8 presidential guards contract coronavirus


Eight of Guyana’s presidential guards have been tested positive for the coronavirus, COVID-19 in random tests of members of that police force unit but they have not been in contact with President David Granger, spokesmen said Wednesday.

Presidential spokeswoman, Ariana Gordon said the eight COVID-19 positive presidential guardsmen were “never part of the Special Protective Service arm of the unit” and she sought to assure that President Granger was not at grave risk of contracting the potentially deadly virus.

“The ranks were therefore not responsible for the close protection of President David Granger or his family. The President has been working remotely for some time and has not been in contact with uniformed members of the Presidential Guard Unit,” she said.

Guyana Police Force spokesman, Superintendent Jairam Ramlakhan said “they are currently convalescing in quarantine.”

The uniformed unit provide security to the State and private residences of the President, the Ministry of the Presidency, Castellani House and the Prime Minister’s Residence. Those clad in black civilian outfits provide body protection services to the President and First Lady.

The presidential spokeswoman said the eight presidential guards are not new cases and have been included in the Ministry of Public Health’s figures.

There are now more than 100 COVID-19 cases in Guyana including 10 deaths

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I see u pick up from where Toats left off. Jeez bai.

Sheik, when one unleashes so much pain and suffering on your people, your only wish is to have that person "be" gone and let your people live in peace. I agree that not only the Indians suffering, but they make up the majority. Every time I visit Guyana and sees what the bullying of the Indians and the advantage taken, I just cringe.

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