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1 arrested following robbery at Sophia house party

One woman is in Police custody following an attack by gunmen at a house party in B Field, Sophia, Greater Georgetown.

Based on reports, at about 19:00h on Wednesday, four men, one armed with a handgun, robbed several persons at a house party in B Field, of cash and other valuables, before escaping on foot.

Police were contacted and based on information provided went to a house in the very B Field where a .32 Taurus pistol and one matching round were found.

In addition, several articles that were taken from the occupants at the house party were also discovered. The occupant of the house at the time was arrested and is assisting Police with investigations

Man, 71, in custody for raping granddaughter, 13


Police in “G” Divison on the Essequibo Coast have charged a 71-year-old  Bush Lot security guard with rape of his 13-year-old biological granddaughter, after the teenager told her sister that her grandfather drugged her with beer and then had sex with her. The man was charged and remanded until July 26.
Reports have indicated that the 71-year-old took his granddaughter to his Bush Lot home.  On that occasion he purchased a phone for the child in order for her to remain silent. Two weeks later, the man made another promise to the girl. This time he promised her a bicycle. However, the teenager’s older sister suspected something was amiss and proceeded to question the young girl who revealed what her grandfather had done.
The police were called in and the man was arrested and charged. The teenager who lived with her father and stepmother was taken to the Suddie Public hospital where a medical examination was done.
Recently a Tapakuma Lake wheelchair bound man was accused of raping his niece. The man was arrested and later released on station bail.

Gunmen caught after robbing vendors


Public spirited citizens apprehended two gunmen who carried out a daring robbery on two vendors at Bourda Market on Monday.

According to a police report, the robbery was committed on Wayne Miller, 51 years and Darmenna Wong, 43 years, vendors of Bourda Market, both of whom reside at Block ‘Y’, Section ‘C’, Grove, East Bank Demerara.

The robbery occurred at 23:00h and the men carted off with $500,000 cash. Investigations have so far revealed that the vendors were in the vicinity of Orange Walk and Robb Street, Bourda, when two men, one of whom was armed with a handgun, approached the victims and robbed them of the cash mentioned. The victims raised an alarm and the suspects were apprehended by public spirited citizens.

The police were summoned and one 9mm pistol and five live matching rounds were found on one of the suspects. They  are in police custody assisting with the investigations

Looks like a bunch of idiots in charge,  they have to analyze the thieving before acting on it.  

Commander of ‘A’ Division, Clifton Hicken
Commander of ‘A’ Division, Clifton Hicken

Police to analyse spike in auto theft at National Stadium


THE Guyana Police Force (GPF) has been tasked with analysing whether there is an increase in auto theft or theft of auto parts during major events.The instruction came from Public Security Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan who said he found it “strange” that there seems to be a spike in auto thefts during major events, especially when they are held at the Guyana National Stadium, Providence, East Bank Demerara.

“It is so strange that in that high kind of activity area, with so many policemen, there have been allegations of cars being stolen, and I’ve asked for an analysis,” Ramjattan is quoted as saying by the Government Information Agency (GINA).

It was noted that at the CPL 20/20 cricket hosted over the weekend at the National Stadium, it is alleged that several vehicles were broken into during the matches and their stereos, other valuables and even batteries were stolen.

Commander of ‘A’ Division, Clifton Hicken told GINA that he was not aware of any increase in reported incidents of stolen vehicles. However, he pointed out that police were able to thwart two separate attempted car “break-ins” during last Sunday’s cricket match at the National Stadium.

Commander Hicken advised that persons attending major events park within the designated areas that are usually announced before the event. Motorists are also advised to go to the events early so that they can park their vehicles in a suitably safe location.

Alternatively, patrons can make arrangements to be dropped off and collected by fellow drivers, at the end of the event, if they are uncomfortable with the parking facilities provided




Pouderoyen businessman shot during robbery

– bandit arrested


Police investigators have managed to arrest one person while the hunt is one for another, following the shooting of a West Bank Demerara (WBD) businessman during a robbery on Monday night.
According to reports reaching Guyana Times, at about 19:00h, two armed men barged into the businessman’s Pouderoyen, WBD home and terrorised the family. During the ordeal, Prakash Seegobin, also known as “Jai”, was shot to his leg. Seegobin operates a shop at his Lot 3 Bella Dam, Pouderoyen home.

The Bella Dam house the bandits invaded on Monday and terrorised the family

The Bella Dam house the bandits invaded on Monday and terrorised the family

This newspaper was told that the two perpetrators; one of whom was armed with a gun while the other was armed with a knife, invaded the house and held the family hostage. The ordeal lasted some 30 minutes.
The man’s daughter, Ravita, recalled that she was walking down the stairs from the upper flat of the house when she was confronted by a man with a gun. She added that a second bandit armed with a knife held onto her brother. Both of the bandits covered their faces with handkerchiefs. She went on to say that at that time, her husband and baby were upstairs and her father was out. Ravita said that the man demanded that she hand over the jewellery she was wearing, which included her gold bracelet, wedding band and other pieces.
According to the traumatised woman, she and her brother were then taken upstairs by the perpetrators and while there, the gunman slammed her into the wall and pulled her by her hair, demanding that she hand over all the money that she had as well as what was kept in the house. She fell to the ground and the perpetrator kicked her and used his feet to roll her over as he repeatedly demanded money. Ravita pleaded with the bandit, telling him that she had no money, as his accomplice carried out a search of the house for any valuables that may have been stashed. At this point, the young woman said her father, Seegobin, returned home and was immediately gun-butted by the bandit and he fell to the ground. She recounted that the gunman started demanding money from her father and fearing for the safety of his family, he complied handing over some $200,000 from his pocket. Unsatisfied, the men continued to harass the family for more money and kept on gun-butting the businessman to his face while tugging her about. She added that she then fell to the ground, landing next to her father’s feet and that was when the gunman discharged a round, hitting the elderly man to his knee. The woman further disclosed that the men took her into her bedroom and managed to unearth another $100,000 which she had in one of her handbags, as well as other pieces of jewellery. With money and jewellery in hand, the men kept demanding more and even threatened to shoot her baby. The mother of one told Guyana Times that she panicked and pleaded with the bandits to search the house once again and take whatever they wished but not to harm her daughter. The duo then snatched an ipad, a laptop belonging to her brother, and other valuables before making their way down the stairs and escaping. This publication was told that the two bandits ran out of the dam, where it was reported a white car was waiting for them. It was also reported that neighbours were aware of what was transpiring in the family’s home but were too afraid to help. Unknown to the perpetrators, Seegobin’s home is outfitted with surveillance cameras and the footage from the incident was handed over to Police. Diligent work by detectives led to the arrest of a Campbellville, Georgetown, resident on Tuesday.
The suspect is in custody assisting with the investigations.
Meanwhile, the shot businessman has been hospitalised and is in a stable condition.

More reports of robbery, hijacking at cricket Sunday night


– Patrons of the National Stadium urged to take precautions

SUNDAY last, while thousands of Guyanese gathered in their numbers to witness the Guyana Amazon Warriors face off with the Trinbago Knight Riders at the Guyana National Stadium, two young men made life miserable for some fans. Rajin Tulsidas and Gary (only name given) were robbed of a pair of Serengeti Sunglasses and a Samsung Galaxy Smartphone respectively, in what would have gone down as a case of “simple larceny’ until the thieves decided they needed to car to make their escape, leading to a hijacking.

The duo had just left the cricket match at around 23:00 hours and were heading to Rajin’s car which was parked in front of the M.S Supermarket, 7 Layton Avenue Nandy Park, East Back Demerara when two other young men, described as teenagers, confronted them and held them at gunpoint.

The gunmen reportedly fired behind the duo in an attempt to scare them and damaged a Toyota Hilux and Mitsubishi Canter from the supermarket in the process. The duo was then robbed and the gunmen ran over the road to hijack a car to make their escape.

The hijacked car belonged to Ganesh Persaud of La Grange, West Bank Demerara. Perasud and his family left the stadium at around 23:00 hours and was driving his car around at Peter’s Hall in an attempt to easily maneuver out of the heavy stadium traffic when he witnessed the robbery.

The gunmen ran over the road and demanded that he continue driving. Persaud said that he refused to comply with them and came out of the car. It was at this point that the gunmen took away his car keys and made their escape.

Ganesh described the two perpetrators as young men who seemed to be about 19 years of age. The car, PLL 1699, was a Silver Toyota Carina 212 with “SWEETNESS” written at the front in yellow. Persaud and his wife Nandi have also said that the car also contained many valuable documents including ID and Bank Cards.

Both parties Rajin and Gary and the Persaud family made reports to the Providence Police Station almost immediately after the incidents occurred.

Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan has asked the Guyana Police Force (GPF)to analyse auto theft or theft of auto parts during major events.

“It is so strange that in that high kind of activity area, with so many policemen, there have been allegations of cars being stolen, and I’ve asked for an analysis,” Ramjattan is quoted as saying by the Government Information Agency (GINA).

It was noted that at the CPL 20/20 cricket hosted over the weekend at the National Stadium, several vehicles were broken into during the matches and car stereos, other valuables and even batteries were stolen.

Commander of ‘A’ Division, Clifton Hicken told GINA that he was not aware of any increase in reported incidents of stolen vehicles. However, he pointed out that police were able to thwart two separate attempted car “break-ins” during last Sunday’s cricket match at the National Stadium.

Commander Hicken advised that persons attending major events park within the designated areas that are usually announced before the event. Motorists are also advised to go to the events early so that they can park their vehicles in a suitably safe location.

Alternatively, patrons can make arrangements to be dropped off and collected by fellow drivers, at the end of the event, if they are uncomfortable with the parking facilities provided.

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The home of the Karamalalls
The home of the Karamalalls

Bandits attack Berbice family …threaten toddler, 12–year–old sister


By Nafeeza Yahya

THE owners of a recently opened grocery parlor at 195 Nigg South, East Berbice, Corentyne are second guessing their investment after five armed men pounced on them as they were about to close for the day on WednesdayAccording to Nandeshwar Karamalall, known as ‘chill’ at around 19:00h on Wednesday evening, he was about to close the shop, which only opened its doors four months ago, when the masked men, who were armed with guns and cutlasses stormed the shop and attacked him.

Nandeshwar Karamalall

Nandeshwar Karamalall

He said the bandits demanded cash and jewellery. “We about to close and five man run in the shop, them had guns and cutlass and as soon as them run in, them start fuh broadside me and me fall down and start fuh bleed from me nose,” the distraught man said.

His visibly traumatized wife Dharama Devi Karamalall said three of the gunmen jumped over the counter and one of them gun-butted her to the head while demanding money and jewellery; the other two remained on the other side with her husband.

“Three ah dem jump ova the counter one lash me head with a gun and demanded money and jewellery. Me tell them ok me guh give you everything me get,” the still visibly shaken woman said.

In tears, she recalled handing over a quantity of phone cards, approximately 60,000 in cash and cigarettes as the men held on to her three-year-old daughter threatening to hurt her if she does not comply with their demands.

“Them chuck up the lil baby and say if we nah give them everything, them guh hurt she… me give them everything and explain that only lately we open suh we nah get much money but them want more,” the woman said.

According to her, even after handing over the items, the bandits demanded more but her 12 – year – old got on her knees and pleaded with the men not to hurt her sister or parents.

The bandits gave up after the young girl held onto the feet of one of the bandits and pleaded with them. They collected a few items from the shop and made good their escape through the front entrance and left in the direction of Rose Hall Town on bicycles.

Meanwhile, Karamalall called the Albion Police Station, which is a mere five minutes away only to be told that there were no patrol vehicles available at the time. The police reportedly showed up approximately 45 minutes after the call was made.

The Karamalalls said they are rethinking their investment because they are fearful bandits will strike again

Police nab duo stealing from grocery shop


Residents continue to heap praise on Commander of Police ‘B’ Division Assistant Commissioner, Ian Amsterdam, and his ranks after two men were nabbed in the process of stealing from a business place in the East Canje area.
Ranks of the Reliance Police Station who were on foot patrol around 01:00 hrs in East Canje area noticed shadowy figures in a yard that houses a grocery store. The men were in the process of removing beverages from the Adelphi Village premises.
The ranks immediately approached the location causing the men to abandon their loot and try to escape. A chase ensued, with the intended intruders jumping the back fence in their quest to escape, but the cops were equal to the task and nabbed the men.
The two thieves, who are notorious in the area, are well known to the police and are frequently in and out of jail for various offences. One of the suspects, Hardat Dial, called “Harro”, was only released from jail on Thursday on a number of charges after the victims repeatedly failed to turn up. The other man is Alvin Samaroo called “Killer”.
The men had already removed eight cases of Canada Dry drink, four cases of two-litre Pepsi and one case of two-litre Busta grape drink. According to information, the men were stretching their hands through grills on the window and removing the drinks one by one. Some empty cases were found nearby.

More than 20 homes broken into at Bath Settlement

Residents of Bath Settlement, in Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice) have reported an alarming increase in the frequency of breakages into house over the past two months and are calling for more mobile patrols in the community.

More than 20 persons reported to Guyana Times on Wednesday that they were victims of home invasion at least once over the past two months. Residents say the thieves have been removing almost anything.

Three houses situated next to each other at Lutheran Street were broken into over a two-week period

Three houses situated next to each other at Lutheran Street were broken into over a two-week period

Ramphal, also called “Black Cha Cha” of Lot D 33 Waterloo, Bath Settlement, said the first of his three break-in’s was two months ago. He said he woke on a Sunday morning and noticed that his door was opened and also his freezer. Missing were a case of Coco Cola, a five-gallion bottle of cooking oil, a radio and groceries from his home. He said the intruders also ate the sausages from the freezer and left the empty packet behind.

“The next night they come back again and go away with all the grocery… about two weeks ago was the last time they break into the house.” Ramphal did not report any of the incidents to the Police, saying that it will be very time consuming and it would be almost impossible for the Police to find out who the perpetrators were since on each occasion, they left no traces.

Another resident, Angele Ragunandand, called “Teacher B”, reported to this publication that the first of three breakages at her home was one month ago. On that occasion, she said the lower flat of her home was broken into. It was during heavy rainfall and the family was asleep. The discovery was made the following morning. According to the pensioner, the thieves took a bicycle, two working bags and some documents.

Ragunandand said four days later, there was a second break-in which was considered greater. During that break-in, all of the groceries in the house were taken. The groceries had been purchased for a wedding.

On the third occasion, Ragunandand said the perpetrator was seen dressed only in underpants. All three incidents were reported to the Police.

Another pensioner, Mansaram Persaud, said about a month ago he awoke and saw his front door open and louvers missing. “At about three o’clock I heard a noise and get up and take the torchlight and look around but I didn’t see anything so I go back to bed.” Three hours later, he discovered his door open and a laptop computer missing, along with a bottle containing bleach and food from the refrigerator.

One day later Persaud found a crowbar in his back yard.

Meanwhile, at Lutheran Street, three houses situated next to each other, were broken into over a two-week period. A mandir situated in the next street was broken into thrice, residents reported.

Last Monday, the home of a Pandit at Furniture Street was broken into. Entry was made by shattering a glass window and then removing bars from the window. The home was ransacked and two laptop computers, a cellular phone, jewellery and cash were missing during that mid-afternoon breakage which was reported to the Police.

On Wednesday, Guyana Times spoke with several others in the village who claimed to be victims of the home invasions as well, describing similar instances as Ramphal, Ragunandand and Persaud. Residents also say there are others but this publication has not been able to confirm those reports.

Meanwhile, some of the items taken from the homes have reportedly been discovered at an unoccupied house.

Divisional Commander Ian Amsterdam when asked on Tuesday about the apparent increase in the frequency of home invasions at Bath Settlement, toldGuyana Times that the Police were not in receipt of information which would suggest such increases.

He noted that the Police had one person before the court for a breakage in the community. Chris Rampersaud was jailed on Tuesday for breaking into a Bath Settlement home on July 6.

Amsterdam says persons need to report breakages to the Police.

Andrew Carmichael

Armed bandits rob Parika miner

A Parika, East Bank Essequibo (EBE) miner was on Friday robbed of in excess of $7 million in gold and equipment while returning home from a mining camp located along the Cuyuni River.

The incident occurred at about 04:30h at Aramu, Cuyuni River, when Ijaz Mohammed, 27, was exiting the backlands. Two masked bandits armed with what was described as AK-47s, reportedly pounced on the miner while he was on his motorcycle and demanded he hand over his valuables.

The armed bandits reportedly escaped with seven ounces of gold, an excavator fuel pump and his motorcycle. The young man’s father Shaheed Mohammed related that his son contacted him early Friday morning, and related what had occurred: “Well, this morning (Friday), about 04:45h my son called me and told me he get rob. Two gunmen run out the bush and stop him on the road,” he stated.

The father further explained that he was dissatisfied with the Police response to the report, saying that they were quite slow in reacting. He is however thankful that his son escaped unharmed.


Interdicted soldier among two apprehended for La Jalousie robbery

The mini mart that was raided by the four bandits

The mini mart that was raided by the four bandits

An interdicted soldier was among two persons arrested yesterday, approximately one hour after four gunmen stormed a mini mart at Lot 26 La Jalousie, West Coast Demerara (WCD) and escaped with an undisclosed sum of cash, jewellery and phone cards.

The Guyana Defence Force (GDF) rank, who was interdicted from the force’s intelligence section two years ago, pending a murder probe, was taken into custody along with a second individual based on descriptions of the robbers.

The two men were intercepted in a minibus during a roadblock in the vicinity of Schoonard, West Bank Demerara (WBD) while heading to La Parfaite Harmonie. They were sitting next to each other.

Kaieteur News was reliably informed that ranks found $58,000 on one of the men. Up to press time, they were being questioned at the Leonora Police Station.

Rajmattie Panday, owner of the A & S Variety Store said that a little after midday, yesterday, a man (bandit) went into the store and asked to purchase cranberry juice.

“We normally close for lunch and this guy come in and asked for the cranberry juice. He was at the counter and my husband was outside with a guy, helping him put in a phone card in his phone,” Panday said.

She explained that before she could have handed the juice to the man, she noticed her husband walking into the shop with one of the bandits while the other two men rushed in from outside of the store.

The men were not masked and at least one of them was armed.

“My husband had just come from the doctor and before they harass him, I tell them that I will give them what they wanted,” the woman recounted.

She added that after they searched the store and packed whatever they wanted in garbage bags, one of the men took her upstairs where he disconnected the surveillance cameras and took away the DVR.

DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is the device that stores the images or the recordings for surveillance purposes. “They took the computer, laptop, phones and they cut the phone line for the land phone,” the store owner added.

The woman said that when she went back downstairs, the bandits had tied up her two children and husband.

She said that when the bags were filled, the men took it to a car that was waiting outside the store. She said that the entire ordeal lasted for about 15 minutes.

Immediately after they escaped, the police were notified and roadblocks were set up along the West Coast Demerara and on the western side of the Demerara Habour Bridge.

Body of La Grange man found with suspected stab wounds

Dead: James Stewart

Dead: James Stewart

Police are investigating the death of a 49-year-old man, whose body was found on the roadway at the junction of Unity Street, La Grange, West Bank Demerara (WBD) around 05:00 hrs yesterday with what appears to be stab wounds.

He has been identified as James Stewart of Lot 101 Unity Street, La Grange. Stewart lived alone and did odd jobs for a living.

The back of his head appeared to have been bashed in.

While some people suggested that Steward might be a hit and run victim, police sources said that some of his other injuries are consistent with stab wounds.

However, a Post Mortem examination will determine the exact cause of death.

According to information received, residents in the area who were going to the market spotted the body in a pool of blood and notified the police. Because the person’s face was badly damaged, no one knew who he was.

His sister, Cameel Stewart, said she had no idea her sibling had died. It was when she went to the market that she heard people talking about a body that was found on the roadway.

She was then informed that the victim looked like her brother.

“I went to the mortuary and that’s when I saw it was him. It looks like a murder, his face mash in and there was a hole in his head and forehead.”

The devastated woman said that it seems as though someone beat and stabbed him during a robbery. Residents in the area reported seeing the 49-year-old man consuming alcohol at a shop the day before his body was found.

“When he drink, people does beat him up and take away his money,” his sister said.

According to Stewart, she last saw her brother Saturday morning and the two of them enjoyed a “good laugh.”

“I was going home from work and the rain start fall so I was running and he saw me and telling me, ‘run yo fatso, run’ and I tell he that he laughing me before he come help,” she recounted.

The woman added that he then told her that he was going home since he already visited his two sisters in the area.

“That was the last time I heard from him but later that day, he went by another sister and then he went and drink,” Stewart said.

Her brother was never married and had no children.

Bogus narcotics cops stole my car – says V/Hoop resident


A New Road, Vreed-en-Hoop, West Coast Demerara resident is appealing to the police to track down four bogus narcotics ranks whom he claims stole his vehicle yesterday.

The victim said that he had just entered his yard at around 10.30 hrs, when three men came through the open gate and identified themselves as policemen from the Force’s Narcotics Division.

“They say that they are narcotics ranks and that they have to check the vehicle,” he said. “I said let me go with you to check the vehicle (a blue Nissan, PZZ 914).”

He said that instead, one of the men snatched the car keys from his hand. The men then entered his vehicle and drove it out of the yard. But he said that before driving off, one of the men re-entered his yard and said that they were actually working with an auto dealership. He then left with his companions.

The resident said that he had filed a report at the Vreed-en-Hoop Police Station. He told Kaieteur News that he purchased the vehicle seven months ago for $2.5M, and has the receipts to back up his claim.

‘Thief’ shot during botched robbery


A man was shot yesterday afternoon in Alexander Village, reportedly while attempting to rob a businessman.
This publication understands that the man told police that he was on his way to a shop in the village when he heard gunshots. He said that he started running and felt a burning in his back before collapsing.
But according to sources, the injured man was among a gang of men who attempted to rob a businessman but the man resisted.
The group had reportedly gone into the businessman’s property and attempted to rob him, but they were unaware that the man was a licenced firearm holder. The intruders fled after the businessman whipped out his firearm and discharged a number of rounds.
The suspect was reportedly shot while trying to escape.
The police were summoned and the suspect was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he received treatment for the gunshot wound. He is listed as stable and remains under police guard.

‘Drug addict’ teen butchers stepdad


– Caught hiding under culvert by construction workers


By Romila Boodram

Claiming that he was not feeling well, a 16-year-old boy took a day off from his

The house in which 70-year-old Eustace Williams [inset) was killed.

The house in which 70-year-old Eustace Williams (inset) was killed.

job at a wash bay yesterday, sneaked his way into his stepfather’s residence at Lot 469 Crane, West Coast Demerara (WCD), and slaughtered the 70-year-old man in his sleep.
While still armed with the murder weapon—a cutlass and covered in blood— the teen scaled a fence in his bid to escape, but was eventually captured by construction workers – hiding under a culvert, a street from where he butchered his victim.
Eustace Williams, also called Patrick, a security guard, was attacked sometime around 10:30 hrs in the bedroom of his two-storey home. His body was found in the kitchen with multiple chop wounds to his back, head, arms and feet. From all indications, the victim had tried to flee from his attacker.
During his murderous rampage, the teen sustained a chop wound to his foot and was taken to the hospital for treatment.
According to police sources, the young man claimed that he went to his stepfather’s home to collect a computer and the man chopped him, forcing him to defend himself.
But the cops are not buying his story. They believe that the 16-year-old incidentally wounded himself while viciously butchering the elderly man.

Residents in front the victim’s home yesterday.

Residents in front the victim’s home yesterday.

It is suspected that Williams was killed after he asked the suspect to move from his home about six weeks ago, for stealing and smoking drugs.
Investigators believe that it might have been the teen’s way of getting back at the pensioner for evicting him.
Kaieteur News was told that the man and the suspect’s mother had been living together for the past several years. The woman is currently working in Cayenne. Whenever she is not in the country, the victim and the teen would be in the home.
However, the man had been living at the property alone since he asked the teen to move out.
At the scene yesterday, construction workers said that they heard screaming coming from the house and then noticed the young man at the side of the premises covered in blood. They suspected that something was wrong, since the teen had been “thrown out”.
“This lil boy nah live there, so we suspect something wrong and when he see dem workers, he start run, and some ah we went to other neighbours to call the police, and some ah them workers run behind he and catch he,” one construction worker explained.
He said that the suspect was found hiding in a bushy area under a culvert, not far from his step-father’s home. The teen was then handed over to the police.
A female neighbour said that while the villagers were running after the teen, a policeman who lives in the village went into the pensioner’s home and then came out and informed everyone that Williams had been murdered.
“He butchered that man like an animal. His head alone had like eight chop wounds and it deh like when u chopping beef,” the woman related.
She explained that the teen was wayward. He stole items and sold it to people and smoked drugs. She said when the pensioner couldn’t take it anymore, he went to a policeman living not far from him, and asked the officer to ask the teen to move.
“He tiefing out things from the man house and selling dem. When the police went over to talk to he (teen), he picked up his bag and walked out,” the resident said—this was approximately six weeks ago. She explained that he had immediately left the village, but returned the same night and asked a neighbour if he could stay there for a few nights until he find a place.
“The neighbour sorry for he and keep he and they find a job for he at a wash bay, but then he gone and thief the man (neighbour) phone and he get put out,” the resident said.
She added that since he was thrown out of the neighbour’s home he was not seen in the village until two weeks ago.
“Dem boys seh dey see he with a sharp cutlass, and two days ago he pass and look into he stepfather house and he smiling, and then he left,” the neighbour said.
He was not seen again until yesterday, after murdering the pensioner.
Meanwhile, Vanessa Greene, the victim’s daughter from a previous relationship, said that she was informed that her father had been murdered by his stepson. The woman does not know much about her father’s current family. She said that she last saw her father about three months ago when he went to the market to visit her.
The teen is in custody at the La Grange Police Station.

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Triple-murder rocks Black Bush


– Mibicuri man, son, brother-in-law gunned down while on fishing trip

By Nafeeza Yahya

POLICE have arrested one person as they probe the apparent execution of a Mibicuri man, his son and his brother-in-law, who had all gone on an overnight fishing trip for the prized Hassar.The men were found dead on Friday morning at the Cookrite Creek Savannah, about three miles from Mibicuri in Black Bush Polder. They were shot at point blank range.

“Each body bore a single gunshot wound,” Police headquarters stated on Friday afternoon.

 The Chandradeo family is seen in this July 5, 2016 photo when Mr and Mrs Pawan Chandradeo renewed their marriage vows. Mr Chandradeo and his son Kevin, left, along with Mrs Chandradeo’s brother, were shot dead on Thursday night. Alvin, fourth from right, had also gone on a fishing trip to the backdam, but was told to wait at the security post at the koker while the others went for the catch of hassar

The Chandradeo family is seen in this July 5, 2016 photo when Mr and Mrs Pawan Chandradeo renewed their marriage vows. Mr Chandradeo and his son Kevin, left, along with Mrs Chandradeo’s brother, were shot dead on Thursday night. Alvin, third from right, had also gone on a fishing trip to the backdam, but was told to wait at the security post at the koker while the others went for the catch of Hassar

The men have been identified as Pawan Chandradeo, 37, called “Suresh” and “Jug Up”; his son Jaikarran Chandradeo, 16, called “Kevin”, and his brother-in-law Naresh Rooplall, 35, called “Teeka Bai” and “Mice.”
They were last alive seen on Thursday afternoon at about 15:00h, along with Pawan Chandradeo’s 13-year-old son Alvin, when they left their Lot 163 Mibicuri North home for a fishing trip.

The men were all found lying on the ground. The youngest was found next to his father. He had a gaping hole to the back of his head and a “salt bag” with fish and fishing net strung around his neck.

Rooplall’s body had a hole in the neck and the fishing net was strung over his shoulder. On the ground were the Hassars they had caught, littered with blood and other body matter.

The young Alvin — Chandradeo’s second child — said they had left to go at the creek to catch Hassar, and when they reached the irrigation sluice, his father asked him to wait, since they had a bit more distance to go. The sluice has a security post, and it was thought that Alvin would be safe there, perhaps for just a few hours,
until they returned. They had all planned to spend the night in the backdam, and return home early the next morning.

Hours upon hours passed without any sighting of the trio; and at about 22:00h, young Alvin heard what appeared to be a gunshot, followed a few minutes later by a few more; but he thought nothing of it.

He said he remained at the said spot and slept until Friday morning. When he woke up and realized that his father, brother and uncle had not returned, he went in search of them.
He said he looked for a few hours, but after not locating them, he decided to walk back home to inform his mother.

Chandradeo’s wife, Pam, said when her son came home and told her he could not find the others, she was not too worried, since she knew the distance was quite a bit to get out.
Mrs Chandradeo, who works as a security guard at the Mibicuri Hospital, said she later received a call from a friend who had heard of a shooting and wanted to make sure that it was not any of those who had gone to the backdam. Later, another friend called to tell her that her husband and the others had been shot.

Pam Chandradeo, second right, comforts her nine-year-old daughter as they leave the Mibircuri hospital with other relatives. The woman’s husband Pawan, her sixteen-year-old son Kevin, and her brother Naresh Rooplall were shot dead. Rooplall’s widow, Shoba Luckicharran, is at second left.

Pam Chandradeo, second right, comforts her nine-year-old daughter as they leave the Mibircuri hospital with other relatives. The woman’s husband Pawan, her sixteen-year-old son Kevin, and her brother Naresh Rooplall were shot dead. Rooplall’s widow, Shoba Luckicharran, is at second left.

Mrs Chandradeo said she learnt that the Police were heading into the area by boat, and she asked her father to accompany them. From the backdam, Mrs Chandradeo’s father called to relate the dreadful news. She collapsed, and had to be taken to the hospital.

The of aresh Rooplall mother, Shoba Devi Luckicharan, is struggling to come to grips with the motive behind the barbaric act.

“I don’t understand why they were killed so violently… Why them had to kill them?”
Rooplall, a security guard at Skeldon Sugar Estate, resided at #73 Village, Corentyne. This was his first fishing trip to the backdam, since he had been on one week’s leave and had decided to visit his sister in Mibicuri. He leaves to mourn his pregnant wife and an eleven-month-old baby.

Charandeo was a rice farmer and a father of four. His teenage son who was gunned down alongside him worked in the rice fields with him.

Only a month ago, Chandradeo renewed his vows with Pam, his wife of sixteen years, following a brief separation. Apart from Alvin, he leaves to mourn another son, aged 11, and a 9-year-old daughter.

The incident sent shockwaves in the usually quiet farming community. Police Divisional Commander in Berbice, Ian Amsterdam, confirmed that several persons were held for questioning and released, while one person is still in custody assisting with investigations.

Home > NEWS > Gafsons manager found dead in Herstelling home
Dead: Terry Lackhan
Dead: Terry Lackhan

Gafsons manager found dead in Herstelling home


By Alva Solomon

THE police are investigating the suspected murder of a 55-year-old Herstelling, East Bank Demerara (EBD) man whose lifeless body was discovered by a neighbour on Thursday night shortly after a male was seen exiting the home with several bags.Dead is Terry Lackhan, a father of one, of Lot 39 Back Street, Herstelling. He was a manager at Gafsons Industries Limited. According to reports, around 23:00hrs on Thursday evening, the man was found motionless next to a wardrobe with a length of rope tied around his neck, while several bottles of tablets and photographs of his family members lay nearby.
The man’s only child, Riyad Lackhan, told reporters that he was in Berbice when he received a call from a tenant who lives in the lower flat of the building where his father resided. He said the woman informed him that there was a commotion upstairs; that was around 21:00hrs.
According to the son, the tenant later informed him that someone was seen leaving the gate with several bags and he [the son] later returned a call and asked the tenant to venture upstairs and check on his father.
The woman then called and revealed that his father was found motionless on the bed next to a wardrobe. According to him, his father was in the habit of knocking down objects around the house whenever he is intoxicated and he noted that the tenant assumed that was the case that evening.
“But after she saw someone leaving with bags… that’s when she got scared,” the man’s son said.
A neighbour related that persons in the area saw someone in a three-quarter pants walking out the street after 22:00hrs on Thursday night. He said the individual’s presence seemed odd while Lackhan’s front door, which was slightly ajar, aroused further suspicion.
Lackan’s son said that his father, who had been a manager at Gafoors for several years, was not experiencing any problems. He said he was in Berbice on Thursday and the last time he spoke to his father was during the morning hours that day.
“He told me he was at work but I realise he was lying, because it’s a norm with him,” he said, noting that his father usually stays at home whenever he plans to imbibe.
At the scene on Friday, police investigators spent several lengthy hours collecting statements and dusting the scene for fingerprints. Neighbours described Lackhan as a peaceful and quiet individual.
A post-mortem is expected to be performed on his remains on Monday.

Home > NEWS > Palmyra family attacked by bandits -four in custody

Palmyra family attacked by bandits -four in custody


INVESTIGATORS in Berbice have detained four persons following an armed robbery committed on a family at Palmyra Village, East Canje Berbice on Wednesday at about 20:00h.The attack occurred as 45-year-old Nadira Permaul, her 23-year-old son Vijay and 58-year-old husband Tamessar Kissoon were relaxing in their concrete cottage, which is situated along the main thoroughfare. Kissoon got up from the hammock in the verandah and was going into the house when three men armed with handguns entered through the open door.

The gunmen demanded money and jewelry as they beat members of the family. Shortly afterwards, one of the bandits walked into the bedroom and removed a handbag which contained two cellular phones, an 18 carat diamond-and-gold ring, gold bangles, other gold rings, and in excess of $100,000 in cash.

The men then escaped through a neighbouring growth-infested plot of land, but Nadira Permaul, a vendor at the New Amsterdam market, raised an alarm, alerting her neighbours to the attack; and two police patrol teams which were manning the New Amsterdam and Canje districts responded within five minutes and arrested four persons in the Canje neighbourhood.

Investigations are continuing.

Bandits hit Sanjay’s Jewellery

Local businessman Bishnarine “Sanjay” Persaud, the proprietor of Sanjay’s Jewellery, was on Saturday night

Businessman Bishnarine “Sanjay” Persaud

Businessman Bishnarine “Sanjay” Persaud

ambushed by four armed men in front of his Sheriff Street, Campbellville, Georgetown store.
Reports are that the gunmen pounced on the 45-year-old businessman about 23:30h as he was entering his yard.
Speaking with Guyana Times, the jeweller recalled that as he was entering his yard a man approached him and whipped out a gun. He said the gunman instructed him to open the gate and asked for his store keys. According to the businessman, he told the gunman that he stored the keys in the upper flat of his home; it was at this point he noticed three other gunmen. He said that the men ordered him upstairs for the keys, as well as the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) for his security cameras.
Persaud explained that he was acting under the instructions of the criminals as they threatened to kill him on the spot. He said he cooperated and opened the safe containing his valuables.
The bandits then made good their escape with a large quantity of cash and jewellery.
He said he was yet to determine the value of the jewellery that the gunmen escaped with.
The businessman pointed out that while he has security guards in the day, none of them are employed for night shift.
The Sheriff Street resident noted that while he could not describe the four men since “they were wearing their hats in their faces, as well as umbrellas”. He, however, recalled that one of the men had a Dutch accent. After the men escaped, the Police were summoned to the scene and have since sought the assistance of nearby businesses for video footage of the robbery.

Home > NEWS > East Canje taxi driver stabbed in botched robbery
Hire car driver Tunilall Doodnauth
Hire car driver Tunilall Doodnauth

East Canje taxi driver stabbed in botched robbery


By Jeune Bailey VanKeric
FIFTY-THREE-year-old taxi driver Tunilall Doodnauth was driving his Nissan Bluebird motorcar, HC 4977, in New Amsterdam at about 10:00hrs on Tuesday, when an identifiable youth joined the vehicle and requested to be taken to the West Canefield in East Canje.“Whilst driving along, he asked whether I was doing an airport run, and asked to be taken to the airport within the next hour. So as we got to the end of the street, he told me to stop in the vicinity of a vacant house. I then glanced backwards, as he was seated in the back seat, (and) I saw a ‘Rambo’ knife in the youth’s hand. Instantaneously, the knife was plunged into my left shoulder. Thereafter, he attempted to slash my throat, but I raised my left hand in defence and it was slashed instead.

“He also stabbed me in my chest, before demanding that I get out of the car. I had on the seat belt. I removed it before opening the door and ran away. However, as I ran, he jumped into the driving seat and began to reverse the vehicle. I then ran back to the car. While I was about twenty feet away, he accelerated, and whilst still reversing, he hit me with the rear of the vehicle.

“I fell, and he braced me as the car drove over me, pulling me in the nearby drain. I became unconscious for a few seconds, and on regaining consciousness, I crawled out of the trench. My left arm was numb; I was not feeling it.

“I lay on the parapet and started to holler. Persons came to my rescue. They washed my skin and a car took me to the New Amsterdam Hospital,” Doodnauth related from that health facility, where he is nursing multiple stab wounds about his body following the botched robbery.

Since his admission to the male surgical ward, he has received treatment for the three stab wounds and a fractured left arm.

Meanwhile, his wife Gaitree Doodnauth said her husband was not scheduled to work, but had gone out on her request to collect some crabs from one of her siblings when the incident occurred.

She recalled having being told of her husband’s plight via a phone call and hurrying to the scene, a short distance from her home, where she saw her husband in a bloodied and muddied state.

The woman was high in her praise for residents in the area who responded after hearing her husband call for help.

The PNC giveth and the PNC taketh.

Boat engine stolen from health boat


The police are conducting their investigations into a report of an engine that was stolen from a boat which is used to transport high risk cases out of Mashabo, an Amerindian community situated some miles from Anna Regina. Reports so far have indicated that the 15-horse power engine which was attached to the community health boat The Community Health Worker who piloted the boat, said that the engine was discovered missing some time Friday night. The boat was apparently moored at the landing.
The distraught Community Health Worker added that the loss of the engine has led to setbacks especially in obtaining vaccines. A trip was scheduled for later this week to the Essequibo Coast to collect vaccines from the Suddie Hospital.

Sophia’s ‘killer gang’ forces mother to run from home

– After gang members threaten to rape her daughters
A mother of seven has been forced to leave her home and run for her life with her children after

Sonett Elcock

Sonett Elcock

members from the notorious gang, “Gaza Strip” in ‘C’ Field Sophia, Georgetown, threatened to rape and kill her four daughters.
The woman, Sonett Elcock, said that the problem started three years ago when someone broke into her home and stole a television, money and a bicycle.
Through the grapevine, she was informed that her television was at the home of a man, who goes by the name of Turkey, and is believed to be the leader of “Gaza Strip,” which has more than 30 members from different areas.
“I took the police there to get my TV and the police found drugs. They locked him (Turkey) up and released him after a few days.” Elcock recalled.
She said that since that day, the members of the gang have made her life miserable. They broke into her shop and home countless times and have even threatened to kill her. A female gang member identified as Samantha ran to chop her last Sunday.
According to Elcock, on the morning of June 17, last, two persons broke into her shop. She said when she checked the surveillance footage, she noticed “Samantha” and “Prince” carting off items from the building. She reported the matter but no one was arrested.
“Last Sunday, I was going home and Samantha run to chop me because she heard I reported the matter. I had to run for my life,” Elcock said. She added that since that day, she never returned home until last Thursday when she went to check on her property.
“They broke into my home and empty my house. Only the furniture they left,” the woman related. “They are sending text messages to my children phone saying that they will rape and kill them. I have four daughters and I am not going to go back there for them to do anything to my children.”
After living there for 16 years, the woman has now decided to sell her property and move to another location with her family.
“Those people are killers. They robbed and killed a lot of shop people in Sophia. Right now, one person in jail for a murder and others are on the run,” she related.
The devastated mother also lashed out at the police for not offering assistance to her. Her plea for justice even took her to the Crime Chief, Wendell Blanhum’s office but she was turned away.

Gun-toting bandits threaten to kill 4-year-old

The house where the robbery occured

The house where the robbery occured

An East Canje family was relieved of cash and gold jewelry by armed bandits who stormed their home in the wee hours of Saturday morning.
According to reports, the men gained entry into the 139 Gangaram, East Canje home by breaking a window.
Yadram Doorsammy, who resides with his four-year-old daughter and wife, was awakened around 2:00 am by strange noises coming from outside the bedroom. According to Doorsammy, upon investigating, he was confronted by two men, one armed with a gun and the other wielding a cutlass.
“Dem come in and tell we don’t mek no noise and dem ask for de money and de gold jewelry.I tell dem seh man we nah get no money or no gold.”
Doorsammy added that one of the bandits then grabbed his four-year-old daughter and held her at gun-point.
“He scramble meh daughter and point de gun to she head and seh if we nah give dem all de money and gold, dem gon shoot she,” Doorsammy related.
The bandits escaped on a bicycle with an undisclosed quantity of local currency and gold jewelry.
The police were called to the scene of the crime but the report was responded to by the Neighbourhood Policing Group.
The police arrived moments later.
According to a police source, no one has been arrested for the crime and investigations are ongoing.

Burglars hit Hairlox hard

Hairlox, Guyana

Hairlox, Guyana

Burglars reportedly escaped with over $4M from Hairlox Guyana after breaking into the Lot 343 Middle Street, Georgetown business, last Sunday.
Kaieteur News understands that bandits broke into the premises around 23:00hrs by wrenching open the main door. They then ransacked the place and escaped with two safes containing $4M and an undisclosed amount of cash from a drawer.
Welton Clarke, of Remus Street, Agricola, East Bank Demerara said that he has been operating the cosmetic store for over eight years and this is the second time that his store had been burglarized in two years.
Clarke explained that he was at home when a tenant occupying the upper flat of the business called him and told him that the door was ajar.
He said that he became very suspicious because he was sure that he had secured the place before leaving.
The businessman said that on arrival at his business the said night, he noticed that a door lock was open.
He added that when he entered the building it was ransacked and the safes were missing. Also missing, he said, was cash from a drawer and a DVR for CCTV cameras.
Clarke said he reported the matter to police the following day.

yuji22 posted:

This thread exposes the incompetence of the AFC/PNC administration. High crime rates, victimization and murder of Indos will remain their legacy.

It is exactly what PNC part one did to destroy Indos and Guyana.

Most of the murders are committed  by Indians extinguishing the lives of their own kind,they are good at wiping out each other,Some of the current crop of Indians have lost their morality all caused the the poor leadership of the people who represents them for the past 23 yrs.

Django posted:
yuji22 posted:

This thread exposes the incompetence of the AFC/PNC administration. High crime rates, victimization and murder of Indos will remain their legacy.

It is exactly what PNC part one did to destroy Indos and Guyana.

Most of the murders are committed  by Indians extinguishing the lives of their own kind,they are good at wiping out each other,Some of the current crop of Indians have lost their morality all caused the the poor leadership of the people who represents them for the past 23 yrs.

Django Bhai,

Please provide accurate stats to prove your claim. Please be reminded that the PNC is in power. Please focus on them.

yuji22 posted:
Django posted:
yuji22 posted:

This thread exposes the incompetence of the AFC/PNC administration. High crime rates, victimization and murder of Indos will remain their legacy.

It is exactly what PNC part one did to destroy Indos and Guyana.

Most of the murders are committed  by Indians extinguishing the lives of their own kind,they are good at wiping out each other,Some of the current crop of Indians have lost their morality all caused the the poor leadership of the people who represents them for the past 23 yrs.

Django Bhai,

Please provide accurate stats to prove your claim. Please be reminded that the PNC is in power. Please focus on them.

The stats are there take a peek,don't shove it under the rug crimes committed by Indians are very brutal.

As for the PNC which is part of APNU/AFC i am watching them.

The purpose of this thread is to track crime, not to inculpate one group or another. But that being said, the Indians are normally the victims of black criminals. Recently we note that under the Granger hard times, even Indians are killing Indians. 

Bandits rob Eccles CPG member, neighbour

Two residents of the Young Professionals Housing Scheme, in Eccles, on the East Bank of Demerara – one of

Vice Chairman of the Eccles CPG, Balram Seopersaud

Vice Chairman of the Eccles CPG, Balram Seopersaud

whom is the Vice Chairman of the Community’s Policing Group – were robbed in broad daylight on Friday by four gunmen.
Reports are that on Friday morning at about 11:00h, Eon Wills, a resident of the community, was perusing the streets in his motor vehicle, when he noticed four men vacating a home in the area that was known to be unoccupied. He told Guyana Times that his curiosity arose, so he drove closer to the home, hoping to “get a better look” at what was transpiring.
However, he was spotted by one of the men, who then began calling out to him. Wills relayed that he did not respond to the calls and instead drove away and opted to stop at a neighbour, who resided two houses away from him.
His neighbour, who is the Vice Chairman of the Eccles Community Policing Group, Balram Seopersaud, told this publication that when he noticed Wills parked in front of his home, he went out to greet him but before he could speak, a gun was pointed to his head and he was being ordered by a gunman to lie face down on the parapet.
“It happened around 11:30h. I usually work my bus in the mornings, and I just came in and I parked and saw a black car reversing and I knew it was my neighbour, so I went out to see what was up. By the time he took his windows down and I duck, I saw a white car pull up at the side and a gunman came up and put a gun to my head and I saw another one had a gun to his (Wills) window and the gunmen told us to go on the ground,” Seopersaud related.
Seopersaud and Wills highlighted that they both followed the gunmen’s instructions and the four men began to search them and rid them of over $300,000 in cash and jewellery, well as the keys to their respective vehicles.
The gunmen then instructed Wills to accompany Seopersaud into his house and began to search and remove all valuables, including four cellular phones, jewellery and one 42-inch flat screen television.
According to the duo, the four men who had their faces covered throughout the entire robbery, then vacated the home and drove off in a white Toyota Allion.
The Police arrived subsequently after, and it is reported that the Allion, which was utilised by the gunmen, was found abandoned. Investigations are ongoing.

‘Agricola gang’ executes former murder accused

Orin David called “Malik”

Orin David called “Malik”

Former murder accused, Orin David, called “Malik” was gunned down in front of his Lot 89 Laing Avenue, Georgetown home, around 15:00 hrs yesterday in the presence of his reputed wife and other relatives .
The 33-year-old man was pronounced dead at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), shortly after one of five men came out of a car and pumped several bullets into him. The murder weapon is believed to be an AK-47.
According to reports, the 33-year-old man had a confrontation several times with an Agricola, East Bank Demerara (EBD) resident who he had bailed out of jail some time last year.
Yesterday, David and the individual were involved in a heated argument again, since the Agricola resident refused to return the $150,000 the father of one had paid to get him out of prison.
After the argument, the Agricola resident went away but later returned with four other persons in two vehicles and executed the former murder accused.
The five persons have been identified by the man’s reputed wife, Joycelyn Laurie, and other relatives.
Laurie, in an interview yesterday said the persons who executed David were his friends at one time who visited their home and ate.
The woman explained that some time last year, her partner’s friend was jailed for a robbery. “He was calling (David) all the time for bail money, now when David bailed him out, he doesn’t want to pay back.”
According to Laurie, every time her partner saw the Agricola resident, he would ask for his money and the two of them drifted apart because he refused to pay back the money.
“They had an argument for the money and today, David see the boy and he chuck him and the boy go away and come back with two cars with some men. I tell them that y’all are friends and it ain’t call for all that. I hear when one of them ask the other one where his AK was and they went away,” the woman recalled.
She said that she was at a neighbour’s home when she heard someone saying that the men had returned.
“When I look, I see they patting down David to see if he had anything and all I hear was ‘pow, pow’ and I run,” Laurie said.
She added that the men escaped in both cars while her partner collapsed on the roadway.
Last year February, the father of one was freed, having spent five years in prison for the 2010 murder of Mahaica farmer, Lakhram Bishundial.
Bishundial, called Mohan, was shot during a robbery at Hope Turn, East Coast Demerara, as he was on his way to a nearby Ashram to make preparations for his younger brother’s wedding.
David and another person, Shawn Thom, were subsequently charged for the murder. Thom was freed a week before David.
On July 12, 2015, David, who had allegedly tossed a firearm in a trench during a police patrol exercise on July 9, was charged with unlawful possession of a handgun when he was not the holder of a firearm license.
He was remanded to prison. Investigations are ongoing.

Nine in custody following robbery in Gangaram


As the Police continue to probe the recent robbery committed on a Gangaram household on Saturday, nine persons have been arrested. One of the persons in custody is a known character in the area. Around 2:00 hrs on Saturday, two armed bandits entered the home of Yadram Doorsammy, at Lot 139 Gangaram, East Canje, Berbice where he resides with wife and four-year-old daughter.
According to reports, the men gained entry into the home by breaking a window.
Doorsammy stated that he was awakened around 2:00 am by strange noises coming from outside the bedroom. Upon investigating, he was confronted by two men, one armed with a gun and the other wielding a cutlass. The men relieved them of cash and gold jewelry.
Doorsammy added that one of the bandits then grabbed his four-year-old daughter and held her at gunpoint.
The police were summoned and along with the Neighbourhood Policing Group responded in a timely manner.

Lone gunman robs Massy delivery truck


A lone gunman came into contact with  a Massy delivery truck yesterday afternoon and relieved the two workers of $180, 000 and two phones, before making good his escape through a cane field at Good Intent, West Bank Demerara (WBD).
The incident occurred around 14:15 hrs.
According to information, a Crix biscuit truck stopped at a shop to make a delivery when the gunman confronted the two workers— the driver Mahesh Lalldeo and salesman, Antonio Gonsalves. Lalldeo was struck to the head during the brazen robbery.
The bandit, who is known to residents in the area escaped with a Samsung phone from the driver and $100,000 of his personal money.
Gonsalves lost a Blue cellular phone and the company’s money.
Kaieteur News was told that after the robbery, the police were notified and went into the cane field where the gunman escaped but were unable to locate him.
Investigations are ongoing.

No wonder police solving so many cases. They arresting anyone who "look" like a criminal.

Shooter in Green Ice Taxi Service Robbery…Another case of Police Victimization?


Last June, Jamal Lewis, was shot in the head during a daylight robbery at the Green Ice taxi service base at South Ruimveldt. A man by the name of Sean Blyden has since been charged in connection with the crime.

Robbery Accused, Sean Blyden

Robbery Accused, Sean Blyden

According to Blyden’s relatives, he is innocent. Moreover, based on their evidence they believe it is a clear case of police victimization. They have secured footage from security cameras attached to the taxi base which reportedly shows a different individual shooting the 15 year old Jamal.
Blyden was arrested two weeks ago on Monday June 23, 2016. According to the relatives the arresting officers informed the young man that he was being arrested since they believe his motorbike was involved in a robbery. However, based on reports, the men who were involved in the robbery had escaped in a silver Spacio car.
Blyden’s relatives reported that he was asked whether somebody else used his motorbike and he responded in the affirmative. However, even with this information it is alleged that the officers showed no interest in the other individual. The man’s relatives believe that there is a conspiracy afoot to victimize Blyden.
After being arrested, he was taken to the Diamond Police Station and was denied visitors. Further, additional details were reportedly withheld regarding the nature of the offence.
Based on these developments, the relatives said that the following day they approached Commander of ‘A’ Division Clifton Hicken who informed them that Blyden was held for the robbery at the GI taxi service where a teen was shot in his eye.
According to a cousin of Blyden, they were told that Blyden was to undergo an identification parade. However after making checks with the Brickdam and Ruimveldt police stations, no such parade was being conducted.
They then returned to the Diamond station where they heard Blyden calling for one of his cousins. She said that after perusing the compound Blyden came out of a room reportedly looking dazed. When asked what transpired he was unable to respond.
His relatives decided to stick around a bit more and later saw four young men running out of the Diamond station. According to one relative, one of the young men informed the family that they were asked to stand in an ID Parade but already knew they would not have been pointed out. It appeared to the family that the parade was set up to appear legitimate.
When the family approached the taxi service they were told by a number of employees that Blyden was not the man involved in the matter. According to the relatives, Blyden works in the East Ruimveldt Market at a mechanic shop and would frequent the taxi service to deliver money and stocks. He is apparently well known by the employees at the base.
The family believes that a key police officer involved in the investigation is spitefully targeting Blyden due to his friendship with the infamous Shaka Chase. They told this publication that they have heard the officer saying that he was a member of Shaka Chase’s ‘gang’ and will not let him go.
In 2013 Shaka Chase was freed of a murder charge for the death of policeman Romain Cleto.
Blyden’s relatives said that they were able to track down the real shooter in the incident. They said that the man is related to the key investigator and that is the reason why he is being ignored.
However, they managed to lead police to the man and he was arrested. He too was taken to the Diamond Police Station. Apparently the young man who was shot identified the man as the person who shot him but since the case has gone so far, Blyden would still have to undergo trial until his lawyer is able to introduce the new evidence in court.
According to relatives, due to their interest in the matter they have received threats that they will be locked up if they don’t stay away from the matter, but they are adamant that their cousin is not guilty of the offence and will continue in their quest to prove Blyden’s innocence.
Picture saved in Thursday as: Sean
Caption: Robbery Accused, Sean Blyden

Cops accused of robbing miners of raw gold

Constable Akeem Thompson

Constable Akeem Thompson

Five policemen accused of robbing three gold miners of 16 pennyweights of gold while on patrol were ordered to post $600,000 bail each and report to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Headquarters, Eve Leary, Georgetown.
The cops, Constable Kosi Arthur, 25, of Linden, Region 10; Constable Raphael Lowenfield, 25, of 486 Section ‘D’ Block ‘X’ Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara; Lance Corporal Mark Fernandes, 34, of Annandale, Railway Embankment, East Coast Demerara; Constable Delroy Duncan of 71 Sisters Village, West Bank Demerara and Constable Akeem Thompson, 21, of 65 Bel Air Village, Georgetown, were all arraigned before City Magistrate Judy Latchman.
It is alleged that on July 25, at Timehri, East Bank Demerara, they robbed Sherman Noel of five pennyweights of raw gold valued $55,000. It is also alleged that on July 25, at the same location, they robbed Heeralall Girdhari of four pennyweights of raw gold valued $44,000. They are also accused of robbing Euri Samuels of six pennyweights of raw gold valued $66,000.
The accused, who were all handcuffed and placed in the prisoners’ dock, pleaded not guilty to the allegations. They were each instructed to post $200,000 bail on each charge of the three charges and return to court on August 14, for statements.
Attorney Patrice Henry during a bail application asked the court for his clients to be released on minimal bail. He said that Constable Fernandes has been a serving member of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) for the past 14 years. Constable Thompson and Constable Duncan, Henry said, have four years of service in the GPF, while Constable Arthur has two years of service.
Henry told the court that the officers have unblemished criminal records and pose no risk of flight.
According to the lawyer, the police officers were placed on close arrest during the investigation. He said that they were then released on open arrest.

Constable Kosi Arthur

Constable Kosi Arthur

Henry explained that on the day in question, his clients were on patrol duties in the area when they received certain instructions via radio set. He added that the policemen were told that some miners had stolen gold from their employers and proceeded to the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA). Three days after, Henry said, the suspects made the allegation against his clients, who are all serving members of the GPF.
The attorney argued that there is no substantial evidence against the officers to charge them. He pointed out that none of the alleged stolen gold was found in his clients’ possession, and that it was strange that the virtual complainants in the matter were not present at yesterday’s court hearing.
Police Prosecutor Shellon Jupiter did not oppose bail for the defendants. However, she asked that same be granted in a substantial amount to ensure their return for trial. Jupiter also requested for the defendants to lodge their passports and report to the Officer in Charge of CID Headquarters, Eve Leary.
Prosecutor Jupiter stated that the complainants were robbed at around 14:20hrs on the day in question. She said that they were at Base Camp Stephenson, Timehri, when they were approached by the officers and relieved of the gold.
It was reported that the ranks visited the area after receiving information that the miners were allegedly involved in illegal activities.

Wanted man shot, gun recovered


A man who police said was wanted for questioning in connection with armed robbery is nursing gunshot wounds after being involved in a shootout with lawmen near his home.
Sources identified the injured man as Andrew Smith, 35, of Access Road, Sophia.
Georgetown Public Hospital sources indicated that his condition is critical and he has been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit.
It is alleged that at around 11:15hrs yesterday, three police ranks, acting on information, went to Access Road, ‘C’ Field, Sophia, where they saw Smith on a bicycle.
On seeing the ranks, Smith allegedly whipped out a handgun, and discharged three rounds at the policemen.
One of the ranks returned fire, hitting the suspect in the vicinity of his left side and left arm.
He was rushed to the GPHC and underwent emergency surgery.
A snub-nosed .38 revolver, four live rounds and two spent shells were recovered by the police.

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The residence of the Hardowars where the armed robbery took place on Thursday night
The residence of the Hardowars where the armed robbery took place on Thursday night

Non Pareil family beaten, robbed


A FAMILY of five — including three overseas-based Guyanese — was relieved of a substantial amount of cash and jewellery when a group of armed bandits attacked them at their home on Thursday night.The incident occurred shortly after 18:00hrs at Non Pareil Public Road, East Coast Demerara, when businessman Heeralall Hardowar and his son, who is visiting from the United States of America (USA) with his wife and child, returned home from their place of business in the Stabroek Market, Georgetown.

Hardowar, who sells plastic bags for a living, had parked the minibus in the heavily grilled yard when he was held up by three gunmen and taken into the house. The man’s son was in the kitchen when the bandits entered.

This newspaper understands that the businessman’s wife was beaten in the head and slapped while his son, grandson and daughter-in-law were ordered to lie face down on the floor. They took Hardowar to the upper flat of the house after demanding money and other valuables.

A bag containing the day’s sales was handed over, but the bandits wanted more and beat the businessman in his head and face with their handguns. Once in the upper flat of the two-storey house, the gunmen broke into the man’s locked wardrobe and took all his jewellery. Not satisfied, the men demanded more money and an additional $500,000 in cash was handed over, after which the group left in a waiting vehicle.

The family was also relieved of their passports and other important documents. It was reported that the Hardowars were traced from the city, but residents had observed the car in the vicinity of the house before the armed robbery.

Even though the police conducted several raids along the East Coast Demerara corridor, no one was arrested.

Home > NEWS > Armed bandits rob Palmyra, Berbice family

Armed bandits rob Palmyra, Berbice family


FIVE armed bandits early Friday morning robbed a Palmyra Village, East Canje resident of cash, gold jewellery and a portable DVD player after smashing a glass door and gaining entry into their two-storey home.Deoram Woarti, 47, a labourer of the Guyana Sugar Corporation, supplements his income by manning a grocery shop on the lower flat of his home.

At about 03hrs on Friday, the masked men jumped on a shed just above the lower flat of the building, and gained entry to the verandah by shattering the glass door.

Two children who were asleep were awakened by broadsides from one of the intruders, who was armed with a cutlass. Two other burglars were armed with long guns, while another had a piece of wood, the family related.
During the assault, the men demanded valuables, but the frightened boys said they did not have any possessions, and directed the thieves to where their father was located in the lower flat.

After descending via an inner stairway, the bandits made demands on Woarti, who removed the valuables from his wardrobe and handed them over. The men then fired a shot which penetrated the ceiling before leaving the home. They fired other shots in the air as they left.

Two spent shells and a pair of gloves were recovered a short distance from the scene of the crime. Three men have since been taken into custody and are assisting with investigations.

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