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Long time not seen GTA.

I have not had anything with cassareep since arriving in Canada in '73 but here is a lil story I can tell that ended well...had it been these times who knows how this would have ended.

The day before leaving Guyana my Uncle placed a tin ( could have been a Milo tin without the label..just plain) in it he filled with cassareep and soldered the cover so it wouldn't leak.

Eh eh banna, I arrived in Canada next day and as I went through security they checked my luggage where the lady saw the tin and asked about it and that's when my mind went blank..couldn't remember what was said...I guess in my excitement what I was told went through one ear, out the next. I told her I couldn't remember, the woman just told me to close the suitcase up and welcomed me to Canada.

These times she would have pressed a buzzer...I would be surrounded by cops/security..tossed to the ground..shot..who knows.

Anyway, goodluck on your search. Rama seems to know everything so I gonna send his behind over here.

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Me bought some nice 'Pomeroon Cassareep' in Toronto a while ago and it might be available on Liberty. Last week a NY friend returned from GY and he could have brought  some for you. True, Rama or Mits might have contacts in the Tri-State area.

You are right, also most Jamaican Grace Foods items are now packaged in Asia : Coconut wata from Thailand sold under Grace name.

Hea Cain, did you use a blow torch to open the Milo tin ?  Be careful with dem soldered Milo tin at airports, you could have shot as a black guy.

I am also looking for that butter. Was it called Cow and Gate butter ?

I have a NZ contact and will ask her.  Related to Godfrey Tuxeria, the Enmore manager's son who died in a bus bombing in the 1960's.  The NZ contact brother in Scotland was also in the bus and wrote here some time ago.  I am in touch with two sisters and brother, including their Enmore housekeeper in NJ, whom they met again after 50 years. 

@Athena posted:

At Christmas time in Guyana, I remember Mom saying she had to wash the salt from the butter before making the cake mixture.

Only one time I was allowed to assisted to make strawberry jam.  I placed the entire bottle of Certo in the jam and forget to remove the spoon overnight. Next morning the jam harden and the spoon was stuck in the jam.

Days afterwards our kids took slices of strawberry jam and peanut butter to school. Which was different for all other jam sandwiches and on parents day, the teacher gave me a colour paper award for the most unique jam sandwich.  Our kids were so proud.

@Mitwah posted:

By placing the butter in the water and stirring it, the water absorbed the salt. After a while the butter then becomes light and fluffy.

Those were nice childhood days.

Now you tell me. Thank you very much.....!! Me tried to wash de salt from the butter with carbolic soap and de ting didn't work.

I have three bars of Dominican Carib Carbolic soap tightly wrapped.  Me don't used the soap, but when little, me late sister Elaine scrubbing me skin with Carbolic soap and dry nenwa. Me hated it. But playing among the logies was so much fun. We used to imitate the movies by playing cowboy and Indians, but no one wanted to play the Indians.   

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@cain posted:

Hey man Tola. I had curry an roti today but somehow the curry seemed to have too much garam massala and the dam ting giving Iman belly gripe. Does too much of that stuff give belly wuk?

I gotta find me some gripe water..hehe

Hea Cain, it must be Punjabi or Sri Lanka curry. They tend to make it a bit heavy or hotter and I have similar symptoms. Once in Toronto I had three different curries for breakfast and it bothered my stomach big time. I discovered eating chocolate neutralized the discomfort. My niece husband in TO is from Sri Lanka and I cant eat the food he prepare, because he add much more pepper.

There is a saying that Sri Lanka women always look so hot, because of the pepper they eat.       

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