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I am keeping the site that's not part of the deal.

At later time yes, someone can run it. The link to the forum will still remain but the forum will now be an independent site and not part of Guyana. Org anymore 

It will die with no attention. It needs to be on a word press format with some personalization and easy update to the information.  Leaving it in memorium will surely see it die.

Told Amral, need some spruce up,can you recommend a good template.

templates are everywhere. If you guys want the forum then it will happen then. Will talk to Karl.s dad later today or tomorrow. He complained he is getting old. I think it will keep him young.

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I think if Django takes over, he will ban me just so he can save me from myself. 😀

I think an educated, well balanced person who is not subjected to party loyalty should take over.

What are you insinuating ?

You are not qualified. 

You guys need some soul searching.

James Brown???

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