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Christina’s Lust, a place of large scale farming

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Daniel Ward on his farm.

 By Michel Outridge
Daniel Ward is a large scale farmer and a resident of Christina’s Lust, East Bank Berbice. He currently resides with his wife in a cottage while his permanent residence is being constructed.

Ward told the Pepperpot Magazine that he has been there since 1976 because the lands are family lands that have been in the family tree since 1858 and he is originally from Heat Burn village, also on East Bank Berbice.

Maynawatie Chandpall, wife of Daniel Ward

He added that the lands belonged to two brothers and he is a descendant of those siblings through his father’s side of the family was related and he is using the land to farm where he has about 75 acres with mostly citrus and fruits.

Ward said he plants and his wife would do the vending at New Amsterdam Market and he is the father of two.

“If you like what you do, you don’t have to work a day in your life and that describes me perfectly, even though it is hard labour I do it because I like farming, working with your hands is the best way to earn,” he said.

He also has some fowls which he said are of a breed that is more suitable for meat and layer purposes.

Ward related that the life of a farmer never stops and it is long hours and hard labour but he does it anyway because he likes his job.

He took us around his yard to see the crops he had and his fowls were not penned and was roaming the yard freely as per norm.

Vending at New Amsterdam Market
Meanwhile, his wife, Maynawatie Chandpall better known as “Beatrice” is from Juliannasburg but married and now lives in Christina’s Lust.

She was looking at a grandson, who was in the yard playing with some toys and she had just finished preparing a meal and was taking a break but will return to do some gardening.

Home of Daniel Ward (Carl Croker photos)

“I am willing to work but I have aches and pains but I would take rest and then start again because this is our living and we do it daily,” she said.

Chandpall also has some ducks and would sell from time to time and has a lot to do around the house and yard.

When they have crops she would go to the market which is a two-hour drive to sell their produce and return home to do chores.

Daniel Ward with some lemon grass

They have no electricity or potable water supply but it was observed that utility poles were planted in the community.

They have GTT cell phone service but it is not very reliable and they would put their phones in a certain way just to get signal.

The 62-year-old told the Pepperpot Magazine that her daughter is the headteacher for Betsy Ground Primary School and her son, Raynard Ward is a councillor.

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