My country man, my village neighbour, I have not seen you around for awhile. I was off for about a week, my reason , I got suspended by RAY for no good reason. I hope he did not do the same to you, but it's been a long time.

 My concern is your health, hope all is well, give a tweet and let us know, Please. KP.

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Yes, country man Gilbakka announce yuhself. Awhile back I said to mehself, that chap Gilbakka hasn't been around lately, hope he is okay.

Well, we all want to hear from you. I shouldn't say even Caribj, that would make him Distinct. We all is one people similar to my people.


yuji22 posted:

Looks like he is ok if he last logged in on Apr 24. He will be back. 

Yuji, its  fascinating that you are able  to read individual or politician minds, regarding what they might do next.

Are you from a distant planet with special mind-reading abilities ? 


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