All Guyanese can kack up dem foot and drink whiskey

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Some workers start to cry dis week when dem get dem knack-off letters from Guyana Goldfields.

Dem boys sarry fuh dem who lose dem wuk but dem boys more sorry fuh de country and de people wha nah understand dat nobody in Guyana gat fuh wuk if dem don’t want to wuk.

Dem boys remember one day when dem and de bossman of de Waterfalls paper been tekkin’ a drink at the Princess Hotel.

De bossman seh he meet up one of Exxon man who seh he from farrin. De man at de time had too many drinks but he still been talking sense.

De bossman buy two beer fuh he and he start talk more.

He tell dem boys how he does wuk in the oil industry and from de amount of wealth he see out deh in de Atlantic, no Guyanese suppose to wuk fuh de rest of dem life.

He seh every Guyanese supposed to be living de high life like dem is sheiks in de Middle East.

He tell de bossman Guyanese supposed to be kacking dem foot up high in de air and drinkin’ whiskey all day. Dem boys seh de man mek sense.

He ask de bossman wha type of car he does drive. De bossman tell he is a Toyota. De man laugh.

He seh dat de amount of wealth Guyana gat, everybody supposed to be drivin’ Mercedes Benz before a drop of oil come up. He seh he wish he was a Guy-a-Neez.

Dat is why when dem boys read story ‘bout how 160 persons lose dem wuk at Guyana Goldfields, and dat people crying, dem boys know de country missing de bigger picture.

Dem boys seh de problem is not jobs, de problem is de deal de country sign.

All dem crookish politicians does get excited every time a farrin investor come and seh dem hay fuh create jobs.

Dem crookish politicians does den sign deal which sellout de people… and all fuh a few jobs.

Dem boys seh if de deal de fit and prappa, Guyana would be collecting enough revenues fuh ensure dat none ah we woulda gat fuh wuk.

We coulda stay home, kack up we foot, sip we whiskey and wait fuh GEE-Cum fuh done count de votes.

Talk half and dream about better politicians and de whiskey.

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