Brother Dave. Let it slide. I have had a few posts deleted in the past and I am certain that more will be deleted in the future.

While I find it inappropriate to have threads deleted, it is important for admin to at least state the reason why a particular post was deleted.

There are many times when they are justified as a result of posts not having links provided and ones which admin might deem provocative or racist in nature and as such, they make the final call. 

It’s best to lay low sometimes and let things slide after all, we are not paid members and as such admin reserves the right to modify or delete posts.


Dave posted:

Amral, I started a thread about Robbery and Conditions Of Guyana - Unfortunately, it was deleted. 

If this will be the norm, I will Just Closed and delete my account. 


let me see you gat small balz to delete yourself and reincarnate again like SEAN/YUGI.

Nehru posted:

There has to be fairness and balance not because some drank cool aid at sophia everything has to be benefiting Sophia Idiots!!!

Give me freedom or give me death.

Was it Lincoln???

"Give me liberty or give me death"

This is attributed to Patrick Henry around the 1770's.

Dave posted:

Some people are just cowards and vindictive... and I knew who that individual is... it’s unfortunate,  they choose Friday ( a holy day for him ) to display his  hate. 

Bai relax yuhself lil bit nah. So yuh thread get knock off. So what? 

Regarding posts being deleted, I think that in all fairness, posters should be told the reason for removal. It is inane to remove the post without stating what rule was violated. It appears, in the absence of a reason being given, someone is making it up as they go along.

The poster had been told to post links when he posts articles.

One article had no link, the other was done in error (it was just a facebook post anyway)

Next time, the same thing will occur...and no explanation because members should already know about posting links by now..

Now...enjoy yuh Friday and stop whining

 Forums Rules: No 3 ,4 and 10

(3) Please make sure that your posts are positive, constructive, and on the topic. We may delete individual posts that could ruin a good topic thread. As much as we allow members to freely express their opinions. There is a limit as to what we will tolerate. If a member starts spreading lies, rumors or post mischievous/slanderous information that is disruptive to our community we will take the necessary actions as we see fit.

(4) We reserve the right to remove any topics deemed inappropriate or disruptive to our community.

(10) While our discussion forums does enjoy being part of a community network, there will be times when what is posted on other sites, forums or blogs should remain there. Our members should be wary of re-posting contents from other sites that can be deemed as propaganda or mischievous. It is advisable to always post the source of articles.

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