Katahar posted:
ksazma posted:

It is much simpler for me. I will never support the PNC. There is no ambiguity in never.

Me nuh surprised .yuh is a unapologetic racist.

Lesson in life. Never apologize when an apology is not warranted. Everyone wants an apology for everything. It is a terrible idea to go out of your way to accommodate those unwarranted apologies.

Sean posted:

Bai Kaz, I just found out who dis fella Katahar is. Shocking. Anyway, life goes on. 

Bai, it is inconsequential to me. Anyone who is so disturbed by their previous handle to the point of disappearing and reappearing with a new one has to have lots of issues. 

I have stated that I will leave GNI after the elections next week. Now I hovered over my profile which indicates that I joined on April 4, 2005. Since I am big on symbolisms, I may stick around until April 4, 2020 giving me 15 full years on GNI. That is if I survive any suspension from Django or Ray. But one thing for sure. When I sign off on April 4, 2020 no one will be able to identify any of my writing 'DNA' as I don't roll like that. 

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Hey hey hey...like Katahar get suspen already...

Won't happen..Ray and I got dah covered, wanna know why? First post by dah banna he say Ray, DG an Iman is good good peeps an he gonna give us a few freks one one time.   He got two outta jail cyards jus for being nice. 

Because he scared you gon put him on the farm to wok ... remember that post