coming soon. It is sure to happen. The PPP, if they win with emerge as a dictator government.

The schemes of Jagdeo and Ramotar are dangerous.

Beware my countrymen.

All the corruption that took place over the past years will not be tolerated in the future.

Enough is Enough.
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Just a few known scams in the last few years.

- $1Billion for Jagdeo retirement
- $Billions wasted on white elephant Skeldon Estate
- $$ Milions Mining Fund disappear
- $3 Billion Lottery funds unaccounted
- $$Billions CLICO unaccounted
- Prime Govt land worth $Millions given away to friends (e.g, Pradoville 2)
- $$ Millions NIS Building Scam
- selling GT&T shares---- not necessarily selling to the highest bidder?
- US$1.6M advance to Fip Mottilal
- Spernaam stelling collapse- $400 Million
- $100 Million disapperance in the Minstry of Health
- $$ Miillions Charity Wharf scam
- Polar Bear scam
- Buddy Fuel Smuggling
- $$ Millions Buddy Hotel Give away
- $Millions Missing BMWs for World cup
- $$ Millions to Guysuco Directors
- Omai 3.8 million ounces disappearance
- 2 Helicopter scam $$ Millions
- $$$ Children Christmas Fund disappear
- $100Million overpaid at Mintry Edu
- $100s Millions Min of health illegal pharmcy purchase

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