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Claw-dette looking fuh lawyer

Jul 30, 2020 Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists 0 , Source - Kaieteur News Online - https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...-looking-fuh-lawyer/

Dem Boys Seh…

Dem boys nah know how many of ya’ll old enough fuh remember Dr. Hu. He used to cut go-dee. He used to cut it right deh in he clinic, stitch you up and send yuh home. He was not only a good go-dee doctor. He was also a smart man who know how fuh mek money pun dem lawyer who does like fuh play dem know all de tricks in de trade.

One day Dr. Hu put up a sign which read “Me cure any sickness fuh $100. If me can’t, me give you $500.”

A lawyer pass and see de sign and decide he gan mek some fast money off of Dr. Hu. He walk in de clinic and tell de doctor, “ I can’t taste anything!”

Dr. Hu turn to he nurse and seh,’ Bring bottle # 43. He put 2 drops pun de lawyer’s tongue. The lawyer quickly spits it out and holler, “ Uhg! That taste like gasoline!”

Dr. Hu seh, “ Dat will be 100 dollars. De lawyer pay up.

He went back de next day and seh, “Doctor, I lose meh memory!”

Dr. Hu tun to de nurse and seh,’ Bring bottle #43.”

De lawyer shout, “ But dat is de thing dat taste like gasoline.”

Dr. Hu tun to he and seh, “Yuh memory come back. That will be 100 dollars.”

By this time de lawyer frustrated. He went back de next day with an unbeatable plan. He tell Dr. Hu how he blind. He can’t see.

Dr. Hu hold he hand and take him to de cash register. Dr. Hu tek out five $1 bills and give it to him.

De lawyer tun to Dr. Hu and seh. “But you seh if you can’t cure me you gan pay me $500. How come yuh only give me $5.”

Dr. Hu tun to de lawyer. “Dat will be 100 dollars”

Talk half and wait fuh see whether Nigel de Who gan rush fuh represent Claw-dette!

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