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How do you intend to pamper your mother on her special day tomorrow? Tomorrow is mother's day on the calendar, but we all know mother days are every day of the year throughout her life until God calls upon her. 

Let me take this opportunity to wish all our female members a happy and blessed mother's day in advance. 

Men, let's not take women for granted. Without them, we would be here. I want to advise all female members NOT to take what is being said on GNI personally or feel insulted. I know to my heart that all of you are good human beings, mothers, sisters and have the world of love and kindness in real-life. 

That said, I hope whatever you do, be safe, enjoy, and know that Prince loves all the ladies regardless. 

Happy Mother's Day.   



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Leonora posted:
ksazma posted:
Leonora posted:

My intended DIL brought roses, chocolates, breakfast and lunch. 

Looks like she is a keeper love. Happy Mother's Day.

Thanks.  She's very sweet.

Lucky you,happy mothers day !!

Also happy mothers day to all the mothers on GNI.

ksazma posted:
cain posted:

I hope you fellas made/making the breakfast today.

Dude, I respect people too much to endanger them with my cooking. 

I know banna but you gotta be smart.

Iman (purchase a packaged) Lobster Mac n Cheese...(a pkg of)Smoked Candied Salmon...(a pkg of ) salad... accompanied by a bottle of bubbly Grape juice. This scrumptedelicious meal will be followed by a Chocolate fudge cake (purchased) by Iman.

The trick is to now remove all words in parenthesis replacing them with the word "made"

I never did flowers because the lazy ass neighbour never planted a dam thing yet.

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