Still have the butterfly. It is stuck on a coffee stirrer, with my Zebra Haworthia plant.

My granddaughter used to play with the butterfly, when I had it pasted on bamboo skewer.

zebra haworthia plant


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My <<<<CAIN>>>>  butterfly is hanging in our living room, with Mikey our newly adopted cat trying to catch it.

At first I thought it came from  the National Archives in London, but it must be from Raptor City, Canada. WE THE NORTH and proud of it.  

This must be the ole people dem thread. You both have a piece of slightly ancient history. When I first moved North I got rid of lots especially during tourist season.

Last fall while on a bus in T.O, I met a crossing guard who was a recipient of one about 25yrs ago. We struck up a conversation and right away she realized who I was.

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