Almost two months after… City Constable who allegedly had sex with juvenile prisoner still on the job

Almost two months after… City Constable who allegedly had sex with juvenile prisoner still on the job

Oct 12, 2017 News,

After close to two months, and two meetings by City Hall’s Legal Affairs Committee, the city constabulary rank accused of having sex with a juvenile prisoner is still on duty, and has not been charged.
City Mayor, Patricia Chase-Green said that this state of affairs is due to the fact that all statements are still to be submitted to the Committee.
Mayor Chase-Green indicated that the Legal Affairs Committee will meet again next week and she hopes that it will finally be concluded.
“I would not condone such an act. City Hall will not condone such an act, Chase-Green told Kaieteur News yesterday.
The Mayor confirmed that the same Lance Corporal was previously investigated for a similar act. She said he was placed on close arrest for seven days and a report was sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). The Mayor said that the accused was reinstated; however, after the DPP indicated that there was insufficient evidence to lay charges.
Kaieteur News is in possession of a report containing a statement that the teen in the new allegation gave to a City Constable. In the statement, the juvenile confirmed that the act took place. A city constable also said he witnessed the sex act.
But Mayor Chase-Green said that the statement was made in the presence of the teen’s guardian, who refused to sign it. She also said that the alleged victim “has not been presented to the Legal Affairs Committee.” A report seen by Kaieteur News indicated that he cannot be located.
In the statement he gave to a City Constable, the juvenile, of no fixed place of abode, said he was arrested on August 22, for loitering and placed on the prisoner’s bench at the Regent Street Enquiries Outpost at City Hall.
He alleged that at around 23:00 hrs, a male constable took over, and about 02:30 hrs, the constable woke him and told him to lie on his back, which he did. Shortly after, the male rank told him to stand by the washroom. Another rank then came in and requested a firearm, which the first rank handed over. The two men sat watching a movie for awhile. Eventually, the officer with the firearm left, while the other returned and unbuttoned the juvenile’s pants, placed a condom on the juvenile’s privates and let the teen have sex with him.
According to the teen’s statement, the officer who had collected the firearm returned shortly after. The rank allegedly pointed at the teen and said that he would “speak to me seriously in the morning.’
It was this same rank that stated that he saw the incident. He alleged that he was sitting at his desk when he heard someone moaning. He peeped through a vent and saw his colleague, a Lance Corporal, having sex with the prisoner. After, the lance corporal went to the washroom with a condom he had removed from the teen’s privates.
The rank then reported the matter.
According to the report seen by Kaieteur News, the accused confirmed that a juvenile was in custody while he was on duty. He said that at around 06:50 hrs the following day, he handed over duty to a woman constable and it was at around 11:30 hrs that he received a telephone call in which he was told of the allegation, and that he must report to the investigative section immediately.
A report on the matter concluded that “the testimony of the rank should be relied upon; due to the fact that the victim substantiated that he and Lance Corporal (name given) were involved in buggery.”
“A confrontation was not done, since the VC did not return to the Investigation Section and numerous efforts were made to locate him but to no avail,” the report stated.
“This is not the first time that Lance Corporal (name given) was accused of being involved in sexual activities with a juvenile in the Regent Street outpost. In fact, in 2016, he was accused of having sexual intercourse with a juvenile prisoner. At the time, the said Lance Corporal was in charge of the Regent Street outpost. The matter was dropped because the victim decided not to pursue the matter.”
The report also stated that checks in the City Constabulary station diary revealed that the rank who witnessed the act had not made an entry in the station diary. This was considered to be a breach of protocol. It was suggested that the alleged eyewitness be charged with neglect of duty. However, in response to Kaieteur News, Mayor Chase-Green indicated that he was not charged.
But the matter was reportedly only investigated after Kaieteur News highlighted the case in its satirical ‘Dem Boys Seh’ column.
Mayor Chase-Green said she had ordered an investigation immediately after learning of the allegation. However, she said that two weeks passed before the Chief Constable responded.

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