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Cardboard parties

Dec 07, 2021 Dem Boys Seh, Features / Columnists, News,  Source - Kaieteur News Online -- https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...cardboard-parties-2/

Kaieteur News – Soulja Bai bin draft he own 10 commandments. He bin talk how he nah want no cardboard parties in de Coal-A-Shun. He did even set it out as a special commandment fuh participation in de parliament.

Soulja Bai bin mek it known dat all ah de Coal-A-Shun parliamentarians must belong to active political parties. He seh he nah want no fake parties and no cardboard parties.

He talk how all de parliamentarians fuh de Coal-A-Shun must belong to active parties with constitutions. Dem parties must not be shell parties but, according to Soulja Bai, dem must gat members, with conferences and attract membership in all of the regions of this country.

Suh dem boys wan ask if dem gat any member of parliament in de Coal-A-Shun who belong to a cardboard party – a party without members or which never had a conference. Dem Boys asking if any of de parliamentarians in breach of Soulja Bai Commandment. And if so, wah is de penalty fuh having a cardboard party?

Some ah dem cardboard parties suh small dat instead of a manifesto, dem does gat a mini-festo.

It mek dem boys remember de time when a certain man bin form a cardboard party and bin trying fuh get enough persons fuh sign petition fuh he contest wan election. He fly in to de hinterland village and ask dem people wah problems dem gat. He seh how he gan solve dem prablems.

De people tell he how dem gat two prablems. First, dem seh how dem nah gat a resident doctor.

De politician tek out he cell phone, dialled a number, talk to somebody, and den tell de people how he done arrange fuh a doctor fuh come de following week.

He ask de people wat was de second prablem. Dem tell he how dem don’t get cell phone signal in de area.

Talk half and watch out fuh dem cardboard parties! (Republished)

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