China envoy in meeting with Ramjattan on security of Chinese community

September 14 2018


This story is developing and will be updated.

Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan, and the Commissioner of Police,  Leslie James this morning met with Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China,  Cui Jianchun to discuss security issues related to the Chinese Community.

A statement from the ministry said that “a number of Chinese business places have been burgled, with property stolen, sometimes under circumstances of violence. This has led the Chinese business community to feel that it is a targeted group”.


The statement said that both  Ramjattan and the Commissioner of Police sought to “allay this mis-perception indicating that the crime statistics, and the motives of those caught do not suggest any such profiling. Those who are victims are generally as a result of opportunistic criminals who prey on those who may (not have been alert)  and vulnerable.

The statement said that they also indicated that every effort is being made to ensure additional police patrols are prominently positioned in the commercial areas of the City and other communities which will deter criminal activities across the board. They further informed Ambassador Jianchun, who agreed, that a meeting with the Chinese business community should be held as early as possible so that a number of concerns and questions can be addressed.

From left are Commissioner of Police Leslie James, China’s Ambassador Cui Jianchun and Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan.

The matter of the Smart City project which will be funded by a loan from China was also raised along with the China-Caribbean Countries Anti- Corruption Law Enforcement Conference held in Grenada recently.

The statement said that Ramjattan thanked the Ambassador and  China for the extensive support in assets and materials given to the Guyana Police Force, and the training of a number of ranks and officers.

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