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All set for Berbice Cricket Board elections today at NA Town Hall

Feb 18, 2018 Sports,

Following the ruling by the Honorable Justice Navendra Singh on January 30th all is set for Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) Elections which is slated for today at the New Amsterdam Town Hall beginning at 11:00 hrs.
The elections will be supervised by the High Court. An assigned official from the Court will call the meeting to order and after verifying the names of the person present, the Returning Officer will be nominated and elected from among those present.
The Returning Officer will then take charge.
The decisions were part of the ruling made by Justice Singh in deciding on the matter. This was after a thorough verification process.
After the October 8 elections, which were deemed fraudulent by Justice Singh, a number of decisions were made.
Following the holding of the Court ordered elections, on October 8, a number of clubs and association present complained that the elections were not held in a fair and transparent manner. They had taken the matter back to court complaining that the election process had been β€œfundamentally flawed, unfair and undemocratic,” and that the office-bearers could not have been properly elected.
They had also complained that it was not held in according with the Cricket Administration Act and that a number of decisions made by the Judge were not kept. They had also complained that there was bullyism and interference from persons present.
There are 11 clubs and three Sub Associations that are expected to vote.
The associations and clubs expected to participate are – Upper Corentyne, West Berbice and Berbice River Cricket Associations. Blairmont, Albion and Rose Hall Community Centers, Police, Mental Hospital, Mounts Sinai, Kildonan Sports Club, Bermine Sports Club, Port Mourant, Whim and Chesney Cricket Clubs.
The BCBC Elections was last held in January 2014.
The action was brought by Mr. Arud Gossai- Attorney on behalf of cricket official Albert Smith and Robby Saywack and a number of clubs.  (Samuel Whyte)

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