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(Steuups!) Can elections (here) ever be “fair”?

Some silly see-through campaign techniques

Where once The Saviour walked – turmoil!


Okay friends, I’ve fully succumbed to the political season of Electoral Politics and the drama and vagaries of Party Campaigns.

Today I’m probably stressing the obvious, so transparent and “audio-visual” enough for the fair-minded still amongst us to appreciate.

For example, whichever the government in place at Election time, what on earth can prevent them from unfairly utilizing the State’s funds and numerous resources to promote their Party?  Government politicians, at these times, know no moral imperatives, no religious tenets – (no matter how many “church-photos” are published); even know no legal/constitutional restraints. Staying in power to enjoy the perks of politics and office, the authority and status, the legislative/budgetary “Good Life” is life’s primary purpose at this time. All governments become “guilty” during the hustings.

So simply repeated for emphasis, and Frankly Speaking, this 2020 Election Contest will expose the opposition PPP and the smaller Party Pretenders and Contenders to some of the experiences, challenges and “unfairness” listed below.


Disadvantages! And Volda’s padlocks!

The advantages for Guyana’s governing incumbent Election Competitor – and thus the Opposing Parties’ disadvantages – include the following: (1) use of state media to promote the Ruling Party even as the regulatory bodies become either indifferent or government-friendly; (2) utilization of every conceivable State resource to campaign country-wide; (3) Fore-knowledge of opposing parties’ meetings, rallies, venues, timings (from Police sources). (4) Governing Parties’ ability to access credit for advertisements, transportation, equipment etc; (5) Presidency Ministry as PNC surrogate during campaign and (6) a subtle, though sometimes open embrace by the Police and Security forces for the Ruling Party  – related to traditional “ethno-loyalty “of the kith and kin variety.


Frankly Speaking this writer feels compelled to record here two issues somewhat related to the above list of unfair advantages secured by the incumbent rulers: current electoral provisions leave it to His Excellency to announce an election date! An advantage in itself. Until Constitutional Reform ushers in fixed dates for Guyana’s National elections (???); secondly I reveal now that I admire the robust loyalist campaigning approach by the PNC stalwarts, Chris Jones, “Bing-bang-boom” miner-Minister Broomes and campaign “warrior” chairman Volda.

Oh, but Chairman Lawrence could be as don’t care as she tries to be periodically lady-like. “Wraang-taak” fuh so! In Kitty this past Sunday she out-did herself with almost inciteful urgings. This ’paper reported her as exhorting: (i) staying outside (certain?) Polling Places after the vote is counted and (ii) “follow that Ballot Box for it to go into that container and have the AFC-APNU padlock and chain placed on that container to protect our ballot!” (“You understand what I’m saying comrades?”)

Well-well-well! Is it not GECOM’s “padlock and chain” which should secure the boxes? You-all should now accept my long-held “warning” about His Excellency’s Party winning on March 2 By Any Means Necessary (BAMN)! By the way couldn’t 8/9 of the new Parties combine to demonstrate any concerns outside GECOM’s premises?


Those obvious, see-through techniques

As an old long-ago campaigner allow me to list a few of the transparent, silly, obvious, well-worn, sometimes laughable techniques major parties use at campaign time to attract and impress the uninformed and the young innocent newcomers.

Here goes: (1) Use of popular songs and music (popular artistes); (2) “Bussing”/Transporting crowds to rallies everywhere – misleading that those numbers can all vote (in that Constituency); later the claim can be made to the gullible: with those numbers how did we lose? (3) Showing photos of Indo, Afro or Amerindian “comrades” as loyal supporters/voters; (4) On Social Media, bringing back past tragedies opponents could be blamed for; (5) Misleading with religious “decency”; (6) Planting fake news on Facebook to misinform about so-called events by opponents. (7) Party colours and flags in opponents’ “strongholds”.

The biggest deception/hoax, of course, is the masquerade of pretending diversity and cohesion by “showcasing” mixed races Presidential and Prime Ministerial candidates – ho-ho-ho!



Where (the) Christ once walked …

This is a genuine request from me to avid, devout, knowledgeable Christians, who believe most of what is recorded in their Holy Bible.

Tell me why is it happening right now that in all the lands in which the Lord, Saviour, Messiah, Jesus walked – Israel, Palestine (Jerusalem), Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Syria, etc, etc – there is was, other human tragedies and conflicts, misery, suffering? Why? Predicted by Prophecy? Armageddon? Apocalypse? End times?


Be profound! Ponder…

1) Please caution Prime Minister “Prakash”: Alliance politics is not the same as coalition politics. (Do not follow your Leader, His Excellency, with illusions.)

2) What? His Excellency’s PNC is now moving from 36 to 40 seats on March 02??


3) When I write and speak of the “unbeatable PNC”, some PPP comrades express their annoyance with/to me. Saying I should not set any defeatist scenario for their own people. Oh well…

4) Can any other party besides PNC be allowed to campaign anywhere in the Capital City without physical bullyism?

5) Congrats to the Ole Boys of Radio still around:- Ron Robinson, Bobby Vieira.

’Til next week

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Prashad refuses to read anything what AA Fonty writes. It is better if Greene write it himself.

Yeahhhhh right! Yo rass doan wan read it because it long an you  might fall asleep halfway.

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