Hello my name is Beverly Tucker. I am trying to find any info about my great grand parents and other family from Birtish Guiana (Guyana).

The names I am searching are:


Vincent Teixeira B. abt 1860's 70's D. British Guiana Don't know when 1900's


Julia D'Agrella B. abt. 1860's70's D. British Guiana Dont know when 1900's


         Julia and Vincent were married.


Mathilda Teixeira (Hilda) B. abt 1902 Georgetown Demerara British Guiana


Georgiana Cecillia Teixeira ( My grand mother. She came to the U.S. 1924) B. 1904 Georgetown Demerara Birtish Guiana


Victor Teixeira B. abt 1906 Georgetown Demerara British Guiana (Went to Canada in the 1950's


Eva Ursula DeAbreu B.1901 Georgetown Demerara British Guiana (Came to the U.S. in 1922 with her husband


Andrew Washington Godchaux B. 1900 Georgetown Demerara British Guiana (Came to the U.S. 1922 with his wife Eva.)


      Eva was a cousin to Hilda, Georgiana and Victor


Any info on my family and other relatives would be greatly appreciated. I am not sure where Vincent and Julia were born. I hear that the Teixeira's are from the Azores but do not know when they migrated to British Guiana. Could have been in the 1830's 40's. I just don't know.


Thank you, Beverly Tucker


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Thank you I will check it out. I have been trying for 7 years to find out about my family and who they were and are. I have not found anything as of yet. So frustrating. Thanks for the help. Hope I can find something soon...

Originally Posted by Beverly Tucker:

Does anyone know if there are books of the sugar plantations and the workers?  Or should I say the names of the people who worked on the plantations.

 Yes..such books with names do apparently exist , if you took a look at the two videos I posted , you would clearly see David with such records .

I saw it. But are they on line is the question I should have asked. I find the names of the plantations but that is it. I have no idea if my Teixeira's worked the plantation when first coming to British Guiana.I don't know when they migrated to B.G. Everything I have read said that all the records were damaged and couldn't be looked at. The videos you showed me prove different. I know records are out there. The question is are they on line or will they ever be on line. The records I do find on line do not have any of my family in any of them. I have been all over the web. I wrote to B.G. Archives and they sent me to a london site which no one can open unless you are part of a university there. There are also other Teixeira's and other families in general looking on line with roots ancestry and other message boards trying to find their B.G. family info. I have little doubt that most the Teixeira's are related in one or other but no one can get past all the brick walls for B.G. I wish I could go to B.G. and do my own research but I can't. I also can not look at Portugal since I don't know where to look. I have been told to look at the Azores but without knowing when my family came to B.G. I don't know what to look at or where. Another thing is I do not read Portuguese. 

That's a great Idea... I might have to do that... I wish they would put this stuff on line... All they have to do is photo copy and put on line. Or have people transcribe them and put them on line... I would do that... I told the people at the archives the same thing... Guess they don't want to do that though... 

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