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@Django posted:

Sent request to one of the Admins.

Gee, Django, not.feeling fag attacks any more! Don't be! I know whereof I speak having been! Said he love, even.had an account.with custard block alone! Two blocks for when I wasn't at work! He drew the line at blowing me though!.But he understood who was the male wife! Idleness! They get more pleasure, that is, when their rectums are blocked from the outside! I experimented on myself to find.out as I wouldn't allow anyone that to me! I have a grandson who is into.that and told me that nothing I said.could.make him change his.****** endeavours! Even threatened to come to.Canada and 'fk you up'! I invited him to come try!

So. what have I missed? I placed a comment on SN.about Jagdeo's.gas-to-shore scam but it disappeared and I wasn't allowed to find the Comments section again! So I posted on KN but.I don't know if it was deleted there again, nor do I care! It's.possible it was deleted by one of the criminals.who have these past, now, 16.years! They recently had 2 credit cards, my photo ID card, and my Health card disappear as soon as I opened my.wallet! A third credit card also had disappeared then reappeared! I fail to be impressed, having been long accustomed to their attempts at intimidation!

@shallyv posted:

Iggy, Eye yam what eye yam an datz awl dat eye yam, yuh r*******! But tanks! Ah still gun deh pun yuh rass wen yuh.get mih rass up in armz! Yuh kan kunt pun it!

juss to let you know - somebody write that you are half Rajputian and half Lilliputian. And that your name is Gulliver. I don't remember is who, but I read it right hay. Tek they eyes and pass you.

@Iguana posted:

I will make a bold prediction here. Kaka Poopoo is about to go off the deep end and will soon be conversing with and seeing little aliens.

Talking about aliens, everything has recently.come.clear to me! All the frauds.began with this 'God' who said 'dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return'! (Genesis 3: 19).

BS! Our bodies we left behind are.used by other life forms, worms, beetles, etc., long before what's left turns into dust and the dust still can be used for planting! There's calcium in the unused bones which are good fertilizer! And we come again from the spirit or energy use the again and again!

This.f er fooled the illiterate, superstitious.Heebie Jeebies and his fing believers still try to deceive thinking people in the 21st century! All religion Is BS! The Muslims and Paul's 'Christians' are all pseudo.Jews, believers in BS! Let Keith go f some cheap whore in Tiger Bay but THINK!

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@Iguana posted:

I will make a bold prediction here. Kaka Poopoo is about to go off the deep end and will soon be conversing with and seeing little aliens.

Further, iggy, this alien, 'god' of his chosen people, those parasitic Jews, (not all) some of whom later called themselves Pharisees (the Zionists of previous years), required them to, silver, linen, etc. for his Ark which was really his Communications Center from which he called.the boy Samuel. Why would he want these things from them,  Couldn't.he.create.them himself? Some God! He created Adam and Eve, matter that was directed or moved by energies or spirits but couldn't create other matter, things.that spirits or energies use in everyday life! He is supposed to have created Adam (an fing myth! Jesus said, "before Abraham.was, I AM!"! I am, I was, I will always fing BE! If Adam.was real he would have said, "before Adam.was"), and later told him about the.dust in his fing alien head! I've always wondered.about the quantities this fraud demanded of the Heebie Jeebees! It"s no wonder they turned to other gods! Too expensive this fk er! You're better off making your own gods yourself! Like Abraham's father.used to do and sell them, too! There must have been.a colony.of.these.lazy mfk ers, or why would he demand the quantities that he did? Go reread Exodus, if you"ve read it before, and decide for.yourself! Especially chapters 25, 30 and 31! Others, too, but I've forgotten which!

Why do you think Jesus rebuked him.and.reminded him (Mattew 4: 10) of the all as he,  defined in John.4: 24? Why did Jesus call him a.devil, a murderer and a liar (John 8: 44)? The US DoD knows all about these aliens and have been working with them ever since the  UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947! It's all about being the strongest power on earth! The money borrowed from China and other countries has been well spent on alien technologies! Try and get. it back! Revelations, here we come!