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Annette Arjoon

For the past 30 years my networks in the air, on water and land has provided invaluable alerts in real time on strange sightings and these are always reported to the relevant agencies for follow up action and identification. And by my public post asking for others to be on the alert to send in additional photos. Today was no different and the three sets of photos and videos in this post came in at 10am, 1pm and 5pm. Many thanks to our citizens in the air, on land and water for their care about our marine environment

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Ray posted:
Nehru posted:

Which JACKASS drew up dat contract?? So Exxon can spill oil and Guyana has to pay for the clean up?? Yuh gat to friggin be kidding. No one can be that DUMB!!!!!!!!!

please...yuh mouth would be up yuh ass if PPP was in power

I am not like you. Dont judge me by your standard. I never trained at Sophia to be a KSI Manager. Go check the friggin Archives!!! Uncle Nehru is one of a friggin kind!!!