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@Former Member posted:

Ray joined with his PPP pals to insult Jango, then he and Jango fell apart. Ray and pals decided to create their own site, take his customers, and hope J's site fails. Just my 2 jills. 

Terry, here is my two Jill and it's an honest opinion.

Amral handed over DJ this website with the expectation that it will be transformed and a new generation will be in charge.

Well, GNI has remained this 1970 model with ZERO transformation, DJ seems to lack the ability to transform it. As an owner he so far failed to transform this site. It look like it's from a bygone era. Very ugly aesthetically. 

From an administration perspective, DJ is too busy defending an illegal and disgraceful PNC Cabal. He is entitled to his opinion but should have kept it private and work behind the scenes to transform GNI. Being the owner and attacking and banning your loyal and old time clients do more harm than good and they will now gravitate towards Ray's site.

Unless DJ adopts a hands off, neutral position and transforms this site, it will die a slow death. Even the homepage is dull and ugly, looks like grandpa's 1958 Chevy. Look at the home page picture, looks like a Haiti slum.

I already joined Ray's site and will still chill out here until it falls but I can see myself hanging out more and more over there.

That's my two cents. Straight from the hip.


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