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This guy is a political prisoner.  If he is harmed. Then these people may be hit and hit hard. Bruce lee style.  Look for a weak spot and hit the hardest to send a clear message to stop abusing our people. But it should not be done until the ABC countries finish with these Bastards.

Ben chopsticks that koolie was making fun of this guy.

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ksazma posted:

Heard that James Bond threatened him and he reciprocated by threatening James Bond. Then he heard that he will be arrested so he turned himself in but James Bond is a p ussy as he has not taken responsibility for his actions.

Well James Bond got his answer from the state Department. I hope his name is on the US black list, no pun intended!

Prashad posted:

Our aim must always be to get an Independent sovereign country for our people so that we can rule ourselves not to rule Africans and wanna be Africans who hate koolie with every drop of blood in their bodies.

Take Bubice , ask them people if they want such.

One nice Town can be set up in Rupununi ,new international airport ,all the works. Can you imagine a city near the rolling hills.

Rupununi region in Guyana rides ecotourism wave - CIFOR Forests News


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Tola posted:

Why would anyone want to divide a country by race, when there is  evidence of horror stories in countries already divided by religion. 

@Prashad, how do you envision this plan working for Guyana.  Give the Indians bigger guns, when Africans are already trained and control the GDF/GPF.

Sheer antimanism!  In countries like Guyana, the bullets mean as much as the ballots.  We witnessing this before our eyes.

The Rwandan Tutsis paid the price for not being in the military. Now they are one of the most Spartan nations in Africa. 

The Bosnian Muslims paid the price of not joining the Yugoslav military. Now they are a potent force. 

Train a young Indian and put an AK47 in his hand, he becomes as potent and confident as any gunslinger Blacks today.  Blacks are not more bad man than anyone, just they can count on police and military backup to their street bullyism.

Indians will always be at the mercy of Black forces unless the understand the importance and need for being gunslingers themselves.

Other than that, depend on the Whiteman and stop cussing them. Them is abie savior!

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Max been guarding the ballots from day one. He got into trouble for sending a threat via Facebook to antiman James Bond. Apparently Bond sent a threat to Max and as in true Guyanese style Max reciprocated. But while Max was man enough to turn himself in to the police Bond is hiding from his mischief in this matter like a p ussy.

Totaram posted:

If he threatened someone charge him and put him on trial.  He drives around talking crap all day daring Granger and others to lock him up.  He is no political prisoner.  A jackass like him doesn't belong in that category.  BTW, what business is he in?

That should be your first question. But as usual, you always put the cart before the horse. 

Totaram, you reminds me of school boy Vish.