reportedly planning to harm Chance if they were not freed of the murder charge.
Meanwhile, Chance’s mother wailed uncontrollably as she pleaded with ranks to see her son, who appeared to be in pain. Three policewomen had to be called in to restrain the aggrieved mother who was warned to desist from interrupting court proceedings.
The mother was eventually allowed to see her injured son before he was escorted by police ranks and placed in the ambulance. She accompanied her son on the journey.

MURDER ACCUSED: Timothy Paul Chance

Earlier in the morning, Magistrate Leron Daly ruled that she would admit caution statements given by the five murder accused into evidence after ruling that the court is of the opinion that they were freely and voluntarily made. Thereafter, she informed the accused that a prima facie case had been established against them for the offence and she committed them to stand trial in the High Court at the next practicable sitting of the Demerara Assizes.
The Preliminary Inquiry (PI) into the murder had just concluded.
According to reports, Professor Pairadeau Mars also known as ‘Perry’, a remigrant from the United States of America, was found slumped in a chair in the study room of his Lot 395 Bissessar Street, Prashad Nagar home. The hands and feet of the 75-year-old man were bound together with duct-tape, while duct-tape was also wrapped around his mouth.
There were reports that one of the female accused was allegedly known to the professor since she would usually visit his home.
Professor Mars studied History at the University of Guyana. He had specialized in African Studies at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Mother shot dead in front of children in Corentyne

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Dead: Lilawattie Mohamed

IT IS a sight two children will never forget – their mother being shot at point black range at their Lot 149 Sixth Street, Tain Settlement Corentyne home.

Lilawattie Mohamed, 45, a domestic worker, was at home with her 19-year-old son and 20-year-old daughter, when two masked gunmen barged into the house at approximately 23:30h on Tuesday night.

They ordered the woman and her son, Ashad Ishack to kneel on the floor, while the daughter hid under a bed. The men asked “where they money at” and when Lilawattie said she did not have any, one of the bandits placed the gun to her throat and fired a shot, killing her instantly.

The still terrified young man recalled that he woke up to loud banging on the front door, which they broke and eventually gained entry. According to Ishack, he and his mother tried prevent the men from entering the bedroom by bracing the door but they were overpowered.

“Them bruk the front door to come and then take the bar from the door and try to break the room to the bedroom. We were all in the room, so my sister hide under the bed, my mother was screaming, then we both try to brace the door so that they wouldn’t come in,” the terrified young man said.

He explained that the only words spoken by one of the intruders were, “here the money at,” after which his mother was shot dead. In tears, the young man said his mother collapsed beside him, covered in blood.

The gunmen immediately escaped by scaling the fence and firing a round in the air. They left empty handed. According to residents, the two men were seen running towards the back of the community.

Cop shoots man, hides ganja

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Assistant Superintendent, Rovin Das

ASSISTANT Superintendent (ASP), Rovin Das is now under close arrest after shooting 46-year-old Bertrand Robertson of Rebecca’s Lust, Mahaica, East Coast Demerara (ECD), on Monday night and for also allegedly hiding a quantity of Marijuana under a tree.

Bertrand Robertson

Police reports indicate that at around 23:30hrs that night, the officer was returning to Georgetown from Berbice when he felt sleepy and decided to park his vehicle in the corner of the Fair Field Public Road, ECD, to rest.

He alleged that he was subsequently awaken by someone knocking on the window glass of the driver side, where he was seated and he lowered the glass and saw the suspect (Robertson), who enquired as to his presence there, to which he explained.

After the explanation was given, the suspect allegedly removed the car key from its ignition and as the officer attempted to retrieve it, Robertson drew a hatchet so the officer immediately drew his service revolver and discharged two rounds hitting him in the left ankle.

Robertson was escorted to the Mahaicony Hospital where he was treated and sent away. The officer is assisting with the investigation. The weapon along with two spent shells recovered at the scene and the hatchet have been lodged.

Meanwhile, it was a twist of tales when the Guyana Chronicle visited the home of Robertson.

Speaking to the Chronicle, the victim disclosed that crime has been on the increase in the area, so along with a few other villagers, he formed a vigilante group.

And, on the night of the incident, he alleged that he was driving when he noticed the vehicle, driven by Das, pulling over to the corner of the road at Fair Field. “We getting a lot of robberies in the area these days, so when the vehicle pulled over, the lights came off and someone came out, I decided to stop and see what the driver’s motive was… after quite some time went by, I went off to get two more of the villagers so that we can go speak to the diver,” said the victim.

However, upon approaching the car, without any questions being asked, the officer allegedly lowered his window and discharged two shots at the men, both of which struck the victim.

The men subsequently ran away from the car and contacted the police, said Robertson, but when they turned to look, Das was allegedly acting “suspicious” and seen hiding a parcel under a nearby “sucker tree.” Later when police visited the scene, they found a parcel of marijuana, which has been lodged at the police station. The officer is being investigated for both the shooting and the discovery of the drug.

Gunmen rob Berbice mechanic

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Three men, two of whom were armed with handguns, on Tuesday morning robbed a Corentyne mechanic of cash and jewellery.
According to reports, about 01:00h, Davindon Reddy was packing up after his daughter’s birthday party when three armed men entered his yard.
The men all had handkerchiefs tied over their faces, in an attempt to conceal their identity.
They relieved Reddy of one gold chain worth $100,000 and $15,000 in cash.
B Division (Berbice) Commander, Assistant Commissioner Ian Amsterdam said the perpetrators then jumped the front fence and made good their escape on foot.
He said the Police were investigating the incident, but, up to press time, have not arrested anyone. Several leads are being followed as the investigations continue.

Gunmen snatch $4M, firearm from flour distributor

Gunmen yesterday afternoon relieved 45-year-old Rudolph Dyal of Station Street, Kitty of $4M in cash and a loaded firearm.
According to Dyal, who is a flour distributor employed with NAMILCO, he had just returned from a delivery on the East Coast of Demerara, around 5pm, when he was cornered by four men in a car.
Dyal said that he was carrying two bags – one containing his laptop and the other had the cash. He said as he was walking along Station Street, a car suddenly stopped immediately in front of him.
“Three of the car doors open and I see the one man at the front passenger seat pointing an AK-47 at me.”
Dyal said that he also saw from the corner of his eye, two other men seated at the back pointing what he believes were 9mm pistols.
A traumatized Dyal said that one of the gunmen that was seated at the back exited the car, while the one with the AK-47 had his weapon trained on him throughout.
“When he come out the car he snatch the laptop bag, then the one at the front said tek the other bag.”
Dyal said that all this time he knew he had his weapon and he thought that they would not have taken it, but to his surprise the AK-47 bandit who seemed to be the leader requested that his accomplice ‘pat him down’. After relieving him of the weapon, the bandit rejoined the others and the vehicle sped away.
Dyal reflected that he was lucky to be alive and throughout the ordeal, that seemed as if it took forever, he was thinking about his wife and his children.
Dyal said that although he was armed it would have been unwise to attempt to defend himself when he saw the weapons that the men possessed.
Police have launched an investigation and were trying to source CCTV footage from nearby cameras. (Brushell Blackman)

Sophia woman raped at gunpoint


A 24-year-old woman was raped at gunpoint around 23:15 hrs on Tuesday while walking through an alleyway in Sophia.
The victim had just come off from work and was heading home when a man on bicycle approached her with a gun and demanded that she remained quiet.
A police source who is familiar with the investigation said that the woman was hysterical when she went to the station to report the incident.
According to the source, the woman said that after leaving work, she took a bus and stopped off at Joe Singh Drive.
“She said she was walking through this alleyway when a chubby, dark-skinned man on bicycle confronted her with a gun,” the source said.
Reports are that the suspect tied a cloth around the victim’s face and demanded that she perform oral sex on him after which he raped her.
“She said that she throw her phone in the grass so that he wouldn’t see it.”
Kaieteur News was told that after raping the woman, the suspect picked up his bicycle and rode away.
The victim then ran further up the alleyway where she saw a group of young men and alerted them as to what had happened but the suspect had disappeared when the men attempted to locate him.
The woman was subsequently taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where a medical examination was done.

Phone card vendor shot dead in Adventure shop


Dead phone card vendor: Danian Jagdeo

A 36-year-old phone card vendor and father of four, was shot dead yesterday afternoon as two armed men robbed him at a shop at Adventure Village, Corentyne, Berbice, just a couple houses away from the Felix Austin Training College.
Dead is Danian Anthony Jagdeo of Williamsburg Village.
The man’s grieving wife, Mary Jagdeo, speaking to the media at the scene, related that she was at work when she received a call from her son.
“I was at school. I had lessons, so I received a call from my son at home, he told me somebody called for him to ‘come quickly because daddy got shot’, so I told him don’t go anywhere. He said it was Chase Soman call, I seh that is Adventure… I hang up and dash out”.
The woman, trying to fight back tears ,broke down as she said “I came and reach him lying on the ground face down, I knew he was dead, all his hands was white and he was on his face and I saw a (bullet) hole on his side and I saw another one”.
According to the devastated woman, the shopkeeper told her that Danian Jagdeo was in her shop when a suspicious man entered. Jagdeo asked her if she knew who the individual was that was entering the shop and she responded in the negative.
In a matter of seconds she saw the individual whip out a gun. The shopkeeper stated that she took evasive action to avoid being hit, when she heard several gunshots. The men reportedly grabbed a bag that Jagdeo had in his possession which contained a quantity of phone cards and cash.
The men reportedly escaped on a black Honda Elite motorcycle bearing registration plates CD 2125. They later reportedly abandoned the motorcycle two villages away and escaped in a car that was waiting.
Commander of B Division, Ian Amsterdam, who responded to the scene minutes after hearing about the incident, told reporters that they received a call at just about 14:20 hrs that there was a robbery at a shop in Adventure Village.
Upon arrival he stated that they were informed that the vendor, who sells phone cards, was shot and had been taken to the Port Mourant Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. According to Amsterdam, based on information received, the motorcycle was found abandoned by two persons along the public road of Friendship village on the Corentyne.
“We received information that they were picked up by a silver grey Toyota Premio and were headed east.”
When Kaieteur News arrived at the area where the motorcycle was left abandoned, detectives were seen dusting it for fingerprints. The Commander confirmed that Danian Jagdeo was shot three times. Police are on the hunt for the suspects.
Jagdeo leaves to mourn his wife, four children and parents.

Charity’s pharmacy suffers burglar attack


Police on the Essequibo Coast are currently investigating a break and enter that occurred some time Wednesday night at the True Value Pharmacy.

True Value Pharmacy at Charity that was broken into.

Owners of the Pharmacy, Henry and Carletta Alphonso, who are currently off the Coast, were shell-shocked yesterday morning when they were alerted that someone had broken into their business located at Lot 119 Charity, Essequibo Coast.
The discovery was made yesterday morning around 7:50 am by the Assistant Manager of the Pharmacy. She noted that a side door that was usually locked was left opened. She then made further investigations around the building only to discover that someone had broken into the building after knocking in the ventilation on top of the wall. Surveillance footage reveals that there was one masked man inside the Pharmacy.
However, it is believed that more persons were involved in the crime.
Kaieteur News understands that the perpetrators made their way onto the Alphonso property after jumping over the western fence. After they tampered with the surveillance cameras outside the building they tried to gain access via the side door.
Realizing that the side door was a dead end they then smashed in the ventilation blocks at the back of the building using a heavy piece of wood. They made their exit through the vent with stolen clothes, hair machines, perfumes, slippers, 3D video games and $167,000 in cash (phone card and c-point money) along with an additional sum of money.
It was discovered six hours later by Mrs. Alphonso herself that the crooks also broke into her home above the
They gained entry through the back window after removing the grill.
Mrs. Alphonso stated: “I noticed the laundry door opened, the bedroom doors open, the cupboard door open and a half drank bottle of water.”
It is believed that the perpetrators found a bunch of keys in the house to gain access to the various rooms. They then exited the house through the back door with a bottle of wine.

Thieves trail, break into US-based Guyanese car


– Escape with US$5000, personal documents
A US-based Guyanese lost US$5000 and personal documents after thieves in a Nissan Bluebird followed him to a business place in Saffon Street, Charlestown around 10:40 hrs yesterday, and broke into his car.
In less than five minutes, the thieves broke the lock on the driver’s side of Balchandra Hardowar’s Toyota 212 and his trunk and escaped with a bag containing documents including his US driver’s licence and land title.
It is believed that the thieves followed the overseas-based Guyanese from a city bank, where he went to make a deposit.
Surveillance footage showed the car trailing Hardowar and when he parked on Saffon Street, the occupants waited on their victim to leave his vehicle after which two men quickly went to the man’s vehicle and broke the lock.
Anyone with information can contact the Ruimveldt Police Station.

Mason stabbed to death in Tabatinga

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THE police have apprehended a man who reportedly stabbed a 50-year-old mason to death in Tabatinga, in the Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo region on Sunday morning.Dead is Cheddi Glasgow of Tabatinga. Police say he was stabbed four times about the body, and was bitten on the forehead. He was stabbed twice in the back, and twice to the right side of his chest.
Reports indicate that the men had a heated argument in Tabatinga when the 30-year- old perpetrator whipped out a knife when the argument got physical and stabbed the mason.
When contacted, Divisional Commander, Ravindradat Budhram, confirmed the death and said that the police were very prompt in their response, since the perpetrator could have escaped across the border if he had not been caught.
He said the police recovered the knife that was used in the stabbing, and that the incident occurred around 09:30hrs.

Bandits terrorise Canal Number 2 family

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The house into which the family recently moved and were attacked by bandits in East Half Middlesex, Canal Number Two

GUN-TOTING bandits carried out a brazen attacked Saturday night on a family who recently moved into a Canal Number Two Polder, West Bank Demerara (WBD) home.
The men escape with a small amount of cash, jewellery and electronics but returned to the home about an hour after firing a few shots in the air before driving away.
Reports indicate that four masked bandits dressed in black descended on the family of four around 20:30hrs Saturday night. The man, his wife and two children were at home at the time the gunmen entered their premises.
During the attack, the family was cleaning up after moving into the house earlier this month as the previous occupants left the country to reside overseas.
The bandits armed with a rifle and handguns confronted the man of the house first and subdued him and his wife with duct tape.
Police said the victims related that one of the bandits held up their nine-month- old baby by the neck threatening to shoot the infant if they were not given the cash and jewellery that were in the house.
The other child was gun-butted in the process. The family related that they are poor and did not have anything much and a search of the property could confirm their claim.
“The men told the family that people said they had cash and money in the house and they came for it, but is only this month they occupy the place,” one relative told the Guyana Chronicle.
“They tape up everybody in the house, then they ask the woman to count to one to a hundred and the bandits ducked out.”
The relative said they family previously lived at Kuru Kururu, Soesdyke/ Linden Highway.
“The husband does not even work because he is sick and not feeling well,” the relative said.

The AFC now wrong and strong, they take justice into their own hands and beat this man to death. 

Alleged purse snatcher beaten to death at Good Hope


– female AFC Councilor, father detained

The beaten suspect.

Police are questioning a female Alliance For Change Councillor and her father, in connection with the vigilante-style beating death of a 22-year-old man at Good Hope, East Bank Essequibo.
The victim, who is said to be a fisherman, was allegedly beaten with pieces of wood at around 16. 30 hrs, shortly after accosting the AFC member.
One report stated that the man, whose surname was given as Nazamadeen, had attempted to snatch the woman’s  handbag while she was walking.
It is alleged that the woman, a 28-year-old dental technician, complained to her father, and the ‘thief’ was pursued, tied and beaten. He succumbed shortly after.
The dental technician and her 48-year-old father were subsequently taken into custody.
Reports indicate that Nazamadeen was slain shortly after seeking refuge in the burnt-out property where elderly rice farmer Mohamed Munir and his wife, Bibi Jamila Munir, were slain in April, 2016.
He is said to be the brother of one of the accused in the murder of the elderly couple.
A photograph provided to Kaieteur News shows the shirtless man standing on a shed in the Munir’s property. Another photograph shows him lying motionless on the parapet.
A resident told Kaieteur News that she was sitting outside her house when she saw the man running into the burnt out property, with occupants in a vehicle in pursuit. The man then clambered up on a shed and began cursing. He eventually climbed down, only to be caught and beaten.
She said that she later learnt that he had died.
Kaieteur news understands that the robbery victim resides at Ruby, East Bank Essequibo.

Porknocker rapes teenager in Arakaka

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The .32 pistol that was used during the alleged rape

Staring at a gun, a woman begged a man to spare her life moments before he raped her at a North West District (NWD) location. Police in “F” Division Wednesday caught the perpetrator, who eventually led them to where he stashed the gun,which he allegedly had while raping the 19 year old woman.
According to reports, the teenager was raped on February, 8, 2017 and a report was subsequently made. Based on police investigations,a 24-year old Porknocker of Port Kaituma (NWD) was arrested. Police said that during questioning,the man confessed to committing the act while using a .32 pistol. Charges are expected to be instituted against the perpetrator today.
In 2016, police statistics from ‘F’ division indicated that there were 23 recorded reports of statutory rape and 24 in 2015, from January to September for both years. They also had five forcible rape cases and four for 2015 for the same period.
When contacted, ‘F’ Division Commander,Rabindranauth Budhram,confirmed the rape allegation.He noted that the police have a Social Crime Prevention Programme in several areas to target early school leavers and unemployed youths who are victims.

Youth beaten to death at Lethem


Police from F Division are questioning several people in connection with the beating death of a 21-year-old man at Takatu, Lethem, at around 01.30hrs yesterday.
Reports indicate that the victim, Lee Anton, of Bon Fim, Brazil, and a brother were walking along a trail after leaving a drinking establishment, when they were attacked by a group of men.
The attackers reportedly threw stones at the siblings. One of the brothers told police that he managed to escape, while Anton was clubbed to death.
Police reportedly found his body on the track, which is some distance from the Takatu Bridge that links Lethem to Brazil.

Gunmen rob Clonbrook supermarket

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You Gou Supermarket which was robbed Monday night was still doing business yesterday (photo by Samuel Maughn)

GUNMEN stormed the Chinese operated ‘You Gou Supermarket’ at Clonbrook, East Coast Demerara, and carted off hundreds of thousands of dollars Monday night.
The proprietors of the business, Chinese nationals, had opened the countryside supermarket months ago, but this is the first time it had been attacked by robbers. An employee of ‘You Gou Supermarket’ Angela said she was attending to a customer around 20:40 hours when three masked men carrying guns showed up.

Two friends – Rajesh and Sherman were sitting at a table on the lawns of the supermarket and Sherman walked into the store and ordered another round of Guinness. “I was in the cooler (freezer) at the said time because a boy come and he buy some Guinness…when I pack this thing back, the man (Rajesh) outside who went outside sitting down, all me see a man coming in with he, put the gun on the man and bringing he in the supermarket. And say ‘everybody on the floor don’t move’,” Angela recalled.

She said a quick thought of securing her wedding band came and she hid the ring. “When I see that, by time I see he I had on these things right and I slipped off these things and pelt it in the cooler… and then I lie down on the ground,” she said showing the Guyana Chronicle reporter three rings on her finger.
Angela’s husband, who was also in the supermarket at the time, was already lying face down on the floor after the gunmen ordered everybody down. There were at least two other employees at the supermarket and some customers. The men began tumbling for money but when they found only about over a hundred thousand dollars, they began to shout and display threatening behavior.

“When they came in and they start to tumble up and they find some money, they ask whey the rest of money deh, and they seh ‘you come here cause you working here’. Whey the money is? I say wha yuh see there that is all the money because we buy a lot of stocks today and that is all the money.”
It was then that they robbed her husband of a gold ring he was wearing and a mobile phone. However, both their wedding bands were on her hands and she was able to save them. They also robbed Sherman of his mobile phone and car keys.

But the bandits refused to leave with the money and items they had and demanded more, placing a gun to her chest. “When they start to pull out the money, they say this can never be all the money. They ask for the chest in which the money is hid. So when the Chinee girl see that they put the gun on my stomach and say ‘you need to tell we whey the money deh’, she raise up the black thing so that they could tek out the rest.”

Though the exact sum of money is undisclosed, she said it would amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Angela said she had since been traumatized and is afraid to work again after realizing how easily both she and husband could have lost their lives. “This morning they call me back because the CID went here and when they start run back the footage and so on, like me whole body just get cold,” she said, confirming reports that she also fainted.
Meanwhile, the woman’s husband told the Guyana Chronicle he was sitting closer to the cashier when he saw his wife’s facial expression changed. He knew then that something was amiss.

“Me see she turn and watch and she skin up she eye…. That is when the gunman bring Rajesh inside wid the gun… the man seh ‘nobody move, everybody lie down flat’ and me throw down meself. And then them carry she to the cashier and seh ‘you, you know whey the chess deh’. Me lie down deh and me nah know wha go on after that,” he explained.
They said the men carried both big and small guns.

“Them man had big gun. It look like them AK. One of them had a big gun and the rest had small gun.” After collecting the booty, the men ran into a parked white car in which one other man, the driver, was waiting, and they sped north out of the Ann’s Grove/Cloonbrook road. A customer and one of the proprietors of the supermarket ran and cried for help and the police were called. Police have collected video footage of the robbery and are investigating the matter.

Armed bandits hit Leonora poultry business for $900,000


Four men, armed with guns, stormed a poultry business located at 205 Parafield, Leonora, West Coast Demerara, and made off with some $900,000 in cash and jewellery.
The robbery occurred at around 18:30 hours yesterday. No one was injured.
According to information received, two of the gunmen went to the premises and requested to purchase 50 pounds of live chicken. However, when an occupant in the home turned his back to render to them, the two bandits barged into the home and forced its occupants to lie face down.
Rohit Toolram who was a visitor at the time said that two other bandits stormed into the home after and took his friend Abdool Rassaq to the upper flat of the building.
Toolram related that while upstairs, the gunmen demanded valuables from his friend.
He said the bandits ransacked the home and escaped with a quantity of cash, gold and diamond jewellery and several mobile phones. The bandits made off in a white heavily-tinted motor vehicle bearing a PSS series number plate.
Abdool J Rassaq and Rahana Rassaq are the proprietors of the business, which they have been operating for close to four decades.
According to the friend, some of the intruders wore masks.
“I see their face, but this thing (robbery) happen so fast I don’t even know who is who.” Up to last evening, police were at the home conducting investigations.

Gunmen rob GTU employees

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Employees of the Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU) were left traumatised after two gunmen stormed the premises and held them at gunpoint before carting off with their valuables.
The incident occurred at about 13:30h on Wednesday. According to reports, two neatly dressed young men approached the security checkpoint in the compound of the GTU and politely informed the guard that they were there to see a “Mr Baptiste.”
The men were sent into the building when a staff member, who had just reentered the building and was making her way up the flight of steps, was the first to be held at gun point and robbed.
The men then entered the office area and brandished their guns at the staff members as they demanded cash and other valuables.

GTU staffs outside of the building following the incident
GTU staffs outside of the building following the incident

General Secretary of GTU, Coretta McDonald, who was in a meeting in the upper flat of the building at the time said that she was alerted by a staff member who signalled to her that gunmen were in the premises.
She relayed that upon checks, she saw the men leaving the building with bags in their hands. They reportedly entered an awaiting white Premio and drove away.
“I ran to the window and then I saw these two young men going through the gates with the bags, they then hopped into a white Premio. But when we ran downstairs then we realised that the staff downstairs they were robbed too. The supervisor was robbed of her jewellery and monies were taken from the other staff. Other officers that were downstairs, guns were pointed at them too,” she explained to Guyana Times.
It is suspected that the gunmen were after a staff member who had just returned from a city bank.
Additionally, officials from the Guyana Technical Institute, which is opposite the GTU, recalled that they saw the two men arrive just behind the woman in a blue Premio motorcar.
Meanwhile, McDonald is calling for Police intervention as a number of robberies have occurred in the area in recent months. She related that were also several break-ins at the GTU.
The matter is currently being investigated. No arrests were made.

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