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Prince posted:
Baseman posted:
Prince posted:
Baseman posted:

Shut yuh poke!!

He’s a turncoat!!

Deep state conspiracy at work!!

We shall overcome!!

Do you have evidence to support that statement? 

Yes I do however, I cannot divulge my source!  I also know the PNC has 7,000~ fraudulent voters, but cannot divulge my source!

What BS source are you talking about? Your "source' is the new pusser-pusser evidence you're leaning on. You dwell heavily in corrupted politics that make you stray from the truth. Thanks for nothing! 

How you know what I know!  We in two different spaces!!

Baseman posted:
Ray posted:

I think the Repubs were depending on him to be on their side

He was paid off!!

He is the man that donated over a million dollars to Trump campaign, he doesn't need money. He is telling the truth so that he doesn't go to jail, like Cohen, Roger Stone and others. Trump can't pardon him, Trump is on an island on his own.

 This is the final nail. Donald is getting Heart attack, back to Walter Reed.

Sean posted:

Bai Kaz. I watched the inquiry rather relying on information from dem antimen at CNN and the fake news media. Me na drink socialist and leftists cool aid. 
The lake rass will freeze up for winter. Cain will go ice fishing and freeze e rass up. 

I watched the summaries.  This will flame out in the next few days!  And Trump's popularity will surge like the DOW!

Only people with low IQs cant figure this  Clever people like Base, Sean, Bibi, Prince, Sig, etc done figure it!

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