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AFC refuses to sign onto Gecom’s Code of Conduct

Published on Thursday, 06 October 2011 01:30
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The Alliance for Change (AFC) has refused to sign onto the Guyana elections commission’s code of conduct for the upcoming general and regional elections. At the party’s weekly press briefing today executive member David Patterson said his party’s reluctance to sign endorsed Gecom’s code is due to some important components being overlooked.

“The AFC, it will be signing a code of conduct which we prepared and which we welcome other persons and Gecom to sign unto but in its current construction we are not prepared to sign the Gecom thing unless they include an enhance framework of dealing with political parties” Executive member Patterson said.

The party said it will only sign on to the Guyana Election’s Commission's code of Conduct if its demands are met However, the small political movement is planning to draft its own code of conduct for the elections, but will be pulling some of the elements from the very Gecom code that it is refusing to sign.

The AFC move came on the heels of the PNCR now A Partnership for National Unity's refusal to sign the document by Gecom. The PNCR's APNU had said its refusal to sign the document was because it did not addressed campaign financing
The only major political party that endorsed the Gecom code is the Ruling People's Progressive Party which had said it sees the document as critical to ensuring that the upcoming elections are conducted in a civil manner.

It has been a norm for Gecom, the constitutional body responsible for the electoral affairs of the country to ensure that political parties adhere to strict guidelines before, during and after the elections The body had said political parties endorsing the code of conduct will demonstrate their willingness to implement their respective election campaign strategies in ways that contributes to the maintenance of peace and tranquility throughout and beyond the elections.

Meantime, in a statement, Gecom said it had sent the draft code to the 17 parties including those in parliament and others which have indicated interest to contest the polls due by December 28.
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