Chief Justice Roxane George this afternoon ruled that Cabinet should have resigned with immediate effect upon the passage of the vote of no-confidence against the government on December 21st.

In a case brought by Attorney and chartered accountant Christopher Ram, she also said that while Cabinet resigned the President remains the President and the ministers remain ministers to perform their duties and functions of office.

Ram had asked the High Court to uphold the recent passage of the no-confidence motion against the David Granger-led government and to declare that the President and his Cabinet should immediately resign as a result.

In an urgent fixed date application, Ram was seeking, among other things, declarations from the court that the motion was lawfully passed and that the President and his Cabinet should immediately resign in keeping with Article 106(6) of the Constitution.

Ram’s application contended that the government was defeated and that elections must be called within 90 days from the passage of the motion. 

Cabinet did not resign on December 21st and the government has shown no recognition of this requirement.