Cops urge drivers to be careful as Carjacking increases. Ramjattan remains clueless.

Cops urge drivers to be careful as carjacking increases

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) is urging drivers—especially those of Toyota Allions and Premios—to be extremely vigilant when driving, as there appears to be an increase in carjacking across the country.
This warning comes as a total of six drivers have reported that their vehicles have been hijacked so far for the month.
Reports are that in most cases the suspects target taxi drivers.
Last Thursday, two men relieved Iqbal Clarke of his gray Nissan car bearing registration number PWW 1233 at the Ogle Public Road, East Coast Demerara in the vicinity of Shell Gas Station.
The incident occurred shortly after 21:00 hrs when Clarke came out of his car to investigate a strange sound under his car. It was at this point he was confronted by the men who demanded that he lie on the road. They stripped him of his valuables and escaped in his car which has the initials K.J.R on the front windscreen.
In another case, a University of Guyana lecturer had just parked in front of his Bel Air, Georgetown home and was about to open his gate when two bandits, one armed with a gun confronted him. Like Clarke, the men demanded that he lie on the ground and escaped with his car and cellular phone.
The lecturer’s vehicle is a sky blue Toyota Allion bearing registration number PNN 1871 with the words “Our Sweet Angel” on the front windscreen.
Earlier this month, Sohan Balkaran’s Toyota Premio with registration number PVV 9073 was hijacked on Vlissengen Road.
Balkaran, who is a fruit vendor, was approached by the two armed men who pretended to be customers. They demanded his keys and threatened to kill him if he did not comply. The men then jumped into his car and sped off through Woolford Avenue.
In a different situation, Sandra Boston, owner of a white Toyota Spacio, bearing registration number HC 2329 rented her vehicle to a man in his fifties who has since disappeared.
All calls to the man’s phone have gone to voicemail and he even vacated his West Ruimveldt, Georgetown apartment.
Boston explained that she needed someone to work her car and an ex-policeman introduced her to the individual.
The man collected the car on July 8, last and has since vanished with her vehicle. When the woman started doing her investigation, she found out that the man usually rents people’s cars and disappears with them.
Boston said she went to the suspect’s home and his landlord informed her that the man has not returned since he “got a car.”
“The landlord told me that she know I will get my car, but she doesn’t know the condition in which I will get it,” Boston pointed out, while adding that she heard that her vehicle was spotted in Linden, but when she got there, there was no sign of it.
Members of the public with any information relating to this matter can contact Sandra Boston on telephone number: 639-7796 or 218-2633.
Some of the areas persons are asked to be careful of are North Ruimveldt, Georgetown; Atlantic Ville, East Coast Demerara; Providence, East Bank Demerara and La Parfait Harmonie, West Demerara.


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