Hinds just opened a huge can of worms,

the unravelling of this will be eye opening, to say the least.

I'm getting my popcorn for this one



Mouth open story jump out!!!!

We await the names of those who were calling the shots


Emile_Mervin clarence rickford 

This is so sudden, so was he part of a pre-arranged deal to come clean in exchange for some full or partial immunity if he testifies and name names?



He denies having anything to do with Courtney Crum-Ewing's death, but is anyone implicating him?


PPP now trying to kill Him....and then blame him for Killing Courtney Crun-Ewing.


Bharrat Jagdeo may now be wishing he did not make this ignoble comeback, because his name will be called repeatedly in ongoing investigations.


Sometimes greed kills, and that sucka is the epitome of greed.


clarence rickford 

this is wonderful, I watched parts of the news item,


lets hope an injunction will  not be sought by the now opposition before the full details of the interview is aired.


maybe it's time to revisit the 'Blackie' London's tape  recording which was not allowed to be aired in its entirety.




Floyd McDonald knows quite a lot.


Many persons around know quite a lot.


Time longer that twine!