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The accused arriving at the Georgetown Magistrates Court on Wednesday in the company of police officers

Murdered; Sham Bharat Chunnilall Mannilal

17th January 2020


The Guyana Police Force could come in for some harsh criticisms after the true facts about the robbery/murder of newspaper vendor in Essequibo, Sham Bharat Chunnilall Mannilall began to unravel today Friday. The businessman was killed during a home invasion on Friday night of last week.

The ‘crux of the matter’ BIG Smith News Watch was told, is that the three persons who were initially charged on Wednesday were not the actual killers of the businessman. Those persons were first picked up by police in Essequibo but after ranks from the Police Major Crimes Unit traveled to Essequibo, they released the initial four persons and picked up three young men who they later charged with the crime.

With the new developments, the Director of Public Prosecution could very well be asked to recall the charge against the three persons who were remanded on Wednesday to allow for the police to carry out a more detailed and accurate investigation which could also see a bank employee called in for questioning.

The change in circumstances came to light after a young man who lent another young man his helmet went to the police to report that the helmet was never returned to him. The bandits who invaded the home of the businessman wore helmets to conceal their identities.

The young man who made the report about his helmet not being returned was sent to the detectives who upon checking called the young man to identify a helmet which they had their possession. It turned out that the helmet was the very one which the police retrieved during their initial investigations and which the young man confirmed was the helmet he lent to his friend.

This lead to the police moving to rearrest the persons who were picked up on the night of the crime. It was then that they began confessing to the crime while relating who played what role in the entire ordeal

While the persons who were charged did not carry out the actual act of murder, they nevertheless did play various roles such as planning and acting as lookouts as the robbery was being carried out.

From all indications, one of the men who appeared in court Wednesday was celebrating a nine-day event for his newborn child at his home and it was reported that is was there that the blueprint on how the robbery was going to be executed.

Police sources indicated that the daughter of the deceased at one time dated one of the suspects of the crime but that relationship fell through after her now-dead father became involved and had a physical confrontation with the young man.

During that relation, the young lady reportedly stole money from her father and would give it to the young man at that time, her father was operating a poultry business which was then closed down.

Recently the young man and the lady again began talking and it is reported that she reportedly told him of her father’s plan to restart the poultry business. She also reportedly told the young man that her father secured a loan from the bank which was more than one million dollars for the start-up of the business.

In years gone by, the Guyana Police Force was accused numerous times of charging the wrong persons for crimes committed while the actual players walked free.

In the not too distant past, the Guyana Police Force has been receiving immense help from international and regional partners to increase its capacity in every area of the force. However, more emphasis is usually placed on the Criminal Investigation Department.

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Businessman killed in home invasion; four arrested

11th January 2020


Police in Essequibo, Region 2 on Friday evening arrested four persons following a home invasion that resulted in 48 year old businessman Sham Mannilall of Parcel 61, Queens Town, Essequibo being shot about four times as two bandits invaded his home during the course of a robbery.

BIG Smith News Watch was informed by police sources that the bandits who wore helmets to conceal their identities and armed with a cutlass and gun respectively, first attacked the businessman’s wife, causing her daughter to scream, raising an alarm.

According to what we were told, Mannilall was outside in the yard with one of his daughters while his wife was attempting to make her way through one of the doors when she was confronted by the two bandits.

The bandits pushed Mannilall’s wife into the house and demanded money from her, causing the other daughter to scream, that scream alerted Mannilall who rushed to see what was taking place and as he approached, the bandit who was carrying the gun, opened fire on him, hitting him several times.  He received injuries to his chest, shoulder and abdomen resulting in him falling to the ground.

The bandits then used that opportunity to make good their escape. Mannilall was picked up and rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The police arrived on the scene and commenced their investigations and within moments of starting, they moved to the homes of a number of persons which resulted in the arrest of a 27 year old labourer, 25 year old welder, 37 year old labourer and a 35 year old who is also a labourer.

The suspects were detained by the police for questioning and their fingers are expected to be swabbed for gun shot residue. The police have also recovered a cutlass and spent shell from the scene of the crime and confiscated a motorcycle which they removed from the home of one of those arrested in connection with the ongoing investigation.


Corruption and incompetence is at a high level in Guyana in all Department of Government. Previous and current government fail to put system in place to curb this disease. 
Georgetown stinks of Pissed, the pavements are overflowing with vendors and vagrants . Garbage is piling up. 
Going to the bank is risky, vendors attach their tarp to the security hut.. blocking the view of the security. 
Honking of vehicle horns is like kids playing with Christmas toys. 

Last December, one of our bond was broken into - the side facing a police station. Unfortunately, no cameras was at this location ( though the police was enough) - cameras was installed the following day. Thieves came again the next night, the video was given to the cops - vehicle # plates was visible. 
Cops said due to the holidays, they are unable to get the owners info from GRA... so bandits had enough time to sell their loot... rite It’s been back and fort going to court - at one time the cop shows up without case  jacket.. case was delayed  from 9 am to 1 pm so cop can get case jacket. By 3 pm no cops/ no case jacket. 
Mr prosecutor what’s going on - his response- no vehicle is available . 
Magistrate - OK do you want another date - Yes your honour said prosecutor.

All this goes on with no value to others time.  

So enough with the law- them bhais did what they had to do. 

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