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Rapist attacks 5-year-old child in Guyana
Reporduced from the online site Kaieteur News

A five-year-old girl of Betsy Ground, East Canje Berbice, has been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the New Amsterdam Hospital in a critical condition after she was abducted out of her bed wrapped in a sheet and taken into the bushes on the bank of the Canje River and brutally raped on Friday.

According to Information the tot’s mother had ventured next door to her mother-in-law’s premises in anticipation of a phone call from the child’s father. The child who is the second of three children was left sleeping at home with her two-year-old brother.

According to investigators the girl and her mother-in-law live next door to each other, not too far from the river dam.

The Incident occurred some time after 23:00 hrs. It is understood that while the mother was over at her mother-in-law the perpetrator entered the house wrapped the sleeping girl in a blanket taken from her sleeping brother and carried her into the bushes on the River dam area, where he committed the dastardly act.

According to a source the mother returned home sometime before midnight. She noticed that her daughter was not in her bed and her son’s blanket was missing. The woman frantically started to search and to call out for her daughter.

She was joined by others as they ventured out into the dark. Their frantic search and call led them into the bushes of the River dam. They were subsequently told by a man that he had heard a child crying. Following the direction given and calling out loudly, the child eventually answered. It however took them some time to pierce the bushes to find where the child was.

When she was found, she was in blood and there were signs that the perpetrator had just escaped. The child collapsed and the police were subsequently informed and escorted the child along with relatives to the New Amsterdam hospital. She was immediately taken to the Intensive care Unit where she is receiving Intravenous drips.

The child when questioned said that ‘Jumbie’ took her into the bush, indicating that the culprit was wearing mask. She however described the clothing the culprit was wearing.

Police later swooped down in the area and arrested about nine suspects including a main suspect. Investigations are continuing.


All those who see nothing wrong with the Recycled Criminal PNC Thugs, Rapist, Bu@@ermen and Killers Imported into Freedom House and the Office of The President by Jagdeo & Ramotar are also Guilty and should hide in shame
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If they were not busy spending the nations resources on infrastructure on Pradoville II and instead develop a forensic lab with easily accessible DNA tech we would be assured of getting this freak. But for the PPP, pradoville had more priority.
Needs to be shot on sight. Why spend gov't resources on criminals like these when it can go to others in need? Shoot them.
Originally posted by Mitwah:
I feel so sorry for the five year old. I hope the perps are caught and put away for life.

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