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Access to birth certificates made easier: potentially 1000s of new birth registrations are now possible to pad the VOTERS LIST with foreigners

Procurement system bypassed: cronies are awarded huge contracts - they in turn will help to SECRETLY finance the PPP's 2025 election campaign

Gecom on the brink of a total TAKEOVER by the PPP

Their supporters here are not against rigging in principle, they're only against blackman rigging

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@Spugum posted:

Typical deflection tactics - we've dealt with 2020 elections already

2025 election machinery is being primed to RIG the election. PPP lackeys must face this reality

Hmm…”rigging machines being primed” so y’all gat big plans for 2025 huh..yuh saying y’all rigging charade in 2025 will be more entertaining than Mingo /Lolobai? ..hahahahaha [maniacal laughter]

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