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VishMahabir posted:

....just kidding!!!

Bowy, you nah gat school wok to do. Drink some milk and go sleep, it's late for you to be playing.

Sometimes I think Vish is Admin Ray playing games to spice up GNI.  

Well let's see. I suggest  admin suspend Vish for 10 hours for misrepresenting  the Political Forum  or check his ID to see if he is of age to post here.

VishMahabir posted:
Billy Ram Balgobin posted:

VishMahabir had a  wet dream after dreaming of KM.  It's VM and KM.  

Not me

...it was Irfaan

...you notice how Kwame, the REAL McCoywas protective of Mohammed Irfaan Ali (MIA) at the recent press conference???

I am noticing some jealousy here. Did you think that Kwame should protect you? You have to come out of the closet and let people know. Don't hide behind the curtain. You maker made you this way. Flaunt it brother/sister.

VishMahabir posted:
yuji22 posted:

Wait, Vish loves Kwame Baigan ?

Dude...you got me mixed up with Anti Banta...aka de shredder

You only write shit about Anta when he is not on GNI. If he is on, you have to run to class to continue taking your half credit for the semester. Why don't you stick around so Anta can tie barley around your nuts and take you where you have never been to? 

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