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City businessman robbed twice in one night

February 6, 2012 | By KNews | Filed Under News

A city businessman is calling on the owners of a popular mains street night spot to “beef up” their security after he was robbed twice in one night.
Businessman Ram Sansei, who owns “Rams Auto Parts” and his wife were robbed of over $2M in cash and jewellery on Sunday morning.
Speaking with Kaieteur News yesterday Sansie said that he and his wife were exiting the club to head home when the incident happened. He said that his vehicle was parked a short distance away from the entrance.
The man explained that he and his wife walked to their vehicle and were about to drive off when he noticed something outside of the window.
Sansei said that as soon as he got the window down, someone sprayed what he believes was either “pepper spray or mase”.
“I just felt the burning sensation and someone grabbed my chain from my neck,” the business man told Kaieteur News.
The bandit reportedly escaped on a motorcycle.
The woman said she went back inside of the club to speak to the owner but the reception she got was very “unbecoming”.
“Customer’s security comes first….cameras should have been outside of the club,” the woman told Kaieteur News.
They then left for home.
But unknown to the couple, they were being trailed probably by the same men who robbed Sansei in front of the club.
Sansei said that it was his wife who had to drive them to their Atlantic Gardens home. Still shaken, Sansei said, when his wife turned into the driveway, he came out of the vehicle to open the gate.
She then noticed a motorcycle coming into her street but didn’t pay it too much attention.
“I saw the men on the bike coming into the street but I didn’t pay attention to them…I just wanted to get inside,” the wife said.
Within seconds, the woman said, the two men on the motorcycle quickly circled her vehicle.
“They rushed to my husband and said ‘take off the f**king rings….give us the money’….Then they went around to me. I was prepared for them. I just pushed out my hand and told them to take everything,” the woman told Kaieteur News. She said that she managed to hide her wedding band between her legs while the bandits took everything else.
The bandits escaped but the couple managed to get the bike’s license number. The police were called and statements were taken, while they continue their investigations.
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Originally posted by BGurd_See:
Notice yesterday it was the 15 fishing boats robbed. They must be gearing up for snap elections. ahhahah

You mean to say that APNU is now able to recruit Indo pirates?

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