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January 11 ,2021


Kaieteur News – Caught red-handed in another instance of its blatant disregard for contractual commitments is Brian Tiwari’s BK International Incorporated. In this most recent case that was brought to the attention of this publication, BK International received 70% of the payment for a $124M sea defence project over a year ago but has only managed to complete 15% of the works. Junior Public Works Minister Deodat Indar shared revelations, during his visit yesterday to the site of sea defence at Plantation Andrews, Region Two.
The signing and awarding of this $124M project was done on December 31, 2019—a contentious period when the former A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) administration was deemed to be in caretaker mode.
The project was nonetheless awarded and was aimed at repairing 1,000 feet of rip rap sea defence at the Essequibo Coast village, with commencement and completion dates as January 21, 2020, and August 21, 2020, respectively.
However, during his visit to the project site yesterday, the minister observed that a meager 150 feet of works had been completed by BK International, despite the contractor collecting almost $90M in payments.

Junior Minister of Public Works, Deodat Indar

Minister Indar recalled that BK’s disregard for contract commitments at Plantation Andrews is akin to what was displayed by the same contractor for a $352M sea defence project at Dantzig, Region Five. There, BK had been advanced $105M for “emergency” sea defence works in June 2019. This followed after the powerful tides of October 2019 had devastated vulnerable parts of coastal Guyana, with thousands of families living near the shoreline struggling to keep their belongings, livestock and farmlands from being damaged by saltwater that had breached the coastland.
But even after receiving $105M from the former government, BK had initiated zero mobilisation works on the project claimed to be of urgency. As a consequence, when the People’s Progressive Party/ Civic took office in August of last year, one of its first actions was to terminate the $352M contract with BK. It was later handed to two other local contractors.
“BK International again has been performing defaults on works and I am saying to you that we cannot continue to have this anymore. We cannot use taxpayer’s money for vulnerable areas to see that it is not being completed on time and lack of due care,” Minister Indar expressed, while emphasizing that “stern actions” will be taken against this contractor.
Attempts were made by Kaieteur News yesterday to contact Brian Tiwari, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BK International, with aims of ascertaining an explanation for his breach of contract agreement. Those attempts, however, proved futile.

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BK had been asked by ministry to divert resources from Andrews to Mahaicony

Dear Editor,

On Sunday, January 10, 2021,  Minister in the Ministry of Works, Deodat Indar sought to blame BK International for the apparent delay in the sea defence project at Andrews, Essequibo Coast.

In articles appearing in the press, Minister Indar said that the company has been known to be slow in executing contracts.

He said that the Andrews project should have been completed last August, however, up to Sunday, the project was a mere 15 per cent complete.

This conclusion was rejected by BK International. Chief Engineer, Ganesh Sawh, said that the project was 23 per cent complete. He said that the Ministry of Public Works was responsible for the delay. The Ministry, last year, ordered BK International to proceed to Mahai-cony where a massive breach existed.

This breach was 500 meters wide and the two contractors working to seal it were there for two years but could not seal it.

The order from the Ministry was for BK International to proceed to Mahaicony and replace the two contractors. The Ministry also ordered BK International to use all resources necessary. One resource that was not available at Mahaicony was geotextile fabric.

BK International was ordered to ship the fabric from Andrews on the Essequibo Coast. This is a material that cannot be obtained locally. It has to be imported. The company transferred the fabric in February but it was required to place a fresh order from the suppliers in the Netherlands.

At the time the COVID-19 pandemic was raging around the world. Shipping supplies was a difficult task. The order that was made in March did not arrive in Guyana until September 18, 2020. That replacement shipment was not shipped to Andrews until the following months.

Mr. Sawh said that Minister Indar did not need to travel to Andrews on the Essequibo Coast to know about the transfer of the fabric. That information could have been provided by his technical team. It could also be obtained through a simple phone call to the company.

Instead, Mr. Indar was critical of the situation. He told the local press that he would deal with BK International personally. This prompted Sawh to say that Minister Indar is either misinformed or that he was getting personal with the company.

By this time BK International had sealed a 500-metre breach at Mahaicony in less than 40 days.

Commenting on the pace of the progress, Mr. Sawh said that the rip rap sea defence work is executed in five stages, each at a cost.  Minister Indar had told the press that BK International had been paid 70 per cent of the contract cost but had only completed 15 per cent of the work.

Mr. Sawh said that that was far from the truth. He said that the money paid in keeping with the contract represented 100 per cent of the material cost. The actual work that involved the foundation for the sea defence project was almost complete.

This aspect of the work cannot be seen at a glance because it is below the surface. It involves stabilizing the base of the sea defence project. The remainder of the project including labour is still unpaid.

There was also a problem with the acquisition of sand. The government sand pit on the Essequibo Coast was closed. The other pit on a reservation was closed as soon as the rainy season began.

Mr. Sawh said that contrary to statements by Minister Indar It is clear that BK International is more than capable of handling any and all sea defence projects. It constructed a 500 metre permanent sea defence structure at Affiance, Essequibo Coast.

The company has more than 30 years of proven record and has completed an estimated 100 kilometres of sea defence in Guyana.

On numerous occasions it was called on to replace contractors who could not complete those jobs or were unable to undertake the projects.

The Chief Engineer has said that the Andrews project would be completed within another six weeks.

Yours faithfully,

Brian Tiwarie

Chief Executive Officer,

BK International

This is Guyana we are talking about. This Indar is living in the USA not Guyana. It is next to impossible to get Guyanese to work in a difficult and hard job in Guyana. They prefer to take the money and not show up.

Instructions by Patterson caused delays to $124M sea defence project – BK insists

Jan 12, 2021 News, Source - Kaieteur News Online - https://www.kaieteurnewsonline...-project-bk-insists/

Kaieteur News – Ganesh Sawh, the Chief Engineer under BK International Incorporated, has alleged that instructions from the former Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, resulted in delays in works of a $124M sea defence project.

Sawh made these and other comments yesterday, in response to a story recently carried by Kaieteur News. In that story, it was revealed that BK International had received 70 percent of payment for a $124M project awarded over a year ago, but only 15 percent of the works had been completed by January 21, 2020. It was the Junior Minister of Public Works, Deodat Indar, who made known these revelations, during a visit on Sunday to Plantation Andrews, the site of the sea defence project.

According to Minister Indar, the project was aimed at repairing 1,000 feet of riprap sea defence at the Region Two village, with the completion date set for August 21, 2020. However, during the Minister’s visit to the site, it was observed that a meager 150 feet, or 15 percent of works had been completed by the contractor.

However, when Kaieteur News spoke with BK’s Chief Engineer yesterday, he indicated that it was 24 percent of works that had been completed, and the delay was in the remaining 76 percent. This, he said, was due to instructions by former Minister Patterson.

According to Sawh, when BK began mobilizing works last February at Plantation Andrews, Patterson had told the contractor to focus efforts on repairing a breach at Danzig, Region Five. The engineer explained, “There were two other contractors fixing the breach at Danzig, but they weren’t doing a good job. So, Patterson and his Chief Hydraulics Officer had instructed us to move over to Danzig to take over the repairs.”

However, as works began to mobilize at Danzig, the engineer had observed that a large amount of filter fabric was needed to start the works. “Filter fabric was used as a foundation for the repairs. On this fabric, you would first lay the sand on it and then place the bounders on top. It helps water to pass, while preventing the soil from migrating through the fabric,” Sawh explained.

Because all of the equipment had been available for works at Plantation Andrews, Sawh said the former Minister told BK to use its filter fabric at Danzig, instead of the site it was intended for.

When it was time for BK to recommence works at the Region Two site, the team had realized that it had depleted all of the fabric, so an order had to be placed for more, the engineer says. “We had placed the order for the fabric, but because of COVID-19 restrictions, it arrived until September of last year,” he added.

Notwithstanding this, Sawh said that now that the shipment has arrived, and if good weather prevails, the repairs at Plantation Danzig could be completed within six weeks.

A snap from Minister Indar’s Facebook live showing a section of the incomplete sea defence works.

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