Cash-strapped Berbice Bridge suffers “deterioration”, pontoons not serviced in years

kp posted:
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skeldon_man posted:

next thing that will be condemned will be the stadium. Anything the PPP built will be allowed to deteriorate. The Berbice Bride is an asset to all Berbicians. Keep it maintained.

Ask yourself why they are not allowing the Marriott to go in disrepair.  In the future, PPP projects should all have an international franchise!!!  

Just look at who the Berbice Bridge service, mostly Indo Guyanese, maybe  they are not a priority to this administration.

Cheap shot from the real fact,who are responsible for maintaining the Berbice River Bridge.

BBCI  is the culprit,shirking their responsibility.

ronan posted:
Baseman posted:

It was a Public Private Partnership from a financing standpoint but it's a national asset.  The Govt collects revenues and provides funding to investors and upkeep.  It's for the Govt to ensure proper maintenance.

baseman, you could not possibly be this poorly informed!

or, perhaps . . . this is some PR [disinformation] service you are providing as cover for the jagdeoite thieves


Nah bai,. I don't provide cover for anyone, PPP, PNC or AFC!

I've always questioned that model as it seems to conflate the imperatives of a business entity vs a national infrastructure!

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