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Construction worker wrestles carjacker in trench


… as accomplice escapes with car
An alleged carjacker was arrested yesterday after a 54-year-old construction worker had wrestled him into a trench at Non Pareil, East Coast Demerara, and then tied him to a utility pole around 12:30 hrs.

Garfield Griffith

Garfield Griffith

As the two men were fighting, a second accomplice escaped with Garfield Griffith’s car, bearing registration number, HB 4955.
Griffith, a father of three, recalled that he was having lunch in his car that was parked in front of a construction site when two young men rode up to him on a bicycle and asked if there was any vacancy, to which he responded in the negative.
“The car was on, because I was charging the phone. The other construction workers were at another building sheltering from the sun and then these guys come. I tell them that it doesn’t make sense I hire them and I don’t have money to pay them,” Griffith said.
He recounted that the men then left and a few minutes later, he spotted one of them heading in his direction on foot.
“He come and ask me for a crescent (adjustable spanner) and I tell him that I don’t have, and he walk and go behind the car. I was looking at him (through the rear view mirror) to see what he was doing. In that (mirror), I see the next one come back on the bicycle, and both of them come and ask back for work,” the victim related.
He added that the men told him that they badly needed a job.
“While talking to one of them, the next one walked on the bridge and he took a bottle with liquid out his pants and rushed up to me and throw it in my face. Like he was aiming for my eyes, but it go in my mouth.”
Griffith said that he immediately jumped out of his vehicle and grabbed the suspect next to him and the two of them started fighting. They ended up in the trench.
“I choked him in the trench, but while I had he, the other one jump in the car and drive away. I couldn’t loose the one I had, because I woulda risk losing both of them,” the Crane, West Coast Demerara resident said.
He explained that when he overpowered the suspect in the trench, the man tried to make a deal with him—let him go and he would tell him where his accomplice took the car.
“When we in the trench, people start coming out and we tie he to a post when I bring he out,” the man said, while adding that the residents dealt the young man several lashes with nearby cement blocks. “I never see block (cement) loose up like how it loose up on that man.”
Griffith says that he lost money, his driver’s licence, bank card and other documents.
A report was made at the Vigilance Police Station, where the suspect remains in custody.

Linden man found dead with multiple stab wounds

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The house in which Mark Stellingburg was found dead

A 49-YEAR-OLD resident of Blue Berry Hill Squatting Area, Linden was on Thursday found with multiple stab wounds about the body and the knife stuck in his abdomen in his home.The body of Mark Stellingburg, known as Dilon, was discovered by a neighbour who also happens to be a very close friend. Stellingburg lived alone and according to neighbours he was discovered around 6:00h on Thursday.

“If he wake up first, he would go across by Dilon, if Dilon wake up first he would go across by he but this morning when the boy go across he saw him dead with a knife in he laying on the floor in front and everybody start rushing and the police was called,” a neighbour related.

According to Inspector Chabinaught Singh, no one has been taken into custody for the murder and investigations are ongoing. This newspaper understands that nothing appears to be missing from the house and police believe that the perpetrator (s) had easy access to the house.

According to neighbours, it was only on Wednesday that Stellingburg’s sister returned to the United States. The man was an employer of Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC). He leaves to mourn two children and neighbours described him as a peaceful and quiet man who “doesn’t mix, mix” and they are shocked that someone would have committed such a gruesome act.

Gold miner’s body found in shallow grave


The body of a 24-year-old man was found buried in a shallow grave at 14 Miles, Port Kaituma, Region One, on Wednesday.
The dead man has been identified as Abraham Mohamed Khan of Bartica.
Police suspect that the young man was killed during a robbery, since his motorcycle and other belongings were missing.
One man has been arrested as the investigation widens.
A police source explained yesterday that ranks received information on Wednesday that a body was discovered at 14 Miles, Port Kaituma. When the ranks got there, they found Khan’s body in a shallow grave. On examining the body, a wound was discovered on the head. It is suspected that the man had been struck with an object.
Reports are that the incident occurred around 17:00 hrs on Monday.

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CCTV footage of man attacking Montrose granny shown in court


Video footage of a man sneaking into the home of Danrasie Ganesh and attacking her on the day

MURDER ACCUSED: Collin Alleyne

MURDER ACCUSED: Collin Alleyne

she was found dead in her home was shown to the court, when the preliminary inquiry (PI) into the matter continued in the Sparendaam Magistrates’ Court.
Collin Alleyne, 23, of Timehri Cemetery Road, East Bank Demerara is currently on remand for the capital offence
The battered body of 77-year-old Ganesh also known as Carmen was found in her Montrose, East Coast Demerara home, on August 1, 2015, by relatives who went to check on her after she failed to answer neighbours’ calls.
The gruesome murder was captured on surveillance camera.
It was reported that Ganesh’s killer, believed to be Alleyne, clubbed her on the head with a tyre wrench and dragged her into a corner, where she collapsed.
It was then that the killer wrapped a hand-towel around her neck, kicked and stomped the old woman until she lay motionless.
Alleyne was captured three weeks after the murder at Guyhoc Park, Georgetown. He reportedly told detectives that a male relative of Ganesh made him $700,000 to kill the old woman and steal documents pertaining to her property.
At the court hearing, Detective Sergeant Julio Jonas, who is stationed at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters, Eve Leary, Georgetown was called to tender footage of the gruesome murder which was captured on Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras. He was also called to tender video footage of Alleyne confessing to the crime at CID Headquarters, Eve Leary, Georgetown.

MURDERED: Danrasie Ganesh

MURDERED: Danrasie Ganesh

The unrepresented accused, who in the past had behaved disorderly in court, sat calmly in the prisoner’s dock as the videos were being played during the morning session. However, the case was adjourned to the afternoon session after the Magistrate documented minutes.
During the afternoon proceeding, the accused was visibly upset at the evidence being shown to the court and did not hesitate to show his objections. Alleyne blurted out a series of expletives.
Magistrate Ally-Seepaul then ordered that the accused be escorted out of the courtroom , and adjourned the PI until January 9, 2017.
At the last court hearing, Detective Inspector, Cedric Gravesande was called to testify. Inspector Gravesande gave evidence in relation to a confrontation he had with Alleyne at CID Headquarters, Eve Leary, Georgetown. At the time of the murder, the police witness told the court that he was the Officer in Charge of crime at the Sparendaam Police Station.
Upon completion of the witness’s testimony, Alleyne declined to cross-examine him.
Police Prosecutor David Goodridge has since indicated that Detective Sergeant Rodwell Sarrabo would be his final witness.

Bartica resident robbed, shot dead

An investigation is ongoing regarding the death of a 24-year-old man who was found dead at 16 Miles, Bartica, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni) at approximately 17:30h on Monday.
Reports indicate that Abrahama Mohammed Khan was in the process of transporting a large quantity of raw gold for his employer, when he was robbed of the gold and the motorcycle he was travelling on.
According to a foreman attached to the mining operation that was travelling with Khan, the gunmen then shot him to his neck. However, as they began to fire gunshots in his direction, he fled the scene.
A source close to the investigation told Guyana Times that the foreman was apprehended by the Police for three days following the incident.
Khan leaves to mourn his wife, two-year-old son, unborn child and other family and friends

Brazilian killed during robbery

Less than a week after the body of a Bartica miner was found in a shallow grave at 16 Miles Issano Landing, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni), suspected to have been killed and relieved of a quantity of raw gold, another miner was on Thursday found dead in Port Kaituma, North West District (NWD).
Dead is Brazilian national Jose Pozzer, 43, also called “Goodie” and “Hilary”.
Guyana Times understands that Pozzer might have been robbed and shot by the perpetrators.
Based on reports received, Pozzer left his mining camp at Mazawini, Port Kaituma, after a “wash down” and he was paid in gold by his employers. He reportedly had eight ounces of gold in his possession when he ventured out to Port Kaituma centre.
Investigators who travelled up to the area believe the man might have been beaten, robbed and fatally shot since there was evidence of lacerations about the man’s body and a gunshot wound to his abdomen.
A team of investigators has travelled to the area to launch a probe.
On Monday last, the body of 24-year-old Abraham Mohammed Khan of Third Avenue, Bartica, Region Seven was found in a shallow grave along the 16 Miles Issano trail.
Reports are the now dead man and another man were reportedly transporting a quantity of raw gold for their employer when they came under attack. The father of two was shot to his neck and relieved of the gold, after which the attackers made good their escape on his motorcycle.
The other employee who reportedly claimed that he managed to evade the gunmen was arrested and remains in custody.

Baramita miner stabs friend to death during drinking spree

A resident of Baramita, North West District (NWD), Region One (Barima-Waini) was fatally stabbed by a friend with whom he was imbibing at a popular drinking spot on Wednesday. Dead is Abraham Wilson, 30, of Cassique Creek, Baramita, NWD.
Based on reports gathered, the two men were consuming alcohol when an argument broke out and quickly turned into a scuffle. It was during the altercation that the suspect whipped out a knife and stabbed Wilson several times to the body. The man reportedly collapsed and died almost immediately.
The suspect on the other hand, escaped from the scene. Divisional and Branch Commander of F Division (Interior Locations), Senior Superintendent Ravindradat Budhram, confirmed that the stabbing incident occurred on Wednesday, October 12, 2016, but the body was brought out of the interior the following day.
He however noted that the suspect is a well-known individual in the area and was being sought by the Toshao of the village and members of the Guyana Police Force who had travelled into the area to investigate the stabbing incident.
Earlier in the month, a miner was stabbed to death during an argument at Sand Hills, Puruni Area, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni).
It was reported that the deceased and another man were consuming alcohol when an argument ensued. The argument quickly escalated into an altercation during which the suspect, armed with a sharp object, dealt the man several blows to the body. The injured man collapsed and died immediately. The suspect is still on the run.

Businessman nabbed with 2kg cocaine at Albion

A popular businessman of Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo, was on Saturday morning nabbed at Albion, Corentyne, Berbice, with just over 2kg (2000g) of cocaine.
The businessman, 44, who was a passenger in a minibus bearing registration plate BMM 3323 was reportedly heading to Springlands, Berbice.
Based on information reaching Guyana Times, the Police stopped the vehicle during a routine roadblock in front of the Albion Police Station at about 09:30h. During the exercise, Police ranks observed the businessman acting in a suspicious manner and subsequently asked him to disembark with the haversack he was carrying. A search of the haversack unearthed two well wrapped parcels.
The businessman was immediately arrested when the substance was tested and proved to be cocaine. It was weighed in his presecn and amounted to 2000 grams.
He is expected to be charged with possession of narcotics for the purpose of trafficking.

Guyanese on edge over perceived crime spike – NACTA poll

The population at large feels like sitting ducks, with a crime contagion raging through the country, despite the Guyana Police Force’s (GPF) continued reports of a significant decrease in criminal activities.

 Dr Vishnu Bisram

Dr Vishnu Bisram

This is one of several findings of an ongoing opinion poll being conducted by the North American Caribbean Teachers Association (NACTA) on current issues.
The poll is being conducted by New York-based political scientist, Dr Vishnu Bisram, who has been conducting opinion polls in Guyana, Trinidad and the greater Caribbean region since 1990.
The Police’s claim that crimes are down is of no comfort to the Guyanese population which reported feeling a sense of unease and insecurity.
According to the respondents in the poll, crime is the number one problem facing the nation.
“Many say “people are falling like flies” or “by the wayside” over what is viewed as a rise in murders, robberies, and violent criminal attacks. They also express concern over the increase in drug use. And the business community, in particular, is fearful of the crime situation, saying it has impacted on their business activities; they do not agree with Government figures showing crime on the down side,” Dr Bisram analysed.
He explained that people in general are worried, constantly looking over their shoulders, thinking whether they will be the next victim of a robbery.
The latest survey interviewed 710 registered voters of which 43 per cent were Indians, 30 per cent Africans, 17 per cent Mixed, nine per cent Amerindians and one per cent others at random. The poll’s margin of error is four per cent.
Almost everyone (90 per cent) said crime is the most important problem facing the nation and some 70 per cent said Government measures have not been effective at combating crime.
Many people say a lot of crimes go unreported because of a lack of confidence in the Police Force and their purported slow response to reported criminal acts as well as an extremely low detection rate.
People do not feel that the Police will protect them and are of the view some Police are themselves involved in criminal activities.
Also, because of the socio cultural stigma, certain crimes are not reported.
In a recent VoxPopuli conducted by Guyana Times, persons expressed that they feel unsafe even in their own homes because of the worrying crime situation.
On the other hand, the GPF recently announced that serious crime deceased by 21 per

Customer wrestles with gunman during robbery in restaurant


The display of courage and bravery by two victims of an armed robbery at a Chinese Restaurant in La Parfaite Harmony, West Bank Demerara (WBD) on Saturday led to the capture of one of the suspects.
The firearm and one of the victims’ wallets with cash was recovered.
According to information received, around 23:30 hrs, two customers were dining at the restaurant when the two unmasked suspects, one armed with a gun, entered and demanded their valuables.
A shot was fired but no one was injured.
Kaieteur News understands as one of the customers wrestled with the gun-toting robber, the magazine for the firearm fell.
The robber then tossed his weapon to his accomplice who attempted to escape but was apprehended by members of the public. He was then taken into custody.
The suspect is 23 and is from Middle Road, La Penitence.
Efforts are being made to apprehend his accomplice.

Woman shot in mouth denies lover was gunman


A 26-year-old woman has come out to defend her lover, who is being accused of shooting her in the mouth two Saturdays ago at John Fernandes Squatting Area.
Shevon Harry was hospitalised at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation for almost a week after being shot.
Some had identified the woman’s lover as the shooter.
Neighbours insisted that they saw her lover fleeing the scene after shooting her. One woman even alleged that the man broke her bridge as he was escaping on his motorcycle.
But in an interview yesterday, Harry claimed that the gunman was someone she has never seen before.
She described him as a “light skinned man” who was wearing a blue jersey. But she has no idea why someone would want her dead.
The 26-year-old victim is claiming that her neighbours who implicated her lover are only gossiping.
Shevon Harry alleged that shortly after 12:00 hrs on October 08, her ‘child father’ called and asked if he could come by for lunch, to which she agreed.

Shevon Harry

Shevon Harry

“He eat and then he left. Me and my daughter were eating and then she went in her room. I went in her room to see what she was doing and when I was coming out I see this man standing on my landing and I jumped because no one was there before.”
She said that before she could have said anything, the suspect fired a shot at her and then escaped.
“I didn’t know I was shot and when I saw blood, I didn’t even know where I was shot.”
Neighbours claimed that after the shooting, Harry’s estranged partner told her to wash out her mouth under a tap.
But she claimed that after she was shot, she took a taxi and went to the hospital.
She claimed that her lover did not visit her while she was hospitalised. However, he called to find out how she was doing after she was discharged.
“He called and ask me how I was doing and he said that he want to come but the news that he shoot me was all over and he asked me is what I put him in now,” the woman said.
According to Harry, the man did not tell her where he was at the time and is yet to visit her.
Kaieteur News was told that the near-fatal confrontation allegedly occurred after the victim, a security guard, accused her spouse of impregnating another woman.
Neighbours said that around 14:50 hrs, the man visited Shevon Harry, and an argument ensued in the yard.
He then allegedly shot her in the mouth and escaped.
Residents told this publication that the woman has been a constant victim of domestic violence. A neighbour said that she was sitting outside when the suspect passed on his motorcycle.
She added that about 10 minutes later, she heard an ‘explosion’, but didn’t pay too much attention since she thought children from the neighbourhood were playing.
But then her son came and said that Harry’s ‘child father’ had shot her in the mouth.
“I see he tek off with a speed on the motorbike. He fly pass me house and headed through the dam for Shirley Field. He even break my bridge”, the neighbour recalled.
She said that the suspect’s younger brother went into Harry’s yard and “washed down” the blood.
Another woman noted that the suspect is a very abusive and controlling individual.
This newspaper was told that the police are still trying to question Harry’s partner as it relates to the shooting.

Shallow grave murder…Cops locate slain miner’s ATV, release colleague


Investigators from the Guyana Police Force (GPF)’s Major Crimes Unit have taken over the case of a 24-year-old man who was shot dead during an alleged robbery at 16 Miles, Bartica last Tuesday and then buried in a shallow grave.
Abraham Mohamed Khan of Third Avenue, Bartica was slain around 18:000 hrs while he and a colleague were on their way to Bartica with gold they had ‘washed down’ from their camp earlier in the day.
The colleague who has been identified as Albert Junior Abrams was released from police custody on Saturday.
According to information, the two men were on their way to Bartica on an ATV when two gunmen came out of the bushes and opened fire at them.

The ATV that was recovered

The ATV that was recovered

Dead: Abraham Mohamed Khan

Dead: Abraham Mohamed Khan

Khan, who was the rider, allegedly fell off the bike after a bullet struck him to the neck.
According to reports, the survivor claimed that the two bandits collected the bag with gold and tied him up to a tree.
“He claimed that when they tied him in the bush, he hear when they leave on the ATV. He said that a lil while later, they come back and loose he,” a police source said.
The source further explained that the bandits untied him and told him to continue his journey on foot.
Kaieteur News was told that the ATV, in which the men allegedly escaped on, was found abandoned the following day about six miles from Bartica.
Investigators are said to be double checking the story provided by the survivor.
Both men were working with a gold miner identified as Roy Kissoon

Man knifes reputed wife to death


Police in B’ Division are currently on the hunt for a 40-year-old cane harvester of Skeldon Estate, identified as Winston Benjamin called ‘Blood’, after he allegedly stabbed his former fiancée to death yesterday afternoon, another-murderaround 14:00 hours, at a shop in Ulverston Village, Corentyne, Berbice.
Dead is 38-year-old Yansen Brush, a mother of four and a canteen operator of 20 Ulverston Village. The woman reportedly worked at the Alness Primary School.
When Kaieteur News visited the scene yesterday afternoon and spoke to Beverly Green, the proprietor of the shop where Brush met her demise, the woman confirmed that the incident happened on her premises.
“Yansen came into the shop and less than a minute Benjamin walk in and I see Yansen move aside. So me ask wha happen to y’all two and Yansen reply and said “Girl meh fed up quarrel and sin meh soul…God and the law gon deal with he.’”
This apparently incensed Benjamin who whipped out a knife and plunged it several times into Yansen.
Green said that she grabbed on to the man through an opening in the shop counter in a bid to keep him from escaping, while a bleeding Yansen staggered to the side of the shop.
Benjamin managed to wriggle free from Green’s grasp with the weapon still in his possession and flee the scene.
Meanwhile, the sister of the now dead woman, Roxanne Brush, who lived with her sibling, disclosed that her sibling left to go to the nearby shop.
“I was going upstairs when I heard screaming and I start to run because I recognized my sister’s voice. When I run in the shop I saw the shop lady holding on to Winston and I saw my sister at the side standing and bleeding and I hold on to her and she told me she na gon mek it, and she collapsed.”
Residents in the area told Kaieteur News that Brush and Benjamin, who were not living together, shared a turbulent relationship. It was revealed that three weeks prior to the stabbing, Benjamin had threatened Brush with a cutlass after she refused to give him $2000.
She eventually gave into his demands and he left.
According to police sources, the attacker fled into the Ulverston Backdam.

Female shop owner murdered in Mahaicony


– Bound body found in bedroom
– 14-year-old helper arrested
By Romila Boodram

Bibi Nesha Shairoon (inset) home.

The bound body of a 56-year-old woman was found in her Lot 4 Novar Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara home around 06:30 hrs yesterday, almost two days after she had been killed during what police say was a robbery.
The victim has been identified as Bibi Nesha Shairoon, a mother of three. She had been living at the property for more than 25 years. Up until her death, she was operating a grocery at the two-storey building where she lived alone.
A teenager, who was sent to the property to check up on Shairoon after neighbours informed her relatives that they had not seen her on Sunday, found the woman’s swollen body in a pool of blood on her bedroom floor with her hands and feet tied.
The woman was last seen around 20:00 hrs on Saturday.
A police source said that after examining the body, it seemed as if the woman was killed Saturday night. Investigators suspected that she was struck to the head with an object after she put up a fight. mu
A hammer which was found at the scene was sent to the crime lab for testing to determine whether it was used in the murder.
While it is not clear how many persons committed the act, the cops believe that it might have been two suspects, who gained entry into the building by ripping a few boards from the lower section of the shop, which is attached to the front of the house.
Kaieteur News understands that a number of valuables were missing from the shop, some of which include cellular phones, music sets, phone cards, and money among other items. The entire house was ransacked.
A 14-year-old boy, who assisted the woman in her yard and shop, was taken into police custody after the discovery was made, since he was the only one who was familiar with her home and her movements.
Apart from that, this newspaper was told that someone broke into the woman’s home about four months ago and stole a quantity of phone cards from her microwave—for that robbery, the woman had suspected that it was her teenage helper, since he knew where she hid the cards.
Relatives suspect that the person who robbed her months ago might have been the one who killed her Saturday night.
“A random person won’t just go in the microwave and take the cards. He had to know that she usually hide the phone cards there,” the woman’s relatives claimed yesterday.
When this newspaper arrived at the scene, detectives were still gathering evidence and interviewing neighbours.
The dead woman’s sister, Shauna Ally explained that a neighbour called her yesterday morning and informed her that they had not seen her sibling since Sunday. She did not open her shop and a padlock was on her gate.
“I sent a lil boy and tell him to call for her and if she ain’t answer, let him jump the gate and go in. And when the boy jump the fence, he walked at the side and saw the back door open. When he go into her room, he see her hands and foot tied,” Ally recounted.
She said that the teenager ran out of the house and went straight to her home, which is located a short distance away and informed her.
“When we come, we see her lying there. Her body was swollen and it didn’t even look like her,” the woman related.
One of the victim’s sons, Zaheer Waheed, explained that he was on his way to a worksite in the city from Timehri when a relative called and informed him that something had happened to his mother.
“I know she was a little sickly, so right away I drive towards Mahaicony and saw her body,” Waheed related. He recalled that he last heard from his mother a few days ago and everything was fine with her.
Meanwhile, shock, disbelief and anger were some of the emotions that were expressed by residents of the village yesterday when they learnt that the woman had been murdered.
“Imagine I live right next to her and didn’t hear anything. Nothing at all, no screams, no knocking or anything,” one woman, who asked to remain anonymous, said.
She explained that they would usually see Shairoon feeding her ducks and watering her plants, but when they did not see her on Sunday, they suspected that something had happened to her.
“When she is going out, she would lock the gate from outside, but we see the padlock on the inside so right away we suspect that something had happened to her,” the neighbour said.
As the investigation continues, the cops are looking for a second suspect, and an individual who was involved in an argument with the woman a few days ago.

Gunmen raid Diamond supermarket


Five armed bandits robbed the Hua Supermarket located on the Diamond Housing Scheme main road at Lot 521 Section ‘A’ Block ‘X’, taking an undisclosed sum of cash, phone cards and other personal items, yesterday.chiney-rob
One staffer, who wished to remain anonymous, told Kaieteur News he was reading a newspaper in the yard of the supermarket around 11:00 hours, when the gunmen, who arrived in a white Toyota Corolla motor car, entered the yard and shouted “this is a robbery”.
The staffer further explained that he and another employee dropped to the floor as the gunmen entered the building. The man added that one of the armed intruders instructed all the employees to go in to a bond located in the premises.
The bandits then took cell phones, money and jewellery from the employees.
The employee said that they then began to ransack the storage bond, adding that he was not sure what they were looking for. The man said that the employees were then locked in the bond where they remained for about 45 minutes.
During that time the bandits began to assault a Chinese national, who they felt owned the store. The victim, the employee disclosed, was just a friend of the owner who is also a Chinese national.
The man said his boss was conducting business in Georgetown at the time of the robbery. Eventually the location where some cash was kept was disclosed.
The five armed men, before making good their escape, attempted to cover their tracks by removing a recording device for the security cameras at the supermarket.
The employee noted that the police responded promptly.
Investigations are ongoing.

Bandits rob Woodlands Hospital

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Two gunmen escaped with an undisclosed sum of cash after they robbed Woodlands Hospital on Monday

TWO gunmen escaped with an undisclosed sum of cash after robbing Woodlands Hospital at about 07:00hrs on Monday.A cashier attached to the hospital was reportedly carrying a bag with the money to the hospital’s Accounts Office when she was held up by two men, one of whom was armed with a gun.
Eyewitnesses said the men, who initially posed as patients, took away the cash and made good their escape on a CG motorcycle that did not have a number plate.

A taxi driver who saw the ordeal attempted to pursue the bandits, but they quickly sped away and eluded him.
No one was reportedly hurt, but police have launched an investigation into the robbery.

Cops probe West Dem gun robberies

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POLICE in ‘D’ Division are probing two separate armed robberies on the West Coast Demerara corridor where a business place and a rice farmer, his wife and daughter were relieved of valuables by two gun-toting men on Tuesday night and on Wednesday.On Tuesday night at about 19:30 hrs. two gunmen who pretended to be customers robbed the patrons and owner of the Sun Beam Bar located at New Road, Vreed-en-Hoop, West Coast Demerara. The owner, Yodeshwar Chetram reported that two men came into the handout spot and bought cigarettes and soon after brandished their handguns, relieving the patrons of all valuables and carted off with money, and quantity of liquor from the store.

The robbers escaped with the booty which amounted to an undisclosed sum in a waiting heavily tinted 212 white motorcar of which they did not make out the number plate on Tuesday night. Meanwhile, in the other armed robbery which took place at about 11:00hrs on Wednesday two men, one armed with a gun took away several bags from a family, who were in their rice field at Crane Public Road, West Coast Demerara.

The victims have been identified as rice farmer, Ramkissoon Ramnarine, 57, of Canal No.1, West Bank Demerara, his 56-year-old wife, Indira Ramnarine and their 26-year-old physically challenged daughter.
Ramnarine and an employee were doing some work on the field when two men came up on a motorcycle and one described as a ‘Rastafarian man’ pulled out a gun and came under the makeshift tent they had erected and took away their bags.

Indira Ramnarine, her daughter and an employee were relaxing in hammocks at the time of the incident. The bandits rode off with the bags, which contained important documents, money, and newly purchased medications among other things. The Ramnarines said it is the second such armed robbery they have encountered and the first one left their daughter unable to speak as a result of being tramautised. Police said no arrests have yet been made but the robberies are under investigations.

Two brazen bandits walked into bar, rob 10 men


Less than a month after Commander of ‘D’ Division (ag) Leslie James announced that plans were put in place to combat the increase in criminal activities in Vreed-en-Hoop, West Coast Demerara (WCD), two brazen gunmen walked into a bar and robbed 10 persons.
This recent robbery has left businessmen along New Road, Vreed-en-Hoop questioning the Guyana Police Force (GPF)’s ability to combat the spike in robberies in that division.
At around 19:00 hrs on Tuesday, two armed bandits stormed the Sun Beam Hangout Bar located at New Road, Vreed-en-Hoop and held up 10 men, including the proprietor of the establishment.
The men escaped with more than $100,000 in cash, phones, identification cards, licences, alcohol and at least one car key.
One of the victims, who asked for his name to be withheld, said a group of men were standing around the pool table when a man walked into the bar and purchased $100 in cigarettes.
“Before I coulda tell the man at the bar that this man look suspicious, the one with the gun walk in and tell everybody to lie on the ground,” the victim said, while adding that his experience with the bandits has left him traumatized.
“These men were patting down people from the foot up like they had experience. They took $30,000, my car key and personal items,” the victim said.
Meanwhile, at around 11:00 hrs yesterday at Crane, West Coast Demerara, two bandits robbed a family while they were working on their rice field. They escaped on a motorcycle with $90,000 in cash, medication, cosmetics and other personal items.
The victims have been identified as 57-year-old Ramkissoon Ramnarine, his 56-year-old wife, Indira Ramnarine and their disabled daughter.

Now you cyant even shit in peace.

Five bandits pounce on household from outhouse, kill man, tenant arrested


Five armed bandits stormed a Herstelling, East Bank Demerara (EBD) home, where three overseas-based Guyanese were staying and shot a 44-year-old man to the neck when he put up a fight in the wee hours of yesterday morning.herstelling-robbery
Abdool Ameer Subrati, a father of one of 21 Back Street, Peter’s Hall, EBD, died while undergoing surgery at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).
The Guyana Police Force (GPF) in a release said, that an investigation has been launched into an alleged robbery committed on an overseas-based Guyanese around 02:00 hrs during which a Peter’s Hall resident was shot to the neck. The 44-year-old man subsequently died.
Investigations so far have revealed that the family, who arrived in Guyana on Tuesday, had a reunion at the Herstelling property. Shortly after guests left, the five bandits, two of whom were armed, pounced on the family.
The gunmen who were hiding in a bathroom at the back of the family yard, escaped with the visitors’ passports, money, jewellery and other personal items.
Kaieteur News understands that investigators have arrested a 21-year-old man who is renting the lower flat of the two-storey house where the robbery occurred.
Yesterday, the victim’s brother, Abid Subrati said that he is convinced that it was the tenant who set up the robbery since he recognized one of the bandits and that individual had visited the tenant, who has been renting the apartment for a year now.
Subrati, his wife and daughter arrived in Guyana on Tuesday.
“This morning (yesterday) my brother (Abdool Ameer Subrati) and my cousin were having a little conversation and then we went to buy food and we come back. They (brother and cousin) were leaving. My brother was going to drop my cousin in Diamond and then he was going home,” the man said.
He further explained that he told his sibling that he would accompany him to Diamond since he didn’t want him to drive out of the scheme all by himself.
“I call my wife and she said she will go for the drive too. Then (Abdool) said that he gun just drop home our cousin and then go straight home. My wife asked him to stay 10 minutes more until we done bathe,” the overseas-based Guyanese recalled.
He said that he went upstairs while his wife proceeded to go to the bathroom at the back of the house.
“When she go to the bathroom, she observed the door like it pull in as if someone was inside and she go to pull it and they (bandits) pushed it and come out and she started screaming and she fall down,” the man said.
He further added that he ran to the back after he heard his wife screaming and when he saw the men, he ran back to get a chopper.
“I fall down the step and one of them telling the other one to shoot me. When I run up, my cousin say is a lot of us and we can give them a fight but after they start shoot, we had to back down,” the man said, adding that approximately six shots were fired.
According to the overseas-based Guyanese, his brother was shot when he tried to put up a fight.
“These people were sent here because when we come here on Tuesday, the tenant was sitting (outside) and my wife had a white bag and when they come, as soon as they got that white bag, they runaway,” the man said.
The gunmen escaped on foot.
The wounded man was rushed to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre before being transferred to the GPHC where he later succumbed.
Investigators are expected to revisit the family home to check surveillance footage in the neighbourhood.

Lone gunman robs vendor at Merriman’s Mall


A vendor at the Merriman’s Mall was yesterday attacked and robbed of his gold chain and band worth

Colin Henry

Colin Henry

in excess of $1M by a lone gunman.
This occurred around 07:15 hrs just after Colin Henry finished packing his stall. It would be his first encounter with an armed bandit in his 20 years of doing business at that location.
According to the businessman, after packing his stall, he sat on a chair at the entrance to his business place and was about to pick up a bottle of water when someone instructed him not to move.
“I thought that one of my friends pulling a prank on me, so I picked up the water and then I feel something on my neck,” the businessman said.
He explained that the lone gunman took away his chain and band before escaping in a waiting car. “From how this thing happened, I would say it was a set up with the timings and everything. I went to the market to buy a water and he (gunman) wait until I come back before he come.”
Henry said that his experience with the gunman was terrifying but when he went to seek assistance from the City Constabulary at the market and the Alberttown Police Station, he did not get the support he needed.
He accused one of the female City Constabulary ranks of singing when he proceeded to give her colleague a written statement.
Investigations are ongoing.

Banks employees robbed, locked in delivery truck


Salesman Trevor Thom, of West Ruimveldt, and two porters, all employees of Banks DIH Limited, were allegedly robbed of an undisclosed sum of cash.
The alleged robbery took place at about 19:00hrs Wednesday night at Beterverwagting Public Road, East Coast Demerara, by three men, one armed with a handgun.
It was reported that the driver and porters were in the company’s vehicle proceeding west, when they were allegedly intercepted by a dark-coloured motor car. The car suddenly stopped in front of the delivery truck, causing Thom to slam on the brakes.
The men subsequently exited the motor car, approached the Banks DIH delivery truck and relieved the occupants of the day’s earnings which was in the truck.
The employees were placed at the back of the truck and bound with duct tape. Kaieteur News was informed that the trio was subsequently freed by a passer-by who heard them banging the walls of the truck which was parked at Enmore Railway Embankment.

Gunmen rob rice farmer, family

A rice farmer and his family were left traumatised after bandits on Wednesday carried out a daring robbery in their rice field in Crane, West Coast Demerara.

Rice farmer Ramkissoon Ramnarine and his wife, Indira, recounting the terrifying ordeal of being robbed at gunpoint on Wednesday

Rice farmer Ramkissoon Ramnarine and his wife, Indira, recounting the terrifying ordeal of being robbed at gunpoint on Wednesday

The farmer, Ramkissoon Ramnarine; his wife, Indira and their 26-year-old special needs daughter reside in Canal Number One Polder, West Bank Demerara; however, on the morning of the incident, the mother and daughter were resting in hammocks under a makeshift shed when the gunmen attacked.

According to information gathered, the two men pulled up alongside the shed on a motorcycle, got off and approached the trio. One of the men, who was said to be dreadlocked, reportedly pulled out a gun from his waist and ordered the rice farmer and his family not to raise an alarm.

The family told Guyana Times that the man picked up the bags which were under the makeshift shed and ran back to the motorcycle where his accomplice was waiting. The two men then rode away.

“I was ploughing some rice land and one workman was sitting not too far from the camp; one of the persons from de motorbike run under de shed, pull out a gun and he scramble me wife’s three bags and he escape on the bike where a next guy was waiting for him,” the distraught farmer noted.

Ramnarine further told this publication that the bags contained $90,000 in cash, medications for his wife and daughter, cosmetics, as well as his driver’s licence and Identification Card.

The man said this was the third time that he has been robbed. He revealed that it was during their first encounter with bandits in 1995 that his daughter stopped speaking. Ramnarine added that his wife was unwell.

“Meh wife is a sickly person; she had all she medication in one [bag],” the farmer noted. The Police were contacted and have since launched an investigation into the matter.

Crime has drastically increased in the Vreed-en-Hoop area over the last few months, with 20 robberies being recorded in a one-week period. In response, acting Commander of D Division (West Demerara), Leslie James had met with concerned residents and businesspeople and he had committed to providing more Police ranks and patrols in the area.

Crime woes trigger Private Sector response

… to continue lobbying for VAT exemption on security equipment – GCCI

Escalating security woes across the country have triggered a Private Sector-led confab aimed at bringing together stakeholders for a security engagement, even as business leaders question the statistics being released by the Guyana Police Force, which points to a 21 per cent decrease in crime.

GCCI President Vishnu Doerga and GCCI Junior Vice President Nicholas Boyer at the press conference on Wednesday

GCCI President Vishnu Doerga and GCCI Junior Vice President Nicholas Boyer at the press conference on Wednesday

The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce (GCCI) will on Wednesday formally open its inaugural Security Forum and Expo, where, according to GCCI President Vishnu Doerga, an opportunity will be afforded to the several stakeholders to provide security proposals and solutions, including the tackling of cyber threats.

Speaking to the genesis of the security confab, GCCI Junior Vice President Nicholas Boyer, who also chairs the entity’s Security Sub-Committee, spoke of the fact that security provisions now take up a significant portion of a business’ operational expenses.

The seminar, he said, is an activity to demonstrate to companies, those who have solutions to make lives and businesses more secure.

GCCI President Doerga during a media engagement at the entity’s Waterloo Street, Georgetown, office on Thursday, spoke to the fact that security concerns rank high when it comes to potential investors making a decision to do business in Guyana.

He used the occasion to lament that Guyana still ranks as one of the more unattractive places for doing business internationally and security concerns did form a key element of any investment decision.

Doerga said it is for this very reason the GCCI was looking to showcase to its membership what options are available to them with respect to making themselves and the business environment a safer one.

Security apparatus

He disclosed too that it is in this vein that the GCCI will continue to lobby the Administration to place a Value Added Tax (VAT) exemption of security apparatus to serve as an incentive to business people.

Doerga in making the pitch for VAT exemptions on security appliances pointed to the use of efficient Closed Circuit Televisions systems which have recently been aiding the Guyana Police Force more and more in the apprehension of, and prosecution of criminals – many of whom would have committed armed robberies on local businesses.

Meanwhile, on the matter of the recent reportage by the Guyana Police Force that crime was in fact down by 21 per cent, the GCCI representatives questioned the accuracy of this and also pointed to the fact that there is a big difference between released statistics and public perception.

Doerga told media operatives that members of the GCCI only recently met with officials in the public security spectra and the matter of the Police statistics was raised.

The situation, according to Doerga, is compounded by the fact that there is significant under reporting of criminal activities.

He said an objective analysis of the under reporting could not be had at this time since any such would only be a ‘guesstimate.’

Boyer told media operatives that the GCCI was also unaware of the methods used by the Guyana Police Force to compile its statistics, and as such, could not give an informed opinion on its accuracy.

Doerga told media operatives that in many cases, it is possible to be assured and still fearful.

He pointed to members of the business community being presented with statistics pointing to a decrease in crime, only to be confronted with the news in the dailies – documenting incidents such as the recent robbery at a supermarket at Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara.

Doerga said in his meetings with potential investors, among the concerns was the matter of security and the security of their investments.

On the matter of the Police’s response to crime locally, Doerga contended that there has been some positive movement.

“All of us would want this to happen much faster but this is the reality of what we’re dealing with,” said Doerga.

He said the GCCI is heartened by some of the positive movements witnessed, such as action being taken against rogue Police ranks.

Security confab

Meanwhile, on the matter of the active participation of its membership with respect to exploring different security solutions including cyber threats, Doerga told media operatives, “one can only lead a horse to water, we created the event and it’s up to them to take advantage.”

The GCCI’s inaugural Security Forum and Expo will be hosted throughout Friday at the Roraima Duke Lodge in Kingston, Georgetown.

The Chamber is of the view that security concerns continue to rank high as a barrier to investment, and in response to this, it has organised “this important event as a means of empowering business owners to be proactive in safeguarding themselves against criminal threats.”

The Chamber said it recognises the growing need for business owners to gain knowledge on security strategies, and has put together an impressive array of notable speakers, industry experts and security professionals who will deliver information packed presentations on the latest trends.

The Security Forum and Expo is slated to cover both traditional concerns in addition to cyber security.

Man robbed of $1.2M at Electronics City

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– security guard shot to abdomen

A SECURITY guard is nursing a gunshot wound to his abdomen after he confronted a bandit during a robbery at the Electronics City store inside the Fogarty’s building on Friday.
The injured man’s last name was given as “Daniels.”Reports are that around 11:15 am, an employee attached to Unique Apartments in the city had moments earlier completed a business transaction at Republic Bank on Water Street and he assumed that he was being watched by persons. The man decided to enter the Fogarty’s building to allay his fears; however, he was soon confronted by the bandit.
The man, who was seen on CCTV footage wearing a blue top, with short pants and white hat, whipped out a firearm and grabbed a package the man was carrying. The package contained $1.2M.
The gunman then fired a shot as he exited the building and in the process, a bullet struck the security guard.
The wounded man was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital and was later transferred to a private medical institution. The police are investigating the incident.

Man shot dead during fight with bandits

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The house where the incident occurred.

A FAMILY “lime” at Herstelling, East Bank Demerara,(EBD) turned deadly when five armed bandits invaded the Lot 320, Third Street property and shot 43-year-old Abdool Ameer Subrati in the neck, after he tried to fight with the gunmen on Thursday morning.Subrati, of Peter’s Hall, EBD was rushed to the East Bank Demerara Regional Hospital and was subsequently transferred to the Georgetown Hospital, where he died hours after undergoing surgery to remove the bullet.

Dead: Abdool Ameer Subrati
Dead: Abdool Ameer Subrati

This newspaper understands that the bullet ricocheted to his spine and punctured his lung in the process. According to reports, three overseas-based Guyanese returned to Guyana Tuesday last and met with other relatives Wednesday night at the Herstelling house to plan a family reunion
The planning went into the wee hours of Thursday morning and when most of the relatives had left, the armed men emerged from a bathroom in the yard and pounced on Amika Appiah, who is visiting from the United States.
The men then rushed into the house, grabbed a bag containing three passports, green cards, cash, jewellery and cellphones. During the ordeal, a scuffle ensued between the bandits and Subrati, who was then shot in the neck. The gunmen fled the scene on foot.
In an interview with this publication, Appiah recalled what happened.
“We were going to call it a night at 1:45AM and some people started going home. We were then planning to go in Diamond Housing Scheme and Ameer who was shot was supposed to drive us there,” she said.
The traumatised woman said, “When I came downstairs one of the bandits came out of the toilet, then I screamed and the other four came out of the bathroom that is in the yard. They were all dressed in black and had white gloves, they had topes on their heads and kerchiefs across their faces, my husband was upstairs at the time getting ready to come down,” she explained.
Noting that her husband then rushed downstairs after hearing her scream, the distraught woman said two of the bandits who had handguns were told by the others to shoot her husband.
“He then ran back upstairs, his cousins and his brother who were outside then run into the yard after noticing what was going on, then they had a fight and one of them shoot Ameer. Two shots were fired. They then stick the others up and told them put the bottles they had in their hands down,” she said.
Appiah further said that the bandits then fled on foot and her brother-in-law was taken to the hospital.
“I never came to Guyana and was robbed before, now this happens.”
The police have since detained a 21-year-old man who is a tenant in the lower flat of the house. This newspaper was reliably informed that the same man is facing the court on a robbery charge.
One relative said that before the robbery occurred, the tenant and his wife who lived in the lower flat packed their belongings and moved out.
“After the robbery they came back to check and see what happened, when we come back from the hospital we see them here, this man does have all sort of thieves and drug smokers coming to him,” the relative said.

Suspected thief shot after botched robbery

Following a robbery attempt on a security guard at a city bank, members of a patrol attached to the Professional Guards Service shot a teenage suspect early Friday morning.
According to reports, a female security guard was on duty in the compound of Republic Bank Limited at Waterloo and New Market Streets, Georgetown, around 04:00h when she observed the suspect in the compound in possession of her handbag, which was left on a table.
The guard raised an alarm and the suspect dropped the bag and escaped by scaling the fence. However, the guard alerted her supervisor at the Professional Guard Service office and shortly after a patrol was dispatched.
A young male fitting the description of the suspect was subsequently seen in the area and confronted by the patrol. During the intervening process, a round was discharged from the shotgun that was in possession of one of the patrol members, hitting the suspect to his face and body.
The injured teenager was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he underwent surgery and is recovering under Police guard.

Police unearth 24.4kg of ganja

Within hours, Police ranks were able to arrest two suspects after a quantity of cannabis was found in their respective homes during separate searches.

The 13 parcels of cannabis found at the Prashad Nagar house

The 13 parcels of cannabis found at the Prashad Nagar house

A 69-year-old businessman of South Turkeyen, Greater Georgetown, was arrest late Friday night after Police found over 400 grams of cannabis during a search at his shop located along the Konawaruk River, Region Eight (Potaro-Siparuni).

Reports reaching Guyana Times indicate that sometime around 23:30h, acting on information received, Police ranks swooped down to the suspect’s business place at Takuba Lodge Backdam, Konawaruk River, where a search was conducted.
During the search, the ranks unearthed 410 grams of the illegal substance.
Meanwhile, Police in A Division (Georgetown) received certain information and went to a house in Prashad Nagar, Greater Georgetown, where they discovered in excess of 52 pounds of compressed cannabis.
A 60-year-old male was arrested after ranks conducted a search at his home and unearthed 13 taped parcels of the illegal substance, which was later weighed and amounted to 24 kilograms.

Businessmen arrested

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Firearm and Ammunition found in ‘B’ Division

…as police seize guns, ammo, marijuana in raids

Firearm and Ammunition found in ‘F’ Division
Firearm and Ammunition found in ‘F’ Division

FIVE persons have been arrested, and a number of guns, ammunition and marijuana have been seized in separate police raids conducted between Friday night and Saturday morning.

A police release detailed that at about 18:30h on Friday, an alert member of the Rural Constabulary in the community of Wismar, Linden observed a 32-year-old male from Bartica carrying several bags and acting in a suspicious manner. A search was conducted on the suspect and a number of spent shells and live ammunition were found in his possession. These include six empty cartridges (casing), 31 spent .32 and 9 mm shells, and 21 live .32 and 9mm rounds.

Cannabis found at Prashad Nagar, Georgetown
Cannabis found at Prashad Nagar, Georgetown

And at about 23:30h on Friday, ranks arrested a 69-year-old businessman of South Turkeyen, ECD at his place of business after 410 grams of cannabis were found on his premises.

Additionally, a 41-year-old driver of Palmyra, East Berbice, was arrested early on Saturday morning with an unlicensed handgun and 13 rounds of ammunition. According to the police release, an alert police patrol spotted the suspect driving his motor car on the Palmyra Public Road at about 01:30h. Upon seeing the patrol, the suspect attempted to speed away, but was intercepted and searched; and the police found on his person the 9mm pistol and ammunition.

Also, on Saturday, ranks acting on information conducted a search in a shop at Black Water Backdam, Konawaruk River, and found an unlicensed .32 revolver with three matching rounds and three spent shells. A 56-year-old businessman of Diamond Housing Scheme, EBD, who claimed ownership, is in custody.

Meanwhile, a 60-year-old male of Prashad Nagar, Georgetown was early Saturday morning taken into custody, after in excess of fifty-two pounds of compressed cannabis were found in his house. Ranks, acting on information received, went to the suspect’s house and conducted a search, unearthing 13 taped parcels of the illegal substance, weighing 24kg.

Bandits rob Berbice businessman

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The Mootoo shop that was robbed in the wee hours on Sunday

THE HOME of businessman Jacob Mootoo of Alness Village, Corentyne in Region Six was invaded by two armed and masked men in the wee hours of Sunday, and an undisclosed sum of money and two cellphones were taken away.Mootoo, who operates a grocery and off-licence shop, said that at about 02:00h on Sunday, the men gained access to his home through a front window on the upper flat of his two-storey home by smashing out the grillwork.

“I was in bed, and got up to close the side window — since it started to rain and I usually leave that one open — when I heard a loud sound by the front window. I done know is thief, so I tried to holler and run downstairs,” he said.

Mootoo related that as he ran downstairs, his wife followed him, and he picked up a cutlass to confront the bandits. As he was making his way up the stairs in the dark, he fired several chops in the direction of the bandits, who retaliated by firing two shots, both of which missed him.

Mootoo said the men then turned around and left through the very window from which they gained entry into his home. They carted off an undisclosed sum of cash and two Sumsung Galaxy cellphones.

Mootoo’s (reputed) wife, Vimla Motee, said that when she heard the noise, she ran to awaken her sister who was in the next bedroom. However, the sister was not responding, and she ran downstairs to hide. Moments later, she explained, her sister opened her door but was confronted by the two men, who took away her cellphone. She also ran and hid in the shop.

Motee said that as her sister came to hide in the shop in the lower flat of the building, she opened a window and yelled: “Thief! Thief!”
Her screams alerted neighbours and the police were contacted. They arrived in less than 10 minutes, but the bandits had by then already escaped.

No one was injured during the ordeal, and police have since launched an investigation into the robbery.


Remigrant nabbed with gun and ammunition, remanded


The remigrant Guyanese man who was nabbed on Saturday after a high speed chase by a police patrol, has been charged with possession of arms and ammunition and remanded to
Kevin France, a 51-year-old self-employed resident of lot 55 Palmyra Village appeared on Monday before Magistrate Alex Moore in the New Amsterdam Magistrate Court.
He is charged with being in possession of one 9 mm pistol and 13 live rounds without being the holder of a firearm licence. It was approximately 01:00 hrs on Saturday at Palmyra, East Coast Berbice.
According to information around 01:00 hrs ranks of the Police Mobile Patrol acting on information stopped motor car PVV 2423 which was being driven by France in the vicinity of Vryheid Road, West Canje, Berbice.
France however did not stop, but sped away sparking a high speed chase along the New Amsterdam public road. He was caught when he arrived at his Palmyra home and was about to exit the vehicle.
He was subsequently searched and the gun and ammunition were discovered.
The firearm was seized whilst the car with France was escorted to the Central Police Station, New Amsterdam.
The car was lodged along with the firearm.
He pleaded not guilty and was remanded to jail until November 14.

Another Corentyne businessman robbed

Armed bandits on Sunday morning attacked and robbed a Corentyne businessman, firing two shots at him. The incident took place at Alness Village, Corentyne, Region Six (East Berbice/Corentyne).

Jacob Mootoo

Jacob Mootoo

According to reports Jacob Mootoo, the proprietor of J Mootoo Grocery Store was awakened when he heard a loud banging and went to investigate. Speaking with this publication Mootoo said after retiring to bed, he got up shortly after it began to rain to lock up the windows when he heard a crashing sound.
He explained: “I hear someone lashing my room window and trying fa lash out the glass and grill so I run downstairs fa’ me cutlass and me wife run somewhere and hide.”
According to Mootoo, after he grabbed his cutlass and was making his way back up to the steps, two gunshots were fired in his direction which stopped him in his tracks. The man immediately ran back down the steps but heard his sister-in-law, who was staying with them at the time, scream for help.
The businessman said he remained downstairs as he heard the men demanding cash. According to sister-in-law Devena, the bandits ransacked the upper flat of the two-flat building. She explained that they tore stuffed animals apart in search of cash.
Moments before Police arrived the two masked men exited the building and made good their escape. An undisclosed sum of cash and two Samsung Galaxy S5 phones were taken.
Police recovered two spent shells and the wood used to break into the building.
No arrests have been made as investigations are ongoing.

BM Soat son shot, robbed

A city businessman was late Tuesday afternoon robbed and shot at his office on Croal Street, Georgetown by bandits who seemed to have laying in wait for him outside.

Rameez Mohammed

Rameez Mohammed

Guyana Times understands that 29-year-old Rameez Mohammed, whose father owns BM Soat Auto Sales on Croal Street, Georgetown, was approached by bandits, robbed and then shot. The two men, who were on a motorcycle, reportedly took away a bag with an undisclosed sum of cash.
At the business place on Tuesday, the security guard, Granville Gill, told Guyana Times  that he was upstairs standing at the door of the office after Mohammed had descended the stairs.

“We were standing on the landing there closing off and his mother was at the back coming. So I keep the grill open for her to pass out. Same time we hear “BLAM!”, and I just kicked back the grill,” Gill said, as he along with another colleague immediately rushed to see what was happening. They then found Mohammed crouched on the ground, while the two men jumped on the motorcycle and rode away.
The security guard said he could not see the face of the men, since the one who was riding the motorcycle had his face fully covered with a helmet and his accomplice was wearing a cap and turned his face when they rode off.
Mohammed was picked up and rushed to a private hospital in the city. Police have launched an investigation into the incident.

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Another Corentyne businessman robbed

Armed bandits on Sunday morning attacked and robbed a Corentyne businessman, firing two shots at him. The incident took place at Alness Village, Corentyne, Region Six (East Berbice/Corentyne).

Jacob Mootoo

Jacob Mootoo

Bandits rob Berbice businessman

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The Mootoo shop that was robbed in the wee hours on Sunday

THE HOME of businessman Jacob Mootoo of Alness Village, Corentyne in Region Six was invaded by two armed and masked men in the wee hours of Sunday, and an undisclosed sum of money and two cellphones were taken away.Mootoo, who operates a grocery and off-licence shop, said that at about 02:00h on Sunday, the men gained access to his home through a front window on the upper flat of his two-storey home by smashing out the grillwork


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Sophia man gunned down — friend injured

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Dead: Kevin Inniss

AN altercation that occurred two weeks ago on Thursday night has resulted in the shooting death of a ‘B’ Field Sophia resident and the injuring of another. Dead is 23-year-old Kevin Inniss called “Old Dawg” of ‘B’ Field Sophia, Georgetown.
Inniss was shot four times about the body and was pronounced dead at the Georgetown Public Hospital. Hospitalised is Shane Carter, 22, also of Sophia. He was shot thrice in the leg.
Police said an investigation has revealed that the shooting occurred about 21:00hrs Thursday night.

 The house where the shooting occurred
The house where the shooting occurred

The victims, Kevin Inniss and Shane Carter, both of Ramsingh Street, ‘B’ Field, Sophia, were conversing in company with several others at the time.
Suddenly, a dark-coloured motor car with registration number unknown drove up and three armed, masked men approached and began discharging their firearms, hitting Inniss and Carter.
After committing the act, the gunmen re-entered the vehicle which sped away in a western direction. Investigators have retrieved 10 .32 spent shells and 13 warheads fragmentation at the scene. No arrests have been made as yet.
Other reports have revealed that Inniss, who is a part-time mechanic and also works as a mason, was hanging out at a friend when a Toyota Spacio car drove pass and opened fire on him and several friends who were in the yard at the time.
Inniss was at the time sitting in a chair when he was shot. Many scaled the fence and lay on the floor to escape the gunfire. Several bullet holes were left on the house, roof and fence.
One of the dead man’s friends noted that on many occasions over two jeep loads of policemen would visit the house to inquire about marijuana sales, but, when the shooting happened, only one vehicle with two policemen visited.

In trying to explain a motive to the murder, the man said two weeks ago “the man that did the shooting was driving his Spacio talking to a girl and he pass and jam ‘Old Dawg’ and they had an argument and his windscreen end up getting damage; and from since then the man passing here every day for the last two weeks looking for him.”
He said the driver passed the house on the first occasion Thursday night and after seeing Inniss, decided to turn around his vehicle, returning to the house where gunshots blazed.
“I just want to know if a man go at the police station and tell the police he going and kill somebody what is the police supposed to do,” one of the dead man’s friends questioned.
“The police was supposed to arrest that man right there and then before anything happened, they allowed the man to do what he wanted,” he said.
One resident said when she heard the gunshots, she thought they were firecrackers but later learned that someone had been killed.

Woman robbed at gunpoint outside La Penitence market


A middle-aged woman was robbed of $25,000 at gunpoint yesterday by two bandits. One of the robbers was armed with a gun. The incident occurred at around 15:25hrs, as the woman was leaving the La Penitence market.
According to witnesses, the woman had just left her son’s stall after collecting the sum of money. She then proceeded to the front of the market with the aim of joining a short drop car to the bus park.
It was at this point that one of the bandits, who persons say was the lookout, passed the woman, shortly after the second bandit rode up, stopping a short distance way. The man then parked his bicycle at the side of a parked truck and proceeded to advance to the woman, before snatching her bag.
He then fired one shot into the ground sending persons running, before he and his accomplice made good their escape.
The driver of the taxi said he was surprised by the attack. The man said that when he tried to help the woman, the gunman told him to “stay back before I kill you”.
Shortly after the incident, one live round was discovered in the vicinity.
It was noted that there were no city police in sight before or after the robbery. One stall holder alleged that the ranks are usually “doing their own thing” during the day.
An official of the city constabulary said that city police ranks are at the market on a daily basis to assist with security.

8-year-old shot in Berbice

Investigators in New Amsterdam, Berbice, are trying to ascertain how an eight-year-old girl was shot on Friday afternoon in her leg.
Reports are that the school girl, Sarah Mohair, who lives at the New Amsterdam Technical School compound, was sent by her mother into the yard at about 16:00h to close a bathroom door and on her way a loud explosion was heard and the primary school student started to scream. Divisional Commander Kevin Adonis said currently investigators are trying to determine where the gun would have been fired from and to determine how the child was hit by the apparent stray bullet.
Meanwhile, doctors at the New Amsterdam Hospital were able to remove the bullet from her leg. Up to press time, her condition was listed as stable.
According to Adonis, ballistic tests will be done to determine the type of weapon used.
Residents say there has been a series of loud explosions believed to the sound of fire crackers throughout the day and into the evening.
The use of such explosives have become prevalent but these explosives are illegal in Guyana. (Andrew Carmichael)

Gunmen rob Rubis Gas Station at Mahaica

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TWO masked gunmen stormed the Rubis Gas Station at Mahaica, ECD — located a mere five minutes’ drive from the police station at Helena, Mahaica — on Sunday at about 10:30 hrs, and carted-off an undisclosed sum of money and valuables after terrorizing staffers.Staffers at the service station, an agency of Rubis which trades under the name Ramotar Service Station, have said that a heavily-tinted white car pulled up at the outlet, and two masked men emerged and barged into the gas station’s office while another remained in the car. Both armed, the men demanded the valuables that staffers had, while emptying the drawers of the service station.

“They asked for more than what they found, and we handed over change and my phone,” a representative of the gas station told this publication.

The day’s earnings were taken in the process, after which the men calmly walked out of the facility and grabbed valuables from a female pump attendant before fleeing the scene.

No one was harmed during this robbery, but staffers told this publication that the incident caught them off-guard.

Persons in the area have said that the car, which one person partially recalled as having a “PMM” number plate, was seen at least twice circling the area prior to the attack.

Police later visited the scene, and were taking statements from staffers when this publication arrived.

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