Calling Guyana a

SHIT HOLE would be a complement!!!!!!!!!! In 3 yeras Guyana gone from Sweet Sumootoo to SHIT HOLE and WORST!!!

Father, son found dead in Campbellville home in suspected double murder

Deonarine Luliah and his son Vickash Liliah during happier times

A father and his son were on Tuesday found dead in their Delph and Craig Street Campbellville home after tenants complained of a stench emanating from the house.

Confirmed dead are 29-year-old Vickash Liliah and 62-year-old Deonarine Luliah.

The two men were not seen for the past three days.

The elderly man who is a known pandit was reportedly found in his bedroom while his son was found in the hallway.

While details at this point remains sketchy, this publication was informed that both bodies bore marks of violence, while the home was reportedly ransacked.

More details will be provided in a subsequent report.

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Nehru, I believe I know the Liliah family in Guyana. His father was a pandit and he became pandit. He have a brother name Compton living at 103rd street. Your rakhee sister knows comption wife. I know them as well. Compton mother only past away a couple of years ago and now this. This is sad.




YOu get killed in your Home like savages. Dat is what I warned Al Yuh Bout if the CRIMINAL PNC gets into Power. More to come from those Criminals who plan, condone and support Crimes and Terrorists. If wasn't for brother Gajraj many more Indians would have been in graves!!!

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