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You need to start 20 topics to show us you support PPP?

Al Yuh Rass was blind and deaf from 1992 to 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please shut yuh ass...there was never PNC postings like this on GNI

Like you forget Jalil’s Coke in the Poke threads.  And Mitwah overwhelming cussing of Jagdeo calling him gay all day long.  On every single thread.

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The whole board was PNC last election.  Jalil, Kari, Chief, Mitwah, Tola, Cain, Churchill, Django, Gilbaka, Gerhard, Sase, TK, Ray, Amral, Warrior, Pointblank. Dem boys were wreaking havoc in this place.  

some were AFC...plus they talk sense...not senseless posts about meetings etc

What is the difference between AFC and PNC?  Do you remember those pornographic  pics Jalil used to draw with Kwame and Jagdeo and the whole board used to cheer him on?

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Ray trying to put in he last word holding on to lil authority before Django fire he Rass. His days are numbered. 

Django is PNC...he can't fire a fellow party member...I have my card

Your Card expire, it was issued by Burnham. This time nah lang time.

Your card too.... 

You are allowed to complete a sentence.