American Airlines sets fare at US$900 round trip Miami to Guyana

Mitwah posted:

Arriving at 11:40 PM is not congenial. Passengers will be targeted  by the highway bandits. I would sleep at the airport and travel early in the morning to my destination.

Anyway, this is better than stopping over in T&T.

Like the PNC did a deal with AA?  LOL.  More for the PNC domestic terrorist.

skeldon_man posted:
seignet posted:

I am told Corentyne ppl fly with Suriname Airways and take the boat over the river.

Suriname Airways flies nonstop to Guyana, then to Suriname.

Yeh, mi brudda just went Guyana with Suriname Air.  He wife seh he gat to fly she National airline or he can’t go!

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